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The Bet - Chapter 61(Wednesday – week 9 Part 6 of 8)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 61(Wednesday – week 9 Part 6 of 8)

      “Oh… God!” Gloria said as she walked up beside Mel and watched as Mel shoved a tiny spoonful of baby food into Sissy’s mouth.  “Do you have to do that here?”  Lunch is going to be bad enough with him around, but now I feel like we’re practically on stage with the whole world watching!
     Chad pretty much agreed with her.
     Mel smiled.  “We were just finishing up,” she said brightly.  She dug the last of the baby food out of the jar she was holding and shoved the orange mush into Sissy’s mouth.  “There,” she said as she put the jar with the spoon stuck in it down.  “All done.”
     Gloria shook her head and sat down.  “I shouldn’t have come!” she muttered.
      “Oh come on,” Mel teased.  “This is fun!”
     Gloria looked at her like she was from Mars.  “Fun for who?  Yeah, I know you love it!  I really know that, but… it’s embarrassing for me to be out somewhere around him.  Can’t you do something with him so at least he won’t be so close while we’re eating?  Maybe then I can at least get my lunch to stay down.”
      “You complain too much,” Mel replied as she got up from her seat and untied Sissy’s bib.  “Sissy, go entertain all the other tables.  Give Gloria and I a chance to talk for a little while.”
     Chad wasn’t happy about that order at all.  But besides having little choice in the matter, he figured that most of the people there had seen him already anyway.  What more could it hurt to let them see him a little closer… or a lot closer.  At least he hoped it wouldn’t hurt.  He got up and curtseyed before turning and walking a few steps toward the next table where there were two women watching him intently.  He saw the looks of total surprise in their eyes as he approached.  Was he making them feel a little uncomfortable by his presence so close to them?  He kind of hoped so.  Why not let them feel a bit of the embarrassment that he felt… loved.  He curtseyed to the women and said in his sissy voice.  “Hewwo.  Do you wike my dweth?” Curtsey.
      “I think he asked if we like his dress,” one of them said to the other. 
“I know what he said!” the second woman replied.  “He wasn’t that hard to understand!  Just… surprising, that’s all.”  She turned back toward Sissy.  “Do you do this often… go out in public like that?”

      “… slapped him as hard as I could, right on the face!  Then I told him exactly what I thought of him and walked out!”
     Mel stared at her friend in shock.  “You did?”
      “Well, after what you told me, I thought he deserved it.  But that’s not the best part!”
     Mel did a double take.  “There’s more?”
      “Oh yeah!  I phoned him a little while later and told him that he better be at my office later that night, just before I closed up.”
     That part confused Mel.  “What for?”
     Gloria smiled wickedly.  “Let’s just say I took a tiny lesson from you.  When he showed up, I made love to him for hours!  But… in all that time, I never let him cum even once!  He went home a very, very frustrated man.”
     Mel blinked a few times at her friend as she tried to fully understand what Gloria had just told her.  “Why did you do that?” she finally asked.
     Gloria smiled.  “Damn it!  He’s the best looking man I’ve probably ever been out with.  And you know very well I don’t hardly meet any men I can actually date.  And this one is, shall we say… not that bad in bed.”
     Mel nodded.  “I think we can safely agree on that part.”
      “Well, guys like that don’t come around my block very often, so as much of a jerk as he may be, you don’t give up on them that easily!”
     Mel thought she understood now.  Gloria simply wasn’t ready to let go of him.  “So you think you can do something with him?”
      “I’m certainly willing to try.”
     Mel leaned a bit closer to her friend.  “Well try this as well.  I had several calls about him this morning.  He’s been asking around everywhere about out bet!  But… he thinks that Chad is doing all this because he already lost the bet.  And… he seems to be particularly interested in my money… still!”
     Now it was Gloria’s turn to be surprised.  “The crumb!  He’s got a one track mind, that’s for sure!”
      “I told the others to let Ray keep thinking that Chad already lost the bet.  And nobody but you knows that I’ve got money… and you know I want to keep it that way.”
      “Yeah.  Sorry I flubbed that one,” Gloria admitted sheepishly.  “See!  That’s what a good looking guy and too much wine can do to me!”
     Mel smiled.  “It’s okay.  Just try to keep it quiet from now on.  Okay?”
     Gloria nodded. “You got it girl!  Mum’s the word!”
     Gloria sighed.  “I guess now I’ve got to figure out how to punish him for still asking about your bet… and your money.”
     Mel was puzzled.  “Why bother?  Why not just leave him alone for a while?”
      “Are you kidding?  Do you know how much fun I had with him?  Now I get to do it all over again!”
     Mel shook her head, then chuckled.  “Poor guy.”  Obviously, despite the fact that Ray was a two-timing, money hungry bum, Gloria was more than a bit smitten with him.  She briefly looked around to see where Sissy was.  She could just see him curtseying for another table halfway across the food court.  She turned back to Gloria.  “So let me fill you in on what happened this morning…”

     Chad felt like a clown.  In fact, maybe he was a clown – makeup, funny costume.  Yeah, totally a clown.  And what did clowns do?  They went around and made people laugh.  And that’s just what he was doing.  The clown idea really changed his attitude about what he was doing.  As much as he was both hating and enjoying his situation before, do to the total humiliation he was feeling, he relaxed just a bit and really started enjoying himself.  As a clown, he allowed himself to be… outrageous!  He allowed himself to have fun.  And the more he seemed to have fun… not to mention smile and look like he was really enjoying himself, the more the people around him seemed to enjoy it as well.  Several tables now had actually applauded for him – to which he had politely curtseyed another thank you.  Fun!  In so many ways.  Even though it was still totally humiliating.  Maybe when the bet was over he should come out here and do it again.  Maybe not!
     He worked his way further around the room and stopped at another table, this one with a mixture of men and women.  As he did so, he looked back across the food court toward where Mel and Gloria were, only now he could only see Mel there.  He figured that Gloria probably had to get back to work.  But Mel wasn’t motioning for him to return, she seemed to be sitting back enjoying her drink and watching him make a fool of himself in front of everyone. 
     He curtseyed for everyone and was saying his usual sissy hello, when he suddenly felt the first faint sign that his diaper was leaking again.  Time to move on and get quickly back to Mel!  He curtseyed one more time for the table and hurried back in Mel’s direction.  He had to stop several times to “perform” for the people who seemed to be particularly interested in him, but he gradually made his way back.
      “Had fun?” Mel asked as he walked up.
     Curtsey.  “Actually, yes.  Lots,” Chad replied. “I’m leaking again.”
      “Already?” Mel exclaimed.  She was a bit surprised but she quickly glanced at her watch to check the time.  This might have been the fastest he had managed to get one of those diapers leaking yet.  Of course all the exercise he had gotten curtseying all over the food court might have helped matters.  She looked around.  Now she needed to figure out how to change him – without them getting arrested for indecent exposure!  And the only option she could think of was the ladies room.  “Grab our stuff, Sissy,” she said.  “Let’s go get you changed.
     Without a moment’s hesitation, Mel pushed her way inside the fairly crowed inner-sanctum of the ladies room and actually held the door for a moment so Sissy could enter with all their bags as well.  She pushed her way past a number of women – all of whom were more surprised to see Sissy in there than they were by Mel’s slightly rude behavior. 
     All the way back to the last stall in the room… the largest stall since it was for handicapped people.  The stall, like all the others, was occupied, so she and Sissy stood outside and waited for it to become available… along with several other women who were there ahead of them.  Chad now had an altogether new reason to be very embarrassed as not one woman there ever stopped staring at him.  He didn’t have the nerve to look any of them in the eye to see if any of them were angry because he was in there with them – where he didn’t belong.  Mostly he just stared at the floor and wished he was somewhere else.
     When the occupant of the stall finally came out, Mel turned to the other women who were waiting for it.  “Do you mind?  I think it’s better if I get him through with this and out of here as soon as possible.”
     Not one of the women actually said anything, but they all had agreeing looks on their faces.  Mel didn’t really care, she pushed straight into the stall anyway, dragging Sissy in with her.  The door was closed and all the bags Chad was carrying went down to the floor again – as did his soggy diaper a few moments later.
     Mel handed Sissy a fresh diaper and told him to use it to cover himself for a few minutes until she had a chance to put it on him – which confused Chad.  Why wait?  He found out to his dismay a moment later as Mel had him bend over while she stuck another suppository up his butt.  Not fun!  Why couldn’t she simply forget about them now?
     Mel pulled her finger out of him.  Once again she was sure he didn’t know she had faked putting the suppository in him.  It was the one thing about his incontinence that she was fairly sure was working, so she wasn’t about to stop with it now. 
     A short while later, Chad was once again lugging everything around from store to store while he kept his baby bottles in his mouth… only now the one he was currently drinking miraculously contained Coke instead of Mel’s lousy tea!  Would wonders never cease!

      “You bastard!”
     Ray nearly dropped his phone.  “Gloria?”  He quickly wondered what he had done wrong now. 
      “You bastard!” Gloria repeated for emphasis.  “You couldn’t leave well enough alone could you!”
      “What are you talking about?”
      “Their bet, you idiot!  And Mel’s money!  You have to keep asking questions about it!”
      “I…  I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to,” Ray stuttered.
      “Just for that, I expect you at my house tonight at nine thirty sharp!  You don’t get to wait until Saturday now!  And bring some wine.  We’ll… discuss things then!”  Suppressing a laugh, Gloria quickly ended her call.  That should keep him guessing!  And tonight… well… tonight she would start being a little more clear about what she wanted… including Mel’s little bet with Chad, not to mention her money.

     Store after store.  Drink the bottles – replace the bottles with fresh ones.  Always out in front of as many people as possible.  Curtsey and say a nice sissy hello to some of them.  Try to feel like a clown performing again – and fail every time.  He figured that something about Mel’s presence was probably screwing that up.  And always, always, feel like a total fool. 
     They were in the middle of the mall on the top level.  Mel walked out of one of the smaller shops with Sissy somewhere behind her… she really didn’t keep that close a check on him.  She knew he stayed as close to her as he could – all the time.  Once in a while though, people did stop him which delayed him, but overall, he wasn’t going to be far from her side. 
     As she came out of the shop, her eye caught sight of someone she recognized.  He was walking steadily past the stores across the way.  She would have called out to him, but he just kept walking, as if intent on being somewhere.  Oh well, another time perhaps.  She continued on to the next store. 
     A while later they reached the end of the mall concourse.  There was another major department store there that they had wandered around the lower level of earlier.  But it wasn’t the store that caught her attention, it was the same slightly elderly man she had seen walking through the mall before.  The same elderly gentleman she had seen and talked with several times on past mall visits.  He was now seated on the bench in the concourse out in front of the store.  He was just sitting there watching the people go by – much like she usually saw him on previous visits with Sissy.  And no surprise, he was looking with great delight at Sissy. 
     She didn’t know his name, but in her mind, she had him listed as Sissy’s number one fan.  Once again, she walked over to talk with him.   He smiled up at her, but she saw his eyes continually darting back to watch Sissy instead.  She sat down next to him.  “Did you make it out to the Riverwalk last weekend?” she asked.
      “I tried,” he replied.  “I actually drove out there.  But there were so many people and no places to park…  I’m afraid I just gave up and drove home. Too many people.  At my age, I can only take so much.”
      “Yeah, it was pretty crowded,” Mel replied, understanding fully.  She had told him the last time she had seen him that Sissy would be performing out there, but the crowds had been more than even she expected.  She didn’t blame him for giving up and going home.
      “Can I ask a little favor?” the man asked… almost sheepishly.
     Mel was a bit surprised, but replied, “Sure!  What?”
      “Can I talk with him for a few minutes?”
      “Talk with Sissy?”
      “Please.  If… you will allow it that is.”
      “Of course!” Mel replied.  “No problem!”
      “Um…”  The man seemed hesitant about something. 
      “What?” Mel asked.
      “Um…  Would you mind if I spoke to him… privately?”  Then as if he had said something really wrong he added.  “That is, if you really don’t mind.  It’s not anything important.  Just…”
      “It’s okay,” Mel reassured him.  “Talk all you want.”  With a smile, she got up from the bench.  “Sissy, this nice gentleman wants a word with you.”  She walked off.  She was slightly put off that she wouldn’t hear the conversation, but something in her understood anyway. 
     Chad nervously stared at the elderly gentleman and curtseyed for him.  “Hewwo,” he said before curtseying again.  He didn’t even realize it when he stuck his bottle nervously back in his mouth afterwards. 
     The man smiled.  “Why don’t you sit down next to me for a few minutes.”
     Chad wasn’t too sure about it, but he curtseyed and sat.  He set all his bags down on the floor in front of him, relieved to get rid of their awkward weight for a few minutes.  His bottle however remained nervously in his mouth.
      “Do you enjoy this?” the man asked.  “Going around in public dressed like such a total sissy?”
     It was a rather bothersome question… especially under the circumstances that it had been asked.  Chad’s only choice of reply was to say the same thing that he told everyone else who had asked it… a dozen times in the food court alone.  “Of course,” he said. 
     The man nodded.  “But do you really?”
     Chad turned to look at him with some surprise.  “What do you mean?”
     The man smiled.  “Never mind.  I’m sure you know… and I’m sure I know the answer to that question as well.”
     That surprised Chad.  He knew as well?  The guy could have no idea!  But the man was suddenly taking his finger and poking him right in the chest – right under his glued on breasts.
      “Did you know,” he said, “that I’m just… like… you!”
     Huh?  “What?” Chad asked, having no idea what the guy was talking about.
     The man laughed.  “That’s why I wanted to talk privately.  You see,” he leaned closer and dropped his voice, “I’m what you call a sissy too.”
     Chad was totally shocked.  The guy had to be kidding.  He certainly didn’t look like a sissy… or act like one either!  “What do you mean?” he asked.
     The man sat back.  “I’ve been what you would now call a sissy… all my life.”  He shook his head.  “I’m afraid I can’t practice it much anymore.  I’m simply getting too old and the family causes me too many problems.  It’s hard to find time to do much more than wear a simply nightgown to bed once in a while – if I’m lucky.  But I can tell you this, those feelings and desires never seem to go away.  Never!  If you’ve got them… and I’m sure you do, then you’re stuck with them… forever!  No matter how hard you try, there’s just no fighting them.”
     The things he just said let Chad know that he really might be speaking with someone who was at least somewhat like him… or at least, he was someone who understood him.  “You really are?” he asked, still finding it hard to believe.  He had never met another sissy before.
     The man nodded.  “Really!  Of course, about all I can do now is to sit and think about it... wish I was young enough to fully enjoy it again.  And dream of course.  My biggest outlet now is my stories, I like to write stories and post them on the web.”  He looked at Chad with a bit of a hopeful look in his eyes.  “Perhaps you’ve read some of them.  I write under the name of Karen Singer.”  He continued to look hopefully at Chad.
      “Um… I’m sorry,” Chad admitted.  “I haven’t seen any… that I know of.”
      “Oh.”  The man was a bit disappointed.  “Well, that’s alright.  They’re not something that everyone would find interesting.”
      “But I’ll look for them… I promise,” Chad added quickly.
     But the man shook his head.  “Don’t worry about it.  It’s not important.”  He stood up and faced Sissy.  “Time for my walk again.  I do several laps around the mall every day.  Best way I know to get some exercise… and it still lets me look at everyone else.  People watching is one of my favorite things!”  With somewhat of a sly smirk, he nodded and walked off, leaving Sissy to stare after him.
      “What was that all about?” Mel asked a moment later.
     Chad didn’t even bother to stand up and curtsey, he was still staring at the man’s back as he walked away.  “He said he’s another sissy… like me.  Says he writes stories under the name of Karen Singer.  But I’ve never heard of him.”
      “Me either,” Mel admitted.  “But then I don’t look for the kind of stories you would.”
     As they resumed their slow walk around the mall, a thought reached its way into Mel’s head.  Sissy had just met… another sissy.  Even though the man certainly didn’t look like it.  There were others around like Chad.  Maybe many others.  They might be few and far between, but there were others!  Was that a possible outlet for the friends that Chad seemed to want so desperately?  It was certainly possible, but Mel seriously doubted that it would be a viable solution.  She instinctively knew that what Chad was thinking about when he had wanted friends, was something else entirely.


sarah penguin said...

*big hugs for Karen*

MommysSlave said...

"But I can tell you this, those feelings and desires never seem to go away. Never! If you’ve got them… and I’m sure you do, then you’re stuck with them… forever! No matter how hard you try, there’s just no fighting them." That's what I've been realizing, and I'm scared that they just keep getting stronger and stronger.

Great chapter by the way, I like how you worked yourself into it!