Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Living In A Bra

Well, my internet connection is finally back – mostly. While it’s usually ok, it’s also often horribly slow, and right now it’s just that – horribly slow. Half the time the pages either time-out, or I have to try to re-load them several times. I called the head-tech at my ISP yesterday (I’ve gotten to know him fairly well over the years) to find out what happened. They’re not sure, but something totally fried most of their equipment sometime Saturday. Since Saturday night, they’ve been rebuilding and replacing most of their servers and everything else. At least I have internet now though – mostly.

Anyway, I seem to be living in a bra. Yes, I did wear it to work, and while I’m not quite sure if I’m supposed to or not, I’ve also been wearing it to bed too. Why not? It’s not hurting anything. And it’s become quite comfortable (most of the time). When I go out, I always wear the one with no padding in it, and with a t-shirt and a baggy shirt over top of it, you’d never know. Now if I can just keep my hands away from those bra straps I’ll be all set. That’s my one and only real fear. The more I wear it, the more I think that adjusting those straps becomes an unconscious habit. Fortunately, my bras all seem to be getting much better about staying put lately – or is my body molding to them instead.

Mistress Gina was magnanimously kind to me yesterday. She had me edge myself at six p.m. when I got home from work (still in my nylon chastity device) to the point just short of cuming. Which I gratefully did. Since I know I always drip – well, it actually runs out of me – I collected it all into one of my baby bottles. Edging is very difficult inside of most chastity devices. I guess this one is a lot easier, but since it still doesn’t permit me to get hard at all, it still took a lot of doing. But I did it! Actually, I probably wasn’t that close to cuming when I stopped because I couldn’t get hard at all. In fact, this time the device wasn’t even letting me gain a bit of length at all. In the end, I wound up milking myself three times and I figured that was enough.

Then at eight p.m. I had instructions to finally remove the device and have a full orgasm – but I had to eat all my cum. No problem! Period! I worked myself off into my bottle again to keep it all together. It felt so good to touch it again and to get hard again and…well, you know. Um, yeah, it took quite a while again. For a while there I wasn’t sure if I’d be at it for a long time or not. But lo and behold, yes… finally!!! Wonderful relief. I wiped myself up, stuck the nipple on my bottle, and finished it all off rather quickly. Well, there really wasn’t all that much there anyway. But I’ve now had relief!!! Thank you Mistress Gina. But why am I still so horny again?

Otherwise, it was a fairly uneventful evening last night. I seem to have lots of chores to take care of lately and I got into one of them last night. I have another one that has to be done tonight that hopefully won’t take me as long.

Have a great day everyone. I sure hope I do. Oh, by the way, get well Mistress Gina!

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Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I've seen ads for devices that let you re-arrange how your bra straps work--pull together at the back, mostly--intended to allow different kinds of necklines, etc. It seems to me they'd also keep the straps from falling. Maybe you need that.

If I were Mistress Gina, I'd have you spurting cock cream several times a day and mixing it with everything you eat and drink.