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The Bet - Chapter 32 (Tuesday – week 5 Part 5 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 32 (Tuesday – week 5 Part 5 of 6)

Mel glanced at her clock, then at Sissy working in the kitchen. He still had plenty of time left to make his diaper leak, but that didn’t really concern her so much. She really just liked seeing him working in his maid’s uniform. She felt nothing but calm satisfaction every time she looked at him that way. It felt so good to have someone like Sissy around to take care of everything the way she wanted it. And his cooking certainly wasn’t bad either. The smell of dinner almost ready confirmed that fact.
She saw him pull two plates out of the cabinet and put them on the counter. The table was mostly all set – for one – her! She watched as he started dishing something out onto one of the plates. She got up from her seat and walked into the kitchen where she could watch him closer.
Chad glanced up from what he was doing to see Mel walking into the kitchen. “It’s almost ready, Mistress,” he said as he finished putting a baked potato on each plate.
“I’m not rushing you,” she said. “I just want to watch.” She watched, fascinated, as he cut the potatoes and opened them just a bit to let the steam out. He grabbed a frying pan off of the stove and carried it over to the plates where he carefully dished out two portions of the green beans that were cooking in it. The beans were mixed with something else that made them look and smell really good. “That smells good, Sissy,” she noted as he finished dishing them out. She almost giggled as he silently dropped a half curtsey to her with the pan still held in one hand.
He walked over to the oven, opened the door and pulled out a pan with one of the potholders from the nearby drawer. He set the pan containing two chicken breasts on the counter and carefully dished one onto each plate. The pan then went into the sink. He grabbed another small pot from the stove and carefully poured some kind of thick white sauce over each of the chicken breasts. The dinner on the plates looked fabulous!
Chad set the pot back on the stove. “He curtseyed just a bit. “It’s ready, Mistress,” he told her. He was pleased to see the big smile on her face before she turned and sat down at the table. He set her plate in front of her and stood back out of the way.
Mel cut a piece from the meat in front of her and stuck it in her mouth. Heavenly! She never looked at him at all as she suddenly demanded, “Back on your perch, Sissy!”
Chad nearly died. That wasn’t the reaction he had expected from her at all. He was sure that she liked what he had cooked, he just hadn’t been expecting to be ordered back into his corner again. Before leaving the kitchen, he quickly grabbed his latest baby bottle and took a long swig from it, almost to delay having to face the corner again as much as for the liquid the bottle would add to his system. He walked over to his corner and with his head held down, stepped up onto the bar with one foot, then the other. The damn perch almost pushed him solidly into the corner. He could see nothing, only the blurred vision of blank walls. He closed his eyes as he let out a disheartened sigh.

The meal was delicious, as it usually was. She glanced at him yet again as he stood on his perch in the corner. Yes, she was enjoying this, every bit of it. Well, most of it. She would have to punish him severely later for all his demerits – four of them. She didn’t really enjoy that part so much. But he had to learn!
She stared at him, standing in the corner, almost no movement from him – anymore. The perch had certainly helped with that. He was supposed to be wetting his diaper, making it leak. But was he? Standing there like that, he couldn’t drink anything to keep himself peeing. That was going to be a problem – not that she’d go any easier on him because of it, she didn’t dare! If she was going to win this bet, then she could never slack off. She had to be completely unmerciful as far as his peeing went.
But still, the question remained, how could he drink anything in the position he was in? He couldn’t! And that was a problem. One she would have to toss around in her brain for a while.
His dinner was still on the kitchen counter where he had left it. She hadn’t given him time to put it into the refrigerator like she usually demanded. But that didn’t matter. Walking over to his plate, she picked up a knife and fork and went to work.

Boring! Nothing to do. Just stand there without moving. His feet hurt a bit from the extreme angle they were locked into, but they didn’t feel too bad – yet. The only interesting relief he seemed to get was every time he peed. At least that was happening fairly often. The only problem there was that he wasn’t peeing very much at all each time, so it lasted only a brief moment. But still, it was coming out of him.
He had been standing on his perch for a long time now. At least it felt that way. He had no way of really knowing how long had elapsed. Sometimes five minutes could feel like an hour, or more. He desperately wanted to move his feet. Get the blood moving in his ankles and calves again. Get some of the weight off of his toes! But the damn perch he was standing on made that too difficult.
How long was she going to keep him here? Oh! He was peeing again! Done – all too quickly. But if he didn’t get something else to drink soon, would he keep peeing? He was starting to worry about that. She had to be finished with her dinner by now. He had been standing here for what felt like hours! What was she doing?
He heard her then, walking up right behind him. He almost held his breath as he tried extra hard not to move a muscle. He felt her grabbing the skirt of his dress, pulling it up! He dared not move! Higher and higher she pulled it, her tugging rocking him around on his perch. Then he felt her hands running over his diaper, all over it. He felt her step away from him again.
“Okay, Sissy. It’s time for your dinner now. Into your highchair.”
Chad let out an audible sigh of relief as he worked his cramped muscles to get himself off of his perch and out of the corner. The skirt of his uniform was pulled up around his hips, he started to pull it down.
“Leave it,” she ordered.
He let go of his dress. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied, dropping hold of the material. Why? He started for the kitchen.
“Wait a minute,” she stopped him. She walked over to him and grabbed the skirt of his dress again and pulled it all the way up, as far is it would go. She stepped back again with a smile on her face. “That’s better. Now I can see your diaper when it starts to leak.” She glanced at the clock again. “You’re running out of time, Sissy.”
He dropped another quick curtsey, “Yes, Mistress.” How was he supposed to make his damn diaper leak if she didn’t let him keep drinking something? He walked stiffly into the kitchen to where his highchair was, his legs still protesting from the long time he had spent standing on that stupid bar. The tray of the chair was already off so he just had to climb up into the seat. Mel put the tray in place, then tied a big bib around his neck. She brought him two baby bottles, one half full from while he had been cooking dinner and the other one a new one. Then she finally brought him his dinner and set it in front of him. Chad stared at his plate, not believing what he saw. She had cut everything up into the tiniest little pieces he could imagine, and then mixed everything all together. Everything was so small, he couldn’t hardly tell one type of food from the next! He looked up at her, disbelief in his eyes.
“Enjoy your dinner,” she said with an amused smirk as she walked off, leaving him there alone.
Chad stared back at his plate. He looked around at the tray locked in front of him. Not even the usual rubber coated baby spoon to eat with. He would have to use nothing but his fingers to eat with again. There were little globs of something soft and white mixed with everything on the plate. The baked potato he guessed, mashed up and also mixed with the sauce from the chicken. He reached out and tried to pick some of it up. It was difficult to grab any of it. He tried to put it into his mouth, but using only his fingers, some of it dripped on his chin. “Oh great!” he mumbled to himself. “Just like a baby!”
His whole meal was that way, messy and difficult to eat with just his hands. He tried hard to not make a mess, but it was clearly impossible. Overall though, it didn’t really taste all that bad. In fact, the flavor was rather good. But since it was all mixed together, he couldn’t really tell one flavor from the rest of it. At least it was better than baby food though. Much better!
Mel walked back into the kitchen and nearly laughed at the mess his face and hands were. “What a baby!” she declared. It looked like he might have blushed a bit, but with all the food on his face, it was hard to tell. She walked right up to him and reached under his tray to feel his diaper. His time to make the diaper leak had been up – ten minutes ago, but she had left him for a while longer so he could keep eating. The diaper certainly felt soaked, but was it leaking? She couldn’t really tell with him in the chair and the tray in place.
She glanced at the baby bottles, they were both empty. There was still food left on his plate, but he didn’t appear to be really eating anymore. “Are you finished?”
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied. “I seem to be full again.” There was a hint of sadness in his voice, or was it frustration.
She removed the plate and bottles from his tray. Then she wiped down his face and hands with a washcloth. She was amused at how relieved he seemed to be for her to do that. She took the tray away from in front of him. She could see his diaper clearly now. It looked soggy, but she could see no sign of it leaking. He got down, carefully, from his highchair. She was about to admonish him for his diaper not leaking, when something shiny in his chair caught her attention. She looked closer. It was wet! She actually felt relieved. “You leaked!” she said with a lot of satisfaction.
That was news to Chad. He hadn’t been able to tell. “I did?” he asked completely surprised.
“It sure looks like it to me,” she replied. “Don’t forget to wipe that up when you clean up the kitchen – later.”
He curtseyed. “Of course, Mistress.” He still couldn’t believe it. He had actually managed to get his diaper leaking again. He was totally expecting to be punished for that – along with his other demerits. But maybe he wouldn’t get spanked with her lousy stick till later. And if he was really lucky, not even then! Hope surged through him.
But his hope was quickly dashed. “Okay, Sissy. Get a fresh diaper and get over there. Let’s get this punishment out of the way. Four demerits! This is going to take a while.”
Chad was totally crestfallen as he made his way to fetch another diaper. Forty swats from her stick! He wasn’t looking forward to it.
“Sissy!” her voice rang from across the room. He turned toward her. “Better get a bunch of diapers and bring them here. If this is going to take a while, then we better protect the floor under you, incase you pee all over everything again.”
He was a bit horrified at that thought, but unfortunately, he knew she was right, it could happen. He had done it before.
A few minutes later, he was standing on several spread-open diapers, leaning up against the back of the chair. The skirt from his uniform was still pulled up high around him, totally exposing his now naked backside. His backside that was now sticking up, all too invitingly, making itself the perfect target for her wicked yardstick.
Whap! The sudden swish and then painful sting caught him by surprise, even though he had been expecting it. He stood up straight and curtseyed to her. “Thank you, Mistress,” he said with a quiver in his sissy voice. Then he bent back over to do it all again. One down, thirty nine to go.
“You know what, Sissy,” Mel said a few minutes later, right after she had delivered yet another stinging blow. He stood up, tears were running down his face now. He curtseyed and thanked her. She continued with her thought. “Since this is obviously going to take a while, and since we’ve gone to all the trouble to protect the floor…” He was leaning back over again, preparing himself for the next swat. “Then I think I want to see you losing control again and peeing while I’m spanking you.” Swish… Whap!
Chad was trying to hold back on his crying, but he was audibly sobbing now. He stood up again, curtseyed and thanked her. Then he got back into his position. She wanted him to pee? While she was hitting him? He couldn’t believe it! Whap!
“In fact, Sissy. If I don’t see you pee on the floor. Then I’ll add yet another ten strokes to your punishment.”
He stood up, crying harder now. He curtseyed and tried to mumble his thank you. Now he had to pee on the floor? He just couldn’t believe it. But as he leaned over against the back of the chair again, he realized what she was really doing. Even during his punishments, she was making sure that he couldn’t hold back to try to control himself. She was making things harder and harder for him. Whap!
He wasn’t sure of the count. He thought it was somewhere around thirty one or thirty two… he hoped. He was crying so hard that he couldn’t talk straight at all when he tried to thank her for the beating. His backside stung so badly now, that he was shaking all over. He felt like a miserable wreck. He leaned over against the chair again. Whap! Why couldn’t she hit him a little less hard once in a while? He stood up, and curtseyed.
“Sissy!” Mel’s voice exclaimed before he could try to say anything. “You’re peeing!”
He looked down. He was peeing, a little bit. He couldn’t even feel it!” He curtseyed again. “Yes, Mistress.” He hesitated before leaning back up against the chair, but the look in her eyes made him get ready again for the next swat. She did appear to be delighted again at seeing his embarrassing act.
“At least we don’t have to add any more to your punishment now,” she said. “Almost there, Sissy. Just a few more to go.” Whap!

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