Monday, June 8, 2009

Sensations and Overload

Hi all. Well, yesterday was another pretty good day for me. Although I’ve got to admit, I think I was definitely getting very tired of all the baby stuff after a while. But it was still a great day.

I watched three more Barbie videos yesterday and right from the start, I was struck by the sheer femininity of them. After watching enough of them, it’s kind of like being brainwashed. I found myself walking around with my hands in a certain way and holding the lower part of my arms out a bit, as if I were wearing much fuller skirts than I was. Lovely, absolutely lovely. Let’s see, I started with Rapunzel, then Swan Lake, and finished with the Diamond Castle. Oh, and I’m not really ashamed to admit it here, but I cried during all of them. Am I becoming a softie or what?

I had a blended up banana and some milk for breakfast again yesterday, but I really didn’t know what I wanted for lunch, so I wound up eating two more jars of the baby food and nothing else: Sweet potatoes & Turkey and Apples & Chicken. I still think it tastes better than what I’m making. A bit too sweet perhaps, but better. For dinner last night I took another TV dinner – Country Fried Steak with a mix of vegetables and put that into the blender – Yuck! I think I’m more than ready for some regular food now. Definitely! In fact, I’m very much looking forward to it.

I did a bit of cleaning in the house yesterday. I had bought a cheap sponge mop on Friday to do the tile floors with since I don’t really like the mop my wife uses. But I had bought a really cheap one (I was only going to use it once). I got done with one bathroom and was about to start on the second one when the darn thing fell apart. I spent the rest of the day trying to convince myself that I really could go out to the store and get another one – even with just my nail polish showing. But in the end, I just couldn’t do it. Failure. I’m afraid I’m just not that brave yet. Oh, my nail polish is a very glittery pink. I love it to death! I’m going to have fits removing it for work in a little while.

I’m afraid all the baby stuff was beginning to tire on me yesterday. I got really tired of keeping my teddy bear with me all the time. I got tired of not using any of the furniture (my dog didn’t mind though), I actually got tired of drinking everything from a baby bottle, and I got tired of eating only baby food. I guess I had had enough, but wow, did I still feel juvenile all day. Almost like a bit of punishment.

Late in the afternoon, I had an email from Mistress Gina who instructed me to put clothes pins on my nipples and two on my ball sac and then edge. And then do it all again an hour later. Let me tell you, the best part of that for me was really getting to get out of my heavy sopping wet diaper a bit earlier since I still had two hours to go before I was scheduled to get changed. The clothes pins hurt of course, especially on my nipples.
But my biggest problem is that little chastity device I’m wearing. I have the nylon pulled so tight that I can’t really get hard at all. But still, you don’t know how great it felt to be able to touch myself like that. Wonderful! I was trembling in my backside over it. But I couldn’t get hard, and to be honest, I’m not sure my thingy down there was even trying to get hard (oddly). I had to work at it for almost fifteen minutes to get myself to the edge, and even then I’m not sure how far I really was. Because of the chastity device, I couldn’t get at that one really sensitive spot that I have, and I was thinking about giving up a few times, but I didn’t – well, it felt great to touch myself. Eventually though, I had a bunch of (what I hope was) cum running out of my chastity device and into the baby bottle or the bowl I had under it. I really hope it was cum that was dripping and not pee. Anyway, removing the clothes pins turned out to be the real pain of wearing them –especially from my nipples. They feel so sore afterwards.

Then of course I had to do it all again and hour later – as if I really minded. I had only rediapered myself with a single diaper to make everything easier. That part was, but not the edging. I worked and worked at myself, and in the end, I barely got anything to drip out at all. So frustrating. But then I guess that’s the point of edging. Putting the clothes pins on my nipples is bad enough and the pain kind of settles down to a background roar, but I definitely don’t like removing them from my nipples – they hurt.

Mistress Gina sent me one more set of instructions for the evening: Three coats of mascara before bed and to see if my wife had any hair curlers and put them in my hair. The mascara of course was no problem (although my eyes feel a bit irritated right now). I did find some of my wife’s hair curlers, but the only ones she has are super big. I managed to get four of them into my hair (sort of). I haven’t had a haircut in quite a while now and I really need one, but these curlers are still way too big for the hair that I have. I got them on, but when I tried to lay down, they pretty much fell off almost right away. Now I’ve been sleeping in thick heavy diapers every night and I’ve kind of gotten very used to that. Then Mistress Gina added the bra and water balloons and that’s (sort of) become ok too. Then she had me change the sheet on my bed for a plastic one (a good idea considering how much I’ve been peeing this weekend). I’ve gotten used to the plastic sheet too – noisy and I kind of stick to it after a while. The end result is that amazingly, I’m still sleeping well. Since the hair curlers wouldn’t stay in, they turned out to be no problem, but I have to wonder, will she make me get smaller ones that will stay in? That could be a much bigger problem.

Well, as usual about now, I’m wondering what the day will bring me. I know it’s going to be very busy at work since one of my co-workers is off for the week and I’ll have to handle her job as well as mine. But I also know that it’s going to be filled with wonderful thoughts of feminine (and probably humiliating) things too.

What would you like your day to bring you?

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