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The Bet - Chapter 20 (Thursday – week 3 Part 4 of 5)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 20 (Thursday – week 3 Part 4 of 5)

Mel phoned Gloria as soon as they got into the car to tell her they were still coming and to wait. She apologized again as soon as they got there.
“It’s ok,” Gloria told them. “I know little things sometimes happen.”
Mel and Chad quickly got onto their usual couches and tried to get into the right frame of mind, but having to hurry from the restaurant made that a bit more difficult. But as Gloria slowly and calmly guided them, they were both soon feeling very good. This time, Mel didn’t worry about when she needed to stop listening, she knew that Gloria would let her know. The relaxation therapy felt so good to her. She missed her weekly sessions when she could go through it fully, but right now, Chad was more important. By the time that Gloria tapped her on the arm to stop following, she realized she had gotten more out of it than she had in a while now.
Chad was floating. Wonderfully floating. His mind was calm, his body was relaxed – sooo relaxed. And it felt so good! His mind and body yearned for even more. Certain phrases that Gloria said echoed stronger than ever in his mind. Wonderful phrases that seemed to help him reach stages of being relaxed that he had never imagined before. He mentally reached for her voice, yearning for the suggestions she was giving him.
Gloria noticed the tiny changes in Chad as she talked. Little things that only she would notice since she was looking for them. She had him under, but she had to take him further, much further. Slowly and surely, she guided him into deeper and deeper levels of trance. Soon she began giving him tiny suggestions, reminding him of the triggers she had set before to help him relax further. All the little phrases that she used that echoed so wonderfully in his mind. Such relaxing phrases. Phrases he wanted to hear her speaking over and over again in her wonderfully relaxing voice.
Like she had done before, Gloria started reminding Chad about his love of wearing diapers and how much he loved wetting them. It was his dream to be incontinent. Such a great, wonderful dream. A dream he could touch. A dream that he could really have. She concentrated for a long time on how wonderful it felt every time he wet himself. Pleasure that would continue to get even better with each wetting. Fantastic pleasure. Sexual pleasure. Almost like an orgasm every time he wet himself. As she planted these suggestions, she was surprised to see the huge grin of pleasure on his face. Something in what she had said must have really been getting through to him. She suddenly noticed Mel waving her arm to get her attention.
“It’s working!” Mel mouthed silently. Gloria nodded that she understood and went back to work. Mel breathed in fully. Chad had no idea that he was being hypnotized during these sessions. And obviously, it was working. There was no way in the world that Chad could win this bet. As far as she could tell, he had already lost.
As she had planned, Gloria once again put Chad through the same muscle tightening and relaxing exercise she had put him through last week, telling him whenever those muscles were tight that it felt awful and was too difficult to do. It was so hard that it wasn’t worth the trouble. But whenever he was relaxed, she told him how wonderful it felt. Totally normal and it was really the way he wanted to feel. Over and over again she had him doing it, but each time having him hate tightening them a little bit more, till finally she suggested that he hated tightening them so much that he would no longer remember how to tighten them. He no longer needed to remember how to do it. It felt so much better to be relaxed. Those feelings that controlled his muscles didn’t exist anymore. No matter what, he would not be able to tighten those muscles and he would not want to be able to tighten them.
As she did last week, she started a slow countdown, telling him that when she got to one he would try to tighten those muscles, but he wouldn’t be able to. She started at five and when she got to one, she said, “Tighten those muscles now.” She saw no reaction from him at all this week. “Are they tight?” she asked.
“No,” he replied calmly. “I didn’t want to try.”
She quickly began praising and relaxing him all over again. Once again she began trying to deepen his trance, making sure he was under as far as she could take him. Then, once again, she asked him to concentrate on the feel of his wet diapers and find those same feelings from when he was a baby. She asked him to think back to that time and tell her as soon as he remembered. She had almost given up on this last week, but he had come through in the end. This week, he remembered a lot faster.
Once again, she asked him to remember his mother and how he felt about her. Then she had him overlay feelings for “Mommy Mel” on top of those feelings – replacing them. So that whenever Mel was happy with him, he would feel happy. But whenever she was angry, he would react exactly the way he had when he was a baby. Then she reminded him that he wanted to be a baby again… that he was a baby again. It was ok to react the way a baby would, to everything. He wanted it, he could have it. He would be that baby again, and it would feel so good!
Gloria had one last little thing to add to this session. “Chad,” she said softly. “When you were that little baby before, did you suck on a pacifier?”
He nodded his head and said, “Yes.”
“Good,” she replied. “How about your thumb?”
Again he nodded and said, “Yes.”
“Good, Chad. Very good. Now I want you to remember what it felt like to suck on your pacifier or your thumb back then. You needed them, didn’t you?”
“Yes,” Chad admitted rather flatly.
“Good, Chad. You were supposed to need them. They made you feel calm and comfortable. They made you feel good. Chad, the next time you have a pacifier in your mouth, it’s going to feel very comforting to you, just like it did when you were a baby the first time. You’re going to find that you really like it. It makes you feel good to suck on it. Can you do that?” She saw him nod. “Good. Now you like being a baby again, don’t you?” He nodded again. “Good. And babies like sucking on things, don’t they?” He nodded. “So since you like being a baby, then I want you to feel really good that you like sucking on things. You like sucking on your pacifier, you like sucking on your bottles, you even like sucking on your thumb. Just like a very happy baby. And sucking on things is going to make you feel very happy and calm. You won’t notice it so much at first, but the more you suck on your pacifier, the more you’re going to find you like it, and want it. And if you don’t have it with you, you’ll have no problem with sucking on your thumb instead. Both of them are going to feel so normal, so wonderful, so calming to suck on – just like the baby you once were, and just like the baby you are again.”
Gloria finally motioned Mel to lay back again as she started bringing Chad up slowly out of his trance, telling him all the while that his subconscious would remember everything, but he would have no conscious knowledge of ever being hypnotized at all.
All too soon for Mel, it seemed like the session was over. For Mel, she felt better than she had in a while. She had no doubt that Chad was feeling far better though.

Chad felt like he was almost in a dreamlike state as he followed Mel out to her car. As he walked, he felt himself wetting himself. Oh God it felt good. So very good. He loved wetting himself like that. It was amazing that the rest of the world didn’t feel that way. He didn’t really care, he loved it and that’s all that mattered.
Mel drove them towards her office, but she stopped at a drug store on the way. “Come on in with me,” she said as she turned the engine off. “We’ve got to get you something.”
Chad was still feeling really good after the therapy session. He happily followed her into the store, for once worrying less about how he looked. Mel led them down one of the aisles and began looking at curling irons for his hair. She picked one out with a very slim barrel and showed it to him. “I think this should be perfect for you. Go ahead and buy it.”
“Yeah, you need it.”
“I do?”
“Yes. Now don’t argue with me?”
Chad did a slight double-take. Argue with her? That wasn’t really his intention. Some of the feelings of relaxation quickly left him. “I’m sorry, Mistress,” he said quickly as he dropped a quick curtsey to her right in the store. “I didn’t know I needed one. That’s all.”
Mel smiled at his curtsey. Oh, she loved this. “Then go pay for it so we can go home.”
Chad took the curling iron to the counter and paid for it, having to endure the strange looks from the woman behind the counter. It wasn’t very hard for him to imagine what she must think about him. What man would be buying a curling iron? Especially someone dressed like he was. No, he had no doubt at all what the woman must think of him.

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My sessions with Gloria are getting more and more intense too!!! i'm going to be stuck at this desk for a while until I "calm down"!!!!!!!!!