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The Bet - Chapter 52 (Monday – week 8 part 6 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 52 (Monday – week 8 part 6 of 8)

     Robin had been at work again for almost an hour before she finished the small piece she had been working on – finally!  She had turned around several times to watch Sissy playing like a child behind her… and to make sure he kept drooling.  Who would ever think from looking at him that he was anything other than a sissy?  But she knew all too well that if she didn’t keep him attired properly, then the tendency was all too likely that she herself might forget.
     She grabbed her phone and snapped a few more pictures of him playing with the dolls.  Another idea struck her.  She changed the setting on her camera and started filming him, picking up the little paper doll clothes and trying to wrap the tabs around the paper doll itself – and get them to stay.  It would be a very precious video. 
     She stopped filming and picked up the big envelope that held the pages she had printed out for his paper dolls.  Only a few of the pages had been cut out so far.  She pulled a fresh page out and handed it to him.  Then she opened her desk drawer and pulled out the tiny child’s safety scissors and handed them to him as well.  And once again her camera went back to work, videoing him trying vainly to cut the doll clothes out with scissors that were too tiny for his fingers.  Precious videos.  Precious indeed.
     She tried to go back to work again after that, but her mind wouldn’t stay off of him.  She turned around to watch him again, and again she took more pictures.  But the pictures showed nothing new, nothing at all.  She wanted to keep filming him, but what should she film? 
     And then an idea struck her.  She took the scissors and dolls away from him and picked up her phone again and set it in video mode.  “Sissy,” she said as she pointed it at him, “show me how you ask for your bottle.”
     Ask for his bottle?  And he knew she was filming him.  Nervously, he got to his feet and curtseyed.  In his high-pitched sissy voice, what came out was… “Pweath  may I hab my baba.”  Then of course he had to curtsey again.  He stood there waiting for whatever she wanted next.  Unfortunately, Robin sounded mad when she looked up from her filming – which he realized was still going on since the camera was pointed at him.
      “Just like a child!” she declared.  “You can’t remember anything.  We have to drill you over and over again!  Okay, so be it!  Sit down on the floor again!”  She waited till he was down.  “Now, this time you do it right!  You do it the way you’re supposed to!”
     Chad had no idea what he had done wrong. 
      “When you’re sitting down, you stand up… you curtsey… you speak… you curtsey again so I know your done… and then you sit down on the floor again!  Now practice!”
     Chad had to get to his feet, curtsey, speak the silly words in his sissy voice, curtsey again, and get back down on the floor.  A moment later, he had to go through it all over again… and again… and again…
     Robin filmed a few of his practices.  But all of it was way too much.  Her phone could only hold so much.  While he was getting up and down from the floor behind her, she plugged her phone into her computer and downloaded all the pictures and vides she had taken so far again.  She looked at a few of the videos to see how they had come out and was pleased with the results.  She turned back around again and watched as he spoke his silly sissy words, curtseyed, and sank down to the floor again.
      “Do you think you can get it right for me this time?” she asked.
     Chad nearly spoke before he should have.  He got to his feet and curtseyed.  “Yeth,” he replied.  Then he curtseyed again and got back down on the floor.
     Robin set her phone in video mode again and pointed it at him.  “Okay, show me how you ask for your bottle, and you better show me how much you really want it!”
     Show how much he really wanted it?  He didn’t want it!  Not at all!  But that wasn’t a choice he exactly had.  He got to his feet in front of Robin and her camera phone.  He curtseyed before speaking in his sissy voice.  “May I pweath hab my baba?”  He curtseyed again and sank back to the floor.
     Robin lowered her camera.  “You call that showing how much you want it?  Come on!  I know you’re desperate for it!  Show me how desperately you want it!”
     Desperate?  She had to be kidding?  Which he knew she was.  But that didn’t help matters any.  As she again raised her camera to film him, he figured it was time for more playacting.  He again got to his feet and curtseyed.  “Please may I have my bottle,” he pleaded in his sissy voice.  “I really, really want it.  I really, really need it! Please, please, please!”  With a hopeful look on his face, he curtseyed again and sank back down to the floor.  Was it enough?  He couldn’t imagine doing any more than that.
     Robin was laughing as she continued filming him.  “Sure you can have your bottle baby.”  Still on camera, she reached into his diaper bag and pulled one out.  The camera showed him reaching up to take it from her hand.  She spent a few moments videotaping him drinking it.  “Picture of a perfect sissy!” she said before turning the video camera in her phone off.  With a chuckle, she turned back around again and transferred the video to her computer.
     While Sissy was busy working on his latest bottle, she composed another message to Mel and then attached the latest videos she had filmed.  With a happy click of her mouse, all of it was sent. 
     She looked at her clock.  Almost break time.  She turned around to check on him.  He was only halfway through with his bottle.  “It’s almost break time,” she told him as he continued to drink, “but I guess we can’t have you going to the break room dressed like that… unless you want to of course.”
     Chad only looked up at her with a horrified expression on his face.
      “Somehow I didn’t think you would,” Robin replied to his unspoken answer.  “So what are we going to do with you in the meantime?”  She stared at him for a few moments while she considered what to do.  “Since you won’t be going to the break room, I want you to stay right there.  And since you’re too childish for me to trust you, I guess I have to find some way to make sure you stay right there.”
     Chad wanted to tell her that he wasn’t going to go anywhere, especially not dressed the way he was.  But he realized she wasn’t looking for any kind of answer from him.  Besides, he’d have to get to his feet and curtsey again before he said anything.
      “So how are we going to do that?” she mused to herself as she continued to watch him nursing on his baby bottle.  She noticed one thing that she wasn’t happy about – the way he was sitting.  “Pull your feet in,” she said.  “Sit Indian style again.  That’s how the kids at my son’s day care have to sit, so I see no reason why you shouldn’t do the same.”  She waited till he was in the position she wanted.  But it still wasn’t right.  “Back up further, so your back is against the drawers.”  It didn’t take much for him to move back and then sit like she wanted him to again.  “Now, how are we going to keep you like that?” 
     She opened her desk drawer… and once again spied her scotch tape.  Of course!  She grabbed the tape and started wrapping it around where his legs crossed, over and over again, binding them in that position.  Then she made him lean forward and wrapped the tape from his legs around his back so that there would be no way he could straighten his legs.  “That should hold you long enough,” she declared. 
     She noticed how much liquid was left in his bottle.  Not nearly enough.  She took the unfinished bottle from him and handed him a fresh one instead.  “Here, this should keep you busy a little longer while I’m gone.” 
     Chad wanted to scream.  Another bottle!  What the heck was he supposed to do?  Since he didn’t want it, and he knew she would be leaving soon, he didn’t bother to start drinking it yet.  He merely sat there and looked up at her, expecting her to leave now.
     Feeling satisfied, Robin was about to leave for the break room, but she kept staring at him.  He still hadn’t put the fresh bottle to his mouth yet… which told her something else.  What she had just done with him wasn’t enough, not by a long shot.  She grabbed her tape again, but she had to stop for a moment to consider how she wanted to do it.  “Grab that thing with both hands!” she ordered. 
     Both hands?  Chad did as he was told and wrapped both hands fully around the bottle.  Then he watched in horror as Robin wrapped layer after of layer of her tape over his hands, sealing them to the bottle.  As a final touch, she pushed his hands and bottle up to his mouth and made him suck on it.  Then she wrapped more layers of tape around his hands and bottle and around his neck so he couldn’t remove it. 
     This time when Robin stood up, she felt more satisfied.  “Much better,” she declared as she tossed her tape onto the desk.  “I expect you to be right there when I get back,” she said as she turned to leave.  I sure hope nobody stops by to see you while I’m gone,” she taunted.  With one last wicked smile, she turned the corner and left.  The idiot!  He deserved just what he was getting! 
     As she walked away, she spent a few moments worrying about her last comment to him.  What if somebody did stop by?  He was in her cubicle. All bound… or rather taped up.  What would they think then… of her?
     Chad was shocked.  His bottle was locked to his mouth so he couldn’t remove it.  His hands were locked to his bottle so he couldn’t move them or even let go of the bottle.  And his feet were pulled up and taped so he couldn’t move them.  And she had left him like this!  If anyone did come by, he would be helpless!  Not that he’d know what to do anyway. 
     With the bottle stuck in his mouth and having very little choice, he started nursing on it again.  He couldn’t do much else.  And it was a full bottle!

     Robin felt good as she walked into the break room.  She stood in the short line and poured herself a cup of coffee and carried it over to where the women were congregating.  
      “Where’s Sissy?” one of them asked as she sat down.
     She had to think quick.  “Busy,” she answered.  “You know how it is.”
      “Don’t I ever!  Will he be coming later?”
     Robin shook her head.  “I doubt it.  Not today.  He’s totally tied up with what he doing.”  She almost laughed out loud at the old worn-out pun.  Two other women asked about Sissy as they sat down, but the answer that he was busy quickly spread and the subject was dropped.  But since Sissy wasn’t there, the subject of his fingernails wasn’t dropped.  Robin mostly sat back and listened to the wild things the women were saying about nails in general as they tried to compare different things they had seen to Sissy’s nails.  In her opinion, Sissy’s nails topped the cake!

     Derek walked into the break room knowing that he would probably see Sissy there – and dreading it.  But he refused to let a dumb shit sissy keep him from doing anything he wanted.  His eyes scanned the room as he walked in, but he didn’t see Sissy at first glance.  Before he poured his coffee, he paused to look over at where all the women were congregated together – where Sissy usually sat.  He saw Robin, but he didn’t see Sissy.  He actually felt relieved that Sissy wasn’t there.  He poured his coffee, and couldn’t help but wonder where Sissy had gotten to.  It was unusual for him to not be there. 
     On his way to one of the empty tables, he went a bit out of his way and stopped by the women’s table to ask Robin about it.
      “Hi Derek,” one of the women he had gone out with in the past said sexily as he approached. 
      “Hi,” Derek replied with a slight smile.  He turned to Robin.  “Where’s...”  he was going to say “the dumb shit,” but he stopped himself.
      “Sissy?” Robin finished for him.
     He nodded.  “Yeah.”
     Robin was surprised he would ask, but she was mostly interested because Mel’s earlier email had told her all about what had happened on Sunday.  Derek knew!  “He’s… busy right now,” she replied.
     Derek nodded.  It sounded perfectly likely. 
      “Um… Derek,” Robin said before he could walk off.  “Uh… can I speak to you for a moment?  Privately?”
     Derek was surprised by her request but he merely said, “Why not?  Do you want to join me?”  He pointed at one of the empty tables.
      “Excuse me ladies,” Robin said softly as she got up.
      “Bye Derek,” the one who had greeted him with the sexy voice called behind him.  Derek only waved briefly. 
      “What’s up?” Derek asked as he sat down with his coffee.
     Robin took a chair nearby where she could talk softly and not be overheard.  “Uh… I’m not really sure,” she replied. 
      “But you wanted to talk to me… privately?”
     Robin nodded.  “Yeah.  You see…  Mel told me in an email all about what happened on Sunday,” she blurted out. 
     That shook Derek.  He tried to remember if Mel had mentioned that Robin knew all about Sissy, but if she had, that fact hadn’t sunk in.  But he realized that he should have suspected it from the start since Robin and Sissy worked together.  “What did she say?” he asked.
      “Everything!  She said you showed up rather… unexpectedly.  And then she wrote all about what happened at the mall.”
     Derek nodded.  “Did she tell you I’d like to beat the living snot out of the jerk?  Did she tell you I hope he gets all the misery he deserves – and then some?”
     Robin was surprised by the vehemence of what he had just said.  “Um… not exactly.”
      “Then she didn’t tell you everything.”  He paused for a moment to collect his thoughts.  “It’s just that… he used to be a friend… somewhat anyway.  At times, a good friend.  We didn’t exactly pal around together, but we were still friends.  And then all of a sudden he starts showing up at work in dresses, trying to be a woman.  And then all of a sudden I find out that’s not the case at all, that it’s something totally…”
      “Sick?” Robin offered.
     Derek nodded.  “Sick.  Perverted.  Call it what you want.  But I can’t help it, I have no sympathy for him at all anymore.  No respect at all.  I can’t give it to him.  He wants a life of misery, then I hope he gets it!  Royally!”
     But then it was Robin’s turn to wonder.  “Did Mel tell you that I…”  But she was at a loss for words.  “Shit!  I don’t know what I do with him.  I guess I can’t stand facing him anymore like he used to be, or even like I thought he was… now that I know the truth.  So I guess now I…  I don’t know.  I dominate him?  Humiliate him?  Whatever it takes to keep me from seeing him as a normal person so I don’t have to try to deal with him like a normal person!”
     Robin suddenly backed off.  Had she just said all that?  “Sorry,” she said contritely.  “It’s just that he can make me so mad sometimes.  Which is why I have to deal with him the way I do.”
     Now it was Derek’s turn to be surprised by Robin’s feelings.  “No, Mel didn’t tell me anything about you… that I remember.  But it sounds like we have a bit in common.”
      “Yeah.  I guess we do.”
      “So he’s working now?”
     Robin smiled wickedly.  “Not on what you’d think.”
      “What does that mean?”
      “Um…”  Robin looked around to make sure nobody was near.  “You don’t really have to finish that coffee here, you can take it back to your desk with you.  But when you go, you should really stop by and visit him.  I ‘know’ he’d love to see you.  I’m sure it would absolutely brighten his day.”
      “Why would I want to?” Derek asked as Robin was getting to her feet.  “I’d much rather avoid the little shit!”
      “Oh, I’m sure you don’t want to see him.  But go anyway.  Oh!  And if he’s not at his desk - which I’m fairly sure he won’t be, then check my desk – it’s just past his.”  With a wink she left him and went back to the women’s table. 
     Derek stared after her for a moment.  “Shit!” he muttered to himself.  He was sitting alone anyway.  He picked up his cup and left the break room. 

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