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The Bet - Chapter 33 (Wednesday – week 5 Part 7 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 33 (Wednesday – week 5 Part 7 of 8)

It was later than usual as Chad drove home. He had waited extra long at work, pretending that he needed to finish something. By the time he finally braved walking to his car, there were very few cars left in the parking lot. Actually, by that time, he felt more like he was waddling to his car again. With the tighter pants, he was more conscious than ever of how full his diapers were. All the way home, he prayed that Mel wouldn’t notice how late he was.
But the minute he pulled into his parking space, he heard his phone ringing. He quickly fished it out of his purse and checked who was calling… Mel, of course. “Yes, Mistress?” he answered, carefully using his sissy voice.
“Why haven’t you called yet? I told you, the minute you got home!”
“I’m just parking my car now, Mistress,” he replied. “I had to work late tonight.”
Mel paused for a moment. There was a slight difference in the background sound. She realized that what she had heard was the sound of him turning off his engine. She certainly understood working late. She would be working a bit later tonight too. “You don’t do that often,” she noted.
“No, Mistress. But we’re coming up on an important deadline and I had to finish something.”
“I understand,” she replied. She glanced around at the paperwork still on her desk. She understood deadlines all too well. “Okay then, Sissy…” She checked her clock. “I know you haven’t had time to get cleaned up or changed yet, so I’m giving you two hours and fifteen minutes to get your diaper leaking – and not a minute more! You know the drill by now. One diaper only. Wear your uniform again – I like you in it. Cook something that you can keep warm in case I’m late tonight. I may be late, or I may not. I don’t know yet. Just keep busy – and keep wetting your diapers.”
“Yes, Mistress.” Chad replied. “I understand.”
“Good! See you later.”
Chad put his phone back into his purse. Just another typical day. His “new” typical days.”

Mel trudged wearily up the stairs from the parking lot to her apartment. She was later than usual, even for the days when she came home late. She turned the key in her lock and opened the door. She was immediately assaulted by the delicious aroma of something cooking. “This is living,” she thought. “This is why I really need him. It’s so nice to come home and have dinner already waiting – and something that smells good too!
Chad came hurrying around the corner of the kitchen toward the front door. The minute he spotted Mel, he stopped and dropped a cute curtsey. “Welcome home, Mistress.”
The sight of him curtseying in his uniform sent a wave of pleasure throughout her. Yes, this is how she wanted her life to be – the entire rest of her life. “Something smells good, Sissy.”
“Dinner is all ready. I just have to dish it out for you.”
“Go ahead. I was hungry before I came in, and now I’m even hungrier.” Mel made her way directly to the table that was already set for her and sat down while Sissy scampered around the kitchen. A few minutes later, she was forking the first bite of her dinner into her mouth. Um! So good! She glanced up at Sissy who was watching her from behind the kitchen counter. “Excellent!” she declared. “Now go to your corner.”
Chad’s face fell the moment he heard her command, even though he had been expecting it. At least she had told him this time that the food was good. That was something. He quickly took a long swig from his latest baby bottle and headed for his perch.
“Wait a minute!” Mel commanded. He turned back toward her. “I forgot about checking your diaper. Come over here where I can see it better.”
Chad walked hesitantly up to her and lifted his skirt so she could see.
“All the way up,” she commanded. “Like I had it yesterday.” She watched as he pulled his skirt up as high as it would go. She could easily see how soaked his diaper was already, but then, it should be by now. “Not much time left,” she noted as she glanced at the clock.”
“I know, Mistress,” I’m trying.
“Good,” she replied. “Now get to your corner.”
Chad, leaving his skirt hiked up the way it was, quickly grabbed his baby bottle for one more long swig before he made his way back to his corner, where he carefully put his feet over the bar of his perch, pushing him all too firmly into the crease of the corner. He put his arms down to his sides where she demanded that he keep them, and concentrated on standing still – once again. Still, and unwanted, and useless. Put away – like her vacuum cleaner.
Mel watched him as she ate. The food was delicious and gradually relaxed her and brought her back to life. She was feeling much better by the time she was finished. He was being good again, not moving at all as far as she could see. She briefly wondered what he thought about as he stood there, unable to move as she knew he wanted to – probably desperately. She glanced at the clock again, not much time for him. But would he make it this time? She knew that even though she had seemingly given him an extra fifteen minutes, because he still had to get cleaned up and changed, he probably was working with less than that. But she didn’t dare go easy on him.
She got up from the table. His dinner was on the counter – not in the refrigerator where she usually told him to put it. She’d have to watch that in the future. She grabbed her fork and knife and once again went to work on it.
Chad’s mind wasn’t blank, even though he was standing perfectly still in his corner without any outside stimulation at all. He was worried about what Mel might say about him asking Sandy to design his new apartment… and he was very worried about getting his diaper to leak on time. He knew it couldn’t take much more, but how long had he already been standing there? He had no way of knowing. Either way, he knew time was running out. What was Mel doing? Once again, it seemed like she was taking forever to eat.
And then, once again, he felt himself peeing – only a little bit as usual, but would it be enough? Nothing seemed to happen, leak-wise, by the time he finished. He felt disappointed and defeated. He had again tried so hard and he knew that his time had to be almost up. But just when he was sure he would be getting another beating because he hadn’t succeeded, he felt a tiny little something different at the top of his leg, just below the diaper. “Mistress,” he called quickly, knowing there couldn’t be much time left. “I’m leaking!”
Mel looked up from her task of cutting his food up into miniscule pieces. She glanced at the clock. Technically, time had run out half a minute ago, but she wouldn’t tell him that. It was close enough. “Excellent, Sissy. You just barely made it. Just stay there till I’m ready for you.” She went back to her task of making his dinner as difficult to eat, and as unrecognizable as possible. When she was satisfied with what she had done, she took his plate and personally put it into the refrigerator to cool till she was ready for it. “Okay, Sissy. Let’s get that diaper changed.”
Chad gratefully pried himself out of the corner and off of his perch. He stretched his ankles a bit before trying to walk. He saw Mel heading for her bathroom so he followed her there, grateful that she wasn’t going anywhere near her usual punishment spot. She changed him standing up again, the skirt of his uniform still pulled up high and out of the way.
“Two hours again Sissy,” she declared. “And I suggest you don’t miss that deadline because I haven’t forgotten yet about your demerit! You don’t want to make things worse, do you?”
Chad dropped a slight curtsey. “No, Mistress.”
“Good, then let’s get your dinner.”
Chad walked back into the kitchen toward his highchair. He noticed as he did so that the plate he had left on the counter earlier wasn’t there anymore. He correctly figured that she had put it into the refrigerator. A minute later, he was in his highchair, a bib was tied firmly around his neck, and Mel was pushing the tray back into place – for all intents and purposes locking him into the chair.
“So you want Sandy to design your apartment for you?” Mel asked as she turned away and headed for the refrigerator.
Chad had been worried about this. He was almost surprised by her casual attitude. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied… cautiously.
Mel pulled his plate out of the refrigerator. “And you really think you can win?”
It was a more difficult question to answer than he thought it would be. “I’ve thought so from the beginning,” he replied. Then before Mel could say anything more, he added, “I have to win!”
Mel stopped and just looked at him. “Why do you think you ‘have to’ win?”
Another difficult question, especially trying to explain it to her. How could he tell her about wanting self-respect again when he was sitting in a highchair with a bib around his neck? He shrugged a bit. “I just do, that’s all.”
“And you’re so sure you can win?”
It took him a moment to answer. “I hope so anyway.”
Mel caught the slight bit of uncertainty in his voice. She was glad to hear it because it meant that he was not so sure after all. She continued back to him with the plate in her hands. “I have to win too,” she stated – not unkindly, just as a simple fact. She set the plate down in front of him and headed back toward the counter again.
Chad stared down at his food. He died a little bit inside just looking at it. She had again cut everything up into the tiniest little bits that she possibly could and mixed everything all together. There was no way that he could get a proper sense of what anything tasted like. Every bite would taste exactly the same. Not to mention how hard it would be to eat since he noticed that she hadn’t giving him anything to eat with again. Having no other option, he stuck his hand into the plate and picked up a bunch of the mashed together food. Sticking it into his mouth without dropping any or getting any on his face proved to be impossible. He looked up as he heard Mel giggle. He felt like such an infant.
Mel set a fresh baby bottle full of juice on his tray, then poured herself another cup of coffee. She leaned against the counter and watched him trying to eat. There was no doubt how silly he looked. She could watch this all day! “So you’re really sure you want Sandy to design your apartment?” she asked.
Chad looked up as he tried to put more food into his mouth. “Yes, Mistress.” Most of the food this time wound up on his chin and bib.
Mel giggled again. “You want her to draw pictures for you, or something? Something you can see ahead of time?”
This time, Chad answered with no food in his hands. “That’s exactly what I want.”
Mel nodded. “You know, of course, those pictures will only be a reminder of what you’re going to lose.”
Chad shook his head. “No, they’re going to be a reminder of exactly what I’m going to gain! What I want!”
So that’s what it really was, he needed the extra inspiration. It wasn’t just that he was so sure he was going to win. But Chad didn’t know what Mel had asked Sandy to do along with his request. “Well, I don’t really mind, since I think it’s only going to show you exactly what you can’t have. And in the end, it’s only going to make you feel much worse.”
“Well, see,” he replied as he picked up his baby bottle for a quick drink.
She watched him trying to eat for a while before saying anything else. “I hear your friend Robin is trying to join the gym.”
Chad wasn’t at all surprised to hear that Mel had heard already. He was sure that Cassie called her every day. “Yeah. I don’t know what I’m going to do about it.”
“Do about it? What’s the problem?”
“If she joins, then she’ll talk to the other people there. She’ll find out about what I did on Monday! And worse… she’ll find out what I really do there every day.”
“So she still doesn’t know?”
“No! And I want to keep it that way.”
Mel shook her head. “I really think we should have taken you to work on Monday instead. I don’t know why I let you talk me out of it!” She was only teasing, but the idea was still rolling around in the back of her head.
“Thank you for not taking me in there,” Chad replied quickly. “I would have died!”
“You would have survived. It wouldn’t be the end of the world. And you wouldn’t be worried about Robin finding out about your little secrets now. By the way, just what is it that she doesn’t know yet?”
“About me wearing diapers.... or anything at all about this bet. She thinks I dress like a woman all the time now because I just want to do it!”
“Well, don’t you? Isn’t that part of your fantasies?”
Her question made him feel very funny inside. “Yeah,” he admitted sheepishly. “It is. Definitely!”
“So you’re really loving it?”
“Yeah,” he admitted again, unable to look her in the face. He shoved another bunch of food into his mouth.
“Is it just Robin you’re worried about?”
“No, it’s everybody. But I work with Robin all the time. She’s the only real friend I have. She’s really… nice.”
His last statement stung her just a bit. What did he consider that she was? She was his friend too! Or did he really hate her so much now? She hoped not. Either way, her dislike of Robin grew a tiny bit more. “She’s nice? So you like her a lot?”
He picked up his bottle for another drink. “Yeah, she’s a good person. She asks way too many questions though. She can be downright infuriating sometimes.”
That was a little better news about Robin. “Infuriating? How?”
Like today for instance. “She’s convinced that my diaper bag is really a gym bag…”
“And you didn’t tell her anything different?”
“I didn’t dare!”
“Go on…”
“Well, she thinks I wear some kind of shorts and a t-shirt outfit while exercising in there… and she thinks the t-shirt has some kind of embarrassing writing on it. And she’s been trying to guess it all day!”
“And you didn’t set her straight?”
“It’s a lot better for her to be thinking that than knowing the truth.”
Mel watched him picking up more of his food. “What made her so sure you’re wearing a t-shirt in the first place?”
“It was just a guess on her part.” He rolled his eyes. “You should have heard her first idea for what she thought I wear – a pink leotard and tights!”
Mel giggled.
“And then she went off on some wild tangent about adding a pink tutu to the outfit too! Geez! The t-shirt idea is at least a bit more sane.”
But all Mel could see at that moment was a picture in her mind of him in a pink leotard and tutu. But as she thought about it, she made a slight change, the tights went from pink to white. And so did the tutu! “I kind of like the leotard and tutu idea. Maybe we should get you one. Wouldn’t that be fun?”
“No thank you, Mistress. I’ll pass on that idea.”
But Mel was still having fun with the vision. “Then we could send you back to the gym for some real exercise, maybe right alongside your friend Robin. I’ll bet she’d really love seeing you that way.”
Chad felt sick at the very thought of it. He didn’t get to reply because they were interrupted by someone knocking on the door. As usual, a wave of fear raced through him. He was stuck in the chair with no way out. Whoever came in would see him. He sat perfectly sill as Mel went to the door and answered it. She came back a minute later with Sandy right behind her. Chad breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn’t some stranger. He noticed right away that Sandy was carrying some kind of professional case in her hand.
“Oooo, he’s having his dinner,” she said the moment she laid eyes on Chad. “Hi, Sissy.”
“Hewwo, Sandy,” Chad replied in his usual sissy voice.
“Ewww! What’s he eating?”
Mel smiled. “The same thing I had, only cut up in tiny pieces for a little baby.”
Sandy laughed. “I’m surprised you didn’t just put it in the blender, or a food processor or something.”
Mel looked startled. “I never thought of that!”
Sandy just giggled as she pulled out one of the kitchen chairs and sat down, setting her case down next to her.
“Do you want me to get him out of there so you can talk?” Mel asked.
“No. I love seeing him like that. I prefer it actually.” She looked at Sissy. “You just go ahead and finish eating while we talk. I’m ‘sure’ you’re still hungry!”
Chad rolled his eyes a bit a he dug a bit more food off of his plate and tried to get most of it into his mouth. A little bit fell on his bib and Sandy giggled.
Sandy pulled a big notepad out of her case and opened it on the table in front of her. “Okay, she said. “What ideas did you have for your apartment?”
“First thing is a pool table,” Chad replied.
“A pool table? Figures!” Sandy looked over at Mel for confirmation.
“Like I said earlier. The sky’s the limit. If he wants it, he can have it.”
Sandy shook her head. “Oookaaay,” she said, drawing the word out as she wrote pool table down on her pad. “What else?”
Chad went through the list he had memorized many times over from his spreadsheet. Sandy dutifully wrote everything down. She pulled out some fabric and paint samples and discussed a few of them with him, but she quickly realized that he basically had no concept of what colors he wanted or what kind of fabrics would be best.
When they were done, she looked at him a bit disappointed. “So basically, you want the ultimate “guy’s” hangout?”
“Yeah, kind of.
She shook her head. “I’m surprised. I would have thought that someone like you would want something at least a bit more… feminine.”
Chad sat and thought about that for a moment. “It’s another fantasy,” he replied. “And the truth is that I’d really love it. Really! But I want to have friends over, and something more feminine would raise too many questions.”
Sandy nodded. “I see,” she replied. “We could always do just your bedroom that way. Then you can just keep the door closed when you have company.”
Chad thought about that for a bit. “It sounds good, but in the end, somebody may still go in there and see it.”
“How about if we just do your bedroom a little bit feminine? Nothing over the top.”
Chad smiled. “Now that might be good.”
Sandy made another note on her pad. Basically, what he was asking for was easy. She did dozens of places like he wanted every year. She was just surprised that he would want it to look so masculine. He was willing to pay for it, so she would do her best to lay out something that would look great and he would love. But the project – as he wanted it – was basically easy and a bit boring for her. But what Mel had asked for… now that was a lot more interesting. She had never even thought of doing anything like what Mel wanted. And since Mel had mentioned it, her imagination had been running wild!
She closed her notepad and put it back into her case. “Okay. I’ll get started on it and let you know when it’s ready. Don’t look for it right away. This will probably take me a few days.”
“That’s fine,” Chad replied, happy that she was really doing it for him… not to mention that Mel was making no objections at all.
Sand stood up and took one more smiling look at Chad in his highchair. His face and hands were covered with food – as was his bib and the tray in front of him. The half-full baby bottle on the tray was a dirty mess from his messy hands. When she bent down a bit she could see the diaper he was wearing – which looked a bit wet. He looked so funny. So silly! And he was an adult! She shook her head. Thoughts of what he had asked her to design for him didn’t match at all with the person she saw in front of her. But Mel’s ideas…
“I’ve got to go now,” she finally said as she picked up her case. “I’ll let you know when it’s ready.”
Mel walked her out to the door. Chad never saw the conspiratorial look that the two women gave each other as they left the kitchen. He just went back to trying to finish his dinner, which was none too easy.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree with the frilly pink serving dress suggestion - it makes it seem Chad is dressed over the top for a laugh. Mel should have the sissy dress as a schoolgirl in a tight wooly fuzzy girls sweater, short pleated wool plaid skirt, tights (soooooo itchy) etc which will make it clear he is a real sissy-not just roleplaying.
And where is Karen taking Robin- stil a friend to Chad or a possible friend of Mel and a new sisy tormentor :)