Saturday, January 15, 2011

Playing Again

I’m sitting here this morning, wearing four very wet diapers. The bulk between my legs, up my front, and up my backside is huge. My legs won’t even begin to come any closer together than a very wide legged spread.

My wife left in the wee hours of the morning yesterday for her little trip. I had bought some pantyhose to wear to work yesterday, and let me tell you, I really enjoyed that. When I’m at work, I mostly sit behind a desk and hardly move at all. But the few times I walked from one building to another I was able to really enjoy the feel of the hose under my pants.

On the way home after work, I finally bought myself some diapers that I put on (two) as soon as I got home. Later, I went out shopping to Wal-Mart, looking for a few things. Would you believe that I didn’t see even one skirt in the store – in any size or type! Not one! And I looked at their shoes – nothing! Pitiful! Anyway, I’m heading out shopping again early this morning to try somewhere else.

But I did enjoy wearing my diapers all last night. Since I hadn’t wet them much before bedtime, I left on the two that I had and added two more to get me through the night. Then, all night long, I managed to keep my muscles down there totally open and relaxed – allowing nothing to give the least bit of hindrance to my peeing.

Things didn’t really kick in though till about two AM. That’s when I let loose with a fairly good pee. It was all I could do to not tense up in any way. All night long, the few times I noticed my body trying to tense those muscles even the slightest bit, I admonished myself and instantly relaxed. I’m happy to say that my body responded and stopped tensing up even the slightest, so my muscles down there are still wide open even now. The result was that I kept wetting and wetting and wetting. Mostly in very small amounts, but as morning grew closer, I noticed a few of them were getting to be bigger and bigger amounts. A few times during the night, I felt the pressure suddenly build, then I felt nothing more, and other times I never noticed anything except that I was suddenly peeing a little bit.

I’m afraid that since I spent the last few hours lying on my stomach, I leaked out over the top of my waistband in the front and left two small wet spots on the sheets. It’s a good thing I remembered to put some plastic under the sheet. I’ll have to wash it later.

A few times, mostly toward morning, I was also wondering if I wasn’t going to be doing something else in my diaper too. Quite a few times, I let loose with a lot of tiny gas bubbles. But nothing else came out. I may very well be messy though before I get changed this morning.

I really hope my shopping goes well this morning – and quick. I’m so looking forward to relaxing as a big sissy all day!

Stay happy everyone,

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