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The Bet - Chapter 58 (Sunday – week 9 Part 6 of 7)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 58 (Sunday – week 9 Part 6 of 7)

     Sissy was still working on the laundry and was nearing its completion when Mel’s phone rang.  Mel was more than happy to stop watching TV with Derek to go answer it since she was bored by the sports game he had pulled up on her set – without even asking her if she was interested in seeing it.  “Hello?” she said as she picked her phone up.
      “Hi Mel.  It’s Gloria.  I promised to call you when our meeting broke up.”
      “Great!  I appreciate it, Gloria.  So what happened?”
      “It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.  But I need to tell you that we’re all going to be there at one o’clock sharp next Saturday afternoon.”
      “Okay.  So what’s going to happen?”
      “We’ll let you know then.  Oh, and don’t bother having lunch before that.”
      “Don’t have lunch?”
      “I’ll tell you about it then.”
      “How about anything else?” Mel asked.
      “I’m afraid I can’t tell you more than that, and none of the others are going to clue you in either.  You’ll have to wait till Saturday.”
      “That’s crazy!” Mel replied.
      “Like it or not, that’s the way it’s going to be.  See you next Saturday – one o’clock!”
     Before Mel could protest or say anything else, Gloria hung up on her.  She was left staring bewildered at her phone.  Not going to tell her?  Why?  She wondered if Andrea or Sandy might tell her more about what went on.  She immediately dialed Andrea’s number.  Andrea worked for her.  She was sure Andrea would tell her more.  “Hi Andrea.  I was just wondering how your meeting went today?”
      “Hi Mel.  I was guessing you might call.  I’m sure that you already know that we’re all getting together at your place at one next Saturday.”
      “Yeah, Gloria told me that much, but what happens then?”
      “I’m afraid you’ll have to wait till next Saturday to find out.”
      “Andrea, not you too!  You can’t leave me in the dark like this!”
      “Sorry Mel.  But we’ve decided that you’ll just wait till then to find out what’s going on.”
      “Okay.  See you tomorrow,” Mel replied and hung up.  She immediately started dialing Sandy’s number.  And two minutes later hung up just as frustrated.  None of them were going to talk to her!  That was crazy!  She didn’t want to wait till next Saturday to find out what they had on their minds.  And why would they need to keep her in the dark anyway?  Why not just come over and see if he wets himself?  Why?  Why?  Why?
     Frustrated, she went back to the couch to slump down next to Derek.  But now her brain had something else to fume about besides Derek automatically assuming she wanted to watch sports on TV.

     Chad knew it was going to happen – and he dreaded it.  He didn’t feel anything different, but he knew by the time of day that the lousy suppository that Mel had shoved up inside of him earlier would be doing its “thing” fairly soon.  He just never knew exactly when that “thing” was going to happen.  But that whole process was also something he was very well used to now.  He also knew without a doubt that it was something he wouldn’t be able to do anything about.  Well, like it or not, when it happened, it would be better to get the thing over with quickly rather than prolong the agony – as if he could.  With the suppository he had no control of it at all. 
     He had long before finished all of Mel’s laundry and was now working on the last of his own things – actually, he was waiting on the cloth diapers he had cleaned to finish in the dryer while he ironed and folded some of his other clothes.  He had a large pile of things to take back to his apartment when he was done.  He also knew he would have to take a bunch of baby bottles back to his apartment as well since he had none at all there.  He had been making sure to keep the bottles close to his mouth all afternoon.  He had too many close calls earlier and he didn’t want to take a chance on Derek punishing him if he was late.
     Derek and Mel were watching the game on TV and were totally ignoring him… as was only right.  Strangely, he wasn’t all that interested in the game.  He had simply set himself to work and concentrated on that.  Well, the confrontation with Ray earlier had stayed fairly prominent in his mind while he worked.  He still didn’t know what to think about that. 
     He finished ironing just as he heard the dryer click off.  He opened the door and bent down to reach inside – and of course that was when he felt the darn suppository go to work.  He stood up quickly, his whole body going into a mild state of shock as happened.  Fortunately, as was usual now, it didn’t last all that long.  Unfortunately, he now had a problem in his pants to deal with.  He curtseyed, carefully, without thinking about it even though Mel wasn’t even looking at him.  “Mistress!”
     Mel turned around to face Sissy when she heard him call.
      “I have a problem,” he told her.  He merely nodded his head toward his backside and he could see that she got the message.
     Mel got up from the couch, glad for a reason to not watch what was happening on TV.  Why did those stupid games have to last so long?  “Are you messy?” she asked for confirmation.
     Curtsey slightly.  “Yes, Mistress.”  Small curtsey.
      “Okay,” she said.  “I guess we better change you quickly.”
     But Chad had a better idea.  Curtsey – a bit.  “Mistress, I have a lot of things to take back to my apartment.  Can I just take some and get a shower to clean up before I get the rest?”
     Mel thought about that – for only a moment.  “Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.  Go for it,” she told him.  Actually, she was relieved not to have to worry about either cleaning him herself or watching while he cleaned himself up.  Unfortunately, she no longer had an excuse for not sitting with Derek to watch the dumb game again.  “Derek,” she called.  “How much longer till that game is over?”
     Derek barely turned his head.  “Since there’s still ten minutes left, I’m guessing about twenty or thirty minutes.  You know how these last periods go.”
     Actually, Mel didn’t know or care.  Why should it take twenty or thirty minutes to finish something when there were only ten minutes left on the clock?  Not that she really cared.  She went back and sat down with him again. 
     Chad pulled his keys out of his purse and then picked up an armload of stuff.  Careful not to disturb the mess in his diaper any more than necessary, he went out her door and over to his apartment.  He carried the clothes in his arms into his bedroom where he carefully bent down and set them on the floor.  Then he headed straight for his bathroom.  He was really glad Mel was letting him take a shower to clean himself up.  It worked so much better!
     Fifteen minutes later he was happily clean and had just taped a fresh diaper in place.  He redressed in his maid’s uniform, touched up his hair and makeup, and feeling better than he had in a while, went back to Mel’s apartment. 
     Mel turned her head the moment she heard Sissy coming back in.  She looked at the clock.  “You’ve now got an hour and thirty minutes to start leaking,” she told him.  “It took you so long to get back here that I’m deducting that fifteen minutes.  No telling how long it was since you put that diaper on before you got back here!”
     Chad curtseyed even though he didn’t make any other reply.  In fact she wasn’t even looking at him.  She was back to watching the end of the game with Derek.  An hour and a half.  Well, he supposed that since the time he really had put his diaper on it wasn’t really all that much less.  He did pick up his latest bottle though and started drinking again.  With his bottle in one hand, he did his best to pick up as more of his own laundry that he had just finished cleaning and carried it back to his apartment where he put it all away.  Whenever possible, he sipped from his bottle.  It was becoming a habit now that he barely thought about as he worked.  It took him several trips to get it all, and of course, two more trips with bags full of baby bottles to restock his refrigerator.  He was glad he was going back and forth while wearing his maid’s dress.  It was far better than having to do it in just his diaper.

      “Is it over finally?” Mel asked. 
     Derek looked at her like she was crazy.  “Of course!”
      “Finally!” Mel muttered.  “Can we watch something else now besides sports?”
      “Sure, if you want,” Derek replied.  “Or actually, I was kind of thinking of going out to get something to eat.  Want to go?”
      “I don’t mind,” Mel replied, “but I’m not going anywhere unless Sissy comes along.  And for the rest of the week he’s only getting baby food to eat and nothing else.”
      “Baby food!  What are you going to do, let him eat later, when you get home?”
      “Of course not!” Mel replied.  “I wouldn’t be that cruel as to eat dinner and not let him eat something.  I’m going to feed him in the restaurant.” 
     Derek couldn’t help but notice the sly smile she had on her face as she said that.  He shook his head.  “Whatever!  Let’s just go get something.  I’m hungry!”
      “Fine by me,” Mel replied.  She turned her head as she heard Sissy coming back into the apartment from one of the many trips he seemed to be making back to his place.  “Sissy!  Get your diaper bag, we’re going out.”
     While Mel was freshening her face, Derek got up and watched Sissy quickly going through his diaper bag.  But when Mel finally came back, he asked, “Are you taking him out dressed like that?”
     Mel looked Sissy over.  “Sure, why not?”
     Derek shook his head.  If you’re planning on letting him eat only baby food in the restaurant, then won’t that look strange with him dressed up like a maid?”
     Mel smiled.  “I would imagine that it will be no stranger than him wearing that dress in the first place.  Would you like to pick out something else from his closet?  He has several very pretty little girl party dresses that I love seeing him in.” 
     Derek quickly shook his head.  “No thanks!  I’ll pass.  I don’t want to make being out with him any worse than it already will be.”
      “I thought so,” Mel replied as she headed for the kitchen.  “Sissy… bring your diaper bag.  We need to get you some food.”

      “Where are we going?” Mel asked as they were driving out of the parking lot.
      “I feel like pizza!” Derek exclaimed happily.  “I always feel like pizza after a big game.  How about you?”
     Mel was a bit put off.  “Pizza isn’t really my favorite food,” she replied.
      “Derek acted surprised.  “How can you not like pizza?  Everybody likes it!  How about you Sissy?” he called to the back seat.
      “I wike it too,” Sissy replied in his silly voice.
      “See,” Derek said. 
      “I’m not everybody,” Mel replied.  She did notice though that Derek didn’t even offer to go anywhere else.  Especially since ten minutes later he pulled into the pizza place parking lot.  It wasn’t that she really didn’t like pizza, it just wasn’t her first choice of something to eat… ever! 
     Inside, Derek led them straight to one of the booths and sat down on one side.  Mel ushered Sissy into the seat on the other side first and then sat next to him.  Chad figured that he would have felt much better if he didn’t have to wear the apron with his maid’s dress.  He had noticed the looks he got from a few of the store’s staff as well as a few other customers as they came in.  He wasn’t sure what they thought about the pink diaper bag he was carrying. 
     Since he already knew what he would be eating, unfortunately, Chad didn’t even bother picking up a menu.  He simply sat quietly while Derek and Mel looked over theirs. 
     The waitress came by and gave a few questioning looks in Chad’s direction, and took their drink orders.  Mel ordered a large tea for Chad. 
     Derek put his menu down shortly after the waitress left.  “I can’t believe we lost again!” Derek said to Mel.
     It took Mel a moment to realize he was talking about the game he… well they, had watched on TV.  The one she couldn’t have cared less about.  “I take it you’re disappointed.”
      “Disappointed?  We we’re so close to winning!  We lost the last two games!  That’s three in a row now!”
     Mel simply wondered why he should care so much.  But she knew most guys seemed to be passionate about sports.  Many women too.  She just wasn’t one of them.  Actually, she didn’t really begrudge him that at all.  In fact, it kind of went well with his macho manly image that she liked so much about him.  She simply wasn’t the type to discuss much about sports.  It wasn’t her thing.  She asked in reply, “And I guess it drives you crazy that they lost?”
      “Well… yeah!  Of course!  We could have been going to the championships!  Now, that’s very unlikely.”
     Mel let him ramble on and just listened for a bit.  And he had said he wasn’t interested in anything except work?  Somehow he had forgotten to mention what a sports nut he could be.  She was actually glad when the waitress finally showed up and set their drinks on the table.
      “A large meat lovers,” Derek told her.  He looked briefly over toward Sissy.  “And I think we’re only going to need two plates.”
     Mel realized that he wasn’t giving her a chance to order what she wanted.  Again she was put off a bit, but she said nothing about it.  As soon as the waitress left, she poured part of Sissy’s drink into his baby bottle.  She was pleased to see that Sissy didn’t even wait to start drinking from it – even in a restaurant they had never been to before.  But then, he had better drink that bottle because he wasn’t getting out of here until his entire large drink was finished – and maybe more.  
     Derek looked very agitatedly at Chad for a moment as he watched him with the baby bottle in his mouth – in public.  He purposely tried turning his head so he wouldn’t have to look directly at him.  But in order to see Mel, he couldn’t help but see something of Chad since he was sitting right next to her.  He wasn’t really comfortable with it.  He was only glad that they had chosen a booth and that where Chad was sitting he wouldn’t be quite so visible… he hoped.
     Mel wanted to get the conversation away from sports.  As much as she really didn’t want to talk about Ray, she had to ask, “What are you going to do about Ray?  Don’t you work with him sometimes?”  Her question caught Chad’s full attention too.
     Derek’s mood darkened.  “I don’t know what got into him?  He’s always been something of a pain in the ass.  He likes playing practical jokes too, but it’s always been harmless stuff.  But the way he was today?  I don’t understand it!”  He looked directly at Mel.  “I take it you two had a good time last night?”
     Mel blushed at the question.  “Sort of,” she replied hesitantly. Then she much bolder she added, “Yes, I think you could accurately say that.  But to tell the truth, he did get to be a bit much after a while.”
     Derek stared at her for a few moments.  “I’m not sure I want to know what went on.”
      “No you don’t!” Mel replied.  “And don’t you even start with any nonsense that I shouldn’t have done anything with him since you and I have been dating too!  I’m a grown woman and I can do what I like… just as I wouldn’t stop you from going out with whoever you like as well!”
     Derek sat back and held his hands up.  “Whoa!  I didn’t say anything.”
      “Sorry,” Mel replied contritely.  “After the way Ray behaved earlier, I’m still a bit angry.”
      “I can believe it!”
      “So what are you going to do?” she asked.
      “Me?  Nothing… I hope.  We have to confer on things sometimes, but not all that often.  We are working together on a sticky little problem right now, but I just don’t see him being much of a real problem to me, even at work.  And I still don’t believe he acted the way he did today.”
      “So you’re not worried about him?”
      “Not really.  Not at all in fact.”  He looked closely at Mel and lowered his voice a bit.  “Tell me, what he said about you, is it true?”
     Mel instantly got angry.  Her finances were her business and nobody else’s!  Carefully controlling her voice, she replied, “Let’s just say that Ray was way out of line!”
     Derek wasn’t sure what to make of that, but he left the question alone since obviously it was something she didn’t want to discuss.

     Chad really liked pizza.  And the meat lover’s pizza was making his mouth water… or it would have if his mouth wasn’t currently stuffed with greenish goo.  His brain saw the pizza and his nose smelled it, but his mouth tasted nothing but rather odd tasting baby food.  It was horribly frustrating.  What made it worse was that Mel insisted on feeding him herself between bites of her own pizza.  He had to watch her take a bite or two, then he had to let her stuff several tiny spoonfuls of the infant food into his mouth – directly from the jars. 
     What didn’t help at all was that he was sitting on the inside of the booth away from the other customers, but that meant that he had to look outward all the time, so he was pretty much forced to see the looks of amused astonishment from all too many people.  Their looks made him cringe with shame, but it was when they pointed at him that he felt it the worst.  And between each of his “feedings” while Mel was taking bites of her pizza, he had to drink from his baby bottle.  At least there was no doubt about how wet his diaper was currently getting.  The only question now was how early the thing would start leaking.  He only hoped they could get home before that happened. 
      “Open wide,” Mel said again and Chad dutifully opened his mouth and let her feed him the miniscule bit of… whatever it was… the jar said peas but he had his doubts about that.  Her spoon was back again all too quickly and a tiny bit of it wound up on his chin.  Mel grabbed his bib and wiped his chin clean before plunging the tiny spoon back into the jar again. 
     Talk about humiliating frustration!  He was being spoon-fed baby food like an infant, and drinking from a baby bottle, while wearing a baby bib, while also wearing an obvious maid’s dress, all of it out in public!  And all the while he had to smell and see a mouthwatering delicious pizza right in front of his eyes    !  It was the very definition of frustration!  And his little backside was just itching to feel a nice slippery dildo toy sliding in and out of it – massaging and relieving his monstrous sexual need!


sarah penguin said...

I've been waiting for her to be fed babyfood in public for a very long time now! So worth the wait :)

Thanks, Karen for another splendiforous uppydate!

Kammi said...

I wonder why Chad irons his own clothes but not Mel's. Seems to me that any real sissy would not just launder his mistress' but iron too. And he should be very good at it - or else!

Anonymous said...

I see at least one other person here who could use a bit of controlling. Derek would look so cute in thick diapers and a baby dress.