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The Bet - Chapter 33 (Wednesday – week 5 Part 6 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 33 (Wednesday – week 5 Part 6 of 8)

Chad hung up his phone elated. Mel had given Sandy the go ahead to design his apartment for him… no restrictions. He would find a way to talk to Sandy about that tonight. He opened up his spreadsheet once again to look at the list of things he wanted. It wasn’t really a long list, not really, but they were all major items.
He looked at his progress column again. So far, things still weren’t going very well for today, even though he had consciously tried to drink a lot less all day. In fact, he wasn’t really sure he was even doing as well as he did yesterday. Had Mel’s weekend games really had that much affect on him? Hopefully not. But the day wasn’t over yet! He still had time to do better, and he was certainly trying.
He closed his spreadsheet once again before anyone could see it.

A little while later, Robin’s voice interrupted his work yet again. “Hey Chad.”
Chad turned in his chair to see her standing at the entrance to his cubicle. He wasn’t exactly getting a lot of work done this afternoon. Not that he was that worried about it.
“Break time,” she stated.
“Already?” Chad glanced at the time and was surprised to see that she was right. He pulled himself out of his chair and headed out into the hallway with her.
“Got another one for you,” she said. Before Chad could ask another what, she said, “Prissy sissy!”
“On your t-shirt!”
“Oh! Nope, that’s not it either.”
“Come on, you’ve got to give me some kind of a clue!”
“No I don’t.”
“It’s only fair!”
“Why does it have to be fair?”
“Well, you said that what you wore was embarrassing…”
Chad thought about that for a moment. It sure was! Just not in the way that Robin thought it was. “Very!” he confirmed.
“So now you’ve got me really curious. And you know how I can get when I’m curious.”
“Don’t remind me! You’re already obsessed.”
She giggled. “So do yourself a favor and tell me what it says.”
He shook his head. “Not gonna happen!”
“I’ll find out one way or another anyway.”
That was the one thing he was most worried about.

The break-room was filling up fast. Mostly out of habit, Chad followed Robin through the coffee line and got himself a cup. It wasn’t until he was actually pouring it that he realized he shouldn’t because he was trying to limit how much he drank. Oh well, he could just pretend to drink it again. The table where they sat was already crowded by the time they sat down. For once, he seemed to be ignored.
“Are you all signed up for the gym now?” someone asked Robin.
“Mostly,” Robin replied. “I still have to give them my money. I’ll do that later.”
“Why didn’t you do it earlier?”
“I didn’t know which package to go with. My husband and I finally decided that I should go with the cheapest one that only lasts for six months. Then if I still want to continue after that, then I can sign up longer periods.”
“Good idea!” someone stated.
Chad’s mind was only concerned with one thing – the fact that Robin was still intent on joining the gym. If she actually did join, then it would only be a short while before she knew everything. He might as well just come out and tell her… which he was determined not to do. As he listened to the mindless chatter of the women discussing this and that, he unconsciously drank his coffee, all of it, as he pondered how he could possibly get her to not join the gym.

Chad was not getting a lot of work done. He was making progress, but it was just going slower than usual. His main problem now was that his mind was more on the recent mess in his diapers and the fact that if he looked down at his crotch, he could definitely see them bulging more than usual. Not a good situation. He was already wishing he had worn a skirt today instead of the pants – just because of that! How was he going to get back to his car later without anyone noticing?
He heard his cell phone ring again. He was getting tired of Robin continually trying to guess something that didn’t exist. He answered his phone anyway. “Hello.” There was a long pause before anyone spoke on the other end.
“Sissy!” Mel’s irritated voice finally replied. “That’s not the way you’re supposed to be speaking! How many times do you have to be told, Sissy talk – all the time!”
Chad mentally berated himself for not looking to see who was calling. His voice dropped to a whisper so that Robin couldn’t hear him as he started speaking in his high-pitched sissy voice. “I’m sorry, Mistress. I didn’t look to see who was calling.”
“What? I can’t hear you. Speak up!”
“I can’t! Someone might hear me.”
“What? Did you say you’re afraid of someone hearing you? I don’t care! Now speak up and talk like you’re supposed to!”
Chad was scared, if he spoke any louder, then Robin would hear. What could he do? He made a mad dash with is phone out into the hallway. Where could he go where nobody would hear him? He ran in the direction of the rest rooms.
Robin looked up at the sound of high heels running past her in the hallway. She noticed Chad making a mad dash toward the restrooms. She went back to work, but her mind couldn’t let go of the image of Chad hurrying. He must have to go pretty badly, she figured, for him to be running that fast. It struck her as more unusual because she couldn’t remember the last time she had seen him even going to the rest rooms – other than to repair his makeup once. How did he manage to hold it that long? She’d have to remember to ask him about it later.
“Sissy! Are you there? What are you doing?” Mel’s angry voice came clearly and loudly through his phone.
Was he far enough away so that nobody could hear him? With is back toward Robin, he leaned close to the wall. He was breathing hard now after his short run. “Yes, Mistress, I’m still here,” he replied in his best sissy voice, hoping that the sound wouldn’t carry.
“What on earth were you doing?” she demanded.
Chad knew she wouldn’t like the answer, but he had to tell her anyway. “Moving to somewhere more private,” he replied.
“Why? When I call you, I expect an answer right away, and I expect to hear your sissy voice and nothing else! I think I made a big mistake last Monday. We really should have taken you through that building to show you off to everyone. Then we wouldn’t be having these problems!”
Chad winced. “Please, Mistress, no. I couldn’t take that!”
“You can take it if I say you can! From now on, if I call you, you better answer quick and properly. Oh, and by the way, that’s one demerit for doing it wrong. Don’t make me add any more!”
“Yes, Mistress,” Chad replied with a silent sigh. “I’ll try harder.” He knew he was going to get punished as soon as he had heard her voice. Now she had just confirmed it.
“You won’t try harder, you’ll just do it! Do you want another demerit?”
“No, Mistress,” he answered contritely. Chad could practically feel her anger through the phone. He wasn’t looking forward to later, but at least it was only one demerit.
“Okay then. Now, let’s get back to the reason I called in the first place. Tonight, call me the minute you get home, before you change! I’ll have more instructions for you then. And you’ll be cooking dinner for me again tonight so you can plan on that much at least. And when I get home, we’ll discuss this deal you made with Sandy. Got that?”
“Yes, Mistress.” Chad replied yet again. The connection broke as he was still speaking. He had no doubt that tonight would be difficult, at best.
He turned to go back up the hallway, and paused. Fortunately, nobody was in sight. Hopefully, nobody had heard him. He looked down at his crotch again. What little he could see of it past his fake boobs, looked all too strange and bloated. If anyone saw it, they would ask about it for sure. How could he hide it and get back to his desk?
Having no other options at the moment, he hurriedly walked back toward his desk. Now if only Robin wouldn’t see him…
Robin turned her head again at the sound of his heels hurrying past again. She barely heard him getting back to his desk. “You okay?” she called over the wall.
Chad was a bit startled by her question. “Sure, why do you ask?”
“You just seemed to be in such a hurry,” she called back.
“I’m fine,” he replied. He turned back to the work on his screen. A moment later, though, she was in his cubicle. He barely turned, trying to keep her from seeing the crotch of his pants.
“I was just making sure,” she said. “I’ve never seen you run for the bathroom like that.”
To the bathroom? He was actually pleased she had thought that. “Uh… Thanks,” he finally replied. “I’m fine now.”
But she didn’t leave yet. “So did you use the men’s room or the ladies?”
He hadn’t used either, but telling her that would be catastrophic! “The ladies room,” he lied. Lying was getting easier and easier all the time. He worried about it becoming too much of a habit.
“That’s good,” she replied. “Like I told you before, just go in and do your business and nobody will really care. I’m not sure how the men would react to you using the men’s room anymore.”
Chad felt obligated to twist his neck around more toward her. He was still conscious of trying to hide his body. “I don’t think any of them would be too tolerant,” he replied.
Robin nodded. “Probably not.” Another thought came back into her head. “Say, how do you manage to hold it so long every day? I never see you heading to the bathroom anymore.”
Chad instantly recognized another opportunity to lie. “Uh… I take care of it at lunchtime… at the gym.” Well, that much was sort of the truth.
“You can still hold it longer than I can.”
Chad shrugged. “Just lucky, I guess.”
Robin nodded. “Probably one of those differences between men and women – real women that is.”
Chad chuckled a little and was relieved to see her leaving. Whew! Another awkward conversation. She was wondering way too many things lately. He briefly looked down at his swollen crotch one more time. Now, how was he going to get out of here later without anyone seeing him?

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