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The Bet - Chapter 58 (Sunday – week 9 Part 4 of 7)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 58 (Sunday – week 9 Part 4 of 7)

     Mel checked the time… again.  She was doing that more and more often the closer it got to his deadline.  She was afraid it wasn’t looking too good for Sissy.  “He’s got less than a minute left,” she told Derek.  “Do you want to do the honors when he finally does start leaking?”
      “Not really,” Derek replied.  “But I will if you want.”
      “Do you think you can seriously punish him without really hurting him?”
     Derek shrugged.  “I guess I can try.”
     Mel nodded.  “Go a little easy, but just make sure you get the point across.”

     Chad watched as the second hand on the clock started going around in this last minute.  He had already finished one bottle and was mostly through with the second bottle.  He knew he had wet more, but was he leaking?  Sitting in the chair like he was it was very hard to tell.  In fact, it was possible that he was leaking and he didn’t know it.  Fifteen seconds before his time limit would be up, he suddenly yelled.  “I’m leaking!”  He was surprised it had come out of his mouth because he really had no idea if he was leaking or not.  He figured he was just too afraid of getting punished by Derek to take the chance.

      “Damn that was close!” Mel muttered as she got up from the couch. 
      “So he doesn’t get punished?” Derek asked for confirmation.
      “Nope,” Mel replied.  “He made it.  It was awfully close, but he made it.”
     Actually, Derek was nothing but relieved.  He really didn’t want to start hitting on Sissy again.  He wasn’t sure if he was over his anger at him or not.

     Chad continued to drink furiously at his remaining bottle.  His hope was that in the case he wasn’t leaking, he would be by the time Mel could remove his tray and check.  As far as he was concerned, every second counted!
      “You haven’t touched your lunch yet!” Mel exclaimed as she walked into the kitchen.  “I thought you were hungry.”
      “I am,” Sissy replied in his silly voice.  “I was too worried about leaking to eat!”
     Mel picked up the bottle he wasn’t drinking and realized it was empty.  She noticed how little he still had left in his current bottle – that he was still sucking on.  “You must have been worried!” she agreed.  She removed his uneaten food from his tray before removing the tray itself.  Still finishing his bottle, Chad got up from the highchair.
      “Turn around,” Mel told him, let me see the back of your dress.
     That was not a request that Chad wanted to hear.  But slowly, he turned his back to her. 
     Mel bent down so she could see better.  She pulled at his skirt just  a bit.  “It’s okay,” she told him.  “The spot is barely noticeable.  I guess we should have had you remove that dress before you sat down in it.”
     Chad was totally surprised.  Barely noticeable?  That meant that he really was leaking!  He felt nothing but relief! 
      “Head for the bathroom,” Mel told him.  “I’ll change you there.”
     Chad finally set his bottle down on the kitchen counter and hurried off for her bathroom.  Once there, he pulled the skirt of his dress up as high as he could so it would be out of the way.  Mel came in as he was doing it.  “You certainly cut that one close!” she said as she knelt down on the floor waiting for him.  “No reward time for you this time.”
     Chad didn’t care in the least about any reward time.  He was just glad this diaper hadn’t been too stubborn.  A few seconds later, he was lying down on the floor as Mel carefully pulled open the tapes on his current diaper.  Making sure he wasn’t in the process of peeing just then, she quickly pulled it out from under him and slid a fresh one in its place.  She brought the new one up through his legs to catch any pee that might suddenly escape from him.  But instead of fastening the tapes, she just left it there and found the jar of suppositories. 
      “What are you doing?” Derek asked from the doorway.
     Chad was somewhat horrified to realize that Derek was watching him get changed again.  But it wasn’t the first time, nor could he do anything about it.
     Instead of replying, Mel simply held up the jar so he could see what it was.
      “Again?” Derek asked.
      “Oh yeah!” Mel replied.  “These don’t stop till this bet is over with – if then!”  With a laugh, she faked pulling one out of the jar and closed the lid.  “Legs up!” she commanded.  She helped push his legs up higher to fully expose his backside.  A moment later, she was carefully pushing her finger way up into him – pretending to insert the suppository.
     Derek grunted a soft “Ugh!” as he watched.  Chad couldn’t have agreed more.
     Mel extracted her finger and helped support his legs as he slowly lowered them back to the floor.  But in doing so, the diaper covering his chastity device slipped a little and Mel had to grab it to quickly cover him as she saw a little bit of pee once again escaping him.  She noted that he always seemed to do that every time he lifted his legs like that.  She figured it was because the position put extra pressure on his bladder.  She certainly wasn’t going to complain about that at all.  It was exactly what she wanted to see!
     Derek quietly shook his head.  It had been bad enough watching her shove the suppository up his backside – even though he knew that she was only pretending, but seeing him helplessly peeing like that slightly hit his disgusting nerve.  Why would he ever want to be incontinent?  The moron!  What was wrong with him?  Well, as far as he could see, the dumb ass had gotten just what he wanted.  He wanted to be incontinent?  As far as he could see, Chad was just that – incontinent.  Totally!  Just like the kind of baby he seemed to like pretending to be.  He wanted it?  Now he had it.  And as far as he was concerned, he deserved it!  He turned away and walked off as Chad and Mel started getting up from the floor.
      “I take it you’re still hungry?” Mel asked him.
     Curtsey.  “Yes, Mistress.  Very.”  Curtsey.
      “Then hurry up and get back into your highchair.  And this time – eat!  I don’t want to wait for you to finish before you start making our lunch!  So eat fast!”
     Curtsey.  “Yes, Mistress,” Chad repeated before curtseying again.  He turned and hurried back to his highchair.  A minute later, Mel had put the tray back in place along with his lunch and a fresh bottle.  This time, Chad hungrily dived into his meal… spilling more than usual since he was hurrying to eat.

     Mel sat down next to Derek on the couch again.  “I think you’re going to have to wait a little while to try your idea.  It’s getting late and we still have to have lunch.  Then, he’s got a lot of work to do around here that has to get done today.”
      “That’s fine,” Derek replied agreeably.  “It was just an idea.”
      “No!” Mel replied.  “We just need to put it off till later, that’s all.  Let him catch up on some of the laundry and stuff that needs to get done first.”
      “At least you’ve got someone to do it for you,” Derek noted.  “That’s got to help.  Since my divorce, laundry isn’t exactly the highpoint on my list of things to do.”
     Mel laughed.  “Mine either.  That’s why it’s so nice to have Sissy to take care of things like that for me.”  She looked at him with a sly smile on her face.  “Be nice to me and I might ask Sissy to take care of your laundry for you sometime as well.”
     Derek was a bit surprised by the offer.  “To be honest, I wouldn’t mind that in the least!”  As he said it though, he wasn’t sure if he would simply be grateful to have the lousy chore done for him, or if it was because it would be something to put Sissy in his place.

     Chad walked into the living room and curtseyed.  “Your lunch is ready,” he announced before curtseying again.
     Mel and Derek said nothing, they just got up from where they were sitting and headed for the kitchen table – which was again nicely set. 
      “Do you have work to do Sissy?” Mel asked before she sat down.
     Curtsey.  “Yes, Mistress.  I really need to get started on the laundry.”  Curtsey.
      “Then get to it and don’t disturb us.  It’s either that or you can spend a few minutes on your perch again.”
     Curtsey.  “I’ll get on the laundry right away,” Chad replied before curtseying again and hurrying off.
      “I thought he might say that.” Mel muttered to Derek.

     Chad got the washer started, then went into Mel’s bedroom to clean that up.  When he finished there, he moved on to doing a quick clean up job in her bathroom.  He was getting necessary work out of the way while still staying out of their way.  By the time Mel and Derek had finished lunch, he was just putting a second load of clothes into the washer.  He did that before moving back to the kitchen to clean it up.  But he had no sooner started than someone knocked on the door.
      “Sissy…  Get that please,” Mel called from the living room.
     Chad hurried to the front door trying to figure who it would be – and worrying about it.  He remembered that the judges would be meeting this afternoon so he figured it would probably be Sandy or Cassie stopping by to discuss something about it with Mel before they went.  He opened the door, curtseying before it was even fully open… and he stopped!
      “What the heck?” Ray exclaimed as he stared in shock at Sissy in his maid’s uniform.  “What is this, Halloween or something?” he asked as he roughly pushed his way inside.  He was a bit angry to begin with since he had seen Derek’s SUV in the parking lot, but seeing Sissy in a maid’s getup had caught him by surprise.
      “Ray!” Mel exclaimed, totally surprised to see him.
     Ray stopped just inside the door.  His gaze fell on Derek who was just getting up from the couch where he had been sitting next to Mel.  He momentarily put Sissy out of his mind.  “What’s going on?” he demanded.
     Mel however thought he was talking about Sissy.  “What I do with Sissy is my…”
      “No!  I’m talking about him!” he said, pointing at Derek.  “What the hell are you doing here?”
     Derek’s ire was rising quickly.  “Sitting and talking!  We just had lunch.  What are you doing here?”
      “I came by because I thought we…” he referred to Mel and himself, “we’re going together.”
      “What?” both Mel and Derek exclaimed together.
     Mel shook her head.  “I never…”
      “You thought wrong!” Derek replied angrily, cutting Mel off in mid-sentence.  “As you can see, I’ve been here for quite a while now, and I’m not going anywhere!”
      “You mean she’s the one you’ve been dating all this time?” Ray asked, his own anger rising.
      “You got that right!” Derek retorted.
      “Well you’re not moving in on my territory!” Ray protested as he moved menacingly closer.
      “What do you mean, moving in?” Derek shot back as he too moved closer to Ray.  “I’m already here!  I’ve been here!  It’s you that’s trying to move in on me!”  His fists balled angrily, ready to fight.
      “Guys!” Mel shouted, trying to stop them before things went too far.  But she was totally ignored by both of them.
      “No you’re not!” Ray yelled back.  “I’ve worked too hard to get with her, and I’m not giving up now!” 
      “Worked too hard?” Derek asked.  “What the hell does that mean?  And what difference would it make anyway?  I’ve been here and I’m not leaving!”
      “What have I done?” Ray shot back.  “I’ve called her every single stinkin’ day trying to get her to go out!  I’ve taken her to dinner.  And I’ve taken her to bed and showed her what a real man can do for her!”
      “Well so have I!” Derek retorted, his anger still rising.
      “Not like I can!” Ray sneered.  He looked toward Mel.  “Tell him!  Tell him that nobody can match what I can do for you in bed!”
     Mel had a strange sense of deja-vu, but she didn’t know why.  She didn’t get long to think about it though as Derek shouted back at Ray.
      “I’ve heard all about your stupid ‘tricks’ you do in bed with everyone you go out with, and that means nothing!”
      “Maybe not to you,” Ray shot back, “but it sure beats anything you can do with them.”
      “Dumb tricks that mean nothing to any of your women!” Derek yelled back.  “And I’m sick and tired of all the jokes and pranks you pull on me when it comes to women!”
      “You’re sick?” Ray replied.  “How do you think I feel every time I hear you going out with one that I like?  Well you’re not getting this one.  She’s mine!  There’s no way I’m letting you get her money instead of me.”
     Mel had almost moved completely between the two big men, but she was suddenly brought up short.  Money?  “What money?” she asked.  But the two men totally ignored her.
      “What the hell are you talking about?” Derek asked, totally irritated by Ray.
      “She’s rich!  Filthy rich!” Ray replied, still in the grip of his anger.  “And you’re not getting it!”
     Derek was totally befuddled.  “What money?  Look around you!  Does this place look like she has money?  Sure she’s a lawyer and probably makes a pretty good living, but rich?  I think I have more money than she does!”
      “Who told you I had money?” Mel demanded.  But once again she was ignored by both men.
      “I have it on good authority!” Ray replied vehemently.  “Very good authority… that she’s very, very rich!”
     Derek stepped back away from Ray and shook his head.  “Get a grip!”  His anger was quickly changing more to simply disgust.
     Ray pressed forward as he saw his opponent retreating.  “You get a grip!  And get out of here!  Now!”
      “I will not!” Derek replied moving forward again with renewed anger. 
     But now Mel had had enough.  She ran around the furniture and not stopping, pushed her arms straight into Ray’s body, pushing him backwards.  “Get out!” she screamed angrily at him.  “Get out!  Get out now!  And don’t you ever come back here again!”

     Ray allowed himself to be pushed toward the door, but his eyes never once left Derek. 
     He stopped at the threshold though and wouldn’t allow himself to be pushed any further.  “Call me when you’re ready to move up to someone better,” he said, his eyes still never leaving Derek.  He turned quickly then and strode away. 
      “And don’t ever come back!” Mel yelled angrily after him.  “And don’t ever call me either!” she screamed before striding back into her apartment.  Even though Sissy was still standing next to the door, ready to close it… or whatever, she grabbed the door and slammed it.  “Damn him!” she yelled.  She looked toward Derek.  She saw him, but her mind was really still seeing Ray, and reliving every second since he had arrived. 
     Ray was cursing himself the moment he turned away from Mel’s apartment.  He had really blown it… but good!  His stupid anger had made him slip up and mention her money.  Big mistake!  Big, big mistake!  He rarely got angry like that.  Very rarely!  But there was just something about seeing Derek there with her that had gotten to him.  Damn him!  Derek didn’t deserve all that money!  He did!

      “You want me to leave too?” Derek asked.
     It took a moment before his question registered with her.  She started to say yes, but she stopped herself before the words left her mouth.  “No, just give me a little while to calm down.”  Not wanting to be near anyone just then, she headed straight to her bedroom where she closed the door.  She laid across her freshly made bed.  Money?  Who had told Ray she had money?  There were very few people anymore that knew that about her now.  Very few!  And the only one she could really think of just then that might have let loose that little bit of information to Ray, was Gloria. 
     Money!  So that’s why he had called so insistently every day.  So that’s what all that sex had been about last night.  She should have realized it by some of the things he had said to her… by all the questions he had asked yesterday at dinner!  She should have realized.  She should have…  Well, Ray had certainly shown his true colors now.  Better that she find out sooner rather than later.  And to tell the truth, after knowing, she was glad to be rid of him!

     Sissy and Derek stared at each other for a few moments.  Derek finally moved back to his seat on the couch to wait for Mel.  Sissy went back to the kitchen to continue cleaning up.  That had been quite a confrontation.  He could just see fists flying the whole time he had watched.  He was still amazed that it had ended peacefully.  Peacefully?  Maybe that wasn’t exactly the word for it.  He was suddenly glad that he wouldn’t be at work all next week.  He might not work directly for either of them, but somehow he had no doubt that he would get brought into the mix somewhere.

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