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The Bet - Chapter 58 (Sunday – week 9 Part 2 of 7)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 58 (Sunday – week 9 Part 2 of 7)

     Mel rolled over and stretched.  She was a little surprised to realize that she had slept soundly for a while and not just dozed. When she checked the clock, she was really surprised by how long she had slept.  “Sissy!” she called.  While she waited, she thought seriously about buying a bell she could ring for him.  Something to consider for later.
     Chad nearly dropped the pitcher of hot tea he was pouring into the individual baby bottles when he heard her call.  As quickly as he could, he refilled her coffee cup and hurried into her room, nearly spilling the coffee in the process.  He curtseyed at the side of her bed.  “Good morning Mistress,” he said in his stupid sissy voice.
     Once again Mel felt that tiny bit of sexual tingle.  “Good morning Sissy,” she replied as she reached out and took her coffee.  She sipped it.  So good!  This was what she wanted.  This was what she deserved!  The perfect servant to take care of all her needs.  “Are you leaking yet?” she asked after taking a second sip.
     Curtsey.  “I just changed a little while ago,” Chad replied.  “You’ve been asleep for quite a while now.  I dared not go much longer without changing.”  Curtsey.  Actually, he had gone way past his deadline – judging by the time he had noticed he had put his diaper on that morning.  But since she had been sleeping, she would never know the difference. Just as she would never know how many bottles he had really had both last night and this morning. 
     Mel nodded happily.  “Good.  Good,” she replied, really only half caring.  The way he had been wetting and getting his diapers leaking ahead of time lately, she had no doubt that he really had to change.  Today it was simply one of those matters she didn’t have to concern herself with yet.  “Please fix my breakfast now, Sissy.  I’ll have it in the kitchen this morning as soon as I finish my coffee.”
     Chad curtseyed again and hurried out, still in his stocking feet.  For some reason, he felt much better now that she was awake.  He wasn’t just standing around waiting for her anymore.  Working around all his tea and bottle making supplies, he got busy making her a light breakfast.
     Mel allowed herself to dream about the house she would buy soon… a mansion really, even though it would be just herself living there.  Well, herself and Sissy.  But you don’t usually count the servants as living there unless it was necessary, and servant’s quarters didn’t take up much of the house.
     It was going to be so nice!  Feeling wonderfully good, she finished her coffee and slipped out of bed.  She set her empty cup down on the nightstand for Sissy to take care of later.  She slipped her robe on and wandered happily out toward the kitchen.
     The first thing she noticed as she got there was the missing highchair.  After it being there for so long now, it looked odd to not to see it.  She would have to send Sissy after it as soon as breakfast was over with.  The next thing she noticed was all the baby bottles, already filled with tea out on her countertop.  She smiled.  “I can see you’ve kept yourself suitably busy.”
     Chad stopped what he was doing at the stove long enough to curtsey and say “Yes Mistress,” before curtseying again and going back to frying her an egg. 
     Mel grabbed a fresh coffee cup out of the cupboard and poured it herself as she watched him cooking out of the corner of her eye.  “Have you eaten anything yet?” she asked.
     Curtsey, “Not yet, Mistress,” he replied before curtseying again and going back to tending his cooking. 
     Mel only nodded.  She knew it was wrong, but just then, she didn’t exactly feel like cooking him any baby cereal.  Maybe after she had eaten herself she would feel more like it.  She sat down at the table with her fresh cup of coffee and enjoyed it.  A few minutes later, Sissy set her breakfast down in front of her.  Yes, this was what she wanted.  This was what she deserved!
     Chad continued to quietly work on filling baby bottles with the green tea while she ate. For once she wasn’t making him stand on his miserable perch in the corner.  And he wasn’t about to make any sound that might make her send him there – if he could help it.  When the pitcher of tea was empty, he surveyed the number of bottles that still needed to be filled.  One more pot should do it.  He slowly started filling the big pot with water again – slowly, because he didn’t want it to make too much noise and disturb her breakfast.  A few minutes later, that pot was heating on the stove and he was doing nothing but drinking occasionally from his baby bottle, and worrying about whether or not she might send him to his perch.
     Mel purposely didn’t look at him while she was eating.  She knew he was busy – doing something that really needed to be done.  Otherwise she would have sent him to his corner while she ate.  When she was finished, she got up from the table and this time looked at him.  He was standing there with just his latest bottle in his hand.  There was another pot of tea heating on the stove.  “Breakfast was very good – as usual,” she said, and meant it.
     Chad curtseyed elatedly.  “Thank you, Mistress,” he replied sincerely before curtseying again. 
      “I know you haven’t eaten yet,” she told him, “but I don’t feel much like cooking for you right now.  Can you wait?”
     Curtsey.  “Of course,” Chad confirmed before curtseying again.
      “Good.  How much work do you still have to do here?” she asked.
     Chad looked briefly around before curtseying again.  “I think this one last pot should do it for the tea,” he replied.  “But I really need to get into the laundry.  It’s way behind!”
     Mel shook her head.  “That will have to wait on that till after my bath.  I don’t want to take a chance on it using too much of the hot water while I’m in there.”
     Chad curtseyed again.  “Yes, Mistress.”
     Mel started to walk off, thinking about her bath.  But she stopped and turned back to him.  “In fact,” she added.  “Come with me.  You can help again.”
     Still in his stocking feet, Chad curtseyed and started to follow her.  But he stopped and ran back to turn the stove off first.  No telling how long it would take for her bath to finish. 
      “Start drawing my bath,” Mel told him as she headed for her bedroom.
     Chad went into the bathroom and began filling the tub with water.  Mel came back a few minutes later with one of the scarves she sometimes used to blindfold him.  He looked at the scarf warily, but also with some anticipation.
      “Get undressed,” Mel told him.  “Down to just your diaper.”
     Chad did as he was told, but when he started removing the rolled up pantyhose he had used to fill out his bra, she added, “That’s something else we need to take care of very soon!”  He had known that, of course.
     Once he was down to just his soggy diaper, she blindfolded him.  Then she added a bit of the scented bath oil she liked to the bathwater.  A minute later she was relaxing in the tub while a blindfolded Sissy luxuriously rubbed her sponge over every inch of her body… spending much more time “cleaning” the important parts.  This was living!  This was what she wanted!  This was what she deserved!  And there was no doubt about it, Sissy really knew how to make her feel good in the bath!
     Chad didn’t need his eyes.  In fact, if she hadn’t blindfolded him, he might have simply just shut them.  As beautiful as he was sure her body was, he had never seen her totally naked.  But he had felt that body numerous times with his hands.  He wasn’t sure how much actually seeing it would really mean to him.  In a way, he kind of liked the fact that she would never allow him… a mere sissy… so see her beautiful body naked.  And beautiful it was, there was no doubt about that.  His hands told him far more than his eyes ever could. 
     He started at her neck, slowly working his way down her body.  He spent a lot of time on every square inch of her, slowly and lightly rubbing the sponge in one hand as well as his other bare hand over her flawless skin.  Every inch!  Over and over.  Not just cleaning, but caressing… loving.  To him, it was a totally sensual experience as his hands and mind felt all of her.  All of her! 
     He brought the sponge up lightly between her breasts, separating them slightly in the process, even as the fingers of his other hand lightly “cleaned” around the nipple on her far breast.  He heard her breath quicken… almost a moan.  He had no doubt that she was enjoying this almost as much as he was.  Breasts were big.  Breasts were special.  Breasts took a lot of time to clean thoroughly.  And he made sure they were very clean… while at the same time, being ever so careful to rub very lightly so as not to irritate her skin anywhere. 
     But breasts were only part of her wondrous body, and eventually his sponge moved further down… down her long body, cleaning it, caressing it, loving it… in the small way that he was capable of.  And his sponge eventually found its way down to the special place between her legs… but only briefly.  Before she could properly react, he withdrew it and moved onto her back… merely teasing the spot he knew she had been waiting for him to reach.
     Mel nearly gasped in surprise as he suddenly withdrew his sponge after spending only a brief moment on her waiting sex.  The warm bath water suddenly started enveloping her back instead.  Despite all the sex she had gone through last night with Ray, Sissy was making her dizzy with need again.  He had finally reached that one important spot… and then he was gone.  Maddening!  She leaned forward slightly so he could work on her back easier… and concentrated on all the wondrous feelings from his hand and sponge as he rubbed and cleaned her there.
     Those feelings slowly worked their way down her back… and around her sides, toying briefly with the sides of her breasts again, but he didn’t go back there.  Knowing his eyes were closed and blindfolded, she felt his magic sponge eventually work its way down till he was finally at her hips, moving ever closer to the spot between her legs.  Leaning back in the tub now and resting against the side of it, she unconsciously spread her legs a bit to grant him further access.  But his sponge didn’t go where she wanted it to go.  It came close!  Very close!  But he was only teasing her each time… heightening her need.
     And then she felt his sponge working its way down her right leg… slowly and sensually.  A little bit at a time… then long strokes that went from the tip of her toes up to her hips and back again.  Long strokes that started almost in the back of her leg and methodically worked their way around until those strokes were brushing the gap between her legs.  And just as she was concentrating even more on that feeling there, his sponge was gone again, and he started all over again with her other leg.  Maddening!  Yet so sensual she couldn’t believe it.  And again, that was despite everything Ray had done to her last night.
     She felt his sponge going through the long strokes up and down her other leg.  Once again she felt the methodical moving… a little bit at a time towards the one place she wanted him to linger.  And with every bit his sponge moved closer, her wanting for it mounted more and more. 
     Finally she felt the sponge lightly touch her most sensitive area again… but this time, he didn’t withdraw it.  Ever so lightly he continued to “clean” that small part of her.  But she didn’t want it lightly anymore – she was ready for a much firmer approach.  But before she could express anything about that, his sponge was maddeningly gone again… going back up her body, between her breasts, rubbing them lightly with the warm scented water.  Then the sponge plunged back down her body straight to that needing and wanting place.  Up to her breasts, lingering there a moment, stimulating them, then plunging back down to her other sensitive area.  Only now it was going faster and fast, and his pressure was increasing harder and harder. 
     Her legs parted further in response as her breathing increased.  Her back arched and seemed to lock in that position, wanting more, more, more from him.  And then his free hand was back, rubbing her breasts, fingering her nipples… while his sponged played faster and faster over the gap between her legs.  And then, magically, she felt something besides his sponge… his finger was slipping up and down her slit even as the sponge “cleaned” briskly up and down on top of it.  Deeper and deeper, stimulating her more and more.  The orgasm hit her full force, like a title wave crashing into the shore.  She gasped… almost screaming at the force of it, riding it for all it was worth, because there was nothing else her body could do.  And slowly, ever so slowly, his finger and the sponge in his hand slowed.  His free hand on her breasts slowed.  The arch her back had been locked into for so long now slowly relaxed as she came down from her impossible height, until she was once again leaning against the back of the tub, her eyes still closed, her breathing still coming much faster than usual. 
     His sponge finally left that sensitive area and lightly moved up her body again.  Caressing her body, paying attention to all parts of it again, moving all over her… loving her.  It was only in this part of her bath that he finally got around to using the sponge on her arms… arms that were so totally limp she wasn’t sure she could even lift them… if she wanted to, which she didn’t. 
She finally opened her eyes again and stared mostly at the ceiling as his sponge lightly continued to play over her, slowly, softly letting her down.  It was wondrous.  It was incredible.  Without a doubt, the best “bath” she had ever had. 
     She turned her head to look at him.  He was still blindfolded, his head was turned toward the side as he concentrated on her body, lightly rubbing it all over with his sponge.  She moved then, suddenly getting to her knees.  Surprising him… scaring him?... in the process.  Before he could react further, she reached out with her wet arms and drew him to her.  She held him against her wet body for a moment before releasing him and grabbing his blindfolded head.  She drew his head toward her and planted a deep kiss on his lips.  She knew she probably shouldn’t do it… not in light of their Mistress – slave relationship, but she couldn’t help it just then.  She needed the kiss almost as much as she was sure he did.  Plus… he deserved it!  “Thank you,” she whispered. 

     Chad had loved making love to her in her bath… as much as he was able to.  It had been one of the more special moments he could remember in quite a while.  But then when she suddenly got up and hugged him, he was so flustered by it that he didn’t know what to think.  And then when she kissed him… on the lips… like a lover… the whole world seemed to turn upside down!  He heard her tender whisper of thank you.  “You’re welcome,” he whispered back. 
     A moment later he felt her release him… and he got splashed a little as she moved in the tub… he realized that she had stood up.  He stood as well, even as he heard her stepping out of the tub.  His arms reached out to try to find her towel that he had put nearby.  It took him a moment to find it.  Then he began using it on her, drying her… loving her with it.
     Mel placed her hands over his as he lightly dried her off.  “Better not start that again,” she told him.  “Just dry me.  I don’t think I can take anymore.”
     He smiled at her words and simply did his best to dry her off all over.  When he had reached her feet, she took the towel from him.  “Just stay here,” she told him.  “Wait for me.  I’ll be right back.”
     He felt as much as heard her leaving the bathroom.  He didn’t know why he did it, but he sank down to his knees on the floor.  He never even thought of removing the blindfold from his eyes.  His mind was too preoccupied with remembering the bath he had just given her… and the hug she had just given him… and the kiss… and her whispered words of thanks.  His whole world felt different.  And he felt happy… and good.

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