Monday, January 31, 2011

A Nice Quiet Little Adventure

Hi All,

I know I’ve probably been remiss in not telling you what’s been going on with me, but basically, things have been mostly boring. Since my wife is away tending to her father, but my stepson is still in the house, I’ve been very limited in my “play time.”

I should tell you right now though, that things are not going well with my father in law. At this point, he is not expected to live more than another day or two. So there will probably be a few posts to the story in the next week or two that will be missed because I won’t be here.

Anyway, with that business out of the way…

Since I love diapers and high heels, I was able to indulge in my passion for both last week, every night after my stepson left for work – usually around eight PM. I usually wore four or five diapers all night long to bed, letting my body go into incontinent mode as soon as it was capable. By morning every day, I was barely telling that I had to go. In fact, I had one morning where twice, I caught myself peeing, only as I was finishing doing it! I almost missed it entirely. I know it’s just my thing, but I find that so fascinating – and fun.

I’ve also been enjoying my new boots whenever possible. I think the noise the heels on these things make might be louder than any other heels I’ve ever worn.

With that in mind, I had a bit of an adventure last night with them.

Remember last week, when I started all this? I wanted to wear my new boots into a fast food restaurant but I chickened out? Well, here’s what happened last night…

I got dressed in some normal clothes around nine PM. Okay! I was also wearing two soaking wet diapers under them and pantyhose… and of course the high heeled boots. I needed gas in my car for the week – it was near empty. So I drove out to a super busy truck stop not too far from where I live that usually has the best gas prices around. I figured that by nine PM on a Sunday night, things wouldn’t be too busy.

When I got there, I found I was right. Very often, there’s a long line of cars at all the gas pumps waiting their turn. Last night, a few of the pumps were open and I was able to pull right up to one. The first thing that frightened me, was how bright the lights were. No hiding in the shadows there. The second thing was the two vans full of high school kids that were parked just in front of the gas pump I had pulled up to. I’m not sure what the kids were doing, but they were all busy just talking or goofing around. Occasionally, one of them would walk up to where the pumps were to throw away their drinks.

Anyway, I braced myself, and got out of the car. I walked around it to the other side where the pumps were and put my credit card in. Then I started the pump running. I just stood there, watching all the kids and the other customers (quite a few) while the gas continued to run into my tank. Yes, I did worry quite a bit that someone would notice the heels on my boots. Especially when I moved. Did I mention how loud those heels are? But I pumped my gas with no visible signs that anyone noticed.

So it was time for part two!

Inside that same busy truck stop is an Arby’s restaurant. I parked my car and got out again. Now as I got out of the car, it wasn’t the kid’s I was mostly worried about, it was the woman who was sitting in her car waiting for something, or someone. She had a perfect view of me as I walked from my car up to the door and inside. I did my best to ignore her and kept going.

There were more people inside than I hoped there would be, but oh well, I was there now. I walked up to the counter (noisy heels on a tile floor) and had to wait for someone to come out to help me. As I waited, more people suddenly came in – a lot more people. I suddenly had a long line right behind me. Someone finally came to the counter and I ordered my meal. But when I was asked if I wanted it to go or for inside, I said, “to go!”

I had to wait quite a while for my meal, all the while standing up near the counter, with a long line of people right behind me. I’m afraid I never once turned around to look to see if anyone was looking at my feet. I just did my best to act tired and bored. Yes, I was tired. No, I was not bored!

Finally, my meal came! I then had to fill my drink cup which was another time consuming exercise, especially when the fountain splashed the drink all over my hand. Find the napkins. Find the lids for the cups. Find the straws. All right in front of everyone who was sitting in there eating.

I finally got everything I needed, but instead of turning to leave, I made a decision. I walked over to one of the tables and sat down! I opened my bag and sat there and ate my meal. All of it. And of course, the minute I took a sip of my drink, my bladder suddenly let loose again, sending another big amount of pee into my already soaked diapers – which really didn’t worry or bother me in the least.

By the time I was finished eating, there was another long line waiting to order food. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all the men in the line that worried me, it was the women. I would have to walk right past all of them, knowing that the heels on my feet made me walk differently and… did I mention earlier how much noise those heels make? But since I was inside and I had to get outside, there wasn’t much choice, so I just bucked up my courage and headed toward the door, stopping at the trash can along the way to throw out my trash.

So that was it. I never looked back to see if anyone was staring at me – too chicken I guess to know for sure. But at least I never heard anyone laugh or make any comments – that I could hear anyway. Will this embolden me to try something else? Who knows? I hope so. But then of course, the question is… what?

Hope everyone is staying happy. Remember to smile once in a while,

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