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The Bet - Chapter 45 (Monday – week 7 Part 4 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 45 (Monday – week 7 Part 4 of 7)

Mel had only marginally enjoyed the lunch with Ray. The restaurant had been too hurried, too noisy. There had been no way to really enjoy it. Not to mention the awkwardness of some of the conversation. She was looking forward to her date with him tomorrow night, but she also worried he would ask more questions about her relationship with Sissy. That thought reminded her of her other little problem. What was she going to do with Sissy during her date? There was absolutely no way she could leave him alone without someone making sure he was wetting his diapers on time.
Her phone suddenly rang and she pulled it out to answer it. “Hello?”
“Hi Mel, it’s Cassie.”
“Hi Cassie. How did it go today?”
“Just like usual. I pretended to put that thing up inside of him again and he had no idea that I didn’t.”
“Good. I just hope it’s working!”
“So far, everything seems to be looking that way.”
“Yeah, so far. But will it stay that way?”
“I guess we can only hope. Hey Mel, I just wanted to let you know that while I was cleaning up his front side, he started peeing again…”
“I hope you didn’t get wet!”
Cassie laughed. “No worries, I caught it in time. But I just wanted to let you know that when it happened, he had no idea that he was doing it till I grabbed his diaper and had to pull it back over him.”
That was good news to Mel. “So he really didn’t seem to know it?”
“Not as far as I could see.”
“Great Cassie! Thanks!”
Mel hung up her phone. Cassie’s news was all good – and just what she was hoping for. But now she was still stuck with what to do with Sissy tomorrow night. But Cassie’s call reminded her of Sandy – and her offer to babysit with him any time she needed it. Sandy would be perfect! With a smile, she called Sandy. “Hi Sandy, it’s Mel.”
“Hey Mel. What’s happening?”
“I was just wondering if you were available to babysit with Sissy again?”
“You know I’d love to. Tonight?”
“Uh… no. Tomorrow night.”
“Oh gee Mel. Tomorrow night Cassie and I have plans. We’re going to visit some friends. I can’t do it.”
Mel could actually hear the disappointment in Sandy’s voice. She was disappointed too. “That’s okay, Sandy. I’ll figure something else out.”
“What’s going on tomorrow night?”
“I’ve got another date.”
“Good for you! Listen, Mel. You know I’d really like to help. But it’s just that, tomorrow night isn’t good for us.”
“Yeah. No problem Sandy. Thanks anyway.”
Mel hung up her phone again. Darn. Sandy would have been the perfect solution. Now what was she going to do?

Chad sat dejectedly at his desk and stared at his computer screen. But he wasn’t working. He wasn’t getting anything done at all. As far as he could tell, Robin still wasn’t talking to him… although he really hadn’t gone to her desk to even try. He just didn’t feel that brave. How much longer before his boss would call to fire him? It was only a matter of time.
He suddenly realized that he had to pee again and caught himself just as it started to release – automatically. He held it back, but only with great effort. But since it had already started coming out when he tried to stop it, the effort to hold back now was more than he could manage very long. With a sudden expulsion of his breath, he gave up and let it all loose.
He had to start trying harder to hold back! It had been another unbelievable weekend. Mel had been at him with her wetting requirements harder than ever. And today he had been so worried about Robin and his job that he had hardly bothered trying to hold back at all. Whether he lost his job or not, he still wanted to win this bet. It had gone so far now that there was no way he was going to back out – which would amount to the same thing as losing. Losing was simply not an option!
Disgusted with himself for not working harder at winning, he minimized the program on his computer. He could just barely hear Robin typing in the next cubicle. Feeling safe enough, he opened his spreadsheet for tracking the bet. He found today’s date and noticed that there were still eighteen days to go. Two and a half weeks. The number was down in the teens now which seemed like a major milestone, but today it still felt like an eternity.
He moved up to the date for last Friday. How long had he held back then? He wasn’t really sure at all, but something in his brain seemed to remember eight minutes. But was it? He filled it in, just because he thought it was correct. But how long would he manage to hold back today? He had a feeling that making only eight minutes again wouldn’t happen. Weekend’s with Mel seemed to take way too much of a toll on his system. But all he could do was to try – and try hard!

Robin glanced at the clock. There was still a little time before break. The others all wanted to see Sissy at break today, and now that those pictures had been spread around, she knew there was no way that Sissy would be able to avoid going – whether he liked it or not… and she really hoped he didn’t like it!
But should she talk to him again? Now? No, she just didn’t feel like it yet – if ever! Let him stew for a while. Besides, she didn’t know what she would say to the jerk anyway. The sick pervert!

Chad sat at his desk and pretended to work. He watched the clock. He still hadn’t received any notification yet about being fired. He wasn’t sure if that was a good sign or not. It could still come at any time. The clock changed again. Break time – or… it would be… normally. Robin had told him not to go earlier, and since nothing had changed, he had no doubt that not going now was his best course of action.
“Sissy!” Robin’s voice spat angrily from the entrance to his cubicle.
Chad turned around totally surprised. Was she speaking to him again?
“You’re going to break! Get moving!”
Just that. No niceness about it. Just an order. But at least it was something. He got up quickly from his chair to follow her. He wanted to tell her how sorry he was. “Robin…”
“Shut up! I don’t want to hear your sick voice at all! Just don’t talk to me! Ever!”
Stung, Chad followed quietly behind her all the way to the break room. Robin never once even glanced in his direction the entire way through the halls. But now Chad was starting to get more worried about what the other women would say. He was sure that Robin had told them during the morning break about what she knew. There was no way that she couldn’t!
They entered the break room and Chad started to follow Robin towards the coffee pots, but he really didn’t want any coffee, not today. Besides, more liquid in his system wouldn’t help him with – other things. He stopped and stared at the table that was already getting filled up with women. He didn’t want to go there either. He glanced around the room. Derek certainly wasn’t there, Derek was away for the week. He saw no other refuge he could go to.
“You’re not getting coffee?” Robin asked, seemingly pleasantly.
Chad was a bit startled by her question and how nice it had sounded. “No…” But that’s as far as he got before the quick flash of anger on Robin’s face stopped him. Without saying a word, he headed for the coffee.
“Hi Robin,” one of the women said as she passed them after getting her own coffee.
“Hi,” Robin returned very pleasantly.
“Hiiii Sissy,” the woman said to Chad.
But it was the way she had said it that startled him – and worried him. And what was that weird look in her eyes? “Uh… Hi,” he returned cautiously.
He waited while Robin got her coffee, then he filled his own cup and followed her towards the women’s table.
“Sissy!” One of the women called out excitedly. “Hurry up and get over here girl!”
As Chad approached the table, one of the women pulled out an empty seat for him. He noticed that all eyes were firmly on him. Obviously, Robin had told them everything! He felt like a lamb being sent to the slaughter as he sat down.
“Now we want to know all the details!” One of the women said excitedly. “And don’t leave anything out!”
All the details? What was he supposed to tell them? That he had this weird quirk?
“Those pictures were great!” another woman said. “And that kiss!”
Pictures? They had pictures? And the kiss? And then it dawned on him, the date! The pictures that Ray had taken. They weren’t talking about his bet with Mel at all. They all wanted to know about the date. Maybe Robin hadn’t told them – as hard as it was to believe. Open mouthed with surprise, he asked, “You have pictures?”
“You mean you haven’t seen them yet?”
Chad shook his head. “No.”
“Oh, they’re real good!” the woman replied.
“Real good!” another woman echoed.
“I just wish I could see your dress better,” another woman said. “None of the pictures show the front of it very well. Did you get it just for that date?”
“Uh… Yeah,” Chad replied, still trying to come to grips with the fact that they just wanted to know about his date last night. “I liked it when I tried it on. It was comfortable too.”
“So did Derek like it?”
“Uh… I guess so.”
“Men!” another woman added. “They never mention anything important!”
“Well,” Chad added, “He did say he appreciated how I had dressed.” He didn’t add that Derek had been comparing it to the outfit he had worn to the poker game.
“Then he did like it!” the woman replied. “Actually, I think that’s more than you can get out of most men!”
“So how about the kiss?” another woman asked. “Were you expecting it?”
Chad wasn’t sure how to answer. He nodded. “Kind of,” he finally replied. Again, he didn’t add that it was part of the bet between Derek and Ray from the poker game.
“And you got one! And from the looks of things, it was a good one! Tell me, how was it – really?”
Ugh! What a thing to talk about! “Um… “Surprising. I wasn’t expecting anything at all like what he did.”
“And you keep claiming you’re not getting a sex change just to be with him!” One of the women teased.
“I’m not!” Chad protested. But most of the women just laughed.
Robin sat back and said nothing at all as the questions continued. Actually, she was just as caught up in the details of his date as the rest of them, she just refused to show it. The jerk! How could he ever agree to do something so stupid as what he was doing? And all for… a bet? Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! And… sick!
The women started to leave and Robin got to her feet. She saw Sissy do the same. In a group of women, they headed for the door. She could still hear some of them asking questions to Sissy, and he was still trying to give out only little details. Idiot! Once they were through the door and out into the hall, the tangle of women broke apart, and one hall later, she and Sissy were alone.
“Robin…” Chad began.
“Shut up you idiot!” she spat back quickly. “I told you not to talk to me!” The fool! Did he think everything was going to be just fine and dandy between them now? The idiot!
Chad followed her silently all the way back to his cubicle. She stopped at the entrance.
“Don’t talk to me!” she said angrily again.
Sullenly, Chad entered his cubicle and headed for his seat. But before he could sit down, she was talking again – or more like yelling.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” she asked.
Chad turned quickly, his eyes wide with surprise. He had expected her to just leave. But before he could say anything, she was on top of him and pushing him roughly back into his chair. “But…”
“I said shut up!” she screamed. “What the hell is wrong with you? Do you know how stupid that idiotic bet of yours is? You pervert! You stupid, stupid pervert! Signing your life away – throwing your life away! For what? Some silly furniture? Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! You disgust me!
“And you actually want someone to boss you around like that? Make you do the most idiotic things imaginable? You’re sick, sick, sick! And you like it? You like it? That’s the part that really gets me! You actually not only like it, but you want it! You want that bitch to push you around like you’re nothing! Make you do things like… like… I don’t know what! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Sick! Sick! Sick!
“When you kept saying that it was complicated, I never really believed you. Well, I believe you now! And I wish to God I never heard of you!”
Robin backed off for only a moment – just enough time for her to catch her breath before launching back at him again.
“She invites me over – the bitch! And I think, wow, wonderful, I’m finally going to get to find out what’s going on. And then she shows me that contract you signed – not only signed, but had notarized! Are you crazy? Well, we’ve established that much already. And then I read what’s on it, and I thought it had to be a joke. Some kind of sick, sick joke! But it wasn’t! You actually want her to do this to you. You actually want to be some kind of a… a… sick, sick slave or something!
“And then she starts telling me you want to be a baby! Damn! You idiot! You actually want to wet your pants everywhere? I can’t believe it! I certainly didn’t want to believe it then! So she takes me over to… that place! And I see you… Sitting in a damn highchair for heavens sake! Covered with baby food everywhere. Wearing some kind of silly dress!
“You idiot! Idiot! Idiot! You’re nothing but a sick pervert! A sick, sick, pervert! So just… stay away from me!”
With that, Chad watched her turn quickly and stomp out. He was relieved she was gone. She had finally had it out with him. He was glad she had ordered him not to speak, because he really didn’t know what he would have said.
Well, he guessed he should tell Mel about it. He was sure she would want to know. He opened up his email program and wrote to her. He also mentioned that he wasn’t sure anymore if she had told anyone about their bet or not. When he finished, he closed the email program again. Now he was stuck to ponder the big question – did she tell anyone? The women in the break room didn’t seem to know about it. They were only interested in his date with Derek. But how about anyone else? And, more importantly, was she planning on telling anyone else? Did he still have to worry about being fired?

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