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The Bet - Chapter 45 (Monday – week 7 Part 1 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 45 (Monday – week 7 Part 1 of 7)

He wore the same blue dress, the same shoes, the same everything. But in his dream, he was alone with Derek. The two of them were simply walking side by side together, and he felt totally comfortable, totally secure with him. They didn’t hold hands. Instead, Derek’s arm was across his shoulders, holding him close to his side as they walked.
For some reason, they stopped and Derek turned toward him. Derek cupped his face in his hands and ever so slowly brought his own face down to meet his lips. Soft lips… sensual lips…met his. The kiss lingered and his body enjoyed it. But even as he enjoyed the kiss, the wrongness of what they were doing rose up from the pit of his stomach. This was so wrong! So wrong! He screamed in his dream… and his body jolted completely out of sleep. Images of what he had just been dreaming about still lingered in front of his eyes. Ugh! What a dream! Why would he even dream such a thing?
It was a moment before he realized that the light in his room was still muted. But then it was usually that way when he woke up. But his alarm hadn’t gone off yet. He wondered what time it was.
Before he could move his body to check his clock, his body first registered other things. He was aware that his legs were splayed wide apart. They were being forced that way by the super thickness of his diapers. She had loaded a lot of the thick cloth diapers on him last night and he could feel how wet they were inside of the plastic panties that covered them. He had no doubt that he had wet an awful lot last night. Mel had made sure that he had consumed way too much to drink – again. He could feel the slimy mess in the back of them too from where the stupid suppository she had stuck up inside of him had done its work. Ugh! He could also feel the weight of the breast forms glued to his chest and the bra he was wearing to help hold them there. And finally, as his body started to tense up enough to roll over on his blow-up mattress, he realized that his pacifier was still in his mouth – where it usually was every morning now.
He rolled off of his mattress, and was immediately aware of how extra heavy his diapers were this morning – if it was morning. As he hit the floor, he knocked down several empty baby bottles, but he ignored them as his brain was still registering the weight and bulk of his diapers as his eyes sought the display on his pink alarm clock. He got to his knees and stared at the clock. Before he could fully register the time, one of the numbers changed and he was immediately assaulted by loud rock music that blared from the radio. Loud enough to startle him badly. Loud enough to fully bring him to his senses. Loud enough to make him reach out as fast as he could to turn the horrid noise off!
It took a moment for the shock of the noise to abate from his mind. It was morning again. Time to get up. Time to… Ugh! It was Monday! He had to go to work! But… But Robin! Robin now knew everything! Robin would spread the word to everyone! Everyone would know! Everyone would laugh! Everyone would berate him for what he was. And he had no doubt that before the day was out, he would be fired from his job.
What was he going to do?
He climbed awkwardly to his feet, more aware than ever of the weight of his diapers this morning. Wow, he must have peed a lot last night! He was amazed that he hadn’t leaked all over everything. But then, Mel had piled on the diapers like never before. He pulled his pacifier out of his mouth and set it down on his cardboard dresser where he could easily find it easily when he went to bed. Then, wide-leggedly, he half stumbled out toward the kitchen to look for the note she usually left him.
It was there, but it might have been the same note she had left him most days. Nothing new at all – fortunately. He was actually comforted by that little thought. Each day since this bet had started had turned out to be worse… and more humiliating than the day before.
He pulled three more baby bottles out of his refrigerator and carried them back toward the only piece of real furniture in his apartment – if you could call it furniture. It was only one single chair that he had pulled out of storage after he had split from his wife – make that ex-wife. The one piece of furniture she didn’t want. He sat in the chair and put the first bottle to his mouth. For once, he didn’t really see the childishly colored pictures taped to the wall in front of him. They were there, but they didn’t matter. His brain was too focused on worrying about Robin… and his job. What was going to happen today? No matter what, it wasn’t going to be good.

Mel pulled her robe tighter around her as she headed out of her bedroom toward her kitchen. Coffee! She needed coffee! As if it would help. She knew without a doubt that it wouldn’t. Nothing could help her problem… well, one thing certainly would. But the problem was that right now, the only “other” coherent thought on her brain was getting some coffee.
She opened the cabinet and found the can of coffee. The cabinet seemed fuller than usual. She measured out the grounds and added them to her coffee maker. She filled the carafe with water from her sink and poured it in. She turned on the coffee maker – and just stood there staring at it. Why did it always take so long to make? Soon! Very soon! Sissy would be there every morning to make it for her. Freshly made every morning and delivered to her bed. Soon! Very soon! She hoped!
As the coffee slowly brewed, her thoughts automatically returned to where they had been before… where they had been – in her dreams. Loving arms surrounding her. Loving kisses so sensual they made her squirm with sexual anticipation just thinking about them. And little caresses so intimate that she never wanted them to stop. Why hadn’t she let Ray stay last night? Why? She had been so horny all last night she could barely stand it. And this morning? This morning she was still thinking about him… well, she was thinking about having sex with him… along with his crazy fingers during the movie last night. It had been a good movie too… or was it just Ray that had made it seem that way. But last night she had told herself that she wouldn’t sleep with him… last night anyway. And besides, she had other considerations last night. Sissy for one… Oh yeah, Derek had been there too. And Ray had to take Derek home. Derek… another super hunk!
The coffee finished brewing – finally! She opened the cabinet to pull out a cup, and stared in surprise. She glanced around at where she was. No it was the same cabinet she always pulled her cups out of…. but they weren’t there! She was staring at food supplies instead! Then she finally remembered. Sissy! Sissy had rearranged all her cabinets yesterday. But… but where had he put the cups? She stared opening cabinet after cabinet to see what was in them. One large double cabinet held only baby food. She smiled at seeing it. He would be eating a lot more of it from now on. She finally found her cups… surprisingly, right near her coffee pot. They were just all moved to the other side.
She pulled a cup out and filled it. She took a sip. The hot liquid seemed to burn all the way down to her stomach. So good! She took a deep breath to help wake herself up before taking another sip. No, she didn’t want to sleep with Ray last night. But she was absolutely determined to call him at her first opportunity this morning!

Chad stared at the clothes in his closet. Only women’s clothes. Not one shred of male attire in his entire apartment. Mel had moved them… taken them all away to… somewhere. He had no clue what she had done with all his male things. So now he was forced to wear nothing but women’s clothes everywhere. And, the way things had worked out, pants – even women’s pant’s – didn’t work for him very well either. So that left him with only dresses and skirts to wear. It was a good thing he loved wearing them.
He stood staring at his closet for the longest time. He was already wearing two disposable diapers, plastic panties, a waist cincher, an all-in-one girdle instead of a bra to hold up his glued-on breast forms, and pantyhose on top of that. He had already fixed his hair and done his makeup. So now, all that remained, was to get dressed. But what should he wear? Actually, the more correct question was – what would be the best thing to wear to get fired in?
He thought about his colorful patterned dress, but somehow that seemed too… bright and colorful for getting fired. Too happy a dress? He thought the same about his zebra print dress too. It was too bold for the occasion. So that left him with skirts. He finally chose the dullest skirt and top combination he could put together. And instead of high heels, he chose the shoes he wore with his maid’s uniform – the lowest heels he had. As he slipped them on, he remembered the heels he had worn last night for his date with Derek. These shoes were so much more comfortable! Maybe not as much fun, but certainly much more comfortable.
Finally ready, he grabbed the plastic bag filled with all his empty bottles from last night and this morning. He grabbed his purse and his diaper bag. He took one more deep breath to brace himself for the day ahead. A day that he knew would be… awful! And he opened his door to head for Mel’s apartment. He was on his way toward – who knew what… again.

Mel opened the door to his knock and smiled at his curtsey and good morning greeting. “Good morning, Sissy,” she replied as she stood back out of the way so he could enter. She waited while he dropped his diaper bag and purse in their usual place under the table by the door and then she took the plastic bag full of empty bottles from him. As he stood there, she looked him over carefully. He looked… fine. But… but there was just something different today. Something a bit… duller. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Maybe it was just that he was worried about his job today. Well, that would just have to sort itself out later. “Okay Sissy, up in your highchair.”
A few minutes later, Chad was “locked” into his highchair, a bib was tied around his neck, and he was eating tasteless baby cereal with a baby spoon held in his left fist. Business as usual, except that, so far, he hadn’t dropped any of the cereal off of his spoon.
Mel leaned back against the kitchen counter with a fresh cup of coffee as she watched him eating. She realized quickly that he wasn’t being as messy anymore as he used to be. Well, that had both its good and bad points. Good because it was less mess, bad because, well, it was fun to see him make such a fool of himself.
But as he ate, she noticed that there was still something different about him today. Despite how hard he seemed to be concentrating on eating, there was still something else. “Are you worried about work?” she finally asked.
Chad looked up from his breakfast. His left fist, still holding the tiny spoon, slowly sank down to the tray. “Yeah,” he said simply. “I liked this job.”
“You haven’t been fired yet.”
“It’s only a matter of time. It has been since our bet started. I’m afraid that time will be running out today.”
“You don’t know that.”
He shook his head. “Once Robin starts talking – if she hasn’t already – I can’t see how anyone will want me around.”
“I don’t think you give yourself enough credit. And people may surprise you, even your friends at work.”
Chad shook his head again as he picked up his spoon and almost mournfully dipped it into the baby cereal again. “Somehow, I doubt it.”
“Tell you what, you keep an open mind. And remember, I promised to help you.”
“I don’t know what you can do.”
Mel stared at him for a moment. “I don’t know either. But we won’t know till something happens – if anything happens.”
“And it will!”
She had to admit, it was the more likely possibility. “Listen,” she said. “I want you to tell me everything that happens today. I especially need to know every conversation – even the minor inconsequential ones. And especially everything that Robin says and does. Also let me know about every little funny look that people give you. I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s going on. Keep me abreast of things constantly. You can phone me or email me, I don’t care. I’ll tell Andrea to keep a special watch for your number and let me know as soon as I’m available. Can you do that?”
Chad shrugged. “Sure, I guess.”
“Good, like I said, I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s going on.


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Gosh. Poor Sissy. What a day to look forward to.

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i love Your story! i can't wait until each next chapter. Thank You for such an effort!