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The Bet - Chapter 53 (Tuesday – Week 8 Part 8 of 10)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 53 (Tuesday – Week 8 Part 8 of 10)

     Chad was glad to be doing something useful for a change – and not playing with paper dolls like he usually did in the afternoons now.  And his shoes were even on his feet – where they belonged.  His feet hurt a bit, but there was no way he was going to remove them now if he could help it.  The only thing that kept hindering his work now – was Robin.  It seemed like every hour she kept bringing him another baby bottle to drink.  In a way, it was like she was giving him a break from his work every hour or so.  While he appreciated the breaks, he could definitely do without the bottles!
     His one biggest problem now though, was his plastic panties – showing under the bottom of his girdle – and, he was fairly sure they would also show below the hem of his skirt – even pulled down.  How was he going to get out to his car like that?  Could he leave early?  Somehow he didn’t think so.  Could he leave late?  That seemed like a much more likely possibility.  Until…
     Chad noticed an email coming in from Mel.  He opened it quickly. 


I’m glad you weren’t hurt during your encounter at lunchtime today.  We’ll talk more about that later. 

Derek will be joining me for dinner tonight, so make sure you make something good – that he will like!  And make sure the apartment looks perfect!

Full maid’s uniform tonight – and you better look perfect too!

As always, call me when you change your diaper. 

     Just like her notes in the morning, the email wasn’t signed, but then he didn’t need it to be. 
     Derek was coming for dinner!  And he had to make something that Derek would like!  Chad had no doubt that Mel wanted to impress Derek as much as possible.  So what should he cook?  Everything that immediately came to mind was nothing that Mel had in her apartment.  He usually made diet dishes that women would like, not meat and potato dishes that Derek preferred.  What was he going to do?  Go shopping on the way home?  Dressed like he was?  With his plastic panties showing beneath his skirt?  Not likely! 
So now he had another problem… Derek!

     Despite his need to leave work as soon as possible, when quitting time came, Chad’s fear kept him rooted to his desk.  He shut his computer down, but he couldn’t bring himself to get out of his chair.
     Robin stopped by at the entrance to his cubicle as she was leaving.  “What are you doing?  It’s time to go home.”
      “Um…  I’m giving it a few minutes till most people can leave,” he explained.  “I’m afraid my diapers will show too much below my skirt.”
      “How long do you plan on waiting?”
      “I don’t know.  Probably ten of fifteen minutes.  Hopefully, that should be enough.”
     Robin smiled and came all the way into his cubicle.  “Plenty of time then… for this!” she said as she pulled another bottle out of his diaper bag.
     Chad wanted to groan out loud, but he put the bottle to his lips and started drinking.  As soon as Robin had left, and he was sure she wasn’t coming back, he stuck the unfinished bottle back into his diaper bag again.  He really didn’t want to drink anything else.
     After ten minutes, he cautiously got up and checked the halls.  It seemed clear enough.  He walked down to the first turn, and saw too many people still around.  He went back to his desk.  Five minutes later, he tried it again – and again went back to his desk.  He had to wait another five minutes before everything had cleared enough that he felt sufficiently safe to hurry to his car. 
     By the time he got home, got all his clothes off, took a much needed shower, put his one single diaper on again, and finally phoned Mel, he was a half hour later than usual.
      “Why are you so late?” Mel complained when she answered his phone call.
     Chad didn’t have any other answer except the truth.  “My diapers were showing too far below my skirt for me to get to my car.”
     Mel would have laughed if she wasn’t so irritated at him for being late – today of all days – today when Derek was coming for dinner!
      “What are you going to do about dinner?” she asked. 
      “I don’t know yet,” Chad admitted.  “Derek usually prefers steaks and maybe a baked potato.  We don’t have any so I’m going to see what I can put together when I get to your apartment.”
     Mel thought about it for a moment.  Derek preferred steaks.  “Don’t do that,” she said.  “Go to the grocery store as fast as you can and get whatever steaks you think he’ll like!  Get two.  One for me too.  And try to get back before either of us get there!”
     Chad wasn’t too sure about doing that, especially in light of his earlier experience at the convenience store, but he agreed.  As quickly as he could, he finished getting dressed in his full maid’s uniform and touched up his makeup and hair.  Then he grabbed his purse and ran out the door and back down to his car.  He was going to the grocery store again, but this time, he was going alone – in his maid’s uniform.
     As he drove, he kept remembering all the past trips he had made there with Mel.  It seemed like every week she did something to make it more embarrassing.  So today, alone and only wearing his maid’s uniform, it shouldn’t be quite as bad as it had been the last few times.  But that didn’t mean he still wasn’t nervous about it. 
     He parked his car and hurried inside.  The store wasn’t quite as crowded as it was on Sunday mornings, but there were still a lot of people there.  He immediately wished he had left his bright white apron off.  That way, it would have looked like he was wearing a more normal dress.  Did his apron call too much attention to what he was wearing?  He was sure it did, but like everything else in his life, there wasn’t much he could do about it. 
     He quickly found two nice steaks, and then collected two baked potatoes.  He knew better than to buy any for himself – as much as he would have liked some, he already knew that his dinner tonight was going to consist of nothing but baby food.  Ugh!
     As quickly as he could, he carried everything back to the checkout counter where he had to wait in a short line.  All too many people turned to look at him, but at least his maid’s dress was better than most of the outfits Mel had been making him wear out in public lately.  Fortunately, while everyone looked at him, nobody said anything. 
     A few minutes later, he paid for his purchases and was hurrying home.  As he parked his car, he was glad to see that Mel and Derek weren’t there yet.  He ran up the stairs to Mel’s apartment, thankful for the low, easy to do everything in, heels on his feet.  Two minutes later he was breathlessly trying to get everything prepared as much as possible before anyone got there.  He didn’t get far however before Mel came running in.
      “Sissy,” she called as she came through the door.  Chad ran out to greet her with his usual curtsey.  “How is everything going?” she asked.
     He curtseyed.  “I just got back,” he said.  “I was just starting.”
     Mel took a moment to look him over.  “Your shoes could be shined better. Your apron and dress could look better too.  I suppose you wore them to the store?”
     He curtseyed again.  “Yes, Mistress.”
     She shook her head.  “And your earrings are all wrong!  You don’t wear earrings like that with your uniform!”
     Chad realized that he had neglected to change his long dangling heart shaped earrings for the simple studs he usually wore.
      “You’ll just have to do,” Mel declared exasperatedly.  “Hurry up now and get dinner ready.  I’m going in to change.  When Derek gets here, I expect you to answer the door as a proper maid.  Curtsey, greet him – properly.  And offer him a drink!”
     Chad curtseyed again.  “Yes, Mistress.”
      “Good!”  She turned and ran off toward her bedroom.
     Chad went back to preparing dinner – for them.  He had just put the baked potatoes into the microwave oven when he heard someone knocking on the door.  Wiping his hands quickly he hurried to answer it.  He was glad to see Derek when he opened the door.  Knowing that Mel would probably be listening from her bedroom, he curtseyed politely and said in his sissy voice, “Good evening, Derek.  Please come in.”  He closed the door again as soon as Derek had entered – even though Derek never once took his eyes off of him. 
      “Where’s Mel?” Derek asked.
     Chad curtseyed.  “Changing.  She just got home from work.  Can I get you a drink while you wait?”
     Derek considered it.  “Beer.”
      “Um…  I’m afraid all we have here is wine.  Will that do?”
     Derek rolled his eyes.  “I guess it will have to.”
     Chad hurried off while Derek found a seat in the living room.  It only took Chad a few minutes to pour a glass of wine for Derek.  He quickly carried it out to him.  He waited while Derek sampled it.
      “Hmm.  Not bad,” Derek said.  “Beer would have been better, but this is okay.”
      “Mel likes wines,” Chad explained.  “She has a pretty good collection.”
     Before Derek could reply, Mel’s bedroom door opened and she came out wearing a simple – but short – red dress.  “Hi Derek,” she said.  “Sissy, I’ll have a glass of that too.”
     Chad curtseyed and hurried off as Mel sat down next to Derek on her sofa.  He poured her glass of wine and hurried out to her with it.  He curtseyed as he presented the glass to her. 
      “Thank you Sissy,” Mel said.  “Now please get dinner ready.  I’m starving.”
     Chad curtseyed again.  “Right away,” he replied.  But Mel wasn’t paying the least bit attention to him anymore.  He went back to preparing dinner.

      “So what’s this big problem you seem to have lately?” Derek asked Mel.
      “Ugh!  Are you familiar with Sunshine Corporation and Green Growers United?” Mel asked.
      “I’ve heard of Sunshine,” Derek replied.  “Big conglomerate, aren’t they?”
      “Very!” Mel replied.  “Green Growers is a major collection of farmers, mostly pesticide free stuff.  They’ve been doing a booming business for years now but as I understand it, they’re looking for capital so they can expand.  Enter Sunshine Corporation.  They’re trying to buy Green Growers, but the Green Growers board members don’t want to lose their positions.  It’s a bit of a tricky problem, but basically, Sunshine is going to remain the quiet owner of Green Growers and simply infuse them with more cash.”
      “So should I be buying stock in one of them?” Derek asked.
      “I wouldn’t.  This one could just as easily lose money as make it.”
      “So what do you have to do with it that makes it such a problem?”

     As Mel as telling Derek about her involvement in the merger, Chad prepared their dinner and carefully set the table.  When the food was ready, he dished it out and put it all on the table along with fresh glasses of wine for each of them.  Then he called them to dinner.  They both got up slowly from the couch as they talked and came slowly into the kitchen, paying no attention to anything except themselves and what they were talking about.
     As soon as they were seated, Mel excused herself from the conversation she was having with Derek and turned to Sissy.  “Sissy,” she said, “we’re seated.  Where do you belong?”
     Chad breathed a small sigh and started for his perch in the other room. 
      “Don’t forget to take another bottle with you,” Mel called behind him.  “If you’re late tonight, I’m going to let Derek punish you!”
     Chad’s eyes went wide with fright.  He ran back to the refrigerator and took a fresh baby bottle out.  He was drinking it before he reached his perch.  A minute later, he was stuck in his corner again, head tilted back, staring only at the corner of the ceiling until he could finish his latest bottle.  He could almost hear Mel and Derek talking behind him, but he couldn’t make out anything of what they were saying.  Were they talking about him?  If so, maybe it was best that he couldn’t hear them. 
     As soon as his bottle was finished, he lowered it to his side and lowered his head to stare into the dim close confines of the corner where he could see nothing.  His forehead was resting against the corner.  He could feel his false breasts shoved into the corner walls as well.  While his heels were trapped over top of the bar of the perch, his toes were forced far down below, a position that made his feet hurt and soon caused his legs to hurt as well.  It was a position he was all too used to.  Certainly not fun.  Just something he had to put up with – because of what he was – a sissy. 
     He didn’t know how long he was forced to stay like that, unmoving and uncomfortable.  Time seemed to have a different speed whenever he was stuck in his corner.  He occasionally felt himself wetting, but most of the time it was very short lived.  More often, he felt like he was going to pee, but he couldn’t feel anything happening.  And sometimes, that feeling simply went away.  Was he peeing then, only so slowly that he couldn’t feel it?  He had to hope so, only because he didn’t want to get punished by Derek for not leaking on time. 
     He occasionally heard a bit of laughter coming from the kitchen behind him, but other than that, he couldn’t make out anything of what they were talking about.  He finally just let his body relax as much as possible and entered an almost trancelike state where he was somewhere between awake and sleeping.  A state where he could ignore the pain in his feet and legs.  A state where he didn’t have to concentrate on not moving.  A state he could maintain for a very long time.  Except…  
     The telltale tickle of his diaper leaking was enough to startle him fully awake.  “I’m leaking!” he called into his corner.  But his statement went unanswered.  “I’m leaking!” he called again much louder.
      “Damn it!” Mel’s voice came agitatedly from the kitchen behind him.  “Can’t you learn to stay quiet while I’m entertaining company?  Just shut up and stay there till we’re ready for you!  I can already see we’re going to have to punish you for things you’ve done wrong tonight.  So just stand there and think about that!  And be quiet!”
     Punished?  For what?  Not that she really needed a reason.  That was part of the contract.  She could punish him for no reason at all.  But as hard as he tried, he couldn’t think of a single thing he had done wrong.  Maybe he went over his time limit for his diaper to be leaking?  Since he had no way of knowing how long he had been on his perch, he didn’t know the answer to that one. 
     So he was still stuck there, standing on his uncomfortable perch and crammed into his corner.  With nothing to do, nothing to see, and the only thing he could really feel was the miserable aching in his feet and legs… oh, and the pee running down the inside of his legs from his leaking diaper – which was an all too irritating feeling.

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