Friday, July 6, 2012

The Bet - Chapter 52 (Monday – week 8 part 7 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 52 (Monday – week 8 part 7 of 8)

     Having no way to move and no way to stop drinking his bottle, didn’t leave Chad with a whole lot of options.  He also didn’t have a lot of options when he heard the very faint sounds of footsteps approaching – and he knew they didn’t sound like the shoes Robin was wearing!  In fact, the only option he had was to feel – terrified!  And to wet himself again, but that didn’t count.
     Derek paused at Chad’s cubicle.  He wasn’t there, but he suspected that he wouldn’t be because of what Robin had said.  He went a few steps further down the hall to Robin’s cubicle.  He didn’t see Sissy till he had gotten far enough to see into the whole cubicle, and when he did, he stared in disbelief. 
     He said nothing at all as he went all the way in.  It was perhaps the most bizarre sight he had ever seen!  Sissy looked… ridiculous!  More ridiculous than he ever expected to see him.  Most notable was the big colorful bow perched right on top of his head.  Beyond that, it was hard to miss the layer upon layer of tape wrapped around his hands and the baby bottle, and around the back of his neck so he couldn’t remove the bottle from his mouth.  He noticed the tape on Sissy’s legs too, binding them in the sitting position he was in. 
     But the tape did little to cover the childish pattern decorating Sissy’s plastic pants, or the big bib tied around his neck.  The tape also did nothing to hide the look of fright in Sissy’s eyes.  And littered all around him on the floor were what looked like paper doll pieces – and a pair of tiny pink child’s scissors. 
     He shook his head in disbelief as Sissy stared up at him with that terrified look in his eyes.  “Don’t bother getting up,” he said.  “I can see that you’re busy.”
     Chad didn’t know if he should be terrified or relieved.  At least Derek was someone who knew about him, so he figured that relieved would be what he should be feeling – except that something about Derek scared him. 
      “Remember when I said the other day, that I hoped you got everything you deserved, and then some?  This is exactly the kind of thing I meant!  Only more!”  He looked down at the bizarrely bound sissy, still not believing what Robin had done with him.  “I’d still like to ram my fist down your throat, but as long as I can see that you’re being treated – properly, then I think I can manage to hold off… for now.  And I’m absolutely determined to not let a little snot like you get in my way or cause me any problems at all.  Because from everything I can see, you’re not worth that much consideration!  Like I said, I have no respect for you anymore.  None!”  With a nod of his head, he added one last comment.  “Enjoy yourself down there, because you deserve it!”  He walked off.  But the image of what he had just seen had been forever burned into his brain.  It would be very hard to forget.
     Ahead of him, he saw Robin waiting at the corner of the hallway.  She must have followed him out of the break room.  As he got closer, he could see that she looked worried.
     Robin spoke before Derek had a chance to say anything.  “Please don’t tell anyone about what I’ve done,” she pleaded.  “Please!  I’m not a bad person!  I don’t do things like this… usually.  It’s just that… I can’t help it with him.  He…”  She paused to figure out the best word to use.
      “Irritates you?” Derek suggested. 
     She nodded.  “I can only deal with him now if I see him as a sissy and nothing else.  And I don’t want to get fired over this.”
     Derek nodded.  “I understand.  I think.  Don’t worry, I won’t mention you, but I have absolutely no concern for him at all.  I don’t care what happens to him – the worse, the better.  But I won’t mention you at all.”
     Robin nodded with relief.  “Thanks.  I appreciate it.  Like I said, I don’t want to get fired.”
     Derek nodded.  “Don’t worry about it.  If anyone should get fired, it should be him!  I don’t know why they put up with everything so far!”
      “I think it’s because Mel has been trying to be careful about what everyone sees.  Well, most people anyway.  At least here at work.  Evidently she doesn’t care about other places.”
      “Yeah,” Derek agreed.  “I’ve seen what she’s willing to do with him in public, and I still think he deserves everything he’s getting – and then some!” 
      “Thanks,” Robin said again with a pat on his arm before she turned and walked back to her desk.  She had taken a chance letting Derek see what she had done with him.  The full impact of someone else knowing hadn’t set in till it was too late – till after she had suggested that Derek go see Sissy.  So she had followed Derek to talk with him again.  Fortunately, Derek understood.
     She continued back to her cubicle. Sissy was still on the floor, still right where she had left him a short time ago.  His bottle was only half finished, but then she hadn’t been gone all that long.  She had come back early from break because of Derek.
      “Did you enjoy your visitor?” she asked, knowing full well that he couldn’t answer.  She found her camera again and started taking more pictures and videos of him all taped up and drinking his bottle.  She even lifted his bib in one of the videos to point out the “Baby” t-shirt he was wearing.  And since it was still early and she had some time, she sent the latest batch off to Mel.

     Mel stared closely at picture after picture.  She couldn’t believe how many Robin had sent.  And there was a second email that she hadn’t even gotten to yet.  She loved the bow on the front of his pantyhose.  And Robin had sent him to lunch like that!  She was betting Cassie had enjoyed it. 
     She got to the second email, the one that contained all the video clips.  One by one she worked her way through them too.  But the ones that had her the most interested were the ones where Robin had him practicing – getting up from the floor, curtseying before and after he spoke, then getting back down on the floor again. 
     As she was watching the last video, she noticed a third email from Robin come in.  When she opened it, she found more pictures and videos attached.  But what caught her attention the most in this email was the short message that Derek had stopped by and saw Sissy like this.  She opened the pictures and was shocked to see how she had bound Sissy up with what looked like tape.  The videos showed much more than the still pictures.  Sissy looked totally helpless and he couldn’t take his baby bottle out of his mouth.  It was so perfect!  She was also interested to note all the paper doll pieces scattered on the floor around him, the things Robin was making him play with to occupy himself.  And Robin had asked for help from her?  She was now taking notes from Robin!
     After all the pictures and videos of Sissy that Robin had sent, it was hard for her to go back to work again.  She forced herself to do it, but her mind was mostly on Sissy and Robin.  Oh how she wished she could be there to see it in person!  She needed to send Robin a big thank you for everything she had sent today.  But somehow, just a simple email didn’t seem adequate.  She decided to mull that thought over for a while before she did anything. 

     When the bottle Chad was drinking was empty, he didn’t let Robin know.  He couldn’t remove the thing from his mouth anyway and since Robin was now back at work again he felt it was more prudent to stay silent.  He didn’t want to make matters any worse for himself.
     Since Derek had left, he had been unable to keep that little visit out of his mind.  Yesterday, Derek had been angry and frightening.  He had seemed no better today.  There was no doubt about it, he was now afraid of Derek… probably with good reason.  Derek wanted to ram his fist down his throat! 
     He heard Robin turning around to check on him. 
      “Are you done?” she asked as she got up from her chair.  She checked his bottle.  “All done!  What a good baby.”  And then she laughed.  She grabbed her scissors and cut the tape that had been wrapped around his neck and the tape holding his hands to the bottle.  Pulling the tape away, she was finally able to take the empty bottle from him. 
     Chad flexed his fingers.  Moving them felt good since she had bound them fairly tightly.  He waited for her to cut the tape holding his legs the way they were, but she seemed to be uninterested in that. 
     Robin stuck his empty bottle back into his diaper bag.  She was going to cut his legs loose, but her eyes fell instead on the partially finished bottle he had been drinking just before break.  Feeling wicked, she picked it up and handed it to him.  “No use letting this one go to waste.  Finish it!”
     Chad’s heart sank with disbelief as he took the bottle.  He was tired of drinking.  His mouth hurt.  If he drank much more his diapers would explode before he got out of work. 
     Robin saw him pausing before he started drinking again.  Before she knew what she was doing, she had grabbed her tape again and was once again wrapping it around his hands, fastening them to the bottle… and then around his neck so he couldn’t remove it from his mouth again.  It was a very pleasing sight, one that seemed to fill her with satisfaction.  “Much better,” she muttered to herself as she sat back down to work again.  “Much better!”
     Chad didn’t get released again till long after he had finished the bottle and Robin had seemed to come to a stopping point in her work.  Only then did she cut and remove all the tape.  But then he was still stuck on the floor playing with the paper dolls.  He would have just sat there and done nothing, but Robin kept turning around every little while to check on him and make sure he was playing.  The paper dolls were – boring!  There wasn’t much he could really do with them.  Put the same few clothes he had taken off the doll back on again, only to take them off again, only to put them on again!  It was like torture. 
     And then if she gave him more clothes to cut out, the tiny scissors were all but impossible to use.  They weren’t exactly sharp so they didn’t cut very well. But the biggest problem was in trying to hold the darn things while he tried to cut something.  They were made for a child’s fingers.  Even then, he had to wonder if they were a bit small.
     He watched Robin’s back as she worked.  She was doing something useful.  Something interesting.  While he was stuck down here playing with… paper toys!  Junk!  But he was a sissy and this was also the life he had dreamed of – being dominated just like this.  But he had never expected it to ever come from one person let alone both Mel and Robin.  Non-stop domination.  Living the dream… and then some.  He just wished he could enjoy it sexually – the way he always thought he would.

     Mel rubbed her tired eyes.  The reading was hard work.  She had finally decided to concentrate on just the latest version of the contract itself, but the paperwork was all out of order.  The last lawyer, the one who had quit, had marked a few passages here and there, but there were no other notes as to why those sections had been marked.  She couldn’t see any reason at all, and the fact that she had to keep hunting through the mountains of pages for the next page didn’t help matters.  She was saved by Andrea knocking at her door.
      “Are you going to be at this all day tomorrow?” Andrea asked, “Or can you take a few clients too.”
     Mel sighed.  “I better see at least some,” she replied.  “Try to call the ones that seem most important.”  She threw the stack of papers in her hand down in frustration.  “I’m getting nowhere with this anyway!”
     Andrea just smiled.  “Get back to the business you know.  Maybe it will help.”
      “At least I won’t be as frustrated,” Mel agreed.
      “Will you be staying late?” Andrea asked.
     Mel checked the time and was surprised by how late it was.  She looked at the mountains of papers scattered all over her office.  She shook her head.  “I’ll take some of this home with me instead.”  She was interrupted by the ringing of her phone.  “Hello?”  She saw Andrea just wave as she walked off.
      “I just put my diaper on, Mistress,” Sissy’s sissy voice came over the connection.  Mel checked the time again.  It really was that late.  “Good!  You know the drill.  I’ll be there in a little while.”
      “What do you want me to wear?” Chad asked.
     Mel thought about that.  “Maid’s dress.  We’ll go from there after dinner.”  She ended the call and glanced for the hundredth time at all the paperwork.  Finally she pulled herself out of her chair and decided to grab just the things she thought she would look over tonight.  She had so much work to do… but the time limit on the bet was also running short.  She couldn’t afford this extra distraction.  But what could she do about it?  It was her job!


sarah penguin said...

Poor Sissy. All his friends are going to end up hating him :(

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOO Sarah, not hating him but simply treating Sissy the way he craves to be and should be treated.