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The Bet - Chapter 51 (Sunday – week 8 part 7 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 51 (Sunday – week 8 part 7 of 8)

     Sissy had covered less than half the tables in the crowded area when Mel finally called him back to their table.  Chad was ever so glad that they had finally finished eating.  Forget him having lunch, he just wanted to get out of there!  Unfortunately, as soon as he got back to the table, Mel had him sit down – and then she pulled open his diaper bag and removed his bib.  Once again, shock and horror ran all through Chad.
      “You’re kidding, right?” Derek asked as he saw Mel tie the bib around Sissy’s neck and then start removing jars of baby food from the diaper bag.
      “Of course not,” Mel replied as if she were completely surprised by his question.
     Derek was trying to figure out if he wanted to stick around so close to what was about to happen or not.  He wasn’t at all sure he wanted to be seen as having any part in it.  But after a moment’s reflection, he realized that most people around had already seen him with the little shit.  So he would stick around – or at least he wouldn’t go very far.  And he’d watch as Sissy got all the humiliation Mel could dish out.  And it looked like Mel was very good at dishing out humiliation to him.  As far as he was concerned, Sissy still deserved everything he would get!
     As Mel pulled the first tiny spoonful of green baby food out of the jar, she thought again about how much bolder she was getting lately.  And with Derek here now, it was like she felt obligated to push things even harder.  Fortunately, she wasn’t sure just how much harder she could push.  But as she moved the spoon toward Sissy’s mouth and she watched as he opened his mouth and took it, a little spark of sexual thrill ran through her.  Oh, she really loved this power.  She really enjoyed humiliating Sissy.  And it was just a good thing that Sissy loved it too.  At least, she was fairly sure he did – on some level.
     Chad opened his mouth and let Mel shove another spoonful of mashed up peas into his mouth.  At least he was fairly sure that’s what she was feeding him.  The stuff was green anyway.  As she fed him, he could easily see people all around him pointing and looking at him and talking about him.  As if all the humiliating things he had just done weren’t enough!  He was hungry, but the way things were going just then, he wasn’t nearly hungry enough to enjoy eating anything, let alone baby food. 
     Over and over again, he had been forced into the most unbelievable situations – most of which even he couldn’t imagine.  And now here he was again in the middle of another one!  When would it end?  And just as importantly, how far was Mel going to push him?  The answer to the first question was easy enough.  If he won the bet, then it would all end right then and there.  But if he didn’t win…”  He didn’t want to think any more about that one at all!  And as to how far Mel was going to push the humiliation, he was amazed at how far she had gone already.  She certainly couldn’t do much more!  Could she?
     And then there was the other major question on his mind.  When could he finally take off the hot, miserable, itchy sweater he had on?  The socks too!  He wanted so badly to claw at his body.  You’d think that the breast forms he was wearing would tent the damn sweater enough so that it wouldn’t touch him everywhere.  But the damn sweater was simply too clingy.  There was just no getting away from it.  It was a wonder he could manage to eat anything at all!
     Spoonful after spoonful, jar after jar, Chad was forced to endure being fed baby food like… a baby… in front of the biggest crowd he could imagine.  And he had thought that what he had endured last night was bad!  That was nothing compared to this!  He was out in a much more public place here!  In broad daylight!  This was a place where anybody could come!  How much worse could it get?  He was so glad when Mel finally put everything away and removed his bib.  Now could they please go home?  If for no other reason than to get rid of his stupid itchy sweater!
      “Can we go now?” Derek asked.
      “Absolutely,” Mel replied.
     Chad was jubilant!  They were going home! 
      “Do you need to go home,” Mel asked Derek, “or can we look through a few more stores first?”
      “I’m in no hurry,” Derek replied.  “I was just hungry earlier.”
     Chad’s hopes dissolved into nothing.  He grabbed his new little-girl purse, his diaper bag and the bags from the stores they had visited earlier.  At least he had that much to cover up his embarrassing outfit.  Unfortunately, Mel stopped just outside the food court.
     With a wink at Derek that Sissy couldn’t see, Mel said to Sissy, “All those things look awfully heavy and cumbersome.”  She turned to Derek, “Can he have your car keys so he can take everything back to your car?”
     Derek raised his eyebrows, but he reluctantly turned his keys over to Sissy.
      “Take everything back to the car,” Mel told him.  “Just keep your pretty new purse when you come back.  Come find us as soon as you can.  Oh!  And while you’re out there, make sure you drink another full bottle before you come back!”
      “And don’t take all day with it!” Derek added.  “I want those keys back!”
     Chad curtseyed and hurried off in the direction of the car, which meant that he had to walk through most of the mall to get there. 
      “Are you going to wait for him right here?” Derek asked.
      “Absolutely not,” Mel replied with another of her wicked smiles.  “Let him try to find us.”  With that, she linked her arm through his again and set off at a leisurely pace through the mall. 
     Derek was just glad to be rid of Sissy for a while!  Now that it was just the two of them, he could relax and enjoy Mel’s company so much more.  If it wasn’t for the fact that he no longer trusted Sissy with his truck keys, Sissy could stay away for the rest of the day!

     Chad hurried off through the crowded mall as fast as his soaking wet, overly bulky diapers would allow him to go.  He was actually grateful for the heavy diaper bag he was carrying because the straps seemed to press and scratch at his shoulder and back.  At least those few places were getting some attention for the never ending itching from his sweater.  But the pace he was setting with everything he was carrying was starting to tire him out… and worse, the wool sweater and socks he was wearing was starting to make him sweat – which only increased his discomfort that much more!  Ugh!  And the total lack of skirt he was wearing didn’t seem to do a thing to relieve how hot he was getting.  He was forced to slow down despite his wish to get out of the mall faster. 
     When he finally got back to Derek’s truck he unlocked it quickly and climbed into the back seat and closed the door.  Safe!  Finally!  At least for a little while.  Once again he thanked the truck manufacturer for the tinted windows. 
     But the truck was hot inside since it was sitting out in the sun, and his wool sweater and socks weren’t helping matters any.  With a grunt, he grabbed his new sweater and pulled it up and totally off!  He clawed at his body for a minute to relieve the itching.  Why did wool have to itch so bad?  He thought about removing the wool socks too, but thought better of the idea.  The sweater he could slip on easily, but it would be too much trouble to have to put the socks back on again when he had to go back into the mall.  Instead, he pushed the socks down toward his ankles as far as they could go.   Relief!  Mostly.  The socks did still itch his ankles.
     In the growing heat of the car, he dug another baby bottle out of his diaper bag and started drinking.  As hot and thirsty as he had gotten hurrying back to the truck, the relatively cool liquid from the bottle felt good going down.  He drank it greedily as he relaxed against the big back seat of Derek’s SUV.  He felt himself peeing again, but he didn’t care.  He did that so often now that feeling it was rarer then when he didn’t feel it. 
     Safe!  Relaxed!  With a bottle of semi-cool tea to drink.  The tea could have tasted better, but at least it was a lot cooler than Derek’s truck!  By the time he got half way through the bottle, he was thinking seriously about opening a window, which he didn’t want to do because then anyone walking by would see him drinking from the bottle.  But a few minutes later, as he wiped sweat off of his brow, he started looking at the window controls more seriously.  Unfortunately, to open the windows, he would have to turn the engine on.  And he didn’t want to get out of the truck to do that.  So he stayed put and suffered in the growing heat as he drank. 
     When he finished his bottle, he was seriously torn about what he should do.  The truck was hot and getting unbearable, but when he got out, he would have to go back into the mall again dressed as crazily as he was.  He was seriously thinking about drinking a second bottle, but he finally ruled against it.  The truck was too hot to begin with, and he did still have to go back inside.  And Mel and Derek were probably sitting there waiting for him to return.  Derek had seemed anxious to get his keys back again.
     Reluctantly, he pulled up his socks and pulled the itchy wool sweater back on again over his now sweaty body.  The unrelenting itching began immediately.  He had to wonder what they made the wool with.  Itching powder?  Ugh!  Nearly driven mad by the sweater and the heat, Chad got back out of the truck, this time carrying just his new little sissy purse.  It was cooler outside of the truck, but the only place on his body that he could really tell was his face and the small area of his legs between his diaper and his knee socks.   He locked the SUV and headed back into the mall.  But he didn’t hurry as much this time.  He was too hot!
     He immediately became the center of all too many unbelieving stares as he made his way back through the mall, waddling even more than he did earlier since his diapers were so much wetter now.  Without his diaper bag or the other bags to carry, he felt even more unprotected and on display.  The tiny little silly purse he was carrying certainly couldn’t hide anything!  It probably only attracted more attention!  And why did wool have to be so hot and itchy?  You’d think that as much as he was sweating, it would insulate him at least a little bit from the never ending itchiness of the wool!  But unfortunately, he felt more uncomfortable now than he had earlier. 
     Finally, the food court came in sight!  Now, where was Mel?  He looked all around the entrance – no Mel or Derek.  He even chanced going into the food court and looking all around – again no Mel.  Where had she gone?  Okay, he had been gone a while.  Maybe she was looking in one of the nearby stores?  He quickly checked several stores in the area – no Mel!  He didn’t remember her saying anything about wanting to shop in any particular place or for any particular thing.  Where was she?  Had she gotten tired of waiting for him to come back?  Had she and Derek gone back to the truck and he had somehow missed them?
     He started making his way one more time back out to the truck, this time, keeping a closer watch on all the people around him.  But having to look closer at everyone else made him realize so much more how much people were noticing him – the fear of which only added to how hot and miserable he already was.
     At the very far end of the mall, Mel and Derek were just leaving the big department store there.  “This is where I brought Sissy on one of our more memorable trips here,” Mel told Derek.  “I had him wearing the most darling sissy dress and I made him stand right over there and perform for everybody passing by.”
     Derek, who had been enjoying forgetting about Sissy for a change, was forced to ask, “Are you planning on making him perform again today?”
      “No, not today.  At least not here.  Not till later tonight.  But that reminds me.  I’m having a little get together at my place tonight, and if you like you’re certainly invited.  Sissy will be cooking – and trust me, he’s a wonderful cook!”
      “I’m not sure if I’m glad he’s wonderful at anything,” Derek replied.  “Who’s going to be there?”
      “Just a few of my girlfriends.”
      “No thank you then,” Derek replied.  “It sounds too much like a hen party to me.  I’ll pass.”
     Mel chuckled softly.  “You may be right about the hen party.”  She got more serious.  “But since I am having people over later, I guess we better think about going home soon.  Sissy does still have to cook.”
      “The truck is at the other side of the mall.  The only way to go is that direction.”
     But just then, Mel noticed someone she recognized.  “Wait a second,” she said quickly.  “I’ll be right back.”  She hurried over to one of the benches and sat down next to the elderly gentleman there.  “Do you remember me?” she asked.
      “How could I forget that pretty face,” the man replied.  “Did you bring your… friend back today?”
      “Yes, but he’s somewhere else in the mall and I have to get him home soon.”  Mel continued to talk quietly with the man for a minute more.  Then he simply nodded and she got up and left. 
      “What was that all about?” Derek asked.
      “Just one of Sissy’s fans,” Mel explained. 

     The truck was empty.  No sign of Mel, no sign of Derek.  Chad was starting to get more frustrated now… and worried.  Where were they?  Once again he turned around and headed back into the mall.  He figured that some people he saw were starting to get awfully used to seeing him walking past.  He wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.
     Waddle, waddle, waddle, itch, itch, itch!  Where were they?  Waddle, waddle, itch, itch… oh, I’m peeing again!  Waddle, waddle, itch, itch, itch!  He wanted to rub at his itching so badly it was nearly driving him mad!  He dared not only because he figured it would draw even more attention to him, not to mention that it wouldn’t help.  But that didn’t stop him from wanting to scratch at it!   Waddle, waddle, waddle.  Itch, itch, itch!
     He searched as diligently as possible in most of the stores he passed without actually going into any of them.  The people all around him were still staring with disbelief at him.  Many of them still laughed.  Many of them pointed.  But many of them also gave him dirty looks and just moved further away from him.  He did his best to ignore all of them.  He couldn’t help the way he was dressed!  Just like he couldn’t help how horribly he itched!  Ugh!  Where were they?
     Once again he went briefly through the food court.  No Mel.  No Derek.  But just as he was going out again, he nearly ran right into them.  Finally!
      “Sissy!  Where have you been?” Mel asked.  “We’ve been looking all over for you!”
     Once again, Sissy led the way back toward Derek’s truck.  Only this time he was all too glad to move slower.  He had peed so much from his frustration and humiliation that the four diapers he was wearing were becoming much more difficult to walk, or waddle in.  Besides, he was hot and miserable from the stupid itchy wool sweater he was wearing.  He couldn’t wait to get home!
     As Derek and Mel followed behind Sissy, Derek noticed something strange.  “Is it my imagination, he asked, or is his diaper showing more than before.  And I’m sure he’s waking funnier.”
     Mel chuckled a bit.  “It should be showing more.  The inside diaper was soaked to begin with and the others have been swelling more and more each time he pees since I put them on him.  So he should be walking a bit funnier too.”
      “Shit!” Derek muttered.  “I haven’t even been to the bathroom once since I left home!”
     The outside door was in sight and not far away.  Chad headed straight for it as if it were a beacon to some kind of freedom.  Home!  And finally he would be able to get out of this miserable itchy sweater – he hoped!  At least he would no longer be out in public in his overly sexy outfit and drawing all too much attention!  But as usual, just when he thought things were finally starting to go somewhat his way, that’s when Mel said, “Wait just a minute!”
     Everybody stopped.  Mel dug into her purse and pulled out her cell phone.  “I want to take a picture of Sissy in that darling outfit!  Hold up your pretty purse Sissy so we can see it better.  Smile…”  With a click that couldn’t be heard in the crowded mall, Mel took his picture.  But before anyone could move, she decided she wanted one more.  “Wait a minute, wait a minute!” she exclaimed quickly.  “I want another one, this time with Sissy and me together!”  She handed the phone to Derek and walked up to stand next to Sissy.  “Curtsey, and hold it there for the picture,” she told him.  Then she stood a foot away and held her arms out toward Sissy as she were showing what she had created – which she was.
     Derek pushed the button to take the picture, but what he didn’t see was the look on Sissy’s face an instant before he took the picture.  He didn’t see it till after the picture had been taken.  “What’s wrong?” he asked, noting the look of shock and distress Sissy was exhibiting.
     But now that the picture had been taken, Sissy couldn’t move a muscle, not even enough to get out of his curtsey position. 
      “What?” Mel asked, now noticing the same thing.
     Chad’s mouth worked, but the only sound that came out was, “I…  I’m…  Uh…”
      “You’re?”  And then it dawned on her and she laughed.  “Well, I guess that’s one suppository we aren’t going to need today.”
      “What do you mean?” Derek asked.
      “He just messed his diaper.”

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