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The Bet - Chapter 22 (Saturday – week 3 Part 2 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 22 (Saturday – week 3 Part 2 of 6)

Chad’s first stop of the morning was at the ATM machine at his bank to get more cash for his wallet. Getting his bank card out of his wallet was difficult, but when it came time to push the buttons on the machine, he decided to use the tips of his nails instead. It felt strange to push the buttons using only his nails, but surprisingly, it went very easy. So easy in fact, that he decided to remember that little trick.
Instead of stopping for breakfast, he decided to skip it completely. Eating or drinking anything would only make him need to pee sooner, or worse, mess himself. Keeping that to a minimum, especially in public would be a big help. From the bank, he drove to the drug store to get his diapers. Most of the things on his list he could have gotten at only one drug store, but he didn’t want to be seen buying diapers along with all the other feminine things he needed. Just going into the store dressed as he was would be bad enough. Besides, he would have enough trouble just carrying the two bags of diapers.
As he pulled into the parking lot, he distinctly remembered going into this store last week. What a nightmare. He had left his purse behind in the car and had so much trouble carrying the bags of diapers that he had dropped and broken his cell phone. No use leaving his purse behind today, he was wearing a damn dress. As he got out of his car, he prayed that people would see him as a woman and not as a man wearing a dress – even at first glance would be helpful.
He walked boldly into the store and headed directly to the adult diaper aisle that he knew so well. The store was a bit more crowed already than he would have liked. He shouldn’t have wasted so much time hanging everything back up in his closet. He could have been here earlier when there were less people around. A lesson learned, but it was too late now. Today, the aisle was well stocked with the diapers he needed. Why couldn’t it have been that way last week? He grabbed two packages, and holding one in each arm, headed to the checkout counter.
Again, he had to wait in line. Why couldn’t they have more than one register open in these stores? The woman in line in front of him turned around just to see who was behind her, then turned back again. But a second later, she turned back to look at him again. Chad saw her step back to stare with a look of surprise on her face. She was taking him in fully. He had to stand there and endure her looking at everything from his hair down to his shoes to the packages of diapers he was holding in his arms. He wanted to run, but it would do no good. Once again he wished the ground would just open up and swallow him.
He saw the woman searching for something to say. He wanted to say something to her first, apologize or something, but he held his silence. The man in front of the woman turned around briefly too. He too stared at Chad. Chad heard him utter a soft “shit” before he turned back around again. Chad’s sentiments exactly.
He sensed someone entering the line behind him. He was tempted to turn around and look, but he forced himself to stand still. The woman in front of him was still looking him over though. She was shaking her head now. “My day was bad enough and now I gotta’ run into this?” She shook her head again and turned away from him.
Chad wanted to apologize again, but now he realized that whoever was behind him was walking around to see what the woman in front of him had been looking at – which was him. It was a girl! “Oh my God!” the girl said as she covered her mouth with her hand and started laughing.
“What?” another feminine voice asked. The voice’s owner walked around to his other side to see what her friend was laughing at. Chad suddenly had two teenage girls giggling at him from both sides. Please earth, please open up and swallow me!
The giggling of the two girls caused the woman in front of him to turn around again and start giggling too. Chad wanted more than ever to drop the packages in his hand and run out. The man was paying for his purchases now, but he and everyone else were paying most of their attention to Chad. Chad felt so embarrassed. He wondered if the makeup on his face covered up how red it must be underneath.
The man finished paying and left. The woman in front of him stepped up to the counter and Chad took another step forward. “You’ve got gorgeous nails,” one of the girls still next to him said.
Chad swallowed hard. “Thanks,” he said softly, trying to ignore her as much as he could.
“Got a baby at home?” the other girl asked.
“No,” the first girl said before he could answer. “Those aren’t diapers for a baby. Look closer, they’re adult diapers.”
Chad was dismayed to see the two girls moving more and more in front of him so they could see him better.
“Your right!” the second girl replied. Then she looked up at Chad’s face. “For you?” she asked, and then went into another fit of giggling.
How could he answer that? He should have lied. He knew he should have. But instead of lying, he nodded his head ever so briefly and muttered, “Yeah.” The elephants rushing around through his insides were threatening to destroy him completely. The two girls broke out laughing harder than ever. Chad had no doubt now that his makeup couldn’t hide his red face.
“I wonder if he’s wearing a diaper now,” the second girl asked the first.
“Ask him,” the first girl suggested.
Chad’s embarrassment reached another whole new level as he saw the girl turn toward him again. “Are you wearing a diaper under your dress now?” And again she couldn’t contain her giggling.
Chad tried to look straight ahead and ignore her, but it was impossible. He was so embarrassed he wanted to cry. Instead of answering, all he could do was to nod his head again slightly. Both girls broke out laughing completely again, as did everyone else around including the woman behind the cash register. And that was when Chad realized that his chastity device was suddenly hurting him again. Damn! Damn! Damn! Not only did he hate his humiliating situation, he loved it too. Damn he needed some relief. He needed it bad!
The woman in front of him finally finished and moved out of the way. Chad stepped up to the counter and put his bags on top. The two girls stayed on either side of him, watching him closely and giggling. The woman behind the register had a broad smile on her face as she rang up the total and told him how much it was. He set his purse on the counter and fumbled with his nails to open it and dig out some cash. He knew he’d have to stop at the ATM and get more cash again later, but he hoped the cash would be quicker than a credit card. Besides, with the credit card he’d have to sign the receipt and just holding a pen was difficult.
“I am so jealous of those pretty nails,” the girl on his left said as he dug the money out.
“Me too,” the one on his right replied. “Maybe we should get ours done that long too.”
The girl on the left giggled again. “So are they glue on nails or what?” she asked Chad.
Chad really wanted to ignore her, but he handed the clerk his money and then turned toward the girl on his left. “Acrylic,” he replied softly.
The girl’s eyes went wide and she put her hand in front of her mouth as she giggled even more. “You must have really wanted those nails badly then,” she said through her giggling.
Chad accepted his change back from the clerk and dumped it into the bottom of his purse. He picked up his bags and started walking away. It had been so humiliating. More so than he could have ever imagined.
“Call me if you need help changing your diaper,” one of the girls called from behind him. He kept walking toward the door, doing his best to ignore them and everyone else. Teenage girls, they were always the worst!
He was ever so grateful to get back into his car and get away from there. He felt a lot safer in the semi-hidden security of his car. He could relax a little. As he drove down the road, he was more glad than ever now that he had decided to skip breakfast. His stomach still wasn’t calmed down from the drug store.
Since he really wanted and more probably needed a mirror, he decided to get everything else at Target. He just prayed that it would go easier than the drug store had. He pulled into the parking lot and breathed a little prayer for help, then he got out and walked boldly once again into the store. He grabbed a shopping cart and put his purse in the child’s seat. As he began walking, his eye noticed the women’s clothing section just ahead. He was very tempted to go over there and look around since he was dressed as a woman now, but he thought better of the idea and turned towards the rest of the store instead. It would be safer and a lot easier if he just got out of there as soon as possible.
Fortunately, the personal care items like shampoo and the razors were near the front of the store. He quickly found everything he needed, grabbing items and brands that were identical to what he was using now so he could spend less time looking through things. But he still needed pantyhose and a big mirror. Now where were they?
He remembered seeing the hosiery section out of the corner of his eye earlier and he headed straight for it. He needed to buy six pairs. He looked over what they had and selected six that were his favorites from what he had before, grabbing them in whatever shades that were available. But then he thought about the fact that he had ruined two pair just trying to put them on with his new nails this morning. Just to be on the safe side, he added two more pairs to his cart.
From there, he pushed his cart around through section after section of the store, searching for the mirrors. He noticed some people staring at him closely, but he finally realized that unless someone really looked at him, they seemed to be ignoring him. That was actually comforting – a bit. He finally found the mirrors in the very middle of the store. He selected a cheap one that could be hung on the back of a door and stuck it into his cart. Then he headed straight for the check out lanes.
For once, he only had to wait in line behind one other person and that wait wasn’t long at all. By the time he put all his things from his cart onto the conveyor belt to be rung up, there was only one other person behind him. The girl behind the register stared at him as he finished taking everything out of his cart. He pulled the cart all the way through and out of the way, then waited for the girl behind the register to ring up his purchases. But she was still just standing there staring at him as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. He saw the man waiting in line behind him staring, or rather glaring at him too. He just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. The girl behind the register was making him a bit angry. “Would you please ring this up so I can leave,” he said. She finally started moving. He paid in cash again to make things quicker. Then he put everything he had just bought back in the cart to make it easier to get it all out to his car and got out of there as fast as he could.
As he loaded the mirror carefully into his back seat, he thought about what had just happened in the store. Yes, it had been very humiliating being in there and being stared at. But this time it had been a whole lot less humiliating. Partly because he had gotten a bit angry at the girl behind the register. Maybe he just needed an angrier attitude when he went into the stores. It didn’t exactly sound right, but if it would help…
Finally having everything he needed, he turned his car toward home again. He stopped along the way at a fast food place and went through the drive-through. He got no real reaction from the young boy at the window as he exchanged money, other than he saw the boy staring intently at his nails. Maybe the guy liked long nails on women.
He made one last stop before he went home. He stopped once again at the bank to withdraw more cash – a lot more cash. With his long nails, it was a lot easier to manage than signing for his credit card.

Sandy glanced once again at the object that was sitting on the passenger seat of her car. She had tried it herself back at the workshop. For something so simple, it really worked fairly well. Mostly anyway. The one big drawback that she now saw in it was that it was more of a torture device than she had thought it would be. But still, she hoped that Mel would approve.
She pulled into the parking lot in front of her apartment and started to get out of the car, then she stopped. No use taking it first to her apartment if she could deliver it to Mel now. She pulled out her cell phone and called.
“Hello?” Mel’s voice came over the phone.
“Hi Mel. It’s Sandy.”
“Hey Sandy. How are you today?”
“Great Mel. Listen. Remember that perch thing we had talked about for Sissy to stand on? Well, I’ve got it here. I was wondering if could bring it over now?”
Mel giggled into the phone. “Perch? I guess that’s as good a description as any. Sure Sandy, bring it right over. I can’t wait to see it.”
Sandy got out of her car and went around to the passenger side to grab the device better. It wasn’t all that big, but it was built fairly substantially so it was a bit heavier than it looked. She carried it straight up the stairs to Mel’s apartment. Mel had the door open and was waiting for her when she arrived.
“Hi Sandy,” Mel said as she walked up, but her eyes never left the object in Sandy’s hands. “Is that it?” she asked, fascinated to be looking at the thing.
“That’s it,” Sandy said as she handed it to Mel before she stepped into her apartment.
Mel turned it around in her hands to look at it better. It appeared to be made entirely from unfinished wood with a fairly heavy triangular base. Two wide boards stuck straight up from the base and supported a fairly thick round wooden piece between them. The side boards extended up another two inches from the top of the round piece. The more she looked at it, and the more she thought about it, the more the term “perch” sounded like the right description.
“Where’s Sissy?” Sandy asked.
“He’s off this morning. His car is gone so hopefully he’s out buying more diapers for himself.”
Sandy giggled. “I’m sure he must love doing that.”
Mel laughed. “More than that, he’s got no pants to wear so he’ll have to be doing it in a skirt today. And… wait till you see the new nail job he got last night.”
“Oh my God! I can’t wait to see him.”
Mel headed for the corner she usually had Chad standing in. “I gave him off till three today so he can get whatever personal business done that he needs to do.”
“Can I come back later then? I’d love to see how this thing works with him on it.”
“Of course,” Mel replied as she placed the device down on the corner of the floor. It fit perfectly into the corner. “But you may have to wait till a bit later though, I need to go out with him for a while as soon as he gets here.”
“Can you call me?” Sandy asked as she saw Mel looking carefully at the perch.
“You bet,” Mel replied, only half listening. She looked from the perch back up towards Sandy with a grin on her face. “Did you try it?”
Sandy giggled a bit. “Yeah. I think it works fairly well, mostly. But I’m also afraid it could be a real torture device.”
“I have no doubt,” Mel said, looking carefully at it again. She placed her hand against the wall and placed the heel of her left foot on top of the perch. She was wearing sneakers without a heel though so she wasn’t sure how it would work. As she put more and more of her weight on the device, she was glad to see that it seemed to be sturdy enough and that it wasn’t going to slip out from under her. She quickly shifted her weight and brought her right foot up onto the thing too. The tight confines of the bar her heels were resting on kept her feet close together. Her balance immediately shifted onto her toes since she wasn’t wearing any regular heels and she immediately noticed that it also seemed to force the rest of her body into the corner. The height of the bar did keep all her weight onto her toes though since she didn’t have any heels and she could tell that it could get very tiring, very quickly. “Damn,” she said as she tried to move her feet a little. “Even with sneakers on I can’t move my feet much. And it pushes me further into the wall.” Very carefully, she lifted one foot straight up off of the thing and stepped away so she could get her other foot off.
Sandy was a bit worried about what Mel might really think of the device. “Well, what do you think?” she asked. “Too dangerous?”
Mel smiled. “Are you kidding? I think it’s going to be great,” she replied as she turned and walked off.
“Where are you going?” Sandy asked.
“To get some shoes with a heel!”
Mel came back a minute later wearing her four inch patent pumps. “Now those are killer heels!” Sandy declared.
Mel laughed and once again placed her left foot carefully on the perch. With the heel over the bar her foot felt like it was more locked into place. She noticed that even with four inch heels on, the bottom of her heel was still up a good half inch from the base of the device. She shifted her weight and quickly brought her other foot up again too. Once again she was pushed into the wall, but not quite so bad now.
She tried to move her feet and found that any movement, side to side, or front to back was now totally denied. She could only lift her feet straight up and off of the thing. Her weight was better distributed too since the bar now held half her weight and her toes the rest. The thing would still be painful, but not nearly so bad. “This is great!” she declared as she pried herself off of the thing. “I can’t wait to try it on him later. Who would have ever thought that something so simple looking could work so well.”
Sandy felt elated. “So it’s good then?”
“It’s great, Sandy. It’s great!”
“Good. I’m so relieved.”
“Why? You always do good stuff and if this didn’t work out then it wouldn’t really matter.”
“Well. I wanted it to work out because I want to ask you a favor.”
“A favor? Sure anything. What is it?”
“I want to babysit with Sissy again.’
Mel laughed. “Oh, I think that can be arranged.” But as soon as she said it, she remembered the pictures from the last babysitting session that had gone on – and she remembered hearing about the things that the pictures hadn’t shown. She had just agreed, but at the same time, she was having some misgivings now. But unfortunately, she had already said yes. She’d just have to hope that things went ok next time.
Sandy was all smiles though. “Oh Mel, thanks so much. Listen, for next time, I’ve been studying some videos for something I want to do…

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Anonymous said...

Great Work! I especially appreciate the conflicts you have created for Chad and Mel- Chad's conflict concerning his desire/need to be a sissy and Mel's conflict between her feeling for Chad and her desire/need to have a submissive sissy maid to humiliate. While I love reading about sissy humiliation,I find your story compelling in its realistic description of the characters.