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The Bet - Chapter 34 (Thursday – week 5 Part 2 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 34 (Thursday – week 5 Part 2 of 6)

Mel sat behind her desk thinking about Chad. Her dream this morning had been so unexpected. She knew that denying him the ability to be masculine in any way turned her on greatly, but she just hadn’t realized that it was going so far. She mentally ran through the list of what she had already done to him, from locking up his penis, to his clothes, to everything else. And now she was working on the latest piece – his voice. She giggled at the thought of him having to use his sissy voice all the time. Just making him talk in a higher pitched tone – more like a female – would have been fine, but she found that denying him the ability to use certain sounds and having to speak more like a toddler excited her even more.
Her thoughts ran quickly to yesterday. She had been forced to punish him last night because he answered the phone in his normal male voice. She had absolutely no doubt that he used his male voice at work all the time. She had no control over that and had no idea how she could get it – yet. But she would think about it. She could however control how he answered the phone whenever she called. In fact, maybe it was time to test things right now! She picked up her phone and punched in his number.
Chad was startled by the sound of his cell phone ringing. As quickly as possible, he opened his drawer and pulled it out of his purse. He was careful to check to see who was calling – Mel! Uh oh! He glanced around. He had to go somewhere where Robin wouldn’t hear him speaking! But where? If he ran towards the restrooms again like he did yesterday, Robin might check to see if he actually went in there.
He made a mad dash up the hallway in the opposite direction, pushing the button to receive the call at the same time. “Hello?” he said breathlessly in his sissy voice into the phone, careful to not speak too loudly.
“Sissy! What are you doing? Why did it take so long to answer me?”
Chad turned down one of the hallways toward the outer doors where he hoped he would be less likely to be heard. “I… I had to fish my phone out of my purse,” he finally replied.
“It shouldn’t take that long!”
“It was in my drawer!”
“It still shouldn’t take that long! And you sound like you’re running somewhere! I think you’re trying to hide from your friends again! Is that it? ”
Chad wasn’t really running, but he was certainly hurrying awfully fast. He slowed down and stopped where he was, fairly sure he wouldn’t be heard. “Um… It’s difficult to talk at my desk, Mistress,” he replied.
“That’s not an issue to me and you know it!” she replied. “The problem is that you still don’t want your friends to know! Well, that’s another demerit, Sissy! One way or another, you’re going to learn to do things right!” Mel quickly hung up the phone before he could say anything else. He was still trying to hide, which meant that she still wasn’t making any headway as far as him using his new voice all the time. But she still had no better solution to the problem than to give him a demerit and beat him for it later.
Chad headed slowly back to his desk. It wasn’t till he had taken several steps that he realized that Mel had never told him the main reason she had called in the first place. Now he not only had another demerit to worry about, he didn’t know if he had to worry about whatever it was that Mel had called him for!

Chad’s desk phone rang. He picked it up quickly figuring it would probably be Tom Robinson, his boss. “Hello?”
“Hi Sissy,” a female voice giggled softly from the other end. Chad thought he recognized the voice but he didn’t remember the woman’s name.
“Robin says we need to try to guess what’s written on your exercise shirt.”
Chad was shocked. “She said what?”
She giggled on the other end. “How about… ‘I hate being a man’?”
Chad was still trying to come to terms with the fact that Robin had actually gone through with her threat. He shook his head as he answered. “Trust me. Not even close.”
“Oh darn!” the voice on the other end giggled. “Now I have to think up another one! Bye!”
Chad hung up his phone and just stared at it. She had actually contacted one of her friends to help her with guessing.
“She didn’t get it?” Robin’s voice asked teasingly over the top of the wall separating them.
“Not even close!” Chad replied.
“Well, eventually one of us is bound to come up with it sooner or later.”
Ugh! His phone rang again. Please not another one! He didn’t get his wish. Instead, yet another woman guessed something embarrassing. Double ugh!

Gloria checked her watch. She had just a few minutes before her first client of the morning was due to arrive. Mel hadn’t called yet about lunch, but then she didn’t always. Plus, it was a bit early still. Since they had worked out their agreement concerning Chad yesterday, she wasn’t sure if Mel was still interested in having lunch again. But she did need to talk to Mel before tonight. It was important!
She picked up her phone and called Mel’s office, but she got only as far as Andrea before she had to leave a message and wait for Mel to call her back. She saw her client pulling open the door. She would have to check with Mel later.

Chad was slowly going through screen after screen on his computer, checking the work he and Robin had done. So far, it all looked really good. There were just one or two more little things that needed finishing. His phone had rung half a dozen times in the last hour with different women all trying to guess what was on his nonexistent gym shirt. It was aggravating to say the least, and the slogan’s they were guessing were also a bit embarrassing to think about. Embarrassing – but thrilling too! He would never admit it to anyone else, but he actually imagined himself wearing shirts with some of the slogans and could almost feel the embarrassment from it.
“Break time,” Robin called from the entrance to his cubicle. He turned toward her. He really didn’t want to go today. If he did, all the women would probably spend the entire break time trying to guess the slogan. “Um… I’m not sure I want to go today,” he replied.
Robin walked in and grabbed his arm and pulled. “Come on. You know I’m not going to let you stay here. Besides, you need to get out and talk to people once in a while.”
“More likely you mean that they want to talk to me,” he replied, resisting her pulling. “They’ll all be asking about my gym shirt!”
Robin giggled. “So all you have to do is tell us, and we’ll stop.”
Chad shook his head. “No way!”
“Then we’re all going to keep trying to guess.” She pulled on his arm again. “Now get out of that chair and come to break… or I’ll bring everybody down here to talk to you!”
With a groan, Chad got up and followed her. He wasn’t really looking forward to it, but maybe the women would all get their ridiculous guesses out of the way now and then they would leave him alone later.
As usual, the break room was filling up fast. A few of the women giggled and said good morning to him as he stood in line behind Robin waiting to get coffee. He was lucky enough to get one of the last doughnuts too which made him feel a bit better about things. Then he followed Robin over to the usual crowded table and pulled up a chair. Space magically seemed to appear for him as he did so. He had no trouble noticing that all eyes seemed to be on him. He also had no trouble noticing the look of absolute delight in the eyes of each and every woman. How many friends had Robin contacted? As he sat down, he felt like a lamb staked out in the midst of a pack of hungry lions. He took a bite of his doughnut and a sip of his coffee for courage as the onslaught quickly began.
“Hi Sissy,” one of the women giggled. “Hey, isn’t that the same outfit you wore last week?”
“Only with blue pantyhose today?” another woman added.
Chad was surprised that they would even notice. “Yeah,” he replied. “You all seemed to think that blue pantyhose with it would be a good idea.”
“So you’re not trying to wear something different every day?” Someone asked.
Chad took a sip from his coffee before replying. “Not purposely.”
“Well, the blue pantyhose do make it look a lot different,” someone else noted. “So it is a change.”
“I kind of like it,” someone else stated.
“Uh… Thanks,” Chad replied.
“So you’ve got some kind of embarrassing gym outfit, huh?” another one threw in.
“Tell us about it,” another one demanded.
“I’d rather not,” Chad replied as he took another bite of his doughnut.
“Why not?” someone asked.
“Because it’s embarrassing,” Chad said with his mouth still full. He noticed the conspiratorial looks the women seemed to give each other.
“So we’re going to be stuck guessing?” someone asked.
“You got it,” Chad replied as he picked up his coffee to wet his mouth. He heard a few of them giggling again.
“This is going to be a fun game,” someone said. Chad noticed that they all seemed to agree. The look of hungry lions was suddenly more pronounced.
“So what color is it?” one of them asked.
Chad was surprised by the question. He had just figured they would try to guess the slogan. “What color?”
“Yeah, what color?”
“Uh… Well...” He didn’t really wear any shirt. How could he answer? “Uh… I guess white,” he finally replied.
“You guess? What’s that supposed to mean?”
He realized he was getting himself in deeper and deeper. How could he answer? “Well, I guess it’s mostly white,” he replied.
“Mostly? You mean it’s white but the lettering is colored?”
There was no lettering. There was no shirt. But her question sounded like a good solution to his problem. “Uh… Yeah. Something like that.”
“So what color is the lettering?”
They weren’t letting up. But then, by now he didn’t expect them to. “Uh…”
“I’ll bet it pink!” someone stated. “Probably hot pink!”
He looked up at her, startled by the sureness of her guess.
“That’s it girls,” one of them stated. “Look at the look on his face.”
Chad was surprised. Now they were convinced that the lettering on his nonexistent shirt was pink.
“Wait a minute!” someone interjected. “You know, there could be some kind of picture on his shirt too.”
Chad stared at her aghast. Now they thought there might be a picture too? He was about to shake his head and tell them no, but someone else quickly noticed his surprised look. “Look at him,” she said, “you’re right! There’s probably something else on his shirt too.”
“He did say his shirt was ‘mostly’ white,” someone noted. The picture and the pink lettering could account for that.
“I’ve got it!” someone declared.
Chad nearly jumped at her exclamation. What could she possibly guess?
“Your shirt has the design of a bra on it… probably just like a real bra – all around. And it probably says something like… ‘I don’t ever go without my bra’.”
Chad just stared wide-eyed at her. He was trying to imagine something like it and his imagination was having no trouble picturing it. “Uh… no, that’s not it,” he finally replied.
“I’ll bet I’m not far off though,” the woman stated.
Chad just shook his head as the onslaught of guesses kept coming. His coffee was long gone before the break was over, but the guesses kept coming, even as he and Robin walked back to their desks.

It was a while before Mel could get back to Gloria when they both weren’t busy. “Hi Gloria, what’s up?”
“Hi Mel,” Gloria replied. “Hey, are we doing lunch today?”
Mel had to think about that a bit. “We can if you want. But it’s going to have to be a quick one. I’ve got to be in court this afternoon.”
“No problem. Really. We can skip lunch today. But I’ve got to talk to you about something before tonight.”
“Okay. So talk.”
“Listen, Mel, when you come in tonight, I’m going to have to spend a lot more time getting him ready to answer our questions than usual. I just wanted to warn you about that. In fact, most of the time tonight will probably be spent on that.”
“You are still going to ask the questions though?” Mel asked.
“Yes, definitely. I just don’t know how long we’re going to have after I finish getting him ready for the questions. I have another new client that’s coming in after you tonight so I can’t extend the session like I usually do.
“Just as long as you get the questions asked,” Mel replied. “So why will it take so much time?”
“Well, if we want to make sure he’s telling us the truth, then I’ve got to get his complete trust. And to do that, I’ve got to try some techniques I’ve never done before. Plus, I want to strengthen some triggers to make it go faster in the future.”
“Okay, you’re the expert. In fact, it sounds interesting. I can’t wait.”
“Well, I don’t know how interesting it’s going to be, but hopefully it will be affective!”

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