Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowed Out!

Do you remember the old saying about the best laid plans of mince and men?

Last year, My wife and I had booked a cabin up in North Georgia for our Anniversary, something we both really enjoy doing. But last year my heart attack got in the way. This year we did the same thing – booked a cabin. But this year, we spent one night out of three there and then got a phone call from the cabin management company warning us that the winter storm predictions had gotten much worse. They were now expecting over a foot of snow and ice.

We were certainly welcome to stay there, but they were fairly certain there would be no power – which meant no heating or even running water (well pump can’ run). He also said that even his big truck with four wheel drive can’t get up the hill that the cabin was on.

Now we wanted to see a little bit of snow, but over a foot was a bit more than our car can handle, and being without electricity or water at the top of a mountain didn’t sound like a lot of fun. Plus, we did have to get out of there eventually so I can go to work later in the week. So… we came home from one of the nicest places we’ve ever stayed at. Trust me, it was beautiful!

Anyway, another surprise for me. Her son Jason, who lives with us, has taken some vacation days at the end of this week and has offered to drive my wife out to see her parents in Louisiana for a short trip. So if they go, I’m going to be alone here for three or four days... I wonder what play opportunities that can bring – if any.

Tomorrow I’ll post the story on schedule. Stay warm everyone – we’ve got a bunch of snow here in middle Georgia right now!



SB said...

We had snow a few weeks back but it's gone now. Looking forward to the next instalment.
Sissygurl Belinda

Anonymous said...

"Mince and men" I'll put it down to cold fingers :)