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The Bet - Chapter 45 (Monday – week 7 Part 5 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 45 (Monday – week 7 Part 5 of 7)

Mel was actually at her desk when she saw Chad’s email come through. She read it with great interest – twice. Finally! Things were happening there. And best of all, it was sounding like Robin may not have told anyone yet – not where she worked anyway, which was all she cared about.
She started to write back to Chad, but before she could get started, she was reminded of the odd thought she had that popped into her brain earlier in the day. Was it possible? Would it be possible? There was only one way to find out! Instead of writing what she had planned on writing to Chad, she sent him a reminder to continue to do whatever Robin wanted. Then she asked him to send him Robin’s email address. Two minutes later, she had it. Very carefully, she crafted an email to Robin.

Robin couldn’t believe it when her email notification popped up and showed that she had an email from Mel. What did that crazy woman want now? She opened it and read it.

Dear Robin,

Did you know that Sissy is under orders to do whatever you tell him to? And if he doesn’t do exactly what you say, then I want to know about it!

Call or email me if you want.


Robin read her note with disbelief. The woman was crazy! She wasn’t about to get drawn into their weird little games! She closed the email faster than she had opened it. But she couldn’t go back to work. Instead, she brooded about what a jerk Chad was. And over and over again, just as she had seen it in her mind all weekend long, she kept picturing him in that highchair, covered in baby food, acting like an infant! The stupid perverted idiot!

Chad stared at his computer monitor – without seeing it. He was more concerned over whether Robin intended on telling anyone about… him… or not. Did he, or didn’t he have to worry about being fired?
Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. Despite Robin telling him she didn’t want him to talk to her, and despite Mel telling him again to do whatever Robin wanted, he got up from his seat to see her. He had to know! He stopped at the entrance to her cubicle. She was just sitting there with her head in her hands. “Robin,” he said quietly.
Robin turned angrily at the sound of his voice. What did she have to do to get the point across? She didn’t want to talk to him!
“You didn’t tell anyone?” he asked.
She was out of her chair before she even knew it. “Didn’t I tell you not to talk to me? What do I have to do to get you to understand that? I don’t want to hear your stupid voice anymore!” She paused, but only for a moment. “And just for your information, no, I didn’t tell anyone. Nobody at all! Your crazy friend Mel said that it was your biggest secret. The one thing you didn’t want anyone to know about! So why the hell did she tell me? You can think what you want about me, but some people are more trustworthy than others. No! I didn’t tell anyone about you and your… perverted interests! Not yet anyway. Now get the hell out of here!”
She actually shoved him again as she said it. Chad backed off quickly and hurried back to his own cubicle. Well, he had to know. And best of all, it sounded like she wasn’t going to divulge his secret – not yet at least. He actually breathed a small sigh of relief.
Robin again stared angrily at her computer screen, but like before, all she saw was the image of Chad in that silly highchair acting like a stupid baby! The idiot! And he wanted to know if she had told anyone his secret? His deepest, darkest, most perverted secret? What did he think she was? The idiot! The stupid, perverted idiot!
And then his… mistress… what a laugh!... had the gall to send her a note telling her that he has to do whatever she tells him to do? He can’t even keep quiet after she told him – repeatedly – not to talk to her! It was like talking to a three-year-old – you had to tell them things and tell them, over and over again. No, not quite like talking to a three-year-old. A three-year-old had more sense!
He wanted to act like a baby? He had to do whatever she told him to? Well… she knew how babies acted, she had one of her own! And if he was so insecure about everything, then she knew just how to deal with that!
Determinedly, she got out of her seat and marched straight back to his cubicle. “You like acting like a baby?” she announced more than asked.
Chad turned around, totally surprised to see her again so soon.
“Then stick your thumb in your mouth! And suck on it!” she ordered. “That’s what insecure little babies do, they suck their thumb!”
Chad was totally shocked. So much so, that all he could do was to stare at her in disbelief.
Seeing that he wasn’t moving, Robin added. “Your… mistress!” she spat the word, “tells me that you have to do anything I tell you to! So stick your thumb in your mouth and suck on it!”
Still not believing it, Chad slowly raised his left thumb and stuck it in his mouth. Mel had told her he had to do whatever she asked? Was it possible? Well, Mel had asked for Robin’s email address. He just hadn’t expected anything like this.
“I said suck on it!” Robin yelled angrily when she saw that his thumb was only resting in his mouth. She saw him start sucking. “Harder!” she ordered. “I want to see your cheeks going in and out!” A moment later, she felt better about things. It was as if she had physically hit him to vent her rage. “Now keep it there,” she added. “Maybe that will make sure I don’t hear another sound out of you for the rest of the day!” With that, she turned and walked off!
Chad stared at the empty entrance to his cubicle. She had ordered him to suck his thumb! He still couldn’t believe it. Where had that come from? He was so shocked, that he sat there like that for several minutes before he slowly turned around again and took his thumb back out of his mouth. He couldn’t believe it! As per Mel’s orders, he opened his email program again and started to write about what had happened.

Feeling a bit more satisfied, Robin had almost worked up the nerve to do something other than brood, when she heard the faint sounds of him typing in the next cubicle. And it bothered her! How could he type like that if he had his thumb in his mouth? He couldn’t!
In a flash she was out of her seat again and back at his cubicle. He was typing – with both hands! “Damn it!” she yelled. “It is just like talking to a child. You have to keep after them and after them! Didn’t I tell you to keep your thumb in your mouth? What do I have to do, stand you in the corner too?”
Wide eyed, Chad stuck his thumb back into his mouth again and sucked on it hard like she wanted him to. Robin watched him for a few moments, feeling satisfied once again. But then she thought of something else. “Wait a minute! You’re right handed. Put your right thumb in your mouth instead!” She watched as a disbelieving Chad slowly switched hands – and started sucking just as hard on his right thumb now. “Better!” she declared with more satisfaction.
But Chad had a problem now. How was he supposed to type? How was he supposed to work? He pointed toward his keyboard and his monitor, hoping she would understand his question.
Robin smiled. Her voice sounded almost kind. “How are you going to work?” Her voice changed to angry command again. “You still have another hand. Use it!” She turned and started to stomp away again, but she paused and turned back to him. “I’ll be back to check on you. Obviously you can’t be trusted to follow simple directions – just like a child!” She left him then, and returned to her seat, where she reopened the email from Mel and typed a very short reply - He doesn’t follow orders very well, does he!

Chad hunted and pecked with his left hand at his keyboard. Using the mouse was even more awkward. He had to reach across his body to use it, and then the buttons on it were in the wrong place for his left hand. He was careful though to keep his right thumb in his mouth. He didn’t suck on it as hard as Robin wanted him to, but he doubted she would see that as long as his back was to her. Very slowly he continued his email to Mel.

It was a little while before Mel got back to her desk and found both emails waiting for her. She wasn’t sure which one to open first. She opted for the one from Robin because it had come in first. What she read surprised her greatly. He didn’t follow orders? Had she told him to do something? She was about to reply, but she decided to read the one from Chad first – and she was glad she did. When she was done, she sat back in her seat to think about things.
Robin had actually ordered him to suck his thumb? She couldn’t believe it. Did that mean… No, it was too much to hope for. But still, it might be possible. She opened up Robin’s email again and hit the Reply button. She had to be very careful about this. The wrong move or the wrong word could spoil everything. Best to keep it short and simple again.
She wrote – Expect a “proper” apology from Sissy tomorrow. As always, feel free to call or email me.
Then she sent another email to Chad!

Chad had to reach awkwardly across with his left hand to open the email from Mel when it came in. What really surprised him about it was that Robin had obviously emailed Mel first – and told her that he hadn’t exactly followed her orders. The rest of it was only what he expected – be prepared to be punished severely for it. Ugh!
“Turn around!”
The command came so suddenly and unexpectedly that Chad had no time to prepare for it. He quickly turned around in his seat and saw Robin standing at the entrance to his cubicle. Fortunately, his thumb was still in his mouth. He started sucking furiously on it, making sure his cheeks were moving in and out as he did so – just the way she wanted them to.
Robin saw him still sucking his thumb – hard again. Although she doubted he had done much more than keep it in his mouth while she wasn’t there. She walked over and looked at the email message still up on his screen. It was from Mel. She read it. “It sounds like you’re going to get… what? A beating tonight? I hope so! I can’t think of anyone who deserves a beating more than a stupid pervert like you!” She headed back out of his cubicle again, but stopped at the entrance. “I’ll be checking, so keep that damn thumb right where it is – and suck on it so I don’t have to hear your whining voice about anything!”
She walked off leaving him alone again and went back to her own desk. She couldn’t believe it! The jerk! He was actually still sitting there sucking his thumb – like she had told him to. Well, he better be! She wasn’t in any mood to be nice today at all! And there was a certain feeling of… satisfaction… in ordering him about – and actually seeing him do it! As long as she kept watch on him, she guessed. Ha! Just like a child indeed! She wondered how much trouble Mel had with him. And… she wondered why she should even think such a thought.

It wasn’t that Chad minded sucking his thumb so much, it was just that having to keep it in his mouth all the time made doing anything very difficult. He tried to get some work done – not that there was all that much he had to worry about – at least not today. But actually getting anything accomplished was very difficult. He hoped nobody came down to his cubicle to see him today – like Tom Robinson, his boss! That would be embarrassing!
It was kind of strange, sitting there, sucking his thumb, while at the same time trying to notice every time he had to pee and try to hold back as much as possible. It was like two distinctly opposite things going on at the same time. And when the miserable suppository that Cassie had stuck up inside of him at lunchtime decided to do its thing, all he could do was to stand up to make the process go easier and faster – and suck his thumb all the harder while it happened. Ugh! At least Robin didn’t come back while it was going on. What would he have said? Oh yeah, nothing. She didn’t want to hear anything out of him today at all.
But shortly after he had “managed” to sit back down again, Robin did come back. “Turn around!” she ordered from the entrance to his cubicle.
Chad hadn’t heard her coming again, but his back was still to her. He started sucking hard on his thumb again as he turned his chair around, wondering what she would want now. But all she did was to look at him, nod her head, and leave again. He couldn’t believe it, she had been there for no other reason than to check on him. As he turned back around to face his computer, he knew that until she told him otherwise, his thumb was going to have to remain stuck in his mouth – or until he went home.
Twice more Robin made an appearance at his cubicle, for no other reason than to make sure his thumb was still in his mouth. The first time, she merely nodded her head and left again, the second time she shook her head and muttered. “Just like dealing with a child!” And again she was gone.
As the time got closer and closer to the time to go home, Chad began to wonder what he was supposed to do when work ended. Did Robin expect him to walk out with everyone else while he was still sucking his thumb? She had a big surprise coming if she did – because he wasn’t about to go that far!
As the work day drew to a close, Chad got up from his seat with his thumb still in his mouth and got his purse out, ready to go. He watched the clock as it ticked away the final few minutes. With less than a minute left to go, Robin was back one more time. She stopped at the entrance to his cubicle, her things were already in her arms. “Stay there with your thumb just like that till I’m gone! That way I don’t have to worry anymore about seeing you without it in your mouth!” And then she left. Chad sat back down again as if stunned. What a day! What a weird day!


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