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The Bet - Chapter 62 (Thursday – week 9 Part 2 of 5)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 62 (Thursday – week 9 Part 2 of 5)

     It was fifteen minutes later when Mel came out of her bedroom, an empty coffee cup in her hand.  “How much longer do you have?” she asked as she headed straight for the coffee pot, knowing that he would know what she was asking about.
     Chad curtseyed.  “I already changed my diaper once this morning… with two minutes of reward time,” he replied… for which, he got a rather skeptical look from Mel.  “And now I’ve still got… he glanced at the clock, forty-three minutes where I can still gain more reward time.”  Curtsey.
      “So you’ve got about an hour before that thing absolutely has to be leaking,” she stated more than asked.
     Curtsey.  “Yes Mistress.”  Curtsey.
      “Good.  Get up in your highchair now and let’s get you fixed up.”
     A minute later, he was up in his highchair with the tray effectively trapping him in place.  Since his arms were free, he knew he could get out of the thing if he had to, but he knew just as well that he wouldn’t.  He waited as Mel tied a large baby bib around his neck and finally brought the baby cereal he had cooked himself over to his tray, along with two more baby bottles.  Today would be the last day he would have to eat his breakfast like this.  The last day he would have to eat anything like this.  Mel had kept him on a baby food only diet for the last week.  Well, mostly anyway.  There had been a few times when he had been allowed normal food, but it had only happened a very few times.  But by tomorrow… it would all be over.  Normal, regular, adult food from now on!  He was very much looking forward to it… and he knew that just as much, he was going to miss the humiliation of what he had to do now. 
     Mel leaned back against the counter with her coffee as she so often did while he ate his breakfast.  He really was a sight sitting there… in an overgrown highchair, dressed as her maid, wearing a baby bib, and eating baby food like a toddler.  It was the picture of… stupid!  And yet she loved every bit of it.  Okay, his maid’s dress clashed more than a bit with the baby theme, but with the big bib in place she didn’t notice the dress so much.  Either way, he still looked a sight.  And she knew she was going to miss it… unless she won.
      “So we’re down to the end now,” she said as he carefully shoveled another miniscule bit of the baby cereal into his mouth with that tiny baby spoon held in his left fist.  “This is your last day.  I guess, tomorrow we’ll see what we will see.”
     Chad stopped eating.  He nodded thoughtfully before lisping in his silly voice, “Yeah, tomorrow we’ll see.”
      “Do you still think you can win?” Mel asked.
     Chad thought about that for a moment before deciding, “Yeah.  I still do.  I’m sorry, Mistress, but it just can’t be done!”
     Mel smiled.  “And I think it can!” she replied, although in her mind she really wasn’t as sure as she sounded. 
      “I guess… we’ll see,” he replied.
     Mel nodded.  “Yeah.  Tomorrow.”
      “Tomorrow,” Chad agreed.  “I’m pretty sure that by tomorrow afternoon sometime, it should all be over with.”
      “Except that all the ladies are insisting on judging it for themselves on Saturday.  We’re going to have to go through that.”
      “I know.  But by then, it should all be a moot point.”
      “You sound so sure of yourself,” she noted, growing more concerned in the back of her mind.  Did he know something she didn’t?  Had he been secretly been able to work on his control in some way that she didn’t know about?
     His reply was a moment later coming than it should have been.  “I… am,” he replied.
     But Mel’s trained ear had caught the tiny bit of uncertainty in his voice.  And it was that tiny bit of uncertainty that gave her a little bit of hope.  She pounced on it.  “But you’re not sure!”
     Sheepishly, Chad was forced to admit.  “I…  Maybe,” he finally conceded.
     Something inside of Mel gave a big sigh of relief.

     Since it was his last day, Mel decided to have him “help” her with her morning bath again… one of the big pleasures she had discovered about him, and one that she hadn’t made nearly as much use of as she should have.  Once again she had him remove his maid’s dress so it wouldn’t get wet.  Then she blindfolded him again with the same scarf she had used on him last night in bed.  The scarf still smelled a bit from her sexual exercise last night, but she didn’t mind that aspect of it at all.  She briefly wondered what he thought of it, but she didn’t bother to ask. 
     Once again, she let him use his talented hands to roam and “wash” her body… all over.  But oddly, as much as she tried to enjoy it, she couldn’t.  And it wasn’t anything at all that he was doing wrong.  He was doing everything right, but she simply couldn’t ‘get into it.’  She tried to force herself to relax as his marvelous hands worked over her breasts.  But her mind was too preoccupied instead with worrying about him winning the bet and what she could possibly do to prevent that.  The result was that she was getting no pleasure at all out of her bath. 
     Finally, frustrated with herself, she knocked his hands away.  “That’s enough Sissy!” she said with more sternness than she had intended.  She stood up and grabbed her towel herself instead of letting him get it for her. She saw his hands groping to find it.  “Don’t bother Sissy, I’ve got it already,” she told him. 
     Chad wondered what he had done wrong.  Was she mad at him about something?  He had no clue.  All he knew was that things seemed to be going just fine… and all of a sudden now, they weren’t!
      “Move!” Mel ordered, again more sternly than she intended.
     Still on his knees and blind, Chad scrambled backwards.  He heard Mel getting out of the tub and felt a few drops of water land on him.  He dared ask.  “Did I do something wrong Mistress?”
     Mel heard the worry in his voice.  And it wasn’t really him that was the problem… well, ultimately it was him, but for this, he wasn’t really to blame at all.  She was simply too worried that he might somehow win their bet.  “No Sissy.  There’s no problem.”  She quickly dried herself off then wrapped herself in her robe.  More forcefully than she probably should have, she ripped the blindfold from his head.  “Get yourself another bottle,” she ordered.  “Don’t let me catch you today without one in your mouth!”  Knowing she was behaving badly, she walked out to get dressed. 
     But was she behaving badly?  He was a sissy!  She was supposed to be the dominant one who always ordered him around and was perpetually cruel to him.  Was there any such thing as behaving badly… for her?  And yet, she knew her attitude hadn’t been right.  Yes, she was trying to drop little hints once in a while to let him know that she did appreciate what he did for her, but she wasn’t supposed to be all nicey-nice all the time!  Especially not to him! 
     So why was she worried about it?
     Chad rubbed his head where the scarf had been tied around him.  He picked the smelly thing up from the floor as he stood up and carried it over to the laundry hamper and dropped it in.  Instead of heading straight out to get his baby bottle, he took the time to get redressed first.  Without realizing it, he no longer felt all that interested in going to get his bottle right away and start drinking again. 
     He didn’t know what had happened with Mel.  Things had been going so well today.  Then all of a sudden she seemed to change – right in the middle of her bath no less!  Had he done something wrong?  He must have!  Yet she said he didn’t!  There was just no figuring it out.
     He wandered out to the kitchen and found his latest bottle and put it to his mouth.  He sucked on it automatically as he glanced around the kitchen and thought about where he should start to clean everything up – not that there was much to do.  He did remember that Mel’s breakfast dishes were still in her room. 
     His bottle emptied and he removed it from his mouth.  He started to walk toward the refrigerator to get another one, when he stopped himself.  Why was he so worried about gaining any “reward” time today?  Why bother?  Today was his last day of servitude – the last day he had to worry about anything.  And it was also the last day all his “correct” sexual equipment would be locked up.  Tomorrow he would be free!  Tomorrow everything on him would be free – including that locked up sexual equipment.  Tomorrow, he would be free to play with himself to his heart’s content!  So what if he didn’t gain any reward time today?  Tomorrow he could have all the sexual release he wanted – all day long if he wanted! 
     He just had to make sure he didn’t get punished today.  And some diapers could be miserably stubborn.  Just thinking about Mel’s stick hitting his tender backside over and over again sent a brief chill through his spine.  No, he didn’t need to worry about gaining any reward time today… but he did need to worry about getting punished.  He didn’t want that at all!  Once again, remembering how stubborn some of his diapers could be, he continued on toward the refrigerator where he grabbed another baby bottle of her lousy tea and automatically stuck it in his mouth. 
     But reward time – why bother?

     With only her light robe still wrapped around her, Mel stared into her closet.  What should she wear today?  She wanted to just get dressed in a comfortable top and a pair of shorts, but unfortunately they had things to do today… places to be… chores that would, unfortunately, have to be done.  And while none of it required her to dress up, she still didn’t want to go out of the house not looking presentable.  Sissy of course, was a different matter. 
     But they wouldn’t be leaving until this afternoon and she had the whole morning ahead of her.  The whole morning to… do what… work with Sissy to make sure he became incontinent?  It was a little late for that now.  Besides, what more could she do with him than what she was doing already? 
     Knowing that she wouldn’t be going out just yet, she grabbed a comfortable top from her closet and opted for a pair of shorts from her dresser.  She would change later… if she wanted to.  Once dressed, she quickly pulled her hair back and headed out to see what Sissy was doing.  She found him still in the kitchen cleaning up.  But the one thing she wanted to see, she didn’t.  She didn’t see his baby bottle in his mouth.  Yes, he was working at the sink with both hands and the bottle in question was resting on the counter nearby.  And yes, it looked like he had a valid reason for not drinking just then, but for some reason she was more afraid today to not see that bottle in his mouth.  “Are you drinking enough?” she asked, a touch of worry in her voice.
     Chad pulled his hands out of the water and took a step back before curtseying.  “Yes Mistress.  Plenty.”  Curtsey. 
      “I hope so,” Mel replied.  She hesitated a split second before her next words left her mouth.  “I want to see you gain all the reward time you can again.”
     All the reward time?  But today, Chad could have cared less about any reward time he might gain.  But what could he say?  He curtseyed.  “Thank you, Mistress.”  Curtsey.
     Mel only nodded and looked between his bottle on the counter and the few dishes that still remained to be done.  “Go ahead and finish up Sissy,” she said.  Then more forcefully, “And finish that bottle too!”
     Chad quickly curtseyed and replied, “Yes Mistress.”  Then before she could get away he asked, “Can I get the breakfast dishes from your room now?”  Curtsey.
     Mel merely waved her hand as she turned away.  “Of course.”
     Chad quickly turned the water off at the sink and hurried off toward her bedroom… all without touching his baby bottle.
      “You better not be late getting that diaper to leak!” Mel called after him as she realized his bottle was still sitting on the counter untouched.
     Chad wasn’t exactly ignoring her, he just chose not to bother stopping to curtsey and reply that he understood.  A minute later, he was carrying her breakfast tray out of her bedroom and back toward the kitchen.  He saw Mel watching him intently as she picked her laptop up off of her desk.  Once the tray was out of his hands, he did pause to pick up his bottle to take a swig.  Mel did have a point, he had a feeling he didn’t want to find out how badly she could punish him if his diaper didn’t leak on time.  And the mood she suddenly seemed to be in today worried him. 

     Mel tried to look over some of her work, but she was having a hard time concentrating.  Exasperated, she gave up – temporarily.  She set her laptop aside and got up from her couch where she had stretched out a bit.  They had things to do this afternoon, and one of those things required her to phone ahead to set up.  She grabbed her phone and headed to the bedroom.  Her eyes automatically checked on Sissy.  He was currently in the laundry area with a fairly fresh bottle in his mouth… while his other hand was sorting through clothes before putting them into the washing machine.
     Her bedroom looked a bit different than when she was in there to get dressed.  Sissy had been though a few minutes earlier and her bed was beautifully made – neat as a pin.  Everything looked picked up and dusted.  Perfect!  She could have closed the door to make sure he wouldn’t hear her conversation, but it was a subject that really didn’t matter that much.  She was fairly sure he wouldn’t be able to hear her anyway.  She dialed the number, spoke to one person, had to wait a fairly long time to speak to someone else, then finally relayed what she wanted.  She had to go through it again so that the person fully understood what she wanted, then she was turned back over to the first person she had talked with to relay more information.  All in all, what should have taken about two minutes, took nearly ten!  But in the end, there were no problems.  Good!  One thing down.  Lots more to go.
     She headed back out to the living room.  Sissy was still holding his bottle to his mouth with one hand while he now poured detergent into the washer with his other hand.  “Do you have enough bottles to get through the day?” she asked.
     Chad turned at the question.  He had to consider it a bit before answering.  After a moment, he curtseyed.  “I think so,” he replied.  “It should be close enough.”  Curtsey… bottle back in the mouth.
     Mel shook her head.  “Close is not good enough!”  She headed straight for the kitchen.  She needed something to do and making more tea for him would fill that bill nicely.
     It wasn’t until she was pouring the hot green tea from her big pot into a pitcher that Sissy finally came hurrying into the kitchen to tell her he was leaking.  She immediately glanced at the clock and noticed that he had missed getting any reward time by four full minutes.  “You’re not drinking enough!” she declared with a hint of anger in her voice.  “I want you to get all the reward time you can today!”
     But Chad knew that what she really wanted was to make sure he kept wetting so much that he would have no chance of controlling himself.  He curtseyed, “Yes Mistress.  Thank you Mistress.”  Curtsey.

      “Excuse me Robin.”
     Startled, Robin turned quickly at the unexpected interruption.  Geez!  She had been working so hard on a few updates that needed to be done that she hadn’t heard anyone approaching!  “Ray!” she exclaimed.  “You scared me a bit.” 
Ray immediately brought out his “charming” smile.  “Sorry.  I just…”
     But Robin was too worried about him asking more about Chad and his bet.  She quickly raised her hand to stop him from saying anything else.  “If you’re here to ask about Chad and his bet again, then don’t bother.  I can’t tell you anything!”
     The smile on Ray’s face was far more genuine this time.  “I am… sort of.  Actually, I have a favor to ask.”
      “But I can’t tell you anything!” Robin insisted.
      “I didn’t ask anything yet,” Ray replied, still with that broad smile of his.
     Robin backed off.  “What is it?” she asked… warily.
      “Do you by chance know Mel’s friend Gloria?”
      “Gloria?”  Robin was very surprised at that question.  “Sure.  We’ve talked a few times.”
      “Can you pass on something to her for me?”
      “Why can’t you just call her yourself?”
      “I have my reasons.”
     Robin wasn’t sure, but she thought she saw a touch of something… mischievous... in his face.  Tentatively, she said, “I guess it depends on what it is.”
      “Just call her and tell her that I was here asking about Chad and his bet with Mel again.  That’s all.”
     Robin was totally confused.  “So are you asking now?”
     Ray considered that.  “No, not really… unless you want to tell me anything.”
      “No!  I don’t know anything!” Robin insisted, a little too quickly.
     Ray realized that Robin probably did know more than she was telling… or willing to tell, but he just let it drop.  “So can you pass on that information for me?  I can give you her number if you need it.”
     But none of it was making any sense yet to Robin.  “No, I’ve got her phone number.  I can call her, but I don’t understand.  You want me to tell her you’re asking about the bet… but you’re not asking?  Ray, that makes no sense!”
     Ray’s “charming” smile was immediately back again.  “It does to me.  And I think it will to Gloria too.”
      “So are you going to explain it to me?”
     Ray acted like he was considering it, when actually he was doing nothing of the sort.  “Ummm…  No.”  With a flash of an even broader smile, he walked away.
     Robin was left staring at the empty entrance to her cubicle while she tried to make sense of it.  But she couldn’t!  So she immediately picked up her phone and called Gloria’s number… and left a message for Gloria to call her back as soon as possible.

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