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The Bet - Chapter 12 (Wednesday – week 2 Part 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 12 (Wednesday – week 2 Part 6)

Even though Sandy had been there once before, this time she was looking carefully around at Mel’s apartment. “Nice place,” she said. “Even though none of your furniture looks like a matching set, it still works well together and it looks nice and comfortable.”
“I’m afraid I only do what decorating I can. It’s not something I’m good at. Do you want to see the rest of the place?”
“Sure,” Sandy answered.
Mel started showing them around. When they were passing the empty corner where she had been making Chad stand whenever she ate, she said, “And that’s the corner where I’ve been keeping him when I don’t want him doing anything else.” She paused for a moment, then added, “I just need a way to make sure he stays there a little better, he fidgets too much, but I’m working on it.” Sandy glanced at Cassie as they moved from the living room into the kitchen.
Suddenly there was a very loud ding from the kitchen timer. “Sissy! You can stop now,” Mel said. Chad gratefully stopped his practicing. He was really starting to hurt. “Have you peed yet?” she asked.
“No Mistress,” he said, and then dropped into a quick curtsey, slightly after the fact.
“You better start getting it together pretty quick,” she told him. “Practice that now!”
Chad started curtseying all over again, only this time saying “No Mistress.”
“Just don’t forget to tell us the minute that you pee,” Mel said as she turned back to showing her guests around.
“It was another five minutes before Chad felt the first signs that he was going to pee. He stopped what he was doing. “Mistress, I think I’m going to pee soon.”
“Did I tell you to stop?” Mel asked.
“No Mistress,” Chad replied as he went right back to his curtseying again.
“You need to learn that peeing is never a reason to stop what you’re doing. It should happen automatically! Now don’t forget to tell us when you’re done peeing.”
Chad’s curtsying response changed from “No Mistress” to “Yes Mistress.” While the women were ignoring him, Chad concentrated on the feelings of needing to pee. He desperately wanted it to happen so that he could stop curtseying. Finally, he felt it coming out. He was very careful to keep practicing while it was happening. The bottle attached to him began to get heavier and heavier as he continued to pee. When he finished, he called, “Mistress, I’ve finished peeing,” and he dropped another curtsey as he said it just to make sure she wouldn’t yell at him again about it.
“Very good,” Mel said sounding very pleased. “You can stop now.”
Chad stopped and tried to catch his breath. His legs were starting to cramp. He was very embarrassed over the bottle half-full of pee attached to him, but coupled with everything else he was already embarrassed about, it meant almost nothing.
“What do you say Sissy?”
He immediately curtseyed again and said, “Thank you Mistress.”
Mel smiled. “Maybe you are leaning.” She turned to Cassie, “Will you set the timer for twenty minutes?”
“Sure,” Cassie replied and reset the timer, not knowing why she was doing it.
Mel smiled wickedly at Chad. “You now have exactly twenty minutes to pee again or get punished for it.”
Chad inwardly groaned. Twenty minutes wasn’t a very long time at all!
Mel looked at the clock. It had taken him an extra ten minutes longer to pee than she wanted. She went over to inspect the bottle attached to the front of him. It was a little more than half-full. Too full to continue without emptying it. She untied the cord that was wrapped around Chad’s body, then pulled hard on the bottle. Chad suddenly started to double over in pain. She realized the chastity device was hurting him as she pulled on it. The bottle was being stubborn though and she still had to get it off. She brought him into the bathroom and coated everything she could with baby lotion to lubricate it. Then she pulled again. The tiny teeth again stuck painfully into Chad, but this time the bottle came off. She emptied it, then put it all back in place again, tying it firmly around him.
She brought him back to where he had been practicing in the living room, then she picked up her yardstick. “You took ten minutes too long to pee. That means ten strokes! Now, every time I hit you, I want you to thank me… properly!”
Chad was suddenly scared. He wanted to cry. He knew how her yardstick could hurt. He couldn’t help it if it took him too long to pee. He didn’t get to think about it much longer though since her yardstick suddenly came swooshing at his backside. He let out a little cry of hurt and jumped.
“I’m waiting,” Mel said, ready to brandish her yardstick again.
Chad immediately curtseyed and said “Thank you Mistress.” Then she hit him again. The process was repeated for ten full, hard strokes. At the end of it, Chad really wanted to cry, but he didn’t.
“You can sit for a few minutes and rest now,” she told him. “And don’t forget to tell me if you pee!” She then went to her refrigerator and brought out one of the cold bottles of tea. As she did it, Sandy’s eyes went wide at seeing so many baby bottles in her refrigerator. Mel handed the bottle to Chad. “Drink up, baby. Let me know as soon as you finish that. And if you take too long, I’ll punish you for that too.”
Chad put the bottle to his lips and drank furiously, afraid of any more punishment. But the truth was that the cold liquid felt really good on his throat. He was dry from talking almost constantly. And the beating he had just gotten hadn’t helped either. If he wanted to avoid any more beatings, then he was going to have to figure out how to make himself pee sooner. One thing he realized quickly about that… he had no idea as to how he could possibly do it.
It seemed like all too soon that Chad finished his bottle. He had been trying to stretch his legs while he sat on the floor. It helped some, but not really a lot. They still felt really tired. He felt really tired, all over. He prayed that Mel would let him go to bed soon, but she was still talking with Cassie and Sandy. “I’ve finished my bottle,” he called to Mel.
Mel stopped talking and turned her head. “You’ve what?”
Her tone surprised him. She sounded angry. He was so tired that it took him a moment to realize what she wanted. “I finished my bottle, Mistress,” he corrected himself.
Mel smiled and walked over to him and grabbed his bottle. “That’s better,” she said. “Now stand up and start practicing again.”
Chad couldn’t believe it. He still hadn’t recovered from the last round. But Mel was standing over him, waiting. Wearily, he got to his feet.
“You’re doing better,” Mel said.
Chad curtsied and said, “Thank you Mistress.” And as Mel stood there and watched, he did it again, and again, and again… even though she had long ago walked off.

Chad was beginning to feel like he was going to pee soon when the dreaded timer went off. He had almost made it, but almost wasn’t good enough.
“Have you peed yet?” Mel asked.
His phrase while he was curtseying changed immediately to “No Mistress.” Chad concentrated hard on trying to pee, and was rewarded when very soon he was filling the bottle again. He was about to tell Mel what he was doing, but stopped himself just in time and continued his curtseying practice. When he was sure he was done, he called. I’ve finished peeing Mistress.” Then he went back to saying “Thank you Mistress,” as he continued curtseying again.
“Very good!” Mel replied. “You can stop now Sissy.”
Gratefully, Chad stopped curtseying, then catching himself, he dropped one more, saying “Thank you Mistress.” After that, he tried shifting his weight and bending his legs to get the pain to subside. It wasn’t working very well.
“Will you please put another twenty minutes on the timer,” Mel asked Cassie. Cassie got up and immediately went into the kitchen while Mel again led Chad into the bathroom to empty the bottle.
When everything was back in place again, Chad had to thank Mel for the three strokes from her yardstick for each of the three extra minutes it had taken him to pee. Then he had to sit back down and drink yet another bottle. He both hated and loved it. He hated it because he knew he’d be awake peeing all night long. He loved it because he really needed the drink.
All too soon again, he found himself back in curtsey practice while Mel and her friends talked and ignored him. The strokes from her yardstick had hurt. He hurt all over from curtseying so much. And he was dead tired. He desperately tried to make himself pee. Every time he dipped down to curtsey, he pushed at it. Loosening his muscles, trying to get something. And then it happened. The suddenness of it came as almost a surprise. No long buildup this time, just quick pressure then release. He was doing it, peeing into the bottle before the timer went off. Happily, he dropped one more curtsey saying, “I’ve finished peeing again, Mistress.” Then he went back to saying “Thank you,” as he continued his practicing.
Mel was really surprised. But she got up from her chair all smiles. “Cassie, check the timer. How long did it take him?”
“Thank you Mistress,” Chad said as he dropped another curtsey… not to Mel, but because she hadn’t told him he could stop yet.
“You can stop now Sissy,” she said. Gratefully, Chad said one more thank you and stopped. Mel was still smiling, you’re learning nicely.
Chad’s curtsey and “Thank you Mistress,” was almost a reflex.
“Fifteen minutes!” Cassie called from the kitchen. “Do you want me to reset it?” “No,” Mel replied. “I think he’s had enough for tonight.” She walked up to Chad. “Fifteen minutes. That’s a lot better than I had hoped for. We have a new goal for next time now.” Chad inwardly groaned. He had no doubt he would be getting a lot more beatings next time.
“Ok baby, let’s get you ready for bed.” The words were like heaven to Chad’s ears.
A few minutes later, Mel was diapering him while Sandy and Cassie looked on, all too closely. She shoved two suppositories up his backside, coated him liberally with baby lotion and taped four diapers firmly into place. Then finally she pulled his plastic panties up. “Let’s take you home now,” she said to him.
Mel grabbed his skirt and pantyhose that he was no longer wearing. Chad grabbed his purse that he had set by the front door. He dug his keys out of it before they left her apartment so he wouldn’t have to stand outside too long dressed like he was. Then all of them went over to his apartment.
“It’s so empty,” Sandy noted as they walked inside.
Mel helped Chad remove his blouse and the bra he had been wearing underneath. Then, instead of locking him in his onesie for the night, she put the baby-doll nighty set on him again. Chad was clearly surprised, but he said nothing. He just wanted to go to sleep.
Sandy and Cassie were clearly fascinated by the whole thing. “Oh, how sweet,” Cassie chided when he was finally ready for bed.
Mel led him over to his blow-up mattress and had him sit down on it. He yawned. “I’ll be right back with your bottle,” she told him. Sandy giggled behind her. She returned shortly and handed him the bottle she had pulled from his refrigerator. Chad immediately put it to his mouth and started drinking it.
Sandy laughed. “I just can’t get enough of watching him do that. He drinks it just like a little baby.”
Mel smiled. “I know. I only allow him to drink from the bottles and nothing else, even when we’re out in a restaurant.”
Both Cassie and Sandy went into fits of laughter. “Oh God! How I’d love to see that!” Cassie stated.
While Chad was drinking his bottle, Mel busied herself setting up his diaper bag again for the next day. Then she went to his alarm clock and set it herself for the time she wanted him to get up. Chad was just finishing his bottle and she took it from him.
She helped him lay down on his mattress and she covered him with his blanket. She grabbed his pacifier from where she had set it earlier by his clock and put it into his mouth. His teddy bear she tucked under his arm. “I’ll be back later tonight and leave your instructions for you in the kitchen. Good night, baby.” Then she kissed him on the forehead and got up.
Cassie giggled softly. “May I?” she asked. Mel nodded. Cassie too went over and kissed him goodnight. She was followed immediately by Sandy. Both girls giggled softly as they left him for the night.

Chad gratefully closed his eyes. He was so dead tired he could barely think. He was very grateful that his day was finally over. Once again Mel had found a way to make things even worse and more embarrassing than the day before. Again he didn’t want to think about tomorrow. Tomorrow would have to keep. He was too tired.
He realized that he had to pee again. He had just peed a few minutes ago as soon as he had started drinking his last bottle. He let it out without any thought of holding back. Holding back did no good and only made him miserable. Why couldn’t he have been able to pee this soon earlier? It would have saved him a lot of pain.
Now if only he could get some sleep. The stupid chastity device she had locked on him wasn’t hurting him at all. He could feel the tightness of where it was connected to him, but that was all. His only problem now was waking up to pee too often. He really wished just then that he really was incontinent, then he could at least pee in his sleep without waking. He had even dreamed of it several times that week. If only, if only, he dreamed.
Chad fell asleep. Deeply asleep. He half woke a bit later when he had to pee again like he usually did. The next time, he didn’t wake at all. He was too tired.

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