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The Bet - Chapter 31 (Monday – week 5 Part 3 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 31 (Monday – week 5 Part 3 of 8)

Mel and Sandy sat in the front seat. Chad was buckled into the back seat with his bottle. The skirts of his silly dress stuck up horribly all around him. It had been hard to figure out how to sit down in the car with the silly skirt. Chad noticed that the edges of his ruffles even rose up higher than the bottom of the window next to him. Anybody who looked at the car would be able to see them easily… and they’d see him of course with his baby bottle.
Mel’s cell phone buzzed while she was driving. She fished it out of her purse. “Hello?”
“Hi Mel. It’s Cassie. I just wanted to let you know that they’re here and everybody has been told about what’s supposed to happen. Nobody here has any major objections. So bring it on!”
“Thanks. I appreciate it. See you in a little while.” She closed her phone and dropped it back into her purse.
“Cassie?” Sandy asked. Mel turned her head and nodded with a smile.
Sandy was expecting to drive straight to the gym, but Mel surprised her by pulling into the parking lot of a large building before they got there. She heard another small whimper from Chad in the back seat as they pulled off of the road. Why was Mel stopping here?
It wasn’t panic that hit Chad the moment Mel turned off the road into the parking lot of his company, he knew he was doomed. Instead, it was the total overwhelming sense of feeling sorry for himself. The closer to the building she drove, the more it hit him, till once again he was crying. He didn’t want this. He didn’t want to show everybody his true self. As Mel stopped her car right at the curb in front of the door where he usually entered… the door where everybody usually entered, his self pity seemed to double. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He knew they had just been through it back at her apartment, but he didn’t care. “Please, Mistress,” he wailed. “Please! Please, please don’t make me do this!”
Sandy shook her head. He sounded so pitiful! How could Mel do this to him? She had to say something! “Mel…” But when Mel turned her head to look at her, the only thing she noticed was the look in Mel’s eyes. Mel looked like a leopard about to pounce on her prey! Sandy gulped back any further comments.
Mel felt total elation. Chad was exactly to the point where she wanted him to be… when she wanted him to be there. She had driven extra slowly into the parking lot and around the building to give him time to get there. Now – it was make or break time!
She turned around in her seat to look straight at him. He was bawling pitifully like a baby. Disgusting, but necessary. “You know this is the best for you! You know this is necessary!”
“No, Mistress,” he wailed. “Please, please don’t make me do this!”
“I told you why we’re doing this. I told you to get ready for it!”
“No, no, Mistress. Please!” he sobbed. “I’ll do anything for you. Anything!”
Mel stared at him and let him cry pitifully for a few moments, as if she was seriously considering his plea. Her acting had to be perfect. “Darn!” she finally exclaimed. “You’re putting up an awfully big fuss over this!”
“Please,” he wailed. “Pretty please?”
She shook her head. “I can’t believe you’re being such a baby about this! Raising such a fuss!”
Chad looked at her almost hopefully. “Please,” he reiterated softly. “Anything but this. I’ll do anything!”
“Ugh!” she exclaimed as she slapped the back of her seat. “I can’t believe I’m even considering this!” She looked straight at him. “Listen… if I agree and don’t take you in there… then you’re going to have to make up for it some other way!”
Chad jumped at the possibility. “Anything! Anything!”
Mel stared at him for a few moments as if she was considering something – it was all part of the act. “Geez! I can’t believe I’m caving in to a little twit like you! Okay, Sissy, here’s the deal. I’ve got a few other stops planned for you this morning besides here. Every place we go, you’re going to have to convince me of how happy you are about being a sissy and showing your sissy self off to everybody, or we come straight back here and I drag you all through that building. Got it?”
It was a ray of sunshine. Hope ran through his entire body. “Anything, Mistress. Anything!”
“Remember, you act like a deliriously happy sissy baby, or everybody in that building sees you! And you better be very convincing!”
“Yes, Mistress. Anything! I’ll do anything!” Chad hardly even knew what he was agreeing to he was so relieved.
“Okay… for now,” Mel said as she turned back around. “I still can’t believe I’m caving in like this!” She restarted her car and pulled away from the curb.
“What place is this?” Sandy asked. Sissy had been so pitiful again that she was glad Mel wasn’t taking him in there, whatever the place was.
“That’s where he works,” Mel explained.
Sandy was a bit surprised. Had Mel really planned on taking him in there? Where he worked? Dressed like he was? Wow! Talk about embarrassing! No wonder Sissy was acting so afraid.

The parking lot for the gym wasn’t very far away. When they pulled in, Mel noticed that it wasn’t overly full, but there were still more than a few cars there. She parked the car and turned around to face Sissy again. He still had his bottle to his mouth, drinking from it. Seeing his bottle reminded her of something else. She glanced at her watch. “Drink up, Sissy. You’ve only got less than half an hour to get that diaper leaking!” She saw Chad trying to suck harder on the bottle. He kept glancing out the window at the entrance to the gym. “We’re going in there and you’re going to find a way to apologize to the receptionist for your behavior, and then we’re going to find those other two women you were rude to last week and apologize to them too. And you better ensure them all that behavior like that will never happen again! Got that?”
Chad looked at her wide-eyed, but he didn’t say anything back. He just kept sucking on this bottle as he tried to come to grips with what he was about to have to do. Actually, in his nervousness, the bottle was very comforting. He would have been sucking on it even if he didn’t have to.
“I asked if you understand!” Mel repeated angrily.
Chad removed the bottle from his mouth. Nodded nervously, and replied, “Yes, Mistress.”
“Good!” Mel finally opened her door and got out of the car, grabbing his pink diaper bag just in case.
Sandy opened Chad’s car door and reached in to unbuckle his seat belt for him. She had to search through mounds of ruffles to find it, but she managed. Chad set his bottle down on his seat next to him. It was time! But getting out of the car wasn’t easy. He paused for a moment, desperately trying to find the courage.
“Do I take you to work right now?” Mel asked angrily.
That got Chad moving. Anything was better than having to do this in front of everybody he knew. At least here everyone would be total strangers… well, mostly everyone. He started to get out of the car.
“Pacifier!” Mel warned.
Chad grabbed his pacifier on the long ribbon attached to his dress and popped it into his mouth. He heard Sandy giggle slightly. He moved a little further out of the car, soft ruffles in his way everywhere.
“Remember – you’re going to have to convince me that you’re a deliriously happy sissy. And so far, you’re not even close!”
Happy? Ugh! If there was one thing he wasn’t, it was happy! But he would be an awful lot less happy if she took him to work instead. That brightened his thoughts… a bit. He did his best to look happier and more excited. Suddenly, he was completely out of the car and Sandy was closing the door behind him. Mel clicked the remote and he heard the door lock. There was no turning back!
Mel reached out her hand and took his left hand. Sandy took his right. Like a little child being led by two adults, they headed for the entrance.
“You’re not acting excited enough!” Mel noted. “Happy sissy girls like to skip around all the time.”
Skip? How could he skip if they were both holding his hands? But he tried to do a few skipping steps as they were walking. He felt so foolish!
As Sandy let go of his hand and reached out to open the door for them, Mel warned him one more time. “Happy and excited, or our next stop is your office! And don’t forget to apologize!”
Chad was unable to take his eyes off of the door that was opening in front of them. Through the open doorway, he could see the receptionist watching them from behind her counter. He noticed Cassie standing nearby.
“Skip!” Mel’s voice commanded, and suddenly she let go of his hand.
The sudden releasing of his hands acted like a force propelling him forward. Chad suddenly found himself skipping through the door and straight up to the receptionist. Oh God! Was he really doing this? Mel’s warning to take him straight to his office if he wasn’t convincing rang in his ears.
The receptionist looked shocked. He dropped an elaborate curtsey to her, being careful to show some of his diaper under his dress. He felt like such a child! He quickly removed the pacifier from his mouth. “Hewwo,” he said in his best sissy voice.
The receptionist’s shock gave way to a spit of laughter. She wanted to look at Cassie for confirmation at what she was seeing, but she couldn’t tear her eyes off of him.
“I’m sorry I was so rude to you last week.” Sissy continued in his silly voice. “I promise it will never happen again.”
The receptionist barely registered what he said, even though he wasn’t all that hard to understand despite the odd way he pronounced all his words. She was too shocked by the silly way he was dressed. And the pacifier! What a hoot!
“Hello, Sissy,” Cassie finally said. She was all smiles at the sight of him too.
Chad dropped another curtsey and said a polite hello to Cassie too. Was he acting happy enough? He hoped so. He had no idea what else he could do. As soon as he was done talking though, he grabbed his pacifier and popped it back into his mouth like Mel had made him practice yesterday. He hoped Mel would be pleased.
“Would you like to come back and meet some of our customers?” Cassie asked with more than a bit of humor. She glanced quickly at Mel who seemed to be all smiles. Sandy was just watching wide eyed.
Chad curtseyed again and removed his pacifier. “Oh please. That would be great!” Then the pacifier went straight back into his mouth again. He glanced over at Mel to try to get some idea of how he was doing.
“Happier!” Mel mouthed silently.
Happier? How? As if he were excited to go and meet Cassie’s customers, he suddenly started skipping in a big circle around the lobby of the gym. The receptionist broke down in peals of laughter.
“This way, Sissy.” Cassie said as he came back around again. And then she started leading him into the heart of the gym.
The place wasn’t packed, but there were quite a few women using the exercise machines here and there.
“Remember, your office is next!” Mel warned softly.
It was all the impetus Chad needed. He suddenly took off skipping right up to the first two women he saw on exercise bikes right next to each other. The two shocked women stopped their peddling instantly as he skipped up to them. He dropped his elaborate curtsey for them, and removed his pacifier. “Hi, my name is Sissy,” he told them in his silly new voice. “And I just love being a big sissy!” Then the pacifier went back into his mouth again and he was off, skipping up to the next group of customers.
All sound in the gym ceased as everyone stopped to watch Chad acting like a total fool. Nobody could believe it, not even Mel, who had hoped for and planned for just something like this.
Chad had just finished introducing himself to the third little group of women over by the treadmills, when Cassie called him. “Sissy, come over here.” Cassie still couldn’t believe what she was seeing as she watched Chad skipping happily back across the room to where she waited next to the women Chad had been so rude to the week before. What had gotten into him to make him behave quite so… enthusiastic?
Chad was very surprised. Now that the ice had been broken and everyone had seen him behaving like he was, he was beginning to have fun with what he was doing. He knew everyone was shocked and laughing at him. But it was more like he was an actor… or a clown, who had been hired to entertain. And he had no doubt that he was being entertaining. He felt so strange.
He skipped up to Cassie and noticed right away that she was standing next to the two women who had wanted him to curtsey for them last week. How could he entertain them? He dropped his required elaborate curtsey as soon as he stopped and pulled his pacifier out of his mouth with almost a grand gesture. “Hewwo,” he said once again. “My name is Sissy.” Then he curtseyed for the women once again. “I’m sorry I was so rude to you last week,” he continued in his silly sissy voice. “I promise it won’t ever happen again.”
He could see the two women searching for words, trying to find something to say to him. But so far they were totally stymied. He needed something else special for these two since Mel was making him apologize special for them.
Then one of the women spoke to the other. “You were right, I’m sure that was a diaper we saw under his dress.”
It was all the idea Chad needed. Heck, this was all just a big show anyway… as long as Mel didn’t decide to really take him to work like this. He removed his pacifier from his mouth again. “Would you like to see my diaper?” he asked. Back into his mouth went his pacifier. Not waiting for an answer, he quickly lifted the front of his skirt along with as much of the ruffles underneath as he could manage, as he proudly displayed the soaked diaper he was wearing underneath.
Shrieks of shock and laughter rang out all around him. In the heat of showmanship, Chad realized he had just scored big. Still holding his skirt up, he slowly turned around so everybody could see. He didn’t drop his skirt again till he got all the way back around. The two women were laughing hysterically, one of them was holding her stomach as if it hurt. Everyone around him was laughing hysterically. The crowd around him was growing as more and more as the customers gathered to get a closer look. He curtseyed for the people all around him.
The performing and the way people were reacting to him, enjoying what he was doing, was exciting. More exciting than he ever imagined it would be. Almost like a drug. Without realizing it, he wanted more of it. He began skipping around in front of all the people. And the skipping reminded him of something else. He stopped and faced everyone again. He began singing in his silly sissy voice. “Mawy had a wittle wamb.” The reaction of the crowd was instantaneous, and so was the thrill he got back from them. As he continued through the short little song, his actions got bolder and more childlike. He was no longer concerned with Mel or what she thought, he was having fun entertaining the crowd.
The song ended and he did another of his silly curtseys as everybody applauded. Was what he had done enough now? He looked at Mel to try to get some idea, but she was just standing there, watching him wide-eyed like everyone else… as if she was waiting for more. He couldn’t tell very much from her expression. At least she didn’t look angry… he didn’t think so anyway. Now what was he going to do? He started skipping around in another little circle looking for some kind of idea – some way to keep the people entertained.
Mel was totally amazed as she watched Chad. He was acting silly – beyond her wildest dreams – almost as if he was truly enjoying himself. He was being more than just a silly sissy. He was doing something… else! And it really looked like he was loving it!
Chad kept skipping around in his little circle again while everybody watched him. What could he do? He didn’t know… so he started singing his same little song again, while he kept skipping. He was halfway through it when his body started peeing. But he had peed so much in the last few days that it barely registered on his brain. But the strange little tickling feeling he got that started running down his leg registered. He was so shocked by it, that he stopped singing and skipping. He looked down to see a line of pee running down his leg – and he was still peeing. He turned toward Mel with a look of horror on his face and held out his leg to show her what was happening. This part wasn’t fun. All the people weren’t supposed to see him doing this! This was embarrassing – to say the least. He had been acting like such a child. But now everyone would see that it wasn’t all just an act!
Mel was surprised to see Chad stopping like he did. She was more surprised when she saw the reason why. But he had already done enough – more than enough! “Okay, Sissy. I think you’ve done enough. Say goodbye to everybody and let’s get your diaper changed.”
She had said it… right here in front of everybody. Change his diaper. He dropped one more curtsey for everybody, this time a bit more contritely. Everybody applauded. But he was no longer having fun. The pee running down his leg had ruined everything. They all saw proof of what a total baby he really was. He could no longer pretend it had all been just in fun. He felt devastated. They had all seen the proof!
“I’ll change him,” Cassie offered. “Come on, this way, Sissy,” she said as she grabbed his pink diaper bag from Mel. “You know where we do it.”
Chad’s heart fell a bit more. Cassie had just basically told everybody what they did together here at the gym every day. She was changing his diapers. Meekly, he followed her toward the office in the back.

“What just happened?” Sandy asked Mel. “That was weird!”
“Yeah, I know.” Mel shook her head. “I’m not sure what really happened. I wanted something… but this?”
Sandy stared after Chad’s back as he disappeared into the back. She was reminded of something else she wanted to ask. “Where you stopped earlier, was that really where he works?”
“Uh huh.”
“And were you really planning on taking him in there? Dressed like that?”
“Uh… Don’t tell him, but not really…. Although in the back of my mind, I am kind of considering it. I just needed to make sure he had a really good reason to behave like a total sissy when we got here. I think it worked.”
Sandy shook her head. “No doubt about that!”

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