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The Bet - Chapter 51 (Sunday – week 8 part 8 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 51 (Sunday – week 8 part 8 of 8)

      “Are you leaking yet?” Mel asked as she walked into the kitchen.
     Chad curtseyed.  “Not yet, Mistress,” he replied. 
     Mel glanced at the clock.  “Better hurry,” she told him before she walked out again.  The kitchen smelled good.  No, the whole house smelled good from his cooking.  It was starting to make her hungry.  But the girls would all be here soon and it looked like Sissy had everything in the kitchen under control. 
     He was going to be great tonight!  She just knew it.  The short little dress rehearsal they had finished a little while ago had gone better than expected – even though he was dancing in the unaccustomed toe-shoes and with the big tutu.  She had worked hard on his little ballet.  He had worked hard on it as well, hard enough that she was actually proud of him… not that she would tell him that.  This was going to be sooo good tonight!  The girls were going to love him! 
     She glanced back at the kitchen.  He was just picking up a pot off the stove and carrying it toward the sink.  He was wearing only the one diaper again, only this time, he had his maids dress on over it.  She knew the girls didn’t care for the maids dress, but she liked it.  Besides, they were going to love his ballet outfit later, so the contrast would be that much more startling! 
     Someone knocked at the door.  She started to call for Sissy to get it, but he was busy pouring water out of the pot without letting the vegetables get away.  He was looking at her slightly panicked.  “Don’t worry,” she said.  “I’ll get it.”  She went to the door and opened it.
      “Hi Mel,” Andrea said with a huge smile on her face.
      “Andrea!  Come on in!”
      “It smells good in here.”
      “Doesn’t it?”

     Chad wiped the sweat off his forehead.  It had been a while since he had actually cooked anything so he had more or less gone all out tonight.  Diet cooking?  Well, he wasn’t about to tell anyone that some of this probably wasn’t on their diets.  He doubted any of them were overly worried about their weight anyway. 
     Someone knocked on the door again.  “Sissy, get that!” Mel called from the living room.
     Chad hurried out to the door figuring it had to be Sandy.  He well remembered the last time he had opened this door though figuring it was Sandy there.  His whole world had turned around in an instant the moment he spotted Derek instead.  But at least this time he was attired more properly in his maid’s uniform instead of just in his diapers.  He opened the door and was relieved to see Sandy and Cassie.  He curtseyed and greeted them.
     Sandy stepped cautiously over the threshold.  “Is it safe to come in?” she asked tentatively. 
     Mel laughed from her chair.  “Safe enough!”
     Relieved Sandy headed for the living room with Cassie right behind.
     Sandy looked around.  No sign of any man – especially if you didn’t count Sissy.  “What happened?” she asked.  “That was Derek this morning, wasn’t it?  I can’t tell you how shocked I was to see him.”
      “Not half as shocked as I was,” Mel replied. 
      “And Sissy looks to be in one piece, so I guess things went fairly well?  What the heck happened?”
      “Well…  Things were kind of hairy for a bit.  Really hairy!  But believe it or not, we all went out for a day at the mall together.  And what a trip…”
     Chad left the women to talk.  He still had dinner to finish.  He glanced at the clock, ten minutes left before his leaking deadline!  He was close, very close.  He should be leaking any minute now – he hoped.  The problem was that some diapers were more stubborn than others.  He grabbed a fresh baby bottle from the refrigerator and started drinking just to help things along.  The bottle was one of the new ones that Mel had filled that afternoon so it was still fairly warm.  He didn’t care.  He just needed to be leaking sooner rather than later.
     The food was ready now.  All that remained was to dish it out on the plates and call everybody to the table.  Between quick chugs from his bottle, he started dishing everything out, all the time trying to will himself to leak… leak… leak!
     And then the last of what he needed to do was done.  Dinner was ready.  He looked up at the clock again.  Two minutes left!  Before calling them in, he took one last desperate chug from his bottle, and felt himself peeing again… good!  And before he could open his mouth to call the women, there it was – the tiny little tickle of a leak.  Excitement and relief filled him.
     He curtseyed, even though none of them were looking at him.  “Mistress,” he called excitedly.  “I just started leaking… and dinner is all ready.”
     Mel blinked.  “At the same time?”
     Chad curtseyed again.  “The same time.  Just now.”
      “Figures!” Mel muttered.  “And I’m hungry too!”
      “I’ll change him if you like,” Cassie offered.  “I don’t mind.”
      “Go for it,” Mel offered.
      “Mind if I watch?” Andrea asked.
     Two minutes later, Chad was lying on his back on the living room floor with his skirt pulled up high out of the way.  Cassie yanked the soggy diaper out from under him and quickly inserted the new one and pulled it up over top of him before he could pee all over everything. 
      “He’s still wearing that contraption,” Andrea noted. 
      “It’s still there,” Cassie replied.  Cautiously, she pulled the front of his diaper down a bit so Andrea could see it better. 
      “My, he’s so… small inside there.”
     Cassie nodded, I almost think it gets a little bit smaller every day.  I know it doesn’t really, but sometimes it looks that way.”
     Andrea giggled.  “It’s hard to believe it could have been so much bigger.  I mean… it is so small.”
      “Well…”  Cassie looked right into Sissy’s eyes as she answered.  “To tell the truth, from what I remember, there was hardly much there to begin with!”
     Andrea just giggled as Cassie pulled his diaper up again and taped it firmly into place.
     As Cassie and Andrea sat down at the table, Sissy was banished to his perch in the corner with another baby bottle.  He could hear the women laughing – no doubt at him, but while he could somewhat hear their voices, he couldn’t make out much of what they were saying.  He gave up trying to listen and concentrated on his bottle instead.  Leaning his head back to drink the thing was difficult and the sooner he finished it the sooner he could relax more… his neck anyway.  The darn perch he was stuck on hurt his toes, ankles and calves horribly. 

     Dinner was great, but everyone hardly noticed what they were eating, they were more intent on the stories that were being told – about Sissy.  Sandy had just finished telling everybody about what happened the night before and the giggling had been rampant through all of it.
      “So what time did you finally get home?” Mel asked.  “I know I fell asleep before that.”
      “Late!” Cassie replied instead of Sandy.  “Very late!”
      “Well, I guess that explains why he was so tired this morning,” Mel replied.  “And you should have seen how soaked he was.  I mean, not just his diapers, but his baby doll, his bedding – everything!  Totally soaked!  How many bottles did you feed him?
     Sandy shook her head.  “I have no idea.  When we ran out, we had Greta refilling them for us.  A few of them she even filled with beer!”
     Mel laughed.  “He hates beer!”
      “I know!  The last one he fussed about crazily because he didn’t want to drink it.  That is, till someone from the crowd came up and offered to feed it to him directly… which she did!  It was hysterical!”
      “It sounds like it,” Mel agreed. 
      “Oh!  That reminds me,” Cassie interrupted.  “He was overly soaked when I changed him on Friday!  I mean, really overly soaked!  If it wasn’t for his plastic panties holding everything in, he would have been a major mess then too.  We really need to think about that for next week.  He seems to be wetting so much now that just changing him once at lunchtime isn’t working.”
     Cassie had taken a bit of the fun out of the evening for Mel, but not really very much.  She did need to come up with a solution.  “Well…  I supposed it might help if I send him to work in three diapers instead of only two.  Three used to get him through the night.  I would think it would at least get him through the morning.”
     Cassie nodded.  “Sounds good to me.  And I’ll make sure he leaves the gym wearing three to get him through the rest of the day.”
     Sandy giggled.  “He’ll be waddling a lot more noticeably from now on, even when he tries not to!”
     When dinner was over, the women got up from the table to look at pictures while Sissy was moved to his highchair with an extra-large helping of baby food to eat.  But he was hungry so he enjoyed his dinner more than usual.  Especially since he got to sit down for a change and ease his aching toes and legs.  For the first minute or two he made more of a mess than he had been making lately as he hurried to shovel the food into his mouth, but as his hunger started to slack off, he slowed down and “tried” to enjoy what he was eating.  There wasn’t much taste to any of it and there certainly wasn’t anything at all to chew.  But at least it was something other than the liquid from his bottles to swallow.  Which wasn’t saying much!
     When he was finished eating and had finished another baby bottle, Mel cleaned him up and excused herself while she took him into the bedroom.  It was time to get him ready for tonight’s entertainment.
     His maid’s uniform came off quickly.  Just to make sure there would be no chance of him leaking during his performance, she added the extra protection of his plastic panties.  Then she handed him his pink tights to pull on.  With every little action he made getting dressed, every little item he added, she seemed to get more and more excited, not just because he would be performing soon, but her sexual excitement grew too.  Slowly, he was becoming what she had once been – a little girl in a pretty pink ballet costume, performing a wonderful ballet for an audience of appreciative people. 
     She wondered if he felt the same thrill she had once felt.  But somehow, she knew he didn’t.  Such a pity.  It was a special feeling… a special time in her life.  And she had repeated it every year till she had graduated from High School.  She had always felt so pretty when she danced, so special.  And her mother and father had been there every time cheering her on and praising her lavishly. 
     Her mother and father.  How she missed them.  How she missed her old life.  But they were gone now.  Forever.  She was making it on her own, just as she had sworn to herself over and over again growing up that she would.  But that didn’t mean she had to miss them any less. 
     With a shake of her head she tore herself away from the painful memories and once again tried to see the little girl in Sissy.  It was hard, but she thought she just might see it.  Just a tiny spark.  But it was certainly there.  Could he appreciate this at all?  Or was it just another humiliation for him?  A humiliation for sure, she knew that, but did he feel anything else?  Anything?
     Chad sat down on the floor and pulled the weird ballet shoes onto his feet.  Mel would have to tie the ribbons for him.  Evidently there was an exact method of doing it and he still had no clue what that was.  He watched carefully as she set about it, wrapping each one just so, but he didn’t see anything all that special about it.
     Of all the horrible humiliations Mel had put him through, this little ballet was the strangest, and oddly the least horrible.  For one thing, only Sandy, Cassie, and Andrea were out there.  All friends.  Even he thought of them as friends.  And then there was the other thing, the fact that this dance that Mel had taught him, didn’t really feel all that humiliating.  For some reason, Mel had seemed to make it serious.  Artistic.  Well, as artistic as a guy wearing a silly pink ballet costume, trying to dance like a little girl could make it.  Talk about dumb.  He would have thought Mel would make it much more humiliating, but there was no way he was going to suggest such a thing.  Mel had tried to teach him… seriously, so he would do his best to dance as well as she had taught him.  For her.  In appreciation.  In appreciation of her and all she was doing for him… and to him… and especially for not making this dumb dance be silly. 
     He stepped into the huge flat tutu and let Mel pull it up so she could fasten it.  The crazy thing made dancing so much different.  He couldn’t see his feet.  His arms kept hitting it.  It was a nightmare!  It was… heaven!  And finally, Mel carefully pinned the tiara on top of his head, putting so many bobby pins in it that it would never fall out!  He was ready… physically.  He guessed emotionally too.  He was ready to get this little performance over with.  He still had dishes to do!
     Mel briefly kissed his head as if he were a child.  Her child… her daughter.  She never had a child of her own and likely never would, so in a way, he was her child.  For now at least.  How many times had her mother helped dress her for a performance – before High School anyway.  How many times had she kissed her head and wished her luck?  “Good luck, Sissy,” she whispered.  “I know you’ll be great!”  Just as her mother had said… so many times.  Her excitement growing, she nearly ran out of the bedroom. 
     She ran out to the living room and stood in the large clear area where Sissy would be dancing.  She immediately had everyone’s attention.  With a huge excited smile, she half bowed, half curtseyed.  “Ladies…  We present for your entertainment tonight, the prettiest little ballet you could imagine.  Choreographed by… me.  Performed by… Sissy.”  The three women in the audience clapped with delight.  “And now, from Mel’s school of ballet, our prima ballerina for this evening… Sissy!”  As her friends all applauded again, Mel quickly hit the start button on her stereo and ran around the furniture to watch from the other side of the room. 
     The opening strains of the music resounded through the room.  Sissy appeared in the bedroom doorway and curtseyed just as Mel had taught him – which was a bit different than how he usually did.  Much more refined.  Much more feminine.  Andrea applauded.  Sandy yelled, “Woo-hoo!”   And Cassie whistled. 
     The music transitioned from the introduction into the main melody, and Sissy launched into the dance routine as he had been taught.  Since Mel had tried so hard to teach him seriously, he tried hard to perform exactly the way she wanted.  He only hoped he was achieving half the grace that Mel had tried to instill in him.  There wasn’t a single part of his body that he didn’t move.  Not a single part that he didn’t use to try to relate the story he was trying to tell.  Dance involved every body part, every muscle, every facial expression.  So many things. 
     The music transitioned to a slower theme, and so did he, now trying to portray yearning and love.  All his movements though were those of a female role, nothing at all the least bit masculine. 
     The slower music didn’t last long and soon he was moving faster than ever before.  Spinning, leaping, all in the tight confines of Mel’s living room.  And as the final strains of the music sounded, his dance automatically led once again into a deep final curtsey. 
     It was over.  He had done his best.  But would Mel approve?  Wild clapping greeted his ears.  He stood up and looked, but the only wild clapping was coming from Mel.  The others joined her ovation, but obviously half-heartedly.  But Mel at least was totally thrilled with what he had done.  That much was a huge relief!
     Mel ran back around to where Sissy was, obviously excited.  She grabbed Sissy’s arm and bowed while a confused Sissy tried to follow her lead and again did the same ballet curtsey that Mel had taught him.  Mel straightened up again and finally noticed that the faces of her friends didn’t look very enthusiastic.  “What’s wrong?” she asked.
      “That was it?” Sandy asked.  “That was what all the big hype was about?”
      “What do you mean?  Of course that was it.  He was great!  Didn’t you see how well he danced?”
     Sandy said nothing, but the look on her face told Mel that she didn’t really get it.  Mel looked to Andrea who just shrugged apologetically.  Finally she looked at Cassie.
      “I’m sorry,” Cassie said, “but I just think it’s… boring!”
      “But you don’t like ballet,” Mel replied.  “I think he’s cute.  And he really did it very well!”
      “I’m sorry,” Sandy chimed in, “but I’m with Cassie.  Boring, boring, boring!  I appreciate what you’re trying to do with him, but really, who’d what to watch?  I didn’t find it interesting at all.”
     Mel was fairly crestfallen.  “So you didn’t like it either?”
      “Sorry Mel, I really am!  I think it needs to be more… interesting.  Him too!”
      “What do you mean?”
      “Well, can’t you do something more with his costume to make it more…  I don’t know… like I said, interesting?”
      “Like what?”
      “Well…”  Sandy paused for a moment.  “Do you really want to know?”
     Mel wasn’t so sure she wanted to know.  Especially knowing Sandy and the things she liked about Sissy.  “You might as well tell me.”
      “Okay.  First of all, I think most of his costume is perfect.  I mean, I love the pink and white leotard and tights.  And that crazy huge tutu thing is great.  But ditch the tiara!  You can do better.”
      “Better?  I thought the tiara was pretty.”
      “Oh, it is, but I was thinking of something else.”
     Instead of replying, Sandy got up and headed for Mel’s computer.  Mel turned to Sissy.  “Go get your uniform on again.  The kitchen still needs cleaning.”  She waited till he had disappeared and the bedroom door had been closed behind him.  Then she followed Sandy of to her computer.  Cassie and Andrea followed right behind.
     Sandy opened up Mel’s internet browser.  She typed in a search command and went to a website to bring up the item she had in mind.  “That!” she finally said.  “Instead of that tiara, I think that would be perfect!”
     Mel and Cassie both looked at the item Sandy had found.  Cassie started laughing. 
     Mel had to admit, it did look like it would work, but…  “But if we go with that, then it changes… everything!”
      “That’s the idea!  Now you have to admit, with some more “appropriate” music, and perhaps one or two little other changes, then you’d have something really interesting for people to watch.”
      “What other little things?”
     Sandy spoke softly so that even if the bedroom door had been open, Sissy wouldn’t have been able to hear.  Mel’s eyes suddenly bulged wide.  Despite that fact that it was nothing like what she wanted to do, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “God!  I love it!”
     Cassie’s eyes were wide with shock.  “Oh my!” she said as she started laughing.  “Now that’s going to be something I can’t wait to see!”
     In the bedroom, Chad knew they were probably scheming something horrible for him.  He just hoped it wouldn’t be too horrible.  And he was grateful that just this one time he had gotten away with something that wasn’t too humiliating at all.  He somehow doubted that his luck as far as that was concerned would hold.

     Much later that night, Chad laid on Mel’s bed while she prepared to diaper him for the night.  She quickly removed the soggy, leaking diaper he had been wearing and slid three of his super thick cloth diapers under him instead.  She pulled the top one up over his chastity device just in case he lost control again. 
     With more deliberateness than ever before, she picked up the jar of suppositories and held it where he could see it.  When he tried to move his head away and not look at it, she moved the jar so it was right in front of his eyes, then she slowly brought it back, bringing his eyes with it.  She unscrewed the lid and pulled one of the little pills out.  She held it up between her fingers and examined it closely, knowing that his eyes were fixed on it too.  Then she raised his legs up high and shoved it as far up inside of him as she could.  She quickly lowered his legs and brought the diapers up over him again since he was peeing a bit.  As usual, putting the pins in the super thick diapers was a major chore, but also as usual, she finally managed it.  His plastic panties came next… and he was ready.
     She picked up the suppository jar and held it in her hands while he got up off of her bed.  He curtseyed and said goodnight.  “Good night, Sissy,” she replied.  She watched him leave and listened as he got his things and the apartment door finally closed behind him.  The apartment suddenly felt quieter.  Emptier.  Lonelier. 
     She looked down again at the suppository jar in her hands and clearly remembered looking at the pill.  Just as clearly, she remembered pushing it up inside of him.  Hopefully, he would never know… never find out.  It was the last suppository she would ever give him.  The rest was all up to him now.
      “Good night, Sissy,” she whispered into the quiet lonely room.  “Sleep tight.”

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