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The Bet - Chapter 31 (Monday – week 5 Part 7 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 31 (Monday – week 5 Part 7 of 8)

Chad nearly died when he saw her turning into the mall parking lot. She didn’t really intend to take him in there, did she? Without realizing it, he started sucking on his baby bottle faster. The further into the parking lot they drove, the more panicked he felt. His baby bottle started sucking air. He discarded it and desperately grabbed his pacifier for comfort.
Mel was still trying to figure out how she wanted to do this. A small idea hit her. With a wicked smile on her face that he couldn’t see, she drove straight up to one of the entrances at the very end of the mall. She stopped the car right at the curb and turned around to face him in the back seat. He looked totally panicked. Good! Before he could protest, she started speaking. “Yes you are going in there… and you’re going in there just like that!” She thought she heard a small whimper from him, but he didn’t say anything.
“You’re going to show everybody exactly how much of a sissy you really are. And believe me, you better be convincing again or our next stop will be where you work.” She glanced at her watch. “And there’s still plenty of time to do the entire mall and get back to your company before they all leave for the day. And you know I won’t hesitate to take you there if I’m not happy.”
He nodded. It was the only answer he could give. He was too scared to speak. He certainly wasn’t looking forward to this.
Mel continued. “Maybe after we do a few more places like this today, you’ll think twice about being anything but respectful and submissive to anyone who talks to you… or asks you to do something. So I suggest you think about that carefully with every step you take in there. Got that?”
This time, Chad did manage to get a small “Yes, Mistress,” out of his mouth.
“Good! I don’t want you to ever get any ideas in that thick head of yours again that you’re anything but a sissy! You’ve been getting way too cocky lately, and I don’t like it! So remember, you’re a sissy! Sissies don’t argue – they do what they’re told! No questions!
“Now I want you to get out and stand right outside that entrance and curtsey to everybody who goes in or comes out till I get back from parking the car.”
Chad was horrified. Stand there? Alone? Why couldn’t he go with her to park the car? She couldn’t be serious about this! But she was just sitting there glaring at him menacingly.
“Out! Now! And I expect to see you proving to everybody that you’re nothing but a big sissy!”
Out? He still couldn’t believe it – she really wanted him to do this! Slowly, he unbuckled his seat belt amid the mass of ruffles that surrounded him. He glanced out the window before he opened the door. A few curious people had noticed him in the backseat of her car and stared as they walked by. What would they think when he got out of the car?
“I’m waiting!” Mel’s voice threatened.
Chad grabbed the door handle and opened it just a crack. Very slowly, he pushed it open wider… wider… then all the way. He slid around in his seat, letting his feet in their little girl shoes dangle down toward the ground. As he grabbed the door handle to help pull himself up, he saw two women just coming out of the mall, they stopped just past the doors and stared at him. He couldn’t blame them for staring. In a mass of ruffles, he got to his feet, outside of the car.
“Close the door,” Mel instructed.
Chad closed the car door with a clunk of finality. He was outside, exposed for everyone to see! He felt so embarrassed. He heard the front passenger-side window sliding down.
“I want to see a happy sissy,” Mel said. “Happy!”
Before Chad could react, the window was sliding back up again and Mel was driving off, leaving him standing there alone. He heard giggling behind him and he turned around. The two women had become several more, all scattered around the area in front of the entrance. Now what was he supposed to do? He couldn’t run… there was no place to run to. He would have to brave it out. He was stuck here, dressed as a total sissy for all the world to see. Mel had said to show everybody just how much of a sissy he was. Well, they could certainly see that for themselves by the way he was dressed. He didn’t know how far Mel would have to go to park the car, but he was sure that she would be coming back soon. She would be expecting much more from him than just standing where he was.
Doing his best to put a big smile on his face, he dropped one of his elaborate curtseys for all the people watching him, then he skipped away from the curb to stand in an area that was out of the way, yet where everyone could still see him. Mel didn’t say anything about singing or talking to the people, so he just dropped an occasional big curtsey to the people as they went past… or stopped to stare at him, as so many of them did.
How embarrassing! He felt like such a sissy! Of course, he was a sissy… for real. He just didn’t think he was this much of a sissy. He dropped another elaborate curtsey for another group of women. But maybe he really was this much of a sissy. He was standing here in a ridiculous dress, curtseying for everybody… in public. He couldn’t imagine anything being more sissyish than that. Of course, there was the wet diaper he was wearing under his dress too. That made him feel even worse.
Smile. Curtsey. Smile. Where was Mel?
“Love your dress,” someone teased as they walked past.
Curtsey. “Thank you,” he replied in his silly sissy voice.
“Is that a diaper he’s wearing under that thing?” someone else asked her friend.
“Must be. He is sucking on a pacifier, isn’t he?” her friend replied.
Curtsey. Smile. Mel, where are you? He was beginning to think she had left him alone there when he finally spotted her. But she wasn’t approaching. She was just standing and watching him from further down the sidewalk. Ugh! Curtsey for the nice people. Let them laugh. Curtsey again. What a fool he was. What a sissy!
He may have known that he was a sissy before… somewhere in the back of his mind. He may have even semi-admitted it consciously to himself. But he had never once thought of himself as this kind of a sissy… this much of a sissy. But here he was, smiling and curtseying like a fool to everyone that walked past. And he was really doing it. So if he was really doing it, then he must really be this much of a sissy. He was a sissy! A real sissy! A big, big sissy!
The embarrassment of that realization ran through him like an unwanted emotion. He wanted to cry, but he dared not. Mel said he had to be happy for everybody who saw him. He might be a big, big sissy, but he still didn’t want her to take him to work dressed like this. Curtsey for the nice ladies walking past and pointing. Did they see my diaper?
He finally saw Mel walking towards him. He was filled with relief at her approach. He curtseyed to her. “Am I doing okay?” he asked uncertainly. He really didn’t want her to take him to work like this.
“So far,” she replied. She stared at him for a moment. Should she? Should she really take him into the mall like that? She had been considering that very question as she had stood watching him. She still couldn’t make up her mind. “Are you learning your lesson yet?” she asked.
Curtsey again. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied. “I’m sorry I didn’t act right before.” Please take me home now, he prayed.
Mel glanced at the doors leading into the mall. Should she? She didn’t see any security guards there. Should she? Maybe just a quick trip! “Come along, Sissy. Time to go inside.”
Chad nearly died. It was bad enough behaving like this just outside this one entrance. But inside, there would be many more people.
With a deliberate, purposeful stride, Mel led the way right up to the doors and opened one. She held it open for him and waited till he passed through. They were now faced with another set of doors, the inner doors. This time, it was Chad who held the door for her… although he did so reluctantly. He really didn’t want to go inside like this.
Since they were at one end of the long mall, they entered straight into one of the big department stores – the men’s department. “Well, you certainly don’t belong here,” Mel stated as they walked through. Chad said nothing. The department was relatively deserted. A few people further away noticed them though and Chad noticed heads turning in his direction. A silly pink dress like he was wearing really stood out in the men’s department!
Mel led him along a winding path through the store. Fortunately, she wasn’t dawdling like she usually did, she kept moving. Department after department passed by. Then they were in the children’s department… little girls. “Now this is a much more appropriate spot for you. Isn’t it?” she asked as she stopped briefly.
Chad curtseyed. Actually, he never even gave curtseying a thought as he did it. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied in his silly voice. Mel smiled. Chad expected her to stop there and find some other way to humiliate him further, but she was off again with that same determined stride, as if she were heading somewhere and couldn’t wait to get there. He followed meekly as more and more heads turned to stare at him.
The further into the store they went, the more crowded it seemed to become. The women’s section was the worst.
“There he is!” Chad heard someone say as he followed Mel. “I can’t believe he’s actually in here!” Chad could only silently agree. He couldn’t believe it either.
The entrance to the mall interior was just ahead, just past the perfume. Chad half expected Mel to stop and do something awful to him, but she just kept going. Like a puppy on a leash, he continued to follow. Walking out of the store into the wide mall concourse was almost shocking. The number of people around seemed to increase. He no longer had narrow aisles stuffed with goods to hide behind. He was out in a fairly crowed large space where so many more people could see him. He wanted to run. He wanted to hide. His silly sissy dress was all too noticeable. The crazy ruffles that fluffed his skirt out so wide continually caressed his legs as he followed behind Mel, reminding him with every step just how much of a sissy he was – here in the heart of public exposure. If he wasn’t so scared, he would have cried. He did suck harder on his pacifier for comfort though.
Mel glanced around. No security guards as far as she could see. So far, so good. Did she dare take a chance with anything further? Throwing caution aside, she marched right into the heart of a large area where she had seen a small choir singing at Christmas time. She stopped there and turned to him. “Stand right there,” she instructed, “and face out into the mall.”
Chad turned around where he was. Why was she stopping here? He had been happier when they were moving quickly. He felt so exposed as more and more people stopped to look at him. He desperately wished for someplace to hide, but there was nothing around him.
“Curtsey for everybody,” Mel instructed from a few feet away. Hating having to do it, Chad dropped another of his overly silly curtseys. “Good,” Mel said. “Now sing ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ for everybody.”
She couldn’t be serious! But Chad knew she was all too serious. He really wanted to get out of there! He started singing, but quickly realized that he had forgotten about the pacifier in his mouth. How embarrassing… well, maybe not as embarrassing as everything else he was doing, but it was right up there. He pulled it out and started again. “Mawy had a wittle wamb…” He could easily see the looks of shock on the faces of all the people around him. Almost all movement stopped around him as he continued. All he could think about was how silly he had to look… how demeaning this was. And most of all, how much of a complete sissy he really had to be to be actually doing it! He hated himself.
Halfway through the song, he felt a slight tickling at the top of his leg that had nothing at all to do with the soft ruffles under his skirt. He realized he was peeing again and that his diaper was starting to leak. As he sang, he turned to Mel with a worried look on his face and held out that leg and shook it a bit. He was relieved to see a slight nod from Mel’s head.
He finished singing and curtseyed without being told to. He heard more than a few chuckles while one older man actually clapped – surprise! He dropped another curtsey to that nice gentleman.
“Okay, Sissy, let’s go,” Mel said.
Once again, Chad followed her determined stride as she made her way through the mall. So many people. So many people all witnessing how much of a sissy he really was. Did any of them see his diaper leaking? He hoped not!
Mel figured she was pushing her luck. It was time to get out of there. No security in the way yet, but she didn’t want to tempt fate. With Sissy in tow, she headed straight for the nearest exit. She felt nothing but relief as she walked out through the mall doors and into the bright sunshine. Now to find the car. Fortunately, it wasn’t all that long a walk back to it – shorter than if they had gone back through the mall. Sissy may have been the one on display, but she was the one responsible for him being there. She didn’t want either of them to come to any trouble over what she had just made him do. She breathed a sigh of relief at reaching the car. She glanced back the way they had come. No security or anyone else following them. Whew! Made it!
But now she had another piece of business to attend to… and somehow it felt perfectly right to take care of it right here and now. “Okay, Sissy. Let’s get that diaper changed before you get in the car again.”
Chad nearly died. Yes, he was leaking, but still… Here in the parking lot? Again? In very short order, he found himself standing between Mel’s car and another car, doing his best to hold his voluminous ruffles out of the way while Mel removed his soggy diaper and replace it with a dry one. The whole situation seemed to catch up to him. There was something about having his diaper changed, in public, while wearing that sissy dress, after what he had just done in the mall… that totally got to him. It started as a single tear escaping his eye. Then a small sob got past his pacifier. A moment later, he was crying softly as Mel finished with his diaper.
“What’s wrong?” Mel asked.
“I’m a sissy,” was all he was able to say. With head held down, he climbed into the back seat of Mel’s car. He was a sissy. He wasn’t a man anymore. No man would ever come close to doing anything that he had done today – all day. He was a sissy. He had done those things. Not a man.

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