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The Bet - Chapter 12 (Wednesday – week 2 Part 4)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 12 (Wednesday – week 2 Part 4)

Chad’s cell phone beeped again just before quitting time. Again, it was a message from Mel, telling him to go home again where he would find more instructions. He was glad. He was way too tired to do anything else. He just hoped that whatever Mel had in store for him for the evening would be easy. He really just wanted to go to bed and sleep – forever!
When he finally got home, he found a note again on his kitchen counter.
Sissy,Drink one baby bottle.
Change your diapers.
No girdle today
Wear a bra and stuff it with more pantyhose
Same skirt, blouse, and shoes as yesterday.
Do better with your makeup!
Drink another bottle.
Pacifier in your mouth whenever the bottle isn’t!
I put the key in your top dresser drawer today.
More instructions at my apartment if I’m not home before you get there.
Your Mistress

The note didn’t really surprise him, except the part about no girdle tonight. That alone made him glad. He was also glad that he could finally get changed. Going to his refrigerator he pulled out another baby bottle and started drinking it while he walked through to his bathroom. As soon as he started drinking, a small urge to pee hit him and he let it out immediately, as he had been doing for quite a while now. He undressed while he was drinking his bottle.
As he rediaperd himself, he was aware that for once he wasn’t going to have another suppository stuck up his backside. But the last one that Cassie had put in him had yet to do its job, so he was still worried about that situation.
He was a lot more comfortable without his girdle, and there was a lot less pressure on his chastity device. He realized that he had felt hardly any pain from it all afternoon. Was he starting to get used to it already? He really hoped so. The darn thing could really hurt. He also hoped that Mel wouldn’t wait too long to grant him some relief.
But as he started working on his makeup, he couldn’t help thinking about what he was doing, while wearing diapers, and having to wear the chastity device. The more he looked at himself applying makeup like a girl, the more the little pinpricks started to become something more painful. He tried to not think about what he was doing, but it was impossible. The more he thought about doing something girlish, the worse things got. Finally, he had to stop applying the makeup and just walk around a bit, trying to let the pain calm down. He grabbed his baby bottle to drink from while he walked around, but just putting the thing to his lips reminded him of that sissyness too, and it set the pain off all that much more. He was forced to put his bottle back down again. The damn device was taking all the fun out of everything for him. Desperately, he waited till things calmed down a bit more before he once again continued applying his makeup.
It seemed like every little sissy thing that he did was setting off the pain now. But he kept at it because there was nothing else he could do. He just kept trying desperately to control himself to limit the pain. And eventually, it worked – to a point.
With his makeup finally on, he fastened his bra around his chest then put his pantyhose on. Fortunately, neither of those actions made his pain any worse. It did kick up a bit however when he started to stuff his bra, but fortunately it didn’t last long.
He opened his closet to get his clothes. The first thing there that he noticed was the box that hadn’t been there before. The box couldn’t be missed because it was wrapped up in layer after layer of Mel’s cling wrap. The next thing that he noticed was that he couldn’t see a single pair of his male shoes. He had no doubt at all as to what was in the box. And he wasn’t very happy about it. It would mean that from now on, wherever he went, he would only have women’s shoes to wear. But then, didn’t he have the same problem with his pants now too?
When he was finally dressed, he finished his first baby bottle, then grabbed his second one. But by now, he needed to pee again. Mel’s darn tea always did that to him. Wishing he had been able to keep his diapers dryer for at least a little while longer, he allowed himself to wet again as he started on his second bottle.

Mel parked her car in her usual space in front of her apartment. She noticed that Chad was there already – as he should be. She also spotted Cassie’s car and Sandy’s too. “No time like the present,” she muttered to herself as she got out of her car. She walked up the stairs and knocked on Cassie’s door. It took a moment, but finally Cassie opened it.
“Hi Mel,” Cassie said immediately as she stood back to let her in.
“Hi Cassie,” Mel replied.
“Sandy!” Cassie yelled toward their bedroom. “Mel’s here.”
Sandy came out almost immediately.
“Hi Mel. How are you?”
“I’m fine,” Mel replied. “Cassie said you wanted to see me?”
Sandy was all smiles. “I wanted to show you something I found.” She went over by her cluttered work area and dragged a bar stool into the living room where she set it on an open piece of the floor. The stool had kind of a captain’s seat on top with arms and a backrest. It didn’t look like the swivel kind, but rather a cheaper one with fixed legs. In fact, the whole thing looked a bit shabby. Sandy stood back beaming. “Well, what do you think?”
Mel was at a loss for words. “About that?”
“Uh huh!”
“Well, I don’t really need a bar stool and it won’t go with any of my furniture.”
Sandy shook her head. “Not for you. For Sissy.”
“Oh! Well, he doesn’t have any furniture except just the one chair. But why should he need that?”
Sandy looked at her like she was crazy. Then she just shook her head. “Mel, you have no imagination!” She turned and went back to her work desk and picked up a drawing pad and bought it back for Mel to see. She turned the cover over and handed the drawing to Mel.
Mel looked at the drawing. It was certainly done well. “It’s a baby’s highch…” But that’s as far as she got before she noticed something else. She glanced from the drawing to the bar stool and back again. Then she did it again. Her mouth open wide. “This… is that!”
Sandy was all smiles now. “What do you think?”
“It’s great! Better than great! And your drawing is beautiful!”
“Thanks,” Sandy replied, pleased by Mel’s compliment. “Are you interested?”
Mel looked up from the drawing again. “Of course I am. But what will it take to make that,” she pointed at the bar stool, “look like this?” she held up the drawing.
Sandy laughed a bit. “Less than you might think. I got the stool for free from a house I’m redoing. They were throwing them away. There’s a carpenter I work with who I think can do the other modifications fairly easily. Then there’s just the matter of painting and finishing it.
“And how much will your carpenter charge?”
“For this? I wouldn’t think it would cost too much at all. The chair doesn’t really need much work and that would be the hard part. Of course, the final amount would also depend on if you want to do the finish painting yourself or not.”
“I’m not the handyman type at all. How much for everything, completely finished?”
Sandy frowned. “Well, I guess I can do the painting and finishing myself, but I’ll have to check with my carpenter for the rest first. I’ll let you know.
Mel nodded. “That’s fine. And when you see him, try to get a good price for the work… then tell him to go ahead. I’ll pay it! But let’s just try to keep this a secret from Sissy till it’s ready.”
Sandy and Cassie both giggled. “That much we can certainly do,” Sandy replied.
“So what’s new with Sissy?” Sandy asked. “Cassie told me about that thing he was wearing when she changed him earlier.”
Mel sat down and told them about the latest with Sissy. Between them and Andrea she was wishing she could get them all together for one conference and get it all over with at the same time. But she was polite about it.
“You know, of course that I’m jealous,” Sandy said when Mel had finished. “Cassie gets to play with him every day and I don’t.”
Mel shook her head, “I don’t know what to tell you. But if I can think of any way you can help, I’ll let you know.” “That would be great!” Sandy replied. “Maybe I can babysit for him sometime or something.”
Mel raised her eyebrows. “Now that might be a possibility. I just don’t know when.”
Sandy and Cassie both giggled like schoolgirls together. Mel wasn’t sure if she wanted to picture Chad in their clutches or not. Then, because Sandy seemed so interested and because she had made such and effort with the high chair, she said, “If you like, you can stop by later. I have something new I’ve been kicking around in the back of my mind for his training tonight. You can watch for a bit if you like.”
Both girls jumped at the idea and squealed with delight. Mel wasn’t sure she should have really extended the invitation, but they both were helping her – a lot she realized.

Chad was busy cutting up lettuce for the salad that Mel had requested for dinner. Just a salad she had specified. Nothing heavy or fancy. So he was almost done when she walked in. She stood looking at him for a moment. “Hello, Mistress,” he said to her through his pacifier.
She smiled. “You’re learning, but you’re still slow. We’ll work on that later. Hello Sissy. How was your day?”
Chad had to think about that for a moment. “Frustrating!” he replied. “And I was so tired all day that I had to drink too much coffee, and you can guess what that did to me!”
She came around and brushed her hand against his face. “Good baby!” she crooned.
While Mel was putting her things up, Chad laid out her meal, putting the bottle of salad dressing on the table for her along with a few other things that she might want to mix in with it. Then he fixed his own salad the way he wanted it, only with a lot less dressing since he figured he would be eating it with his hands again. His salad he put directly into the refrigerator. At least it’s something that should be cold when I eat it he thought happily.
When Mel came back, she immediately sat down to eat. She looked at everything and appeared to be pleased, but she didn’t say anything at all. Instead, she looked at Chad, then she pointed to the corner she had sent him to the night before. Chad wasn’t happy about that at all, but he went, slowly. “All the way in again!” her voice cracked behind him.
He scrunched his body even tighter into the corner and attempted to keep it there. Standing in the corner was certainly not fun. It was extremely boring. A good punishment for kids. And that was how she was treating him. But what was she punishing him for? Nothing that he could think of. And all he could do was to stand there and think.
He closed his eyes since the walls were way to close and he couldn’t see anything anyway. He stood there for a long time. Mel never saying a single word to him. He couldn’t even hear her. The only sensation he had to concentrate on was sucking on his pacifier. The one interesting moment that he had was when he realized that he had to pee and he let it out. Standing in the corner like he was with no other stimulation made the whole thing all that much more noticeable and interesting. But the sensation was gone all too soon.
He thought about his chastity device. He could still feel the pressure where it was locked around him. Less now because he wasn’t wearing the girdle, but still firmly there. He was glad it wasn’t hurting him just then.
He began shifting his weight from one leg to the other to take the weight off of them. He was glad he wasn’t wearing high heels, they would have been unbearable. The longer he stood there the more he began shifting his weight and moving his legs up and down to keep the circulation going and take the pressure off.
“Sissy! Stop fidgeting and stand still!” her voice cracked behind him. He immediately stopped moving his feet – so much.
How long was she going to take to eat anyway? He was tired of standing there. He inadvertently yawned and almost lost his pacifier, fighting against the wall to keep it in his mouth. That had been close, he realized. If Mel had seen him drop it she probably would have killed him.
He heard Mel finally getting up from the table. “Ok, Sissy. You can come and eat your own dinner now.”
He pulled himself away from the corner and blinked his eyes. It had seemed like an eternity! He glanced at the clock. Only fifteen minutes! He couldn’t believe it.
He went to the refrigerator and pulled out his salad and sat down on the floor with it, he didn’t even bother to ask for a fork, he knew better. He put his pacifier in his lap and began grabbing pieces of lettuce with his fingers.
Mel watched him grab his salad and sit down to eat it where he was supposed to. That much he had done correctly, but he had forgotten to get himself a drink. She went to the refrigerator and pulled out two bottles this time. She set them down next to him. “Both of them,” she instructed. Then she walked off to start catching up on some of the work she had brought home with her.
It was a while later before she finally heard the water running in the sink as Chad started on the dishes. She had reached a stopping point and put her work up. She went into the kitchen. He had already washed a number of used baby bottles and had them stuck in the dish drain to dry. She looked them over quickly and selected one that was perfectly clear and she thought had a wider opening than some of the others.
She took the bottle back to her desk and examined it closely, then she searched through her desk drawers till she found some thin cord that she remembered she had saved from a long time ago. Her preparations after that were simple.


Anonymous said...

this story is amazing!!! i am absolutly obsessed with it. you are a great writer.

Karen Singer said...

Thank you so much for your comment. You don't know how much I appreciate it.

I'm really glad you're enjoying the story - so am I.


pansy_Faggotte said...

this sissy also enjoys your story so very much, keep up the good work ~~ pansy F

Karen Singer said...

Hi Pansy,

It's good to hear from you again.

I'm glad you're enjoying the story.


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your site .. and your story. The story is absolutely wonderful .. thank you for the time, energy and creative efforts invested in it.

Thank you so very much ..

sissy Jennie

Karen Singer said...

Hi Jennie,

I'm so glad you found us. I hope you continue to enjoy this as it goes along.



Love this story so far... I try to put myself in Chad's place... having a neighbor discover my fetishes and make me sign a contract... I don't bet but I guess blackmail would be similar affect... I am surprised Chad does not rebel more, I know I would.