Monday, June 1, 2009

No Internet Connection

Sometime Saturday afternoon, I lost my entire internet connection. My modem and computer are fine, there just seems to be no ISP to connect to. I kept checking every few hours, but it didn’t come back. My ISP is a local operation owned and run by the tiny town I live near. It’s a wireless connection and the operation is underfunded and kind of second rate, but it’s also the only broadband connection I can get. The city won’t put any more money into it and has talked several times about getting rid of it. I’m wondering now if something just broke in their system, or if it’s a bigger problem. So unfortunately, I’ve been unable to communicate, either way, with anybody. So sorry this is late, but I had to wait till I could get to work to post this.

Well anyway, here’s how my weekend went.

About Saturday

Well, Saturday was a busy day for me for sure. Not much girl time – in fact none, but it was interesting never the less. It was supposed to be a “little-girl” day for me, but that didn’t work out. I had too much to do. But I did adhere to some instructions from Mistress Gina.

After my breakfast I told you about yesterday, I got washed and rediapered about 8 a.m. Since I had a lot of things to do in public all day, I diapered myself in a soaker pad, cloth diaper, 1 disposable diaper, and my plastic panties. Over that I put on a pair of pantyhose and then my bra again. I wore a t-shirt over the bra and my baggiest shirt and jeans that I own. White socks and sneakers, and I was ready to face the world. Oh, before I continue, one instruction was that my diapers had to last me a full 12 hours before I could change them. I didn’t know if what I was wearing would last that long, but I wasn’t ready to do anything else yet.

Taking my dog to the vet was first. The place was a lot busier than usual, which meant that I had to sit there and wait, which also meant that people kept taking to me the entire time I was in there because they always love my dog. But I have to tell you, I didn’t think anybody would notice my bra or diapers – especially yet, but I was really conscious about the way I held my arms around my body for fear that perhaps it would give any tell-tale sign. Silly I know, but it was true. But fortunately nobody noticed anything and forty-five minutes later I was finally out of there.

I dropped the dog off at home, then went off to get the oil changed and the car washed.
Again the place was packed and it took forever. I had wet myself a couple of times already by the time I left and I was starting to get concerned about someone noticing my padded backside, but that wasn’t my biggest problem. While I was waiting, I started to reach up unconsciously to adjust my bra strap that had started slipping. I stopped myself just in time. I mean, how much of a dead give-away would that have been? I didn’t get to adjust it till I was back in the car and out on the road again – and then I tried to do it so nobody might know for sure what I was doing.

I also stopped at Home Depot on the way back to pick up a special light bulb I wanted for the kitchen. I looked and looked, but didn’t see what I wanted, so I had to ask for help from one of the women who worked there. She couldn’t find it either so she asked another woman, who also asked someone else. All of them took forever talking to me, and the entire time I was anxious to adjust my bra strap again. Now I really like that bra because the straps give me less problems and stay put better than any bra I’ve ever known. But why did it have to be a problem then?

So… finally back home again. I changed out of my loose fitting shirt into one a bit more for working and I also took my t-shirt off. It was just too hot for anything more, but the bra of course stayed on. I cut about half the lawn before I took a break for lunch around 1 p.m. Here goes… As per Mistress Gina’s instructions, I was to mix a can of peas with some soup, then turn it into baby food in the blender for my lunch. I chose a can of Chunky Beef Rib Roast soup. It smelled delicious! I put that into a pot and added a whole can of peas on top of it. Way too many peas. Then I heated it up. It looked ok, but it no longer smelled as good as it did before I added the peas. Then I put the whole mixture into the blender. Instant baby food – sort of. Can you say “Yuck?” Yeah, it sort of tasted ok, but the soup by itself would have tasted a lot better. It looked totally green from all the peas. Now I like peas and I love split pea soup. But this was nothing like that. And the best part is that I still have more than enough left over for my lunch Sunday.

Oh yeah, one other thing I forgot to mention before, everything I eat has to be eaten with a baby spoon (I’m using a pink one). Let me tell you, there’s nothing that will extend the pleasure/agony of a baby food meal than by using a baby spoon. It takes a long time to eat that way and every time I try it I wind up spilling some down my chin – just like a baby. Ok, I was in heaven again.

By now, my diapers were fairly wet, but they didn’t seem to be any problem – leaking wise, but I was beginning to notice a little bit of soreness around the top of my thighs where the soaker pad was rubbing. I must not have put enough baby lotion there because I was beginning to worry about that area getting a diaper rash. The rest of me was fine.

I finished cutting the grass, then sprayed grass killer all along the length of our amazingly long fence, then I trimmed all the bushes in the front of the house (as per my wife’s instructions) and raked up the trimmings. By the time I was done, it was getting late and I was totally exhausted. My bra felt as wet as my diapers from all my sweat. I spent a lot of time working in the front yard yesterday, but not many people seemed to be out and I just plain didn’t worry about anyone seeing my bra. My diapers still seemed to be ok too, but that chaffed area was still concerning me. My thighs were also getting tired too from all the extra pressure of the soaker against them. I really haven’t been able to put my legs together for a few days now. Very interesting.

As per Mistress Gina’s instructions, my dinner was supposed to be fast food – blended up into baby food again. I had kind of a hankering for Arby’s so I drove up there and got myself and my dog a roast beef sandwich, which would have been great, but again, the baby food problem. I broke my sandwich (bun and all) up into small pieces and put them into the blender. It took a bit of doing to get it mostly ground up and I had to add a tiny bit of water too. Then I added my fries on top of that (I should have put them in at the beginning too). I wound up having to add a lot more water to the mixture to get it to process everything properly, but when I was finally done, I had a light brown goo that looked just like the baby food meats that you buy from the jar. Yum, yum! Err, not quite. In fact, while it didn’t taste exactly disgusting, it wasn’t far off. But I did eat it with my tiny baby spoon. I will tell you that the ice tea that I had poured into my baby bottle went down very fast as I was eating.

I finally got to change my diapers and take a much needed shower at 8 p.m. I was really tired from all the work I did and wound up going to sleep early. I did everything I could Saturday to clear the decks so I could have a total baby-girl day on Sunday. It’s Sunday now, and it’s getting time for me to make my banana baby food breakfast. Oh goody!



I still have no internet connection and don’t know when it will be back.

I’ve decided that I’m going to ignore most of the chores I really need to do today and enjoy my little-girl day. I diapered myself at 8 a.m. – continuing the 12 hour changing cycle. No more change till 8 p.m. tonight. But this time I’m diapered differently. Friday night while I was at Wal-Mart, I bought myself a nice thick bath towel to use as a diaper instead of the thinner material I had been using. I washed it and used plenty of fabric softener so it’s nice and soft and comfy (for now). I cut it down to the proper size and had plenty of material left over to make two softer, thicker soakers. So now I’m wearing one of those soakers, the thick diaper, two disposable diapers over that, and then my plastic panties. I was afraid that it would be so thick that I would have trouble getting my plastic panties over it all, but it turned out to be no problem. From the start, my diapers are so thick that I can only waddle – excessively. They’re so thick that they’re making everything more difficult.

I’m also wearing a padded bra, a pair of pantyhose, my favorite blue skirt, and a blue blouse to go with it. Ok, blue may not be very girly, but I still feel girly. I also strapped my highest heels onto my feet where I plan for them to stay all day too. There’s something a bit incongruous about the high heels and little-girl, but I’m not sure what. Oh, maybe not, little-girls like to play dress up and so will I!

I made my breakfast the same as yesterday – blended up banana with some milk in it. I ate that while watching more little girl cartoons on TV. Yes, it did drip on my chin a number of times again. It’s so hard to eat with that little baby spoon. Maybe I should have gotten myself a bib. I sure feel like I need one when I eat now. Maybe I should improvise later.

After that, I listened to my hypno recording again so right now I’m nice and relaxed – all over. I’ve listened to that recording enough times now that my mind wanders too much during it. But it still helps a lot. This time I wet myself during the recording. I don’t remember doing that before. I plan to listen to it one more time just before bed.

As per Mistress Gina’s instructions, I need to stay very hydrated all day – I guess so I wet a lot. To help that along even more, I made a batch of green tea and stuck it in the refrigerator. I’ll be filling my baby bottle with it all day starting at 10 a.m. My plan is that I have to finish a full bottle of liquid every two hours. If I don’t then I have to drink and extra full bottle during the next hour. I should be sopping wet by tonight!

Oh, as soon as my recording started, I realized I had forgotten and was breaking one of Mistress Gina’s rules for me today. No sitting on any adult furniture! I’m afraid I stayed where I was till the end of the recording. But I guess it’s the floor for me for the rest of the day. I’ll spread a blanket.

More later.


I just finished watching the first of the four videos I rented – Barbie, the Twelve Dancing Princesses – I cried! I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it and how well it was done. I’m sorry I only rented two of the Barbie videos. The green tea has me peeing a lot now and I’m really starting to notice it in my diapers more and more!



Ugh! Sitting on the floor is getting to be a pain. I keep looking at the couch and my chair and I want to use them so badly. The couch would be particularly nice since I can sit or lay down on it and change positions easily. I spread a blanket on the floor, but that’s not making any difference.

I watched Hello Kitty – Pretty Kitty’s Paradise as my second video today. Very boring to me – especially after watching the Barbie one before.


I just got up from taking a one hour nap. Still no internet connection. I’m betting that either nobody at my ISP knows, or they’re not willing to pay the overtime to fix it – or both. It’s a major pain. I keep thinking of things I’d like to look up and I can’t. Since last night I’ve especially wanted to go back through Mistress Gina’s emails to see what I’ve forgotten or missed.

My diapers are starting to get really heavy now and I’ve still got over five more hours before I can change. But at least I’m peeing really easily in them. I usually notice that there’s a little pressure building up, then the next thing I notice is that the pee is already coming out of me. Oh, and the green tea seems to be doing its job quite well!


Later still…

It’s now almost 4:30 p.m. and I’ve just finished watching Barbie – The Magic of Pegasus. Another really good one. This one moved me too. I’m amazed at the quality of these Barbie videos. The story, the animation, the music – they’re all great. Most definitely made for young girls, but still the quality is amazing.

I’ve managed still to keep perfectly to my green tea schedule, and the green tea is still managing to do its job perfectly too. My diapers are now so heavy that if it wasn’t for the packing tape I wrapped around the top of the disposables when I put them on, I think they’d fall off. No danger of that at all though. I’m now glad I can’t sit on the furniture. I’d be very much afraid to. I think I’ll be wearing extra diapers to bed tonight too. No telling how long this tea is going to affect me. Oh, and if I thought I was waddling before… it’s getting hard to walk now. It’s a good thing I had decided I wanted this to be a no-pants day. I don’t think I could get a pair on.


I had been wondering all day about what I was going to have for dinner tonight. Mistress Gina had directed that last night I should get some fast food and turn that into baby food, but there was no way that I could go anywhere tonight. But I found a chicken parmesan and spaghetti TV dinner in the freezer and I put that into the micro-wave. I cooked it perfectly and it looked and smelled so good. But of course, everything I eat this weekend has to be turned into baby food, so I put it all into the blender. I had to add a little water to get the consistency to look like baby food, but eventually, that’s all I had to eat – baby food. There is something very, very humiliating about taking something fit for and adult and reducing it to a pulp only fit for a baby – and then eating it like a baby with a baby spoon. And the result is that every time I do it, I get so turned on by the humiliation. Since lunch, I’ve even started to wrap a towel around my neck like a bib first – yeah, I still need it.


Ahhhh! I’m kneeling here (because I’m not allowed to use the furniture) enjoying wearing nice clean diapers again. Yes, I’m diapered a bit heavier than usual – even for nighttime, but I think I may need it tonight because of all the tea I drank today. I still have another bottle of water to finish before I can go to bed, probably around 10 p.m.

For my final movie, I really wanted to find something like one of the My Little Pony movies, but the video store had tons of Barbie movies and very little of anything else. Now, I wish I had gotten several more of the Barbie ones. Anyway, I wound up picking up a copy of the original 101 Dalmatians. It’s a classic and I’m in the middle of watching it now.


My last movie is over, and so is my day. It’s been very interesting. When I finally removed my diapers earlier, I found out that they were so wet that the inside disposable was starting to disintegrate. I guess it had been used enough.

Tomorrow is back to work, diapered again, but this time also with a bra. Oh goody!

So, was your weekend as interesting? I hope so.

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Nobody's weekend could EVER be that interesting!

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