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The Bet - Chapter 54 (Wednesday – week 8 Part 4 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 54 (Wednesday – week 8 Part 4 of 9)

      “My place,” Robin said as they walked past Chad’s cubicle on the way back from break. 
     Chad said nothing.  Of course, it was easier for him to say nothing since he had his thumb stuck in his mouth again.  Break had been less humiliating for him today than usual.  But after yesterday, anything would be less humiliating!
     Once in her cubicle, Robin went straight to his diaper bag and pulled out yet another baby bottle – his fourth one of the morning so far.  And he had just finished not only a full cup of coffee, but another baby bottle just before break as well.  It was too much!  “No…” he groaned out loud, not meaning to really say anything.
     Robin withdrew the bottle with a shocked, angry look on her face, “No?  What do you mean no?”
      “It’s too much,” Chad replied – without curtseying first.
      “You’re the one who made that silly bet!  You’re the one who wanted to see what it’s like to be incontinent!  You’re the one who gave up all say about everything – for the fun of it!  Don’t tell me no!  As I see it, you don’t have the right to tell anybody no!  About anything!  And once again you forgot to curtsey before you opened your stupid mouth!”
     Her sudden anger frightened Chad.  He was surprised enough that he couldn’t tell if she was really mad or was just pressing her point.  He might have messed up a bit, but not all that much.  He curtseyed.  “Thowwy Wobin,” he said contritely in his sissy voice before curtseying a second time. 
     Robin wasn’t exactly mad, but she wasn’t about to let him get away with anything either.  He was just like her son, if you wanted to get the point across about something, then you had to raise your voice to let him know how serious you were.  And once again Sissy was showing her how much like a child he was.  Children never knew what they really wanted – even when they thought they did.  Well, he thought he wanted it, so now she was going to make sure he got it!
     She pointed at the floor.  “Down!” she ordered.  “No, wait!” she reversed herself quickly.  “That dress is way too nice… too grown up for you.  Take it off first!”
     Take his dress off?  Get undressed?  Now?  Chad forced himself to not sigh so that she could notice, but he bent down to unfasten his shoes first. 
      “I didn’t say your shoes!” Robin said firmly.  “I know they’re probably very uncomfortable, so you can leave those on.  Just your dress.  Get it off!”
     She waited while Sissy stood back up and removed his dress, leaving his all-in-one girdle as his most prominent piece of clothing.  Robin again pointed at the floor.  “Now you can get down there.”  Once he was down – like a child – she handed him his baby bottle – which he took with no complaints this time.  You just had to know how to treat them! 
     She watched as he sat there on the floor sucking on his bottle.  So much like a child.  He deserved this for sure!  Without the dress, she found him much less normal, much more the way she preferred to deal with him.  And he did seem to need constant dealing with – like a child. 
     Once Mel was done with him and someday allowed him to get potty trained again, maybe then he would grow up and be more of an adult.  Maybe.  But for now, once again, all she could see in him was a child.  In many ways, nothing but a baby.  A big baby for sure, but nothing but a baby.  And you just had to know how to deal with them. 
     With a satisfied look on her face, she turned around and got busy with her work, seeming to ignore him for a while.  But like with her son, she could never really ignore him.  You had to watch children constantly!

     Chad stared at Robin’s back as he nursed on his bottle.  Another bottle!  He had already had way too much to drink today.  His diapers were soaked!  Major soaked. And major heavy!  Was she trying to make him leak before he went to lunch?  If so, she was doing a darn good job of it.
     He had felt himself peeing a few times this morning.  But those times were always brief.  And he knew for sure that most of the time he wasn’t even noticing it when he wet himself anymore.  And why should he?  His diapers were always so wet that it didn’t matter if he was adding more to them.  He did it so often that he couldn’t pay attention to it anymore.  It was even getting hard to detect now when he was trying to watch for it.  And the problem was that he was still getting too much to drink – way too much.  He didn’t stand a chance of controlling anything as long as he was drinking so much. 
     Something inside of him stirred with excitement at the thought that what he was experiencing might really be like true incontinence.  He was wetting himself uncontrollably for sure.  Messing himself too.  And as long as they kept pouring the liquids down his throat he stood no chance of controlling himself – like a baby.  Like a real baby. 
     And now Robin had made him take his dress off and made him sit on the floor while drinking from his baby bottle – like a baby.  He was living the dream – the dream that so many others, himself included, believed could never really happen in real life.  Yet here he was, doing it, in real life.  Living the dream… and then some. 
     Despite the amazing orgasm he had experienced last night, his under exercised sexual excitement grew a bit more just thinking about it.  He felt the pressure of his need, surprisingly more in his back end instead of in his penis – his primary sexual organ – once.  But his backside was the only place he was allowed to feel pleasure – now.  Thinking about that stirred his excitement as well.  He didn’t know why it excited him, he simply couldn’t help it.  His thoughts turned toward Cassie, hoping that she would play with him again during lunch.  Despite his orgasm last night, he wanted it again… badly.  Would he be able to cum again?  He certainly hoped so.
     His bottle finished before he knew it.  Since Robin seemed so fixated today on him keeping his thumb in his mouth, he replaced the bottle nipple with his thumb, while he waited for Robin to turn around and see that he was finished.

     Robin heard the small sound behind him and smiled, but she made no move to indicate that she had heard him finishing his bottle.  Let him sit there and wait till she was ready.  She kept working, but her mind was more on him behind her than on her work.  Finally, she turned around.  He was sitting there sucking his thumb – like a baby.  He looked so childish that she almost laughed.  Fortunately, she steeled herself into sternness.  “You’re done finally?  Do you want another one now, or are you going to behave a bit and wait a little while?”
     Chad had to stand up, remove his thumb from his mouth, and curtsey.  “I’d rather wait a bit,” he replied.  Then he had to curtsey, put his thumb back in his mouth again… and get back down on the floor. 
     Robin watched him the whole time.  Something inside of her was laughing at him – even though she was doing her best not to show that.  He looked so ridiculous!  Especially in nothing but his underwear.  Lots of underwear, but that’s still all that it amounted to.  He certainly didn’t look “normal” now.
     A tiny silly idea struck her.  She found his big multi-colored hair bow and held it on top of his head while she looked at it.  It was like playing with a big doll.  On a whim, she turned the hair bow backwards, so that the long streamers were hanging down in front of his face.  Giggling a bit to herself, she fastened the bow to his hair just that way. 
      “I know you’ve still got plenty of work to do,” she told him, “so you better get to it.  I’ll let you know when it’s time for your next bottle.”  What she wasn’t telling him, was that his next bottle time wasn’t very far away. 
     Chad stood up and looked at his dress.  The streamers from his hair bow were a nuisance as they blocked much of his vision and swayed across his face.  He took his thumb out of his mouth and curtseyed.  “Can I put my dress back on now?” he asked – before curtseying again and sticking his thumb back in his mouth.  He was afraid though that he knew the answer.
      “Not till later… maybe,” Robin replied with a smile. 
     With colorful streamers in his face, Chad pulled his thumb out again and curtseyed again.  Then he turned and went back to his own cubicle. 
     He sat down at his computer and pulled the streamers away from his face as if they were long strands of hair.  But the way the bow was designed made them move right back in place again as soon as he let go of them.  They were in his way.  He had trouble seeing around them.  How was he supposed to work with them blocking his vision? 
     He finally wound up holding them aside with one hand while he attempted to type with his other.  At least it was better than trying to type with the heels of his shoes like he had done yesterday.  Today, no matter how much his shoes hurt his feet, he was determined that they were going to stay on his feet and nowhere else!
     Fifteen minutes later he heard Robin calling over the wall.  “Bottle time!”
     He closed his eyes and shook his head.  Would it ever end?

     Mel stood carefully still as the seamstress marked and pinned the hem of her skirt.  The jacket she was wearing had a few chalk lines on it too, but not many.  Actually, other than the length of the skirt, the suit seemed to fit her perfectly… the seamstress just didn’t seem to think so.  So she stood there while her suit was marked and fitted to perfection – just as she had stood there a few minutes earlier and waited while her other suit was measured and marked as well. 
     The new suits were nice – really nice.  Expensive, but worth it.  But then, everything in this store was that way.  She looked at her reflection in the big mirror as she waited.  Outrageously expensive clothes.  Reminders of what her life used to be… before her parents died.  Reminders of what her life could be right now… if she would just let herself have it.  But a life like that was no life at all if she didn’t deserve it.  And she was determined that she would have it again, only she would have it because she deserved it.  She wouldn’t have anyone saying she was basically worthless because she had inherited everything.   
     Feinbaum’s little contract job though was not the ordinary fare for her.  This job required that she be taken more seriously than the little back-office lawyer she had been for a number of years now.  She just wished she didn’t feel so much like she was failing at what Feinbaum needed. 
     She would wear the clothes again.  She would walk the walk and talk the talk.  She would take the huge sum of money she would get for her tiny part in the proceedings.  But there was no way she could feel like she really deserved any of it.  No way she could feel like she once again belonged back up with the elite of society.  No way… because she knew she didn’t deserve it.  Not yet at least.  Maybe someday, but not yet.
     Five minutes later, she was back in the changing room putting her dress back on.  Her suits would be ready for her to pick up tomorrow morning at the latest.  She would have to make the time for it – despite all the work she knew she would be tied up with over the next version of the contract – which still hadn’t arrived yet. 
     As soon as she was dressed, she looked critically at herself in the changing room mirror.  Was she getting old?  Damn, she was.  But not too old!  Not yet!  But staying young was getting harder and harder… or at least looking young.  Her figure was… okay.  Not what it used to be.  But then, what about her was?  Her face looked… okay.  Older than she would like.  But still not too old!  Her hair…  She ran her fingers through her hair.  Should she take the time to have it cut and styled again?  She had just had it cut recently.  But restyled?  No, she really didn’t want to bother. 
     She pulled her hair back behind her head and held it there while she studied her face again.  Then she dropped her hair and smoothed it out.  Time to think about other things besides morbid thoughts! 
     She left the dressing room and headed out to her car.  It was still a little bit early for lunch.  She had a few minutes.  She drove to her bank instead of the restaurant.  Inside, she signed the register granting her access to one of her safe-deposit boxes.  This one held jewelry – mostly her mother’s old jewelry.  But it also held a few special pieces of hers as well.
     Once she was alone with the box, she opened it and sorted through the colorful pieces inside.  So many things.  So many expensive things – monstrously expensive things – as she was now mature enough to realize.  Once upon a time she had never thought twice about the price of something.  Like her mother, if she wanted it, she bought it.  Not now – even though she could well afford to be that way. 
     She reached in and pulled out several of her mother’s rings.  She finally selected one that was her favorite and set it aside on the table.  A necklace soon joined the ring… a thin bracelet as well. 
     And then, down in the bottom of the box, she saw another box.  A box that woke many memories in her – memories of her father.  The box contained a gift he had given her for her sixteenth birthday.  She pulled the box out and opened it, just so she could see it again – and remember.  Safely nestled in the velvet liner, was a large hair barrette – totally encrusted with diamonds – real diamonds.  The thing was worth a fortune.  She had worn it only a few times, but she treasured the gift from her father like nothing else he had ever given her.  She touched it briefly, then closed the lid on it again and put it back into the safe-deposit box.  She closed the lid on the safe-deposit box… then opened it again and pulled out the box containing her hair barrette.  It wasn’t really the right thing for the occasion, but she couldn’t help herself.  She would wear it anyway – in memory of her father – who she missed so much – especially lately.
     With her purse now containing a horde any thief would kill for, she went back out to her car and headed to the restaurant for lunch.  She couldn’t wait to hear the details from Gloria.  Ray had really been there last night?  Wow!

     It was nearly lunchtime and Chad was once again sitting on the floor of Robin’s cubicle drinking his sixth baby bottle of the morning.  His diapers were so bloated under his all-in-one girdle that he was afraid they would start leaking through everything.  In fact, he was amazed that they weren’t leaking already. 
     The streamers of his backwards bow were still in his way, but at least just drinking his bottle he didn’t have to look at anything – not like when he was trying to work – where he had to see his computer screen. 
     Robin turned around to look at him.  So ridiculous!  His bottle was nearly empty.  “Don’t forget you need to get something to refill all those bottles during lunch,” she said to him.  She waited for him to answer.  His head moved up toward her with the bottle still in his mouth, but the silly colorful streamers covered most of his face.  She guessed that he was declining to answer since answering was awkward for him.  “Are you planning on stopping at the same store where you were attacked yesterday?”
     Chad hadn’t really thought about it yet, but Robin did have a point.  And now that he thought about it, stopping at that place, perhaps forever, sounded like a bad idea.  He was forced to stand up, remove the bottle from his mouth and curtsey.  With the streamers blocking much of his vision, he replied.  “I think it would be better if I went somewhere else from now on.”  Then he curtseyed again, got back down on the floor, and put his bottle back in his mouth.
     Robin nodded.  “That sounds like a good idea.”  She had a sudden inspiration though.  “Maybe you can just buy several large size drinks with your lunch and bring them back here.  With six bottles, I would think that two really large drinks might fill them all.” 
     Chad thought about that.  It actually sounded like a good idea.  He removed the bottle from his mouth and stood up again, and curtseyed again.  “That sounds like a great idea,” he replied.  “I’ll try it.”  Curtsey, back down, bottle.  Ugh!
     Robin smiled.  “Yeah.  But I’m not sure if two drinks is going to be enough.  Tell you what, why don’t you buy three of the largest size drinks you can get with your lunch and try that.”
     Three?  That was way too much and he knew it.  Bottle out.  Stand up.  Curtsey.  “But…”
      “Three is an order!” Robin said sternly before he could get any further.  “And I’ll be checking on it when I get back.  I want to see three really large size drinks on your desk.  In fact, maybe you should bring your lunch back here and eat it at your desk like you did yesterday.  Pour the drinks into your baby bottles and drink from them.  I’ll be back early from lunch to check on you!  We’ll see how far those drinks go then.”
     Chad wanted to protest – vehemently.  Three drinks was way too much.  Especially if they were the extra-large size.  But he carefully controlled himself, curtseyed and said, “Yes, Robin.”  Curtseyed again and sank back down to the floor where he stuck his bottle back into his mouth to finish it.  Three drinks!  It was way too much!

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