Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coming Back Together

Things are starting to come back together for me – finally. My cold is still with me and I’m still coughing a lot, but my brain is finally clearing out and I’m starting to be able to think again (I missed that surprisingly).

Also, my internet connection suddenly returned yesterday. We actually purchased a mobile air card like you use in a laptop for our internet connection “stupidly” thinking that it would solve all our problems – it didn’t. Clicking on a page three times to get it to load completely is not a good thing. And the darn thing set up a horrible interference with my computer speaker where even with the volume off we were getting this really loud obnoxious noise out of them.

I’ve been able now to get back to writing my story and have finished the next chapter and gone a good way into the next one. I want to wait to finish the next chapter before I post another story chapter again.

And, with feeling better, my drive to live the sissy life has come back full force (and then some). I dream of dresses and shoes and other feminine things. Ok, I daydream about them just as much as at night. What fun. It would be more fun though to wear what I’m thinking about.

So to all, I’m working on being back again. Laugh at yourself today – and feel good about it.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I'm surprised you're having so much trouble with the air card; my wife has never experienced such problems.

Is cell phone service in your area unreliable?

Karen Singer said...

I thought my cell phone service here was pretty good. At least we don't seem to have too many problems.