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The Bet - Chapter 61(Wednesday – week 9 Part 2 of 8)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 61(Wednesday – week 9 Part 2 of 8)

     While Chad was locked in his highchair “enjoying” his breakfast, Mel headed for the bathroom to get showered before getting dressed.  She seriously thought about having Sissy help her with her bath again, but she needed something to do for a few minutes to fill her time so she decided the bath would have to wait for another day… better not wait much longer though, tomorrow might be the end of it all!
     By the time she was finished with her shower, Sissy was done eating.  She quickly threw on a pair of shorts and a top before releasing him.  “Go clean up my bedroom first,” she told him.  “Then you can come back to the kitchen while I get dressed.”
     Curtsey, “Yes Mistress,” Chad replied before curtseying again and sticking another baby bottle back into his mouth as he hurried off toward her bedroom.  Before she got dressed?  She was already dressed!  Dressed for what?  That was the question… and something about that question bothered him.  Or was that worried him?

     Mel poured herself yet another cup of coffee and carried it into the living room to sit with it.  But her mind was now focused on the day ahead.  Tomorrow was going to be a fairly busy day.  It had to be since tomorrow was the last day she had before their bet ended.  Tomorrow would hold lots of business she’d rather not have to attend to, but would be all too necessary – unfortunately.  But today?  Today she planned on something else entirely.  Now her biggest worry was… what should she wear?  It had to be… special!
     When Chad finished in her bedroom, she banished him to the kitchen to clean up there.  She headed straight for her closet.  What to wear?  What to wear?  She pawed through most of the clothes before she found one little item that she decided she simply had to include – the tiny little skirt that she had forced Chad to wear to the poker game.  She had made him wear it one other time as well to work.  But this time, she would wear it and let him see how it looked on her.  The damn thing was a nuisance since it kept riding up constantly, but today… all the better! 
     The black patent stiletto heels she wore with her business suit yesterday were also a must.  She tried to picture what some of those dominant women in the pictures on the internet wore.  She didn’t own any leather like most of them.  She didn’t even own a whip!  She would have to make due with whatever she could find in her closet. 
     She spent more time on her makeup than usual, trying for just the right affect.  It wasn’t her usual look, that was for sure!  Her hair wasn’t that difficult since she pulled it back… maybe a bit more severely than usual.  Then she started dressing.
     She had to search through her underwear drawer to find the one and only thong she owned.  It wasn’t exactly the kind of thing a woman like her usually wore to work!  A pushup bra was added and a top that exposed enough that if it revealed any more she would have never worn it.  Then the skirt and the shoes were added.  Finally a few pieces of jewelry to complete the look.  She studied herself carefully in the mirror.  She was mostly concerned because she didn’t want to look like a hooker!  But fortunately, she thought she came just short of that – she hoped.  Did she look dominant enough though?  She hoped so.  That was what she was really after.  What she was wearing was the best she could come up with under the circumstances.  She only hoped that Sissy would appreciate her efforts!
     But now it was time for Sissy.  Now it was time for the fun to begin!
     As she studied herself in the mirror, she did her best to put a “wicked” smile on her face and tried to exude an air of total command and dominance.  Then she opened her bedroom door and strode out to find him.  He was still in the kitchen, doing nothing except drinking again from one of his baby bottles – as he should be.  She needed something to say as she “presented” herself before him.  It was the first thing that popped into her head.  “Are you leaking yet?”
     Chad stared at his mistress in astonishment.  Her question was… unexpected… only because he had just changed his diaper a little while ago.  As he curtseyed to answer, his eyes were still taking in everything about her.  She was so… different!  The little skirt she was wearing – the one she had made him wear… the “nuisance” skirt, wasn’t lost on him at all.  “Not yet Mistress,” he replied before curtseying again.  Was it his imagination, or did she look a bit more… dominant today?  What was going on?  She hadn’t mentioned anything happening that she would have to get so dressed up for.
     Mel put her hands on her hips and stared at him disapprovingly.  She wished she had one of those riding crops that some of the women in those pictures carried.  “I’m afraid it won’t do Sissy,” she said.  “It simply won’t do!”
     Chad was totally bewildered… and worried.  What wouldn’t do?  But before he could ask, she was speaking again.
      “I’m afraid that dress you’re wearing isn’t going to be acceptable today.”
     Chad looked down at his dress.  His apron seemed to be perfect… maybe not so perfectly pressed anymore, but he had been working in it for a while now.  What did she expect?  He could only look up at her questioningly.  Was she going to punish him for something he knew nothing about?  He would have asked, but she turned abruptly around and was walking away.
      “Let’s go Sissy,” she said, not bothering to look back.
     Chad followed, totally bewildered.  At the door, she grabbed her purse and had him get his diaper bag and purse as well.  Then she turned and stared at him with a rather studious expression on her face.
      “Hmmm…” Mel mused out loud.  She turned abruptly and headed back toward the kitchen.  “Bring your bag Sissy.”
     Chad’s head was starting to spin.  He had no idea what was going on, but he dutifully followed her back to the kitchen – where he saw her open the cabinet that held all his baby food. 
      “Give me your diaper bag,” Mel said, barely turning toward him.  As soon as she got it, she started pulling jar after colorful jar of the infant food out of the cabinet and dropping them straight into the diaper bag. 
     Chad was… and he wasn’t surprised to see her grabbing the baby food.  The part that really worried him now was that it meant they would be eating out in public again somewhere – and that part naturally worried him.  What really worried him the most was the amount of baby food she was putting in the bag.  How long were they going to be gone?  And after the baby food, he watched as she went to the refrigerator and grabbed six more bottles of her green tea. 
     With a rather haughty air, Mel dropped the bottles into his diaper bag and started striding out again.  “Grab the bag Sissy, and let’s go.”
     Chad grabbed the now very heavy bag and lugged it out toward the living room… where he saw Mel entering the bathroom.  She came out a moment later with a large stack of disposable diapers in her hand. 
      “We better pack these as well,” she said as she handed all the diapers to Sissy.
     Chad had to struggle to get them all into the now very overly loaded diaper bag.  By the time he was done, Mel had the door open and was waiting on him to follow.  With more than a bit of trepidation, he stood and followed her out the door.  Where were they going?  All that extra stuff in his bag?  And his uniform was not unacceptable?
     He thought she was heading for her car, but she stopped in front of his door instead and stood back like she was waiting for something… rather impatiently. 
      “Let’s go Sissy.  Get this thing unlocked so we can get moving!”
     What was going on?  Chad hurried to do as she wanted.  Now if she was just explain…   But a moment later, he had set the heavy diaper bag and his purse on the floor and was following her straight back to his bedroom. 
      “Get that uniform off.  And hurry!” Mel ordered as she headed for his closet.
     Chad quickly started to worry about what she planned for him to wear instead of his uniform.  As he got the dress off, his fears were confirmed as she produced his blue and white sissy dress.  Not again!  And what did she have planned for today?  Having little choice in the matter, he put the silly dress on, along with the pretty white anklet socks and the blue little girl shoes that went with the dress.  Once again, he felt totally silly… just like a proper sissy – he guessed.  He hated it – he loved it… and he was horribly worried about what Mel had planned for him now.  He just knew that the last two days had been all too easy!  Was she about to make up for that today?  It was certainly starting to look like it! 
     While Sissy was dressing, Mel picked up his pink sissy dress from the floor of his closet and carried out to the front door.  The inner skirts of the dress had gotten wet when he had leaked all over them while he was sleeping in her father’s office yesterday morning.  Among other things they were going to do today, the dress would have to be taken to be cleaned.
     When Sissy was dressed, Mel took him into his bathroom and made some very minor adjustments to his makeup.  Then she went back to his bedroom where she found his big white hair-bow and stuck that in his hair on top of his head.  She stood back to check how he looked.  Then she nodded.  “Much better!” she declared with authority.  “Now you look more like the total sissy you really are.  There will be no hiding it today!”
     Her words sent both dread and thrill through Sissy’s body.  What was going on?
      “Okay Sissy.  Grab your sissy purse and let’s go.” 
     It took Chad only a moment to transfer a few of his things from his regular purse into the tiny sissy purse she made him carry.  The little thing was so small that it couldn’t hold much at all.  He grabbed his diaper bag and the dress that needed cleaning, and he was ready to leave – physically, not mentally.
      “I hope you have a pacifier in that thing!” Mel told him rather sternly.
     Chad gulped at the tone of her voice before he curtseyed.  “Yes Mistress!”
      “Better grab one of your bottles out of your diaper bag,” she told him next.  “You can start drinking it as soon as we get to the car.”  With that, she turned and opened his door and walked out.
     Chad quickly dug past the extra diapers he had just put in the diaper bag on top of everything else and found one of the extra bottles.  He had to hurry to catch up to Mel who was already descending the stairs down to her car.  He was outside now… in public again… and again he was out wearing one of his silly sissy dresses.  One of the problems with his sissy dresses was that they were so outrageous, and the skirts were so big and puffy, that they simply screamed for attention.  There was no way that anyone could look at him and not know that he was anything but a sissy… a big sissy.  And in that outfit, hiding behind anything would be pretty much out of the question!  There was another problem with his dress as well, it wouldn’t take much at all for anyone to see that he was wearing a diaper under it.  Just the slightest wrong move was all it would take. 
     But where were they going?  What did she have in mind?  He knew they were stopping at the cleaners again, that much was obvious.  But what about anything else? 
     While Sissy sat in the front seat sucking on his bottle, Mel drove out of the parking lot and headed for the dry cleaners – the same one they had used last time.  When they arrived, she had Sissy grab his dress that needed cleaning and take it inside.  She followed just so she could watch.
     It was obvious to Chad that he was recognized as he walked in.  But then, the last time he had been here he had been wearing one of his silly dresses as well.  As far as he was concerned, there was no way they wouldn’t recognize him!  The same man was at the counter again, and as he approached, he saw a few other heads poke out to watch as well.  Once again, he was putting on a show.  So…
     He curtseyed.  “I need thith cweaned pweath,” he lisped in his silly sissy voice to the man as he laid his pink sissy dress on the counter.  Then he curtseyed again.
     The man watched it all with a broad smile on his face.  “Do you want one hour service?”
     Chad had to look back at Mel for that answer.  Mel shook her head.  “Later this afternoon will be fine,” she replied.
     Chad turned back toward the guy… but he was just looking back as if he was waiting for some kind of answer, although it also looked like he was definitely doing everything he could not to crack up.
      “Well?” the man asked again, “One hour service or not?” he asked, acting like he hadn’t heard a word that Mel had said.
     Chad wanted to let out a big sigh, but he didn’t.  Curtsey.  “No, we’ww get it waita dith aftanoon,” he replied in his silly voice again before curtseying one more time.
     The man ripped off half of the ticket and handed it to Chad who took it and curtseyed again.  “We look forward to seeing you later,” the man said to Chad.
     Chad merely curtseyed again and said “Thank you,” before curtseying one more time and walking out. 
     Mel flashed the man behind the counter a big grin as she walked out as well.
     At least that was easy, Chad thought as he got back into the car and put the bottle back in his mouth.  But now where would they be going?
     Mel had a number of stops planned for the day… all of them designed to keep Sissy out in public, out in the spotlight.  And she figured the most obvious place they could start would be the mall again.  That should eat up a major portion of the day.  She was only a short distance from the mall when her phone rang.  “Hello?” she answered as she drove.
      “Mel,” Andrea’s voice came over the phone.  “Sorry to bother you today, but Harry Feinbaum is calling for you and he’s being pretty insistent on talking to you right away.”
      “Harry Feinbaum?  Right away?”
      “As I said, he seemed to be pretty insistent.”
     Mel mentally groaned.  She wondered what could possibly be wrong now.  There was no way that Sunshine Corporation could have done much with that contract yet.  And why the big rush?  “Okay, she finally replied, I’ll call him.”
      “Do you need his number?” Andrea asked.
      “Yeah, better give it to me.”  Mel listened as Andrea rattled off the phone number to call.  Then she said goodbye to Andrea and dialed the new number.  She naturally got his secretary first, but it was only a moment before she got put through to him.  “Mr. Feinbaum,” Mel said.  “You need something?” she asked as she drove toward the mall.
      “How soon can you be here?” Harry Feinbaum asked.
     Be there?  “What’s the problem?” Mel asked.  “I can’t see how Sunshine can have put anything together yet for us to deal with.”
      “They haven’t,” Harry confirmed.  “This is something different.”
      “But I have other plans for today,” Mel protested.  She quickly thought about what she was wearing as well.  “And I’m not exactly dressed for the office right now.”
      “Sorry Mel,” Harry said.  “I don’t want to talk over the phone and I think you’re going to want to come in as soon as possible for this.  In fact, right now would be a very good time!  And I don’t really care what you’re wearing.  Your secretary told me you were taking some days off.”
     Mel sighed.  What was she going to do?
      “Where are you?” Harry suddenly asked.
     Mel looked around.  The mall was just ahead and she had just pulled into the lane to turn into it.  “I’m just driving into the mall parking lot.” She told him.
      “Then you’re only five minutes away.  Come here first.  I’ll be expecting you.”
     A moment later, Mel realized he had hung up on her.  She wanted to slap her steering wheel in frustration.  Of all the worst timing!  She had today all planned for nothing but fun and amusement… and now Harry Feinbaum was calling and needed her to work.  And as her father so often said, you don’t say no to old man Feinbaum! 
     As she pulled into the mall parking lot and turned around to go back out again, a new worry hit her.  What was she going to do with Sissy?  She was only five minutes from Feinbaum’s office now – and he was expecting her soon.  What was she going to do with Sissy? 
     As she dove she tried to think, but her thoughts were too confused.  What problem did Harry have for her now?  And why now – now that she was so close to being done with this bet?  Just a few more days and she would have much more time to deal with anything Harry Feinbaum threw her way. 

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