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The Bet - Chapter 51 (Sunday – week 8 part 6 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 51 (Sunday – week 8 part 6 of 8)

     Ten minutes later, he was again waddling slowly through the mall with Mel and Derek a little way behind him.  Only now he was sporting black and white saddle shoes to go with his outfit.  And it wasn’t long before he heard Mel again point him toward one of the stores – this time, one that sold accessories for women and girls.
     This store was much smaller and the shelves and racks had very little room between them.  Since the store was so tight, and Chad was carrying his big diaper bag, Mel stationed him just outside the store but very close to the entrance to wait while she and Derek shopped.  Well, she shopped, Derek just halfheartedly followed – mostly because he didn’t want to be seen standing and waiting anywhere near Sissy.
     Since Chad was standing in plain view and not moving, he soon became the target for not only people looking and laughing at him, but a group of three teenage girls who had been heading into the store. 
     After their initial laughing, one of them asked him directly, “What are you supposed to be?”
     Unfortunately, before Chad could answer, he caught sight of Mel inside the store watching him intently.  Since he knew Mel was paying so close attention, he curtseyed before answering, “A thithy,” he replied in his sissy voice, trying to tell them that he was a sissy.  His answer sent them all into peals of laughter.
      “I think he’s doing a pretty good job of it,” one of them commented.
     Another of the girls was bold enough to reach out and grab his skirt and pull it up, putting the childish pattern on his plastic panties fully on display.  “Ooh!  How cute!” she laughed.  She continued to hold his skirt up while they all laughed.
      “Aw,” another of them teased.  “Is the widdle baby wet?”
     Chad had to curtsey yet again.  “Yeth,” he admitted softly.  His answer though sent the girls into further hysterical laughter.  But at least the one holding up his skirt finally dropped it.
      “What are you doing out here?” the third girl asked.
     Chad had to curtsey again.  “Waiding fow my Mithdweth,” Chad replied in his sissy voice, fervently wishing these girls would go away and leave him alone.  He could still see Mel inside the store watching, but of course she wasn’t doing anything at all to help.
      “Your Mistress?” one of them repeated laughingly.  “She’s inside?”
     Chad had to curtsey again.  “Yeth,” he answered.
      “This I gotta see!” the girl replied.  Laughingly, they all headed into the store to try to figure out who inside was the jerk’s mistress. 
     Chad was just glad to see them go!  He noticed Derek moving closer to Mel inside the store, and since he was obviously with Mel, the girls passed them by.  How lucky can you get?
     Mel and Derek finally came out a few minutes later, Mel had a small bag in her hand.  “We got you a few things,” Mel said happily as she reached into the bag.  The first thing she pulled out was a two hair bows.  Both of them fairly large.  One was all multicolored ribbons, the other was a big white bow.  She held them up near Sissy’s head to choose which one she wanted.  The multicolored one went back into the bag.  A minute later, Chad had a big white bow proudly displayed at the back top of his head.
     Then Mel reached into the bag again and brought out a gold necklace with a big cutout of a heart.  She tore the tag off of it and put it over Sissy’s head.  The necklace dangled down between Sissy’s breasts. 
     Mel reached into the bag one more time and held up a pair of dangly earrings that matched the necklace, including in size.  She removed the clear studs Sissy had been wearing in his ears and replaced them with the matching heart earrings.  Then she stood back to check her handiwork.  “Much better!” she exclaimed.  She turned to Derek.  See the difference some accessories can make?”
     Derek didn’t reply.
     As Mel stepped back though, Chad could see all three of the girls who had accosted him earlier just inside the entrance to the store watching intently.  They were now all giggling.  At least they weren’t out pulling up his skirt again.
      “I’m getting awfully hungry,” Derek said as he realized Mel was finished.  “Can we eat yet?”
      “Head for the food court, Sissy,” Mel said.  “And remember, slowly!”
     Once again, Chad headed out into the heavy traffic of the mall, which seemed even heavier now than it did earlier.  But now with the new items that Mel had added, he somehow felt more complete… not to mention he felt like even more of a sissy.  People stared in disbelief, people pointed, people laughed, and many tossed comments like, “Love your outfit!” or “How sweet!”  Chad couldn’t conceive of things getting any worse.  And of course that’s when Mel called out, “Sissy, wait a minute.  I want to run into that toy store!”
      “Can’t we come back later?” Derek complained.  “I’m hungry!”
      “This will only take a minute,” Mel replied.  “Besides, we’re here.”  Once in the store, she led the way quickly through the aisles till she found the section of little girl toys.  Then she slowed down to look carefully. 
      “There are dolls over here,” Derek told her as he spotted a whole aisle of them on the next row over.
      “I’m not looking for dolls,” Mel told him.  She kept looking.  She paused when she came to a collection of princess costumes and accessories.  There she looked really carefully… and practically pounced on a tiara.  She held it up in delight.  “This is what I wanted!  This will be perfect!”
      “You’re going to put that on him now?” Derek asked.
     Mel actually considered it.  “I wasn’t going to,” she replied.  “I need it for tonight.  But now that you mention it…  She looked at Sissy whose face was registering something close to horror – she thought.  “No, I think I’ll wait.  He looks pretty good just as he is.”
      “Good!” Derek replied.  “Now can we eat?”
      “You’re so impatient!” Mel teased as she walked past him with the tiara in her hand.  “Just like him!”
      “I’m nothing at all like he is!” Derek replied.
     Mel was on her way to pay for the tiara, but something else caught her eye.  Something that she absolutely had to look at.  Something that triggered a thought about another tiny little reminder. 
      “Now what?” Derek asked.
     Mel didn’t answer.  Instead she looked over several different selections in front of her.  She picked one up.  It would be good.  Very good, but not perfect.  So she kept looking.  Another one caught her eye and she picked it up.  Yes, it was also very good.  In fact better than the other one she had selected.  So was this the one?  Making the big decision, she told herself – “Yes!”  The little girl purse with the Barbie pictures all over it went back on the shelf.  She kept the more brightly colored one with flowers and ponies that said, “Kissably Cute” down in the corner on both sides.  There was just something too grown up looking about the Barbie purse.  This one had more pink tones in it and looked much more suitable for a little girl’s first purse.
     Her items were paid for quickly.  Then before she let them step out into the mall again, she took the new child’s plastic purse and made Sissy transfer his wallet and cell phone into it.  She didn’t have him add anything else because there wasn’t a whole lot of room left over.  His old purse went into the paper bag full of purchases where it would be out of sight.
     Chad held up his new purse to look at it.  Darn!  The stupid thing was so obviously a purse for a very little girl!  And it only had a very small handle.  No strap that he could sling over his shoulder.  He tried to stick his hand through the handle and bring it up his arm.  But the handle was so small that he was forced to only hold it in his hand – where it would be in the way – where it would be all too visible – all the time. 
      “Now we’re ready!” Mel declared as she looked Sissy over again.  Somehow, the more sissyish purse seemed to correct that one little thing that had been nagging at her. 
      “Ready for lunch, I hope,” Derek replied.
      “Lead on, Sissy,” Mel said.  “And this time, you can go a bit faster before Derek here fades away to nothing!”

     The food court was packed!  Really packed!  There were long lines of people in front of all the food places and not a single empty table to be seen.  “This doesn’t look good,” Derek noted. 
      “No,” Mel agreed.  “But on the other hand, it’s perfect!”
     Mel just nodded in Sissy’s direction.
      “We will get to eat, won’t we?” Derek asked, just to make sure.
      “Just as soon as we can get through one of those lines,” Mel confirmed. 
      “So what do you want?” Derek asked.
     Mel considered the choices.  But as she was looking, she noticed some people vacating a table out near the center of the eating area.  “Sissy!” she said quickly.  “Grab that table!”
     Sissy saw the table and quickly headed straight for it.  The people who had just left it gave him very strange looks as he past them, but then so did everybody else.  He set his diaper bag down on top of it and started collecting the trash that had been left behind.  Mel and Derek arrived a minute later.  “That was lucky,” Mel said. 
      “So what would you like to eat,” Derek asked.
     Mel smiled wickedly at him and sat down.  “No, what would you like to eat?” she asked.  “You’re the one who’s dying of hunger.”
      “Me?  Ladies choice, I’m buying.”  He looked briefly at Sissy, then back to Mel.  “For you anyway.”
     Mel shook her head.  “No, I’m buying this time so sit down and pick something.  And Sissy here is going to get it for us.”
     Derek looked briefly at Sissy again… and then back at the long lines of people.  With a smile, he sat.  After only a moment of consideration, he pointed at one of the food stalls.  “Three large slices of their meat lover’s pizza and a large coke.”
     Mel pulled some money out of her purse and handed it to Sissy.  “Put this in your pretty little purse,” she told him.  “And I’ll just have one slice of peperoni and a coke.”
     Chad unzipped his purse and stuck the money inside, then he zipped it up again. 
      “You heard what we want, now go get it.  And we’ll be watching to make sure you curtsey every time you speak!”
     Chad curtseyed again before leaving, but he noticed that the action caught just as much attention from everyone nearby as did his outfit.  Carrying just his little girl purse now, he made his way through the sea of tables toward the bigger sea of bodies waiting to get food.  He actually felt more naked and visible now without his diaper bag.  As humiliating as the diaper bag was to carry, it did hide him a little bit.  And now carrying this stupid little girl purse, he felt even more embarrassed. 
     He joined the long line for the pizza place.  Heads certainly turned all around him.  He saw one person bending down for a better look at the colorful pattern on his plastic panties.  The man pointed and said something to someone else, which caused more people to bend over to look.  And through it all, Chad had to stand there and endure it.  And the line was moving horribly slow!
      “Do you do this with him often?” Derek asked as they watched Sissy being the center of attention in the food line. 
      “Not this exactly, but I’m always trying to come up with new ways to humiliate him.  I’ve had some fun with him here at the mall before, but nothing quite like this.”  She paused for a moment before continuing.  “I seem to be getting a lot bolder lately in what I make him do.”
     Derek grunted.  There was more than a hint of steel in his voice as he said, “As far as I’m concerned, the little shit is getting just what he deserves!”
     A minute later, they could no longer see Sissy very well since he had moved a bit forward in line and other people joined the crowd behind him.
     Chad wasn’t sure if he was glad that he had finally reached the front of the line or not.  Everyone around him had already spent too much time checking him out, and he had noticed that even the workers in the nearby stalls had spent some time looking at him.  His problem now was that he was going to have to curtsey and open his mouth to order the food.  Fortunately, he realized that while Mel could see him curtsey, she couldn’t hear his voice.  So when the time finally came, he did curtsey, which surprisingly didn’t bring much of a reaction from anyone – that he noticed, and he used his old girly voice to place the order.  He had to dig the money out of his silly little girl purse and then put the change back in again.  And then he had to wait.  Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait very long, so shortly, he was carrying a tray loaded with pizza and coke back out to the table.
     As Mel and Derek started eating, Chad wasn’t sure if he should stand or sit.  So he stood nearby.  How about his lunch?  He was hungry too!  It seemed like lately people weren’t thinking about the fact that he had to eat just like everyone else.
     Derek looked up at Sissy with a mouthful of pizza.  “Does he have to stand there and stare while we’re trying to eat?” he asked Mel.  “It bothers me!”
     Mel smiled.  “Don’t worry.  I’ll get rid of him for a while.”  She looked up at Sissy.  “Sissy, there’s a lot of tables in here with a lot of people who seem to be very interested in you.  While we’re eating, why don’t you start going around to all of them and ask everyone if they would like to see your pretty fingernails?”
     Chad was shocked!  Shocked enough that his knees almost buckled!  But the wicked smile on Mel’s face coupled with the determined look from Derek’s face, forced him to move.  The tables were fairly close together, so he started with the one right behind him.  He turned around and took only a step toward the table.  That’s all he had to do to get the attention of the man and woman there.  He curtseyed for them.  Then since he was close enough that Mel might hear him, he used his sissy voice to ask if they would like to see his pretty fingernails.
      “Your fingernails?” the woman asked. 
     Instead of replying again which would have required him to curtsey again, Chad simply held out his hands to show her his nails.  His new purse dangled from his left wrist since it wouldn’t go much further up his arm. 
      “Lovely,” the woman replied.
     Chad curtseyed and moved on to the next table.  Two guys were there.  They both looked bothered to see him and told him to get lost.  Chad was more than glad to move on.  The next table was crowded with two women and three kids.  He hated being like this in front of kids.  He curtseyed, but as he did, one of the kids said, “Look Mom, it’s the funny person.”  Chad couldn’t have agreed more.  He asked his question about his nails.
      “Your fingernails?” one of the women asked.  She turned and looked briefly at her friend.  “Sure, I guess.”  Chad held out his hands so she could see them.  But the woman lightly grabbed one of his hands and held it while she examined them.  Her friend leaned over to look closer too as did two of the kids.  “Sissy!” the woman exclaimed as she read his nails.  “Well, I guess you certainly are.”
     But just as she said it, Chad felt someone pulling up his skirt. 
      “Momma!” one of the girls at the table exclaimed, “he’s wearing diapers!”
      “Yes, I can see that,” the woman replied.  “Drop his skirt now dear, you know it’s not nice to do that.”
     Chad was relieved when the kid finally let go of his skirt.  Only then did the woman let go of his hands.  He moved away quickly, but as he left he heard the other woman mutter, “Sick!”
     Derek almost spit out his pizza when he saw the girl lift Sissy’s skirt.  “That’s got to be embarrassing!”
      “Oh yeah!” Mel replied.  “No doubt!”
      “I hope it’s eating him alive!  How long are you going to keep him at it?”
      “I don’t know.  Till I get tired of sitting here I guess.  I do still have to feed him something too.”
      “Why don’t you have him get his lunch now, while we’re eating?  It’s going to take some time for him to get through that line again.”
     Mel looked at Derek and raised her eyebrows.  “He’s not eating any of this!  Especially not on the weekends!”
      “Then where…”
      “Don’t worry about it.  I have it all under control.”
     Derek made no reply.  He only laughed as someone else lifted Sissy’s skirt while he was made to walk around individually to everyone at a crowded table to show off his fingernails.

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