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The Bet - Chapter 32 (Tuesday – week 5 Part 6 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 32 (Tuesday – week 5 Part 6 of 6)

Chad groaned to himself just from looking at the seat of his highchair. He didn’t want to even think about sitting down, his backside hurt that badly. He was still sniffling and crying a bit from the long and terrible beating she had given him a little while ago. His backside felt horribly raw and tender. It still stung miserably – worse now because his fresh diaper was wet again – fortunately. As he wiped the seat off, he made another promise to himself to be more careful every time he answered his phone from now on. And from now on, anytime he went to the gym, he would remember to use his new sissy voice whenever he spoke. Every time! She wanted him to speak like a fool all the time, and she was certainly trying to enforce it!
As he worked around the kitchen, he felt strange. Not just because of the beating he had just gotten, but also because she was making him keep the skirt of his dress pulled up so she could always see his diaper… and she seemed to be coming by more often than usual to check it. He was dressed normally from the waist up, but with just one diaper and his shoes on below his waist, things didn’t feel right.
As he turned the tap on at the sink to start the dishes, he half hoped the running water would make him pee again, but unfortunately, he didn’t seem to get any reaction from it. But then, he really wasn’t expecting any. His mind didn’t always associate things the way it used to. Just like whenever he walked into a bathroom now or scrubbed her toilet. Seeing a toilet no longer prompted a need to pee in him at all. A fact he found fairly interesting. It was really much more normal for him now to use his diapers, something he didn’t even have to think about any more. It just happened. It was easy. And overall, he loved it. Mostly. He still wasn’t fond of messing them every day. Not one bit!
When he had finished in the kitchen to his satisfaction – his satisfaction because he suspected that his own personal standards might be higher than hers, he walked around her apartment looking for things that needed to be done. He did very little. Nothing really needed dusting. Her carpet didn’t need to be vacuumed. She straightened up the items on the coffee table. But that was about it. There wasn’t really any need to get to the laundry yet. Maybe tomorrow, but certainly no need to start it yet.
As he walked around her apartment, he noticed her watching him. She was sitting in her usual chair with her laptop on her lap – as usual. She certainly did bring home a lot of work every day. He didn’t envy her for that. He was glad that with his own job, once he was through for the day, that was it. But then, he had no doubt that she made more money than he did. Probably a ton more money.
“What are you doing, Sissy?” she asked.
He shrugged, then curtseyed. “Just looking for things that need to be taken care of,” he replied.
She nodded, but still stared at him.
“Do you want me to start your laundry tonight instead of tomorrow?” he asked.
She seemed to think about it, then shook her head slightly. “No, don’t bother.”
He nodded, then watched as she seemed to look around her apartment from where she was sitting.
“I don’t see much that needs doing,” she commented. “Do you?”
He didn’t really think about what he was doing as he dropped a little curtsey. “No, Mistress.”
“Then go stand back in the corner again. I have work to do tonight and it can’t wait.”
That wasn’t at all what he wanted to hear her say. He would have curtseyed to her again, reluctantly, but her head was already back into whatever she was working on. He headed slowly toward his corner again.
“Yes, Mistress?”
“Make sure you take a good long drink from your bottle before you get onto that bar. I want you to keep peeing! Standing in the corner is no excuse.”
This time he did curtsey. “Yes, Mistress.” His sigh wasn’t audible, but it could almost be felt. He grabbed his latest baby bottle and put it to his lips. Drinking from it long and hard. Not only trying to get the juice inside of it out, but also using it to delay getting back in the corner again.
“Have you had enough to drink yet?” Mel’s voice asked, even though she didn’t look up from her work.
He put the bottle down and curtseyed, even though she wasn’t looking. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied yet again.
“Then where should you be?”
“In the corner,” he replied as he made his way there. She made no reply at all. A minute later, he was stuck staring at two walls that were so close to his eyes, he couldn’t see anything – essentially making him blind. He had just gotten onto the bar, but already he wanted to move his feet, stretch his ankles, relieve the pressure on his toes. But he couldn’t. His hands were down at his sides – where they belonged, but he didn’t dare move them or even fidget his fingers too much. She always seemed to notice any little movement.
For all intents and purposes, it was as if he was another appliance to her, a machine, like her vacuum machine. When it wasn’t needed, it was put away in the closet, and it didn’t move at all. Now, he was put away in his corner, and he couldn’t move either. Was that how she thought of him? Kind of like her vacuum cleaner? In his corner and out of the way? He sighed silently. That’s how he certainly felt.
With nothing to do and no outside stimulation, his mind wandered – automatically focusing itself on “more interesting” things. Things that provided him with a lot of stimulation. Like Cassie’s toy that she used on him at lunchtimes. He really loved that. It felt so good. Mel had used something new on him yesterday. It has felt very different. He decided he liked Cassie’s toy better. Oh! Peeing again. Such an interesting sensation. Why couldn’t it last longer?
Now, what had he been thinking about? Oh yeah, the difference between Cassie’s toy and Mel’s toy. Time seemed to change then, not that he really noticed since he wasn’t paying the least bit of attention to it anymore. His thoughts were instead locked onto the delicious feelings he had gotten from both devices. Every time he peed, it broke his train of lovely thoughts, even though he really didn’t mind it all that much since it was something other than pain that he could actually feel. But as soon as he was done peeing, his mind quickly reverted back into his lovely thoughts again.
He nearly jumped out of his skin when he suddenly felt Mel’s hand’s grab the back of his diaper and then wander around to the front. He hadn’t even heard her coming!
“Do you need another drink, Sissy?” she asked.
A drink, whether he needed it or not, would give him a chance to move – and he probably did need the drink. How much time had passed? “Yes, Mistress,” he replied into the corner of the walls. “I could really use one.”
“Then go get something. Then get back here right away.”
Ugh! Coming back to the corner was the last thing he wanted to do. But at least he could move for a few minutes. He carefully pried himself out of the corner again. He curtseyed to her and thanked her, not really sure whether he should have curtseyed or not, but she seemed very pleased by his action. Then he quickly walked into the kitchen and found his baby bottle again. Relief! He could move around again. At least briefly.
“Don’t take too long!” Mel’s voice warned as she sat back down with her laptop.
Chad put the bottle to his mouth and began drinking. The bottle was almost finished. He quickly sucked the last of the juice out of it, then went to her refrigerator and pulled out yet another bottle, this one filled with her darn tea. The tea tasted bad, but it did make him pee a lot. He began drinking furiously while he walked around in circles in her kitchen to get the circulation back in his legs and feet again. Heaven – being able to move freely, while drinking his bottle. He almost laughed at how strange that sounded.
“Sissy,” her voice called again.
“I’m almost ready,” he called back desperately, not wanting to get back in her stupid corner again.
Mel didn’t even look up from her work. “Make sure you grab your pacifier before you come back!”
Chad rolled his eyes. It was always something stupid. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied as he briefly removed the nipple of the bottle from his mouth to speak. At least he would have something to suck on in the corner. He took a few more desperate, long pulls from his bottle, then went to grab his pacifier.
Long before he was really ready, he was climbing back onto the damn bar of his perch again. Perched! Like a bird! And stuck there! Damn!

Mel looked up from her work and stared at him. He wasn’t moving, he was just standing stuffed into the corner like he should be. She felt a certain amount of satisfaction from the fact that she was making him do it, but not a lot of satisfaction. She wondered what he thought about having to stand in the corner that way, especially for long periods of time like she was making him do tonight. For that matter, she wondered what he was thinking about while he stood there right now. She had no doubt that he didn’t like it at all, but that wasn’t her problem. Standing in the corner for a while wouldn’t hurt him at all. Not permanently anyway.
The question arose in her mind about the state of his diapers. Was he continually making them wetter like he was supposed to do? She set her laptop aside and got up. He seemed to stiffen at her approach, but there was no real movement. She reached out and felt the back of his diaper. Yes, it felt wetter. She allowed her hand to run around to the front. It was wet too. The real difference however was in the crotch area. That was definitely wetter. Not saying another word, she went back to her seat, and back to work.

Foreeeeverrr! That’s how it felt. He had no idea how long he had been standing there in his corner now. Occasionally, he could hear Mel quietly typing on her computer, but mostly, he heard nothing at all. He tried to find the very pleasant thoughts that had occupied his mind earlier, but he couldn’t manage to hold onto them very long at all. Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! The only pleasure he got was every time he peed, which fortunately was fairly often now… or at least he thought it was. It was hard to tell since he had no other input as to time.
His toes had passed from discomfort to pain to numbness. His legs felt mostly numb too. When he wasn’t peeing, the only thing he had to think about was sucking on the pacifier in his mouth. And that didn’t provide a lot of interest. This only excitement had been when Mel had come over to check his diaper, but she hadn’t even said anything. No real help there either.
He suddenly felt himself peeing again – the only interesting thing in his life. Was it a bit heavier this time? Maybe. Then it was done again. Boring! Nothing to occupy his mind again. But he suddenly felt a tiny tickle on the inside of his leg, just below his diaper. It was tiny, but it was there. He concentrated on it, mostly because it was something different. The tickle seemed to move – downward. He was so fogged from being in the corner with nothing else that it took him a moment to realize what was happening. He was leaking!
He almost turned and called to Mel out loud, then he stopped himself. Did he dare? He wasn’t supposed to move or speak at all. Would she get mad if he did? He wasn’t in the mood for any further punishment tonight – at all! The trickle moved further down his leg. But he was also supposed to let her know the minute he started leaking. And the time had to be running out soon, or so he thought. Just standing in the corner like he was seemed like days more than hours. Did he dare?
He took the chance. He wanted to move! “Mistress,” he said into the corner, through his pacifier, without moving anything else. Actually, what came out was only a muffled collection of noises.
“Yes?” she asked.
“I’m leaking.”
Mel smiled and set her laptop aside. She glanced at the clock. Just over an hour and a half since she had put that diaper on him. Pretty good! “Okay, Sissy. Very good! Come out of there now and let’s get you changed. Chad was extremely glad to pry himself out of his corner again. Total relief! He just prayed she wouldn’t send him back there again.
Mel led the way to her bathroom where she removed his diaper and cleaned him up. He was very glad when she pulled out a stack of the cloth diapers she kept for him. The multiple diapers meant that she was done with her diaper games for him for the night. Most likely, he would be allowed to go home, back to his own apartment shortly. After standing so long in the corner, he was ready to go home.
Mel grabbed a jar of suppositories that she kept in her bathroom and shoved one up inside of him. Chad hated it, but said nothing. It was the usual nighttime routine now. Then she pinned three of the thickest nighttime diapers onto him and stretched a pair of plastic panties over them. The diapers were so thick that she had trouble getting the waistband of the panties up over the diapers. When Chad was finally allowed to stand back up again, the super thick diapers kept his legs spread extra wide apart. The bulk between his legs was extreme… and the diapers were still dry.
“Pull your dress down now,” Mel ordered.
Chad had almost forgotten that his skirt was pulled up high. He pulled it down, noticing again that he couldn’t get his legs together, or even close together.
“Go home now, Sissy,” she said. “Wear your baby-doll top tonight. Make sure you drink three more bottles before you go to sleep! I’ll be in to check!”
Three more bottles? But he realized that that was what she had been making him drink every night now. It looked like she was permanently increasing his nightly bottle count. He awkwardly curtseyed because of his thick diapers. “Yes, Mistress,” he acknowledged. He was just ready to get out of there.
“See you tomorrow, Sissy. Goodnight,” she said kindly.
He curtseyed. “Goodnight, Mistress.”


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