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The Bet - Chapter 53 (Tuesday – Week 8 Part 3 of 10)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 53 (Tuesday – Week 8 Part 3 of 10)

     Robin saw Mel’s email come in and she opened it right away.  It was a short note where Mel mostly thanked her for the pictures and videos she had sent yesterday.  Mel also apologized for not being able to get back to her sooner because she was currently so busy.  Finally, Mel asked how Robin liked the outfit Sissy was wearing today.  Robin appreciated the fact that at least Mel had taken the time to thank her for all the pictures.  But then, she had sent them as a means to thank Mel for all the pictures and descriptions of what had happened to Sissy over the weekend.  She only wished that Mel had mentioned a bit more about why she had put Sissy in the ridiculous outfit she had him wearing today.  But then, she understood that Mel was busy… evidently, very busy.
     She heard typing on the other side of the wall and wondered what Sissy was working on.  Not that it really mattered.  As she listened to the keys clicking, she remembered just how fast he could type.  Really, he was a great programmer.  He could analyze things and do things with the code that she barely understood.  But he was horrible when it came to design or anything the least bit artistic.  She guessed that’s why they seemed to complement each other so well – work wise anyway. 
     She still had nothing for him to work on yet in this project – but that was her fault, mostly because she had gotten a great idea and it was taking a lot of time to develop.  So she had him doing nothing for now.  But what was he typing so much for on the other side of the wall?  Curious, she got up from her seat to go see.  “What are you working on?” she asked as she entered his cubicle.
     Chad turned around to answer, but the sudden angry look on her face made him stop before he spoke a single word.  He quickly got out of his chair and curtseyed.  “I’m sending Mel an email.”  He curtseyed again.
      “About what?”
     He curtseyed.  “About the bet.  How do we decide who wins or loses?”  Curtsey.
      “You mean you won’t know?”
     Curtsey.  “What if it’s really close?”  Curtsey.
      “You think it will be?”
     He shrugged, then curtseyed.  “I think I’m going to win.”  Curtsey.
     Robin wasn’t all that sure.  In fact, she rather doubted it, but that wasn’t for her to say.  She noticed his bare feet and his shoes on the floor nearby.  “You took your shoes off?”
     Curtsey.  “They were hurting my feet.”  Curtsey.
     Robin didn’t doubt that for a minute.  She would never even think of wearing shoes like that.  “You’re the one who decided to wear them!  In fact, you told me you picked them out!”
     Curtsey.  “I’m starting to think it was a bad decision.”  Curtsey.
     Robin only nodded.  “Okay.  Go back to your email.  I was just wondering what you were working on.  She watched as Chad curtseyed one more time then sat down.  As she turned her back to leave, she could hear him typing again – as fast as ever.  She turned back to watch him for a moment.  That was one of the reasons he finished his work so fast – he typed so darn fast. 
     As she turned to leave again, her eyes caught sight of the ridiculously high heels he had been wearing earlier.  She shook her head at them and started back to her cubicle.  But at the entrance to her cubicle, a really weird idea flashed across her brain.  She stopped to think about it for a moment and giggled.  Then she headed straight back to his cubicle again.  “Did you finish that email yet and send it?” she asked.
     Chad was really surprised to see her back again so soon.  Again he had to get out of his seat and curtsey before he could answer.  “I was just finishing,” he replied, then curtseyed again. 
      “Don’t send it to Mel, send it to me instead.”
     He curtseyed.  “But what about Mel?”  Curtsey.
      “You can send it to her later.  After I say you can.”
     Chad stared at her totally surprised for a moment.  Then he sat down and emailed it to Robin.
      “Good,” Robin said as she came up behind him.  She grabbed his mouse and deleted the email from his computer so he couldn’t open it again to see what he had written.  “Just stay here and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
     She went back to her desk and opened his email.  It was longer than she thought and filled with a lot of what-if’s and reasons and questions – all of them good questions.  She was sure the email was going to give Mel something to think about – after he retyped it all again – which by her estimate was now going to take quite a while.
     She hit the print button to send it to the printer and got up from her seat.  “I’ll be right back,” she called as she passed his cubicle on the way to the printer.  A few minutes later, she was back again with the printout in her hand.  She set it on his desk.  Now, you can retype that word for word and when you’re done, I want to check it before you send it.  Got that?”
     Chad again had to get out of his seat to curtsey before he answered.  “Yes, Robin,” he replied before curtseying again. 
     Robin shook her head.  “No you don’t.  You only think you do.”
     Chad was confused.  What she had told him to do was easy enough.  He curtseyed.  “But…  It’s not that hard.”  Curtsey.
     Robin giggled a bit to herself.  “It’s not?  We’ll well just have to see about that.”  She pointed at his chair.  “Sit down.”
     Sitting down was easy.  And the best part was that he didn’t have to curtsey. 
     Robin bent down and picked up his ridiculously high heels and set them on his desk.  Then she took the left shoe and grabbed his left hand.  She shoved his hand into the shoe so that his fingers were all the way into the toe.  Then she buckled the strap around his wrist to keep it from falling off.  A minute later, his other hand was stuck inside the other shoe.  But there was too much of a chance his hands might pull out.  “Wait right there and don’t move,” she told him.  “I’ll be right back.”
     Chad was shocked.  His shoes were on his hands!  How was he supposed to type?  How was he supposed to do anything for that matter?
     Robin hurried to her desk and grabbed her scotch tape.  Then she hurried back to him again and began wrapping it tightly around his hands and the shoes so he couldn’t get them off.  Finally, she was satisfied.  She stood back to survey her handiwork… and giggled.  “There.  Now let’s see how fast you can type.”  Then, just for spite, she leaned over across him and closed everything on his desktop, then she did a restart on his computer so he would have to not only open everything again, he would have to log in again.
      “Let me know when you’re done,” she said with a satisfied smirk as she turned on her heel and left him.  That should keep him busy for a while!  Of that, she had no doubt!

     Chad’s first challenge was to log into his computer.  Unfortunately, he didn’t use a simple password – not that he ever would, or that the company’s system would even let him.  His password was a series of uppercase and lowercase characters, mixed with numbers and symbols.  He had to get the heel of one shoe to press down on the shift key while the other heel pressed down on the key he needed.  Fortunately, the heels on the shoes were really thin so he could do it.  The task would have been virtually impossible with a much thicker heel. 
     The height of the heels under his hands made things all that much more difficult because he had to raise his hands up so high to manipulate things and press down on the keys.  By the time he had logged in, he almost felt worn out!  And then he was faced with a new challenge – using his mouse.  He was able to shove the thing around on his desk with the side of the shoe easy enough and get it over the spot he wanted, but when he went to press on the mouse button, the mouse moved again and moved his pointer off of what he was trying to select.  Just pressing the mouse button became a two handed job – or was that a two shoe job.
     The simplest little tasks that he never even thought about he now had to think and plan for.  Nothing was easy.  And the awkward position of his hands having to deal with the super high heels made it all that much more difficult.  Out of frustration, he stood up.  Things suddenly became a little easier.  He could see better, he could reach better, and he could manipulate the shoes stuck to his hands easier.  He still had to go very slowly and he still had to mentally plan every key he was going to touch in advance, but he found that after a few minutes, he was doing fairly well.  He could get this with no problem!

     Robin checked her clock.  It wasn’t break time yet, but it was getting closer.  She had been working for a while now and she hadn’t heard anything from Sissy’s side of the wall.  But then, she didn’t really expect to hear anything.  She had meant to give him another bottle to drink earlier but she had gotten busy and forgotten it.  Thinking about what she had done to him, she let out another little chuckle and got to her feet.  She grabbed a baby bottle from his diaper bag and went to his cubicle.  She wasn’t surprised to see how intently he was working, but she was surprised to see him standing up.  She also noticed right away that his skirt had hiked up and she could just see the bottom of the girdle he was wearing underneath.  But with his hands in the condition they were, he couldn’t pull it back down.  “You’re standing?” she asked as she walked in.
     Chad turned around and curtseyed.  “It’s a lot easier to reach the keys this way,” he replied before curtseying again.
     Something about him standing bothered her, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it so she said nothing.  “Sit down and drink this,” she said as she set the bottle on his desk for him. 
     Chad sat, but now he had to pick up the bottle.  Holding it with the sides of his shoes and balancing it properly wasn’t easy.  It was even harder to tilt it up and hold it the right way to his mouth, but he managed it.  He felt himself peeing again at the humiliation of it – as he saw Robin laugh and turn away.  Another bottle.  When was he going to start holding back?  But just then, he didn’t really feel like holding back.  What would be the point anyway?
     Robin went back to her desk and picked up the phone.  She called the same woman who had called her earlier.  “Sissy and I are going to be a few minutes late getting to the break this morning,” she told her.  “Can you hold a few seats for us?”
      “Oh, definitely!” the woman replied.  “Just make sure you get him there.  I want to see that outfit up close!”
      “I’m sure you do!” Robin replied.  “I’ll have him there.  Don’t worry.”  With another little chuckle, she hung up her phone.  Yesterday, all the women had started talking among themselves because his name – “Sissy” had been spelled out on his fingernails.   Today they would have even more to discuss!  And she planned on making sure of it!
     She waited.  It was hard to wait till after break had already started, but there was no way she was going to let him be anything but late getting to the break room – very late!  It was important that everyone else already be there before she let him – make his entrance.  And since her friend had already called, she knew that word of the way he was dressed today had spread all over the company by now.  She was sure that attendance in the break room was going to be very high this morning – especially among the women.
     She waited till five minutes after break had already stared – and she couldn’t wait any more.  She got up and went over to his cubicle.  She was surprised to see him still struggling to finish his bottle.  He seemed to be having trouble getting it to stay tilted up at enough of an angle that he could finish drinking it.  But he didn’t have much more to go.  She leaned against his desk.  “I’ll wait till you finish that,” she said.  And she waited some more. 
     It took him a good three minutes more to finish his bottle.  When he did, she took it from him.  Then she cut the tape off of his hands and unfastened the straps on his shoes where they were fastened around his wrists.  “Hurry up and put those back on your feet,” she told him.  “It’s past break time.”
     But break was the last place Chad wanted to go – dressed the way he was.  He almost complained without curtseying, but he caught himself just in time.  “I can’t go to break today!” he said desperately.  “Not today!  Please!  Not dressed like this!”  Curtsey.
     Robin almost laughed.  “You’ve got to be kidding!  Look at it this way, the only reason ‘most’ people would dress like that is so that someone notices them.  So I’m going to help you.  I’m going to make sure someone notices you.”  She laughed.  “Actually, I’m sure everyone is going to notice you.”
     “But I can’t!  Please!”
     Robin quickly got angry.  “I can see we still need to work on you curtseying again!  But that will have to wait till later because right now you’re going to break.  Even if I have to get everyone to come in here and drag you down there!  And you know I’ll do it!”
     That was the problem.  He did know she’d do it.  She had already had all the women come into his cubicle once and drag him to break.  And with the way he was dressed, he had no doubt that the women all wanted desperately to see him up close.  With a sinking feeling, he knew he wasn’t going to get out of it.  Wanting to cry, he sat down heavily in his chair and strapped the heels back on his feet again.  How was he going to get through this?
     When he was done with his shoes, he stood up.  It took him a moment to get used to the heels again.  Then he reached for his skirt to pull it down.
     Robin saw that he was about to pull his skirt down into place.  She never even thought about what she was going to say.  “Don’t!” she ordered quickly. 
     Chad looked up at her surprised.  This time he curtseyed.  “But it needs to be pulled down.”  Curtsey.
      “I know.  But you’re going to have to wait.”  She was about to turn to head for the break room when she noticed something odd about the little bit of girdle that was showing.  She had to bend down a bit to look closer.  “Do you know that I can see a little bit of your plastic pants sticking out below your girdle?” she asked incredulously.
     Chad looked down, horrified – but totally believing it.  He had to curtsey again.  “The girdle is so tight, it’s the only direction the diapers can expand.”  Curtsey.
      “And your skirt is… really short!”
     Curtsey.  “I know.  It was a big problem at the poker game.”  Curtsey.
     Robin only nodded, and with a satisfied smirk on her face she turned and walked out of his cubicle.  “This way Sissy.  Let’s go.  Leave your skirt like it is.”
     Chad had no choice but to follow after her.  As they walked, he kept looking down, not just at the floor, but at the bottom of his skirt where he saw all too plainly the silly sissy bows on his legs where the garters were attached to his stockings, but worst of all, he also saw the white edge from the bottom of the girdle he was wearing underneath.  And Robin had said she could see his diapers?  He couldn’t believe Robin was going to make him go into the break room like this.  But then, he couldn’t believe she was making him go at all dressed the way he was.  How was he going to handle it?


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