Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Next Story: Sweetness

Hi All,

Well, another story has come to an end, and so it’s time to tell you a little bit about the next story for this blog.  A story that – unfortunately – I didn’t write.  But I’ll tell you this, I wish I had written it.

This is another story from the imagination of my friend Mike.  You remember him.  He was the one who wrote The Wererock that I was lucky enough to post here in my blog.  But this time, Mike has come up with a short little story that I hope you will fall in love with as much as I have.

The story is called Sweetness.  And even though there’s nothing in it about food, every single chapter he sent me I could only describe as:  Delicious!  Every chapter!  Every time!  Trust me, the story is that good!

I won’t tell you any more about the story, other than the fact that unlike my stories that ramble on for centuries, this one is much shorter.  Only 9 chapters and 12 total posts.  About a month total to publish it all.

And while this one is going up for you to read, hopefully, I will be able to expand on my next story for this blog.  The problem there is that I’m so deep into the book I’m writing that I may not write any more of my blog story until I finish the entire new book project I’m working on, which is a three book series.  I hope to tell you more about my Jenni series soon. 

Okay, I’ll tell you this much.  Book one of my Jenni series is finished.  Mike, who wrote The Wererock and now this new story, Sweetness, is in the process of helping me find the errors.  Unfortunately, he edited three pages and then got so involved in the book he had to finish it before going back to starting all over with the editing process again.  So he’s still working on it for me.  In the meantime, I started writing book two, and I had no idea it was going to be such a powerful story (I really didn’t).  And right now, I’m having trouble thinking about anything else except writing that story.  Don’t tell anyone, but my job at work is kind of suffering a bit too because of it.  Now book three, that one I know is going to be powerful.  Book three, the final novel in the series, I’ve always known was going to be amazing – if I can pull it off.  And I really hope I can.

But enough about Jenni.  I’ll get to her later.  This is now all about Sweetness.  A delicious little story from the imagination of my friend Mike.

Enjoy it everyone.  I know I did!

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