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The Bet - Chapter 12 (Wednesday – week 2 Part 5)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 12 (Wednesday – week 2 Part 5)

As Chad was busy with the dishes, he suddenly felt the suppositories that had been in his system all day going to work. It wasn’t as sudden as it often was, but the pressure couldn’t be denied. Grunting, not from exertion, but from the discomfort and not wanting to do it at all, he let it all out into his diapers. Then because he had no other choice, he simply went back to work. He noticed that the suppositories were working more and more often after he had eaten something. Could he go for the next two months and never eat again? Unfortunately not.
Mel heard Chad’s noises as she was working on the baby bottle. She smiled. “I need to know every time you pee now,” she yelled to him. “Make sure you tell me!”
Chad shook his head. What did she need to know that for?
“Did you hear me?” she yelled.
“Yes!” he replied.
“Yes what?”
He sighed. “Yes, Mistress.”
Mel got up from her desk to see how far along he was with the dishes. Half-way to the kitchen, she saw him yawning. She had forgotten how tired he must be. She doubted he had slept much last night at all. Fortunately, he was just finishing up and wiping everything down. She could have just let him put everything into the dishwasher, but she figured a little extra hands-on work never hurt.
When he had finally finished, she went to the refrigerator and handed him yet another baby bottle to drink. Chad couldn’t believe it. He had already had far more than normal, but he took it reluctantly and sat down in his usual place on the floor while Mel busied herself making more of her tea mixture. Chad wasn’t exactly happy to see her doing it.
Halfway through his bottle, he felt the urge to pee again. He figured he’d probably be doing it every ten minutes all night long now with everything she had already made him drink. “I have to pee,” he told her as she was stirring the tea in her pot - like a witch brewing her dark and deadly potion, he thought.
“Good,” she replied without even turning around. “Let me know when you’re done.”
Two minutes later, he replied, “I’m done.”
She cocked her head without turning. “You’re done… what…”
“I’m done peeing… Mistress,” he added at the last second.
Mel nodded her head far more satisfied. “Finish your bottle now.” Then she glanced at the clock and took note of the time. She finished making her tea and poured it all into the empty baby bottles. In the meantime, Chad had finished his bottle and just sat on the floor waiting for her to finish.
Finally, she took the bottle from him and said, “Ok, come on, let’s get you out of those messy diapers.” She reached out her hand and Chad got to his feet, and he let her lead him like a child into the bathroom. He couldn’t believe his good luck. She was actually being nice to him. He yawned again as they entered the bathroom. Now if she would only let him go to bed early tonight.
But she saw him yawning. “Tired?” she asked.
“Very,” he replied.
“Well, maybe we can get you to bed early tonight.”
“That would be good,” he replied as he removed his skirt.
“Of course, it all depends on how cooperative you are tonight,” she replied.
Chad wasn’t sure he liked the sound of that. He removed his shoes and his pantyhose but Mel had him keep his blouse and bra on so that he would only be naked from the waist down. He was about to lay down on the floor so she could change him when he noticed the urge building that told him he would have to pee again soon. “Mistress,” he said, “I think I’m going to have to pee again.”
Mel stood back. “Good. Just let it out and tell me when you’re done.”
But it was just some preliminary feelings. The two of them had to actually wait a few minutes before he was finally able to pee. “I’m done now, Mistress,” he said. “Finally!” Mel replied. “Ok, lay down and let’s get you cleaned up.”
Mel removed his messy diapers and used baby wipes to clean him up. Then she examined his chastity device closely. It didn’t appear to be irritating him too much she noticed. She was very glad of that. But instead of rediapering him, she had him get to his feet. Chad was confused. He was still naked.
Mel took him by his hand and led him out into the living room to an area near the corner where she had made him stand earlier. “Wait here,” she told him. Then she dug through one of her desk drawers and pulled out a small piece of rope. She brought it back to him and tied his hands loosely behind his back.
“Now what?” was all Chad could think. He was beginning to be afraid of getting beaten again since that’s what the rope usually meant. But instead, Mel went back to her desk and picked up the baby bottle she had been working with earlier. Chad could see that she had tied a piece of cord around the neck of it.
Mel knelt down in front of him. “Now hold still!” she commanded. She grabbed his chastity device and tried to push it into the opening of the baby bottle, but it didn’t want to go. She pushed harder. Chad had to struggle to stay still and not get knocked over. But suddenly, with a soft pop, the bottle slipped into place. “Good,” Mel said sounding very satisfied. “That was a bit tighter than I thought. For a minute there I thought we’d have to remove your device.” Looking at the baby bottle now attached to the front of him, Chad had mixed feelings about removing the device or not.
Mel brought the cords attached to the bottle up around his waist and tied them securely to make sure the bottle wouldn’t come off. Then she stood back and admired her work. She again felt a rush of sexual pleasure over the power of what she was doing. If only she wasn’t on her period!
“Ok, Sissy,” she said as she walked around and untied his hands. “Time for some new training.” She stood back. “Curtsey for me.”
Chad was really very surprised. Curtsey? His cock immediately started to try to get hard and the awful spikes immediately dug in. Mel noticed the look of pain on his face and laughed. “I’m glad you think it sounds like fun,” she said. “But you’re going to have to stay all nice and soft I’m afraid. Now… curtsey!”
Chad did his best. It was actually something he had never even tried before. Mel shook her head. “Not very good,” she said. “Now, this time I want you to pretend you’re wearing a skirt like you usually would and spread it out wide. And put your right foot behind your other foot further! Now try it again.”
Chad felt incredibly silly, especially with the baby bottle now dangling from the front of him. He tried it again, pretending he was grabbing the sides of a wide skirt and holding it out. “Better,” she replied. “Now I want you to say, ‘Thank you, Mistress,’ as you’re doing it… Now!”
Chad immediately curtseyed again and said “Thank you, Mistress.”
Mel smiled. “I like that. Oh, I like that so much! Dip lower this time and bring your right foot back even further! Now again!”
“Thank you, Mistress,” Chad said as he curtseyed again, trying to get it just the way she wanted it. It felt weird, not only because it was something he had never done, but much more so because of the baby bottle dangling from the front of him.
Mel smiled. “Do you need to pee yet?”
“No, not yet,” he replied. He was a bit stunned by her question since he had just peed a few minutes ago.
But suddenly Mel wasn’t smiling. “It’s ‘No… Mistress!’ Now do it right!”
Chad was a bit taken aback by her suddenly yelling at him, but he immediately said, “No, Mistress.”
“You still haven’t got it, do you? You curtsey every time you say it! Now do it again!”
Her manner was leaving Chad with no question that she was demanding to be obeyed. He curtseyed again and said, “No Mistress.”
“That’s better. Now let’s try it again. Do you need to pee yet?”
“No Mistress,” Chad said, dropping another curtsey.
Mel smiled. “See how good you can be? Now, I figure it’s been at least ten minutes since you peed last. So I’m giving you ten more minutes to pee. If you don’t, then for every minute longer that it takes, I’m going to give you a really hard smack with my yardstick. Understand?”
Chad’s eyes went wide. “Yes… Mistress,” he added.
Mel instantly walked up to him and slapped him. “You didn’t curtsey! Now do it right!”
Chad was stunned. It took him a moment to recover. “Yes, Mistress,” he said as he dropped another curtsey.
“Good,” she said sounding satisfied. “Now, you’re going to stand there and practice curtseying over and over again till I tell you to stop. And I want to know the minute you pee. Got that?”
Chad hesitated, but then he dropped into a curtsey and said, “Yes Mistress.”
“Good. Again!” Over and over again, Mel had him practicing, establishing the rhythm for what he was doing, and never letting him stop. Finally, she left him practicing and went into the kitchen where she found and set her kitchen timer. She set it for ten minutes to give him the benefit of the doubt.
As Chad droned on in the background with his “Yes Mistress” over and over again, she went and found her yardstick. She leaned it prominently up against the end of her couch in front of him. “Keep practicing,” she ordered as she saw him hesitate and his eyes opened wide. He went back to it, but the look on his face clearly showed more worry than anything else.
Chad’s eyes never left the yardstick as he dipped up and down, practicing and reciting the words that had now become a meaningless phrase. He wasn’t happy in the least to see it. The yardstick could only mean more pain for him and he had enough just then from the stupid device he was wearing. The calf of his left leg was really starting to ache. His right knee was getting very tired too. He was using muscles he wasn’t used to using this way. But the sight of the yardstick kept him at it.
Mel turned on her TV. She wasn’t the least bit interested in watching it, but she was trying to act like she was ignoring him. The power of what she was doing was really turning her on. If only, if only! But then someone knocked at her apartment door. She quickly turned the TV off. Chad had stopped. “Keep practicing!” she ordered. Hesitantly, he went back to it. She had no doubt that he was scared now because there was someone at the door.
She went to her door and opened it. Cassie and Sandy were both standing there. She had almost forgotten that she had invited them. “Hi,” she said, seeing the two women there.
“Hi Mel,” Sandy replied. “We came to see how Sissy is doing.”
Chad hesitated again as he saw Mel suddenly step back and let Cassie and Sandy into the apartment. But noticing the menacing look on Mel’s face, he only hesitated for a moment before he went back to it again. He was suddenly far more embarrassed than ever.
Cassie’s eyes went wide as she stopped and stared at him but Sandy just squealed with delight. “Aaaahhhh! Look at him! Mel, what the heck do you have him doing?”
“I’m killing two birds with one stone,” Mel replied. “He’s learning to curtsey and to address me properly, and he’s learning to pee more often.” She turned to Chad. “Sissy, say hello to Cassie and Sandy.”
Chad stopped what he was doing. He was embarrassed out of his mind. But stopping quickly brought a little physical relief for his aching legs. “Hello Cassie and Sandy,” he said.
Mel moved like lightning and in a flash she had her yardstick in her hand and was hitting him over and over again. “That’s not any way for you to greet someone properly! From now on you curtsey and address them by name – separately!” Chad had retreated all the way back into the corner to get away from the blows, even though not a single one missed him. “Now get out here and do it again… right!”
Chad slowly moved back out to where he had been standing before. He looked briefly at Mel, she was waiting, holding her yardstick at the ready. He curtseyed and said, “Hello Cassie.” Then he did it again and said “Hello Sandy.”
“That’s better,” Mel told him. And then she waited a moment. When he didn’t reply, she said, “And what should you answer to what I just said?”
Chad’s eyes went wide, then he dropped into another curtsey and said, “Thank you Mistress.”
“That’s better,” Mel replied. “Do it again.”
Chad again curtseyed and said, “Thank you Mistress.”
“Keep doing it!” Mel ordered.
Chad inwardly groaned, but he went back to practicing, this time with the slightly different phrase.
Cassie and Sandy both had been alarmed as soon as they saw Mel beating Chad, but now they were all smiles. “You’re really turning the screws,” Cassie said.
Mel smiled. “I’ve got to. It’s about time he learned to behave properly.” All the women giggled while Chad droned on in the background.

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