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The Bet - Chapter 21 (Friday – week 3 Part 3 of 4)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 21 (Friday – week 3 Part 3 of 4)

Robin finished her lunch and drove back to work. As she passed Chad’s cubicle, she noticed that he wasn’t back from lunch yet, but then she was a bit early. All through lunch, she thought about what had happened at the gym. Not much really. What had she really learned? Again, not much. She had wanted to ask that trainer that he was visiting – Cassie – more about what she was doing with him, but she just couldn’t work it into any of the conversations. Mostly, Cassie had just touted how good the gym was – which did really sound great… and worse, she knew how much she needed it. But she knew that she would never be joining. Not only was it expensive, she was just too lazy.
No, she hadn’t gotten all that much out of her visit at all, except maybe one thing. And she was going to use it as a major hammering stake with Chad!

Mel had just parked her car when her cell phone went off. “Hello,” she said quickly.
“Hi Mel,” Cassie’s voice came over the connection.
“Hi Cassie. How did it go today?”
Cassie started laughing. “Oh Mel, you wouldn’t believe it. I was just rubbing some baby lotion onto the front of him, not really doing much else yet, when he started peeing all over the place… and he couldn’t stop it!”
Mel was shocked. “He couldn’t?”
“No! Not at all. I have to tell you, he was really upset about it. And let me tell you, it went everywhere! Quite a mess!”
Mel laughed, “I can imagine. I’m sorry about that. Do you need to quit taking care of him?”
This time it was Cassie’s turn to laugh. “Are you kidding? I’m loving this. You wouldn’t believe how fascinating all this is.”
Suddenly, Mel wasn’t all that happy with Cassie taking care of Sissy for her. She felt jealous because Cassie was discovering things that she herself never got to see. But the end result was that she had far more proof now that she was winning the bet. Her confidence soared. There would be plenty of time later to see things for herself. The bet was all that really mattered. “I’m just glad you’re helping,” she replied.
“Hey, did you know he came in today with another woman from work? Someone named Robin.”
“Robin? She was there?”
“Yeah, I gave her that ten cent tour. I’m pretty sure she’s not at all interested in joining the gym though.”
Mel was fairly sure too. She didn’t know Robin but she could just imagine. She was probably young and really good looking, the type that didn’t need the services of the gym. She felt the strings of jealousy once again trying to get at her, but she pushed them away. “Ok, Cassie. That’s good to know. I appreciate it.”
Mel put her cell phone away and went into the store where she bought two fairly large packing boxes and some packaging tape. She put them into the trunk of her car and drove home. She didn’t go to her apartment though, she went directly into Chad’s. She put everything she had gathered up earlier that morning into the two boxes and sealed them up completely. Then she dragged the boxes down the stairs and lifted the heavy boxes into her car. One box went into her trunk, but the other one had to go into her back seat. Then she drove to the storage unit that she had rented several years ago. She unloaded the boxes from her car and dragged them into the unit where she had some other things stored.
When the boxes were inside, she looked carefully at all the beautiful furniture and things that she could see from where she stood outside. Most of it was packed away carefully in boxes. Most of it had belonged to her parents before they died. It was all things she didn’t want to part with. But she wasn’t ready to commit herself to owning a big enough house to hold it all – yet.
As she drove back to work, she thought about Chad. He had no male clothes left to wear, only female. Little by little she was stripping his male existence away from him – completely. And he was about to discover that he would be leading a more and more feminine life as this bet went on.
She had previously denied him the ability to do anything more than to just pee out of his male appendage. Denying him totally. Now she would be denying him any kind of male existence at all – more and more anyway. Denying him – and fulfilling her! The thought actually sent waves of pleasure throughout her. She was surprised to find herself getting a little bit wet in her private regions over it. She didn’t know why she liked it so much, but she did. And since she could, she was going to take as much advantage of that as she could.
The denying him thoughts reminded her of the one little problem she had been nursing in the back of her mind for the last few days. She had given him mixed signals. That had been a big mistake. With a suddenly realization of what she had to do, she smiled with new confidence. She knew what she wanted to do with him now – completely. And what was better, she now had proof that she was winning this bet. He was going to be hers for a very… long… time!

Chad brooded all afternoon about what had happened with Cassie and why he couldn’t find those muscles to control himself. He stared at the project on his screen, but he got no work done because of it.
A little while after lunch, the suppository that Cassie had stuck up inside of him began to do its thing, just as it usually did about that time of day. The discomfort from it made him twitch and strain a bit. There was no fighting it, and he really didn’t even try, but in the middle of messing himself, he suddenly realized that he could feel those muscles again. As the mess continued to come out of him in tiny bits at a time, he now experimented with tightening his muscles. As before, they didn’t really want to react at first, but as he tried it over and over again, he felt more and more elated. The suppository had finished doing it’s job, which wasn’t all that bad since he had again had a very light lunch, but more importantly, the suppository had somehow kick-started his muscles again. He was back! He knew it, and he was going to win this bet!
Feeling much more confident, he squirmed to settle the mess in his bottom more comfortably and got to work, but the words ‘self-respect, friends, and get a life,’ kept going through his head.

Mel came out of the conference room and shook hands again with her client. She watched till he was out the door. “What’s next?” she asked Andrea.
“Nothing for another hour,” Andrea replied. “But another package came for you a few minutes ago. This one is smaller though.”
Mel was curious. “Smaller?” She walked over to Andrea’s desk and found the package. It was a little bigger than a shoebox, but she didn’t remember ordering him another pair of shoes. But then she didn’t remember anything that she had ordered for him. She was way too drunk that night. “Scissors?” she said as she stood over the box on Andrea’s desk.
Andrea handed her the scissors and Mel opened the box. She removed the lid and looked inside. She was shocked… deeply shocked. She reached into the box and touched one of the objects inside. Even through the plastic it felt a bit weird. She felt a bit dirty just touching it. But then she laughed.
“What is it?” Andrea asked. Mel tilted the box to show her. “Oh my God! Are they what I think they are?”
Instead of answering, Mel pulled out a piece of paper from the box. Something else in the box caught her eye. She picked it up and stared at it in wonderment. A small spray can of surgical glue. She looked briefly at the paper. Instructions. She handed the paper to Andrea.
“Oh… my… God! Oh… my… God!” It was all that Andrea could say.
Mel watched as Andrea looked back up at her. Then both of them cracked up laughing. Chad’s new breast forms had arrived, and she couldn’t wait to see them on him.

Robin was watching the clock. She had purposely been avoiding Chad all afternoon, leaving him alone. But not for much longer. It was now a little before her break time. It was now or never. With a feeling of excitement – and purpose, she walked around to his cubicle. “Hi,” she said as she walked in.
Chad turned around in his seat. “Hi Robin,” he replied, knowing she was probably heading down to the break room and would be asking him to go again. But she walked into his cubicle instead and leaned up against his desk.
“Maybe I should have said, “Hi Sissy. Would that have been more correct?”
Chad suddenly wanted to scream. He shook his head. “Robin, please…”
“Please what?” she asked. “Please call you Sissy instead?”
“No! Please don’t!”
“Why not? That’s what your other friends call you at the gym. Why should I be any different?”
How could he answer that? “No… it’s just that… that’s different.”
“What’s different? You mean I’m not your friend? Whether you like it or not, I like to think I am.”
“Yes, you are my friend. The only friend I think I have left now.”
“So why won’t you tell me anything then? Why do they get to call you Sissy and I don’t? By the way, it is a better name for you now.”
Chad felt so frustrated. “Robin, please…” but he didn’t really know what else to say. “It’s just complicated.”
“Well then, Sissy, why don’t you uncomplicated it for me?”
“I can’t!” he replied turning himself back away from her so he wouldn’t have to face her.
She had tried. But she was only really starting. There was a lot more to do now. “I don’t believe you for a minute – Sissy! But I’m going to take my break now, are you sure you don’t want to come with me?”
“No!” he said, not bothering to turn around. “And please stop calling me Sissy.”
“No!” she replied purposefully.
He turned back around horrified. “Why not?”
She smiled at him wickedly. “Because… it’s complicated!” She left him then and headed straight to the break room. It felt good to leave him with a taste of his own medicine. But if her friends were still up for it, she’d be seeing him for round two very shortly.

Chad was upset. Now Robin was calling him Sissy. And he knew that the way he had treated her was only making her more likely to keep calling him that. A thought struck him, she wouldn’t actually tell anyone else, would she? She was his friend after all. But that didn’t really mean all that much.
Ten minutes later, he heard a lot of noise out in the hallway, a bunch of voices all talking excitedly, and the noise was getting closer. Curious, he backed his chair up into the entrance to his cubicle to see what was going on. Robin and a ton of her friends were heading straight for him!
“There he is!” he heard one of the women shout excitedly.
“You mean there SHE is,” another woman corrected her.
Chad was petrified as he suddenly found his cubicle invaded by not just Robin but all too many of the women from around the company. He backed his chair up as far as it would go, but his cubicle was soon full of feminine voices surrounding him.
“What’s going on?” he demanded.
“Well… Sissy…” Robin explained, “we decided that you’ve been keeping to yourself way too long now. You need to get out more and talk to some other people. And who better to talk to than us. So we’re taking you to break with us.”
“No! I don’t want to go to break!” Chad replied quickly.
“Tough, Sissy, because you’re going!” With that, Robin grabbed his left arm and another woman grabbed his right arm and together they dragged him out of his chair towards the entrance to his cubicle.
“No!” he screamed again, pleading with them to stop. But they didn’t stop. The women never once let go of him all the way to the break room.
“He does have pretty good legs,” he heard one of them remarking as he was being led along.
“I like his outfit,” another one remarked.
“I like his shoes,” still anther one said.
“Where do you get your hair done,” still another one asked.
“His nails are sooo pretty,” another one remarked.
Chad was going crazy. He was surrounded by women who were determined to make his life miserable – again. And they weren’t giving him any way out. They led him, noisily, all the way to the break room, then straight to a big table in the middle of the room.
“Have a seat, Honey,” one of the women said as she held out a chair for him. Chad found himself almost pushed into the chair. He sat down and stared at all the women taking seats around him. All around him. Still leaving him no way to get out.
“How do you take your coffee?” one of the women asked.
“She likes it black,” Robin replied for him.
He looked at her. She was smiling evilly at him. All the women in his life now smiled evilly at him. All of them… and all too often. “What do you want?” he asked.
“Just to talk,” Robin answered simply. Then she walked away to get herself a cup of coffee.
Someone set a cup of black coffee in front of him and he picked it up. Tentatively, like it might be poisoned, he took a sip. But coffee wasn’t going to do anything to calm his nerves now. He thought about the nipples on his bottles and suddenly craved one.
“So Sissy,” one of the women asked, “why have you been keeping yourself from us?”
Chad shook his head. The crazy woman was serious! “Uh, I didn’t want to upset or disturb you,” he replied, trying to be nice.
“Oh don’t be silly. You’re not going to upset us? We LOVE seeing you.”
Chad winced. Yeah, he was sure of that!
“So what made you decide to finally wear a skirt today?” another woman asked. “You know, we’ve been making bets as to when you would do it?”
They were making bets on it? Crazier and crazier. “Uh… it’s complicated,” he replied, falling back on his same old answer.
“Everything to him is complicated lately,” Robin chimed in.
“Why?” several of the women asked.
“What’s so complicated?” one of the women asked him directly.
“It just is, that’s all!” Chad replied with a bit of anger. He wasn’t about to get into this any further.
“Well you don’t have to get so huffy about it,” the woman replied. “We’re all women here. We all have a lot of the same problems.”
“Well, I don’t!” Chad replied angrily.
“You don’t?” the woman asked. “You mean to tell me you don’t have to worry about getting your makeup on straight, or you don’t have to worry if your hair looks ok, or you don’t worry about your shoes hurting, or maybe a thousand other things? Don’t kid me, Honey.”
“Well… maybe,” Chad admitted.
“There, you see. You are one of us then. So spill girl, spill.”
But there was no way that Chad could tell them anything. He set his coffee on the table in front of him and stood up. “I can’t!” he said vehemently. He turned and forced his way between the women sitting around him.
“Let him go, girls” Robin said. “We’ll have him back again. I guarantee it!”
Chad turned and looked at her angrily then resumed making his way through the women and walked out.
“Bye bye, Sissy,” one of the women called behind him. “We’ll be here for you anytime!”
Chad stomped angrily back to his own cubicle, hating being exposed in the skirt he was wearing all the way. He literally couldn’t believe what they had just done to him. It was mean and cruel! Obviously Robin wasn’t the friend he thought she was. All the women were calling him Sissy now. Obviously Robin had told them. Things were definitely getting worse and worse!
He suddenly felt the need to pee and checked the dial on his watch to note the time. He sat in front of his computer to work, but work was impossible so he just stared at the screen while his mind raged.
“Hi Sissy.”
Chad turned around to see Robin standing in the entrance to his cubicle again. He angrily turned away from her, not wanting to talk or even look at her.
Robin walked in and leaned against his desk. “I hope you realize that what we just did was good for you.”
Chad turned to her aghast. “Good for me? You can’t be serious! That was the most cruel thing you could have ever done to me!” He turned away from her again.
“Cruel? Maybe. But it was good for you too. You not only need to get out more, but I hope you realize now that you have more friends out there than you realize. All you have to do is to talk to them and be their friend too.”
“Not likely!” he replied with his back still to her.
Robin sighed. “Like I said, whether you realize it or not. It was good for you and you’ve got friends there if you want them. I hope you’ll come back and join us again sometime.” She walked out then and left him.
Chad was still furious. Good for me? Ha! Friends? Ha! With friends like that, who needs enemies? The only thing they wanted to do was to humiliate me! Some friends!
A few minutes later, Chad’s mental ranting against Robin and her “friends” was interrupted by his realization that he needed to pee so badly. He was having trouble holding it back already. He was suddenly working too hard at it. Why bother? Why not just give in? It would feel so much better. The words self-respect, friends, and a life, ran through his head. He struggled against the need to pee, but he finally gave in and enjoyed wetting himself immensely. He checked his watch. Only eleven minutes. Not very good. Why was it suddenly so difficult to do? Why wasn’t it normal anymore? Next time though, he’d do better.

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