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The Bet - Chapter 62 (Thursday – week 9 Part 3 of 5)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 62 (Thursday – week 9 Part 3 of 5)

      “You’re not drinking again!” Mel yelled from the couch where she was once again failing to concentrate on any of the “work” she had wanted to do.  She had just glanced up at him as he worked on the laundry and noticed the bottle wasn’t in his mouth.
     Chad wasn’t exactly surprised, but he was a bit perturbed.  He curtseyed.  “But I need both hands to pull the clothes out of the washer.”  Curtsey.
      “I don’t care!” Mel shot back.  “Keep drinking!”
     Chad curtseyed and put the bottle back in his mouth.  Geez Mel was in a mood today.  She wasn’t letting up on him one little bit!  He hadn’t been exactly worried about running out of bottles earlier, and now there was no chance at all that he could possibly run out – compliments of Mel.  Not that running out would be a problem anyway.  He could always fill some with water.  But Mel preferred him to drink her lousy green tea – tea that he knew would keep him peeing like crazy!  Which he pretty much was doing anyway, even though he rarely ever felt himself doing it anymore. 
     His diapers continually kept getting wetter and wetter without him having the fun of feeling himself wetting them.  Having no chance to even try to hold back because he had to remain so focused on getting his diapers to leak on time, his body now dribbled the pee almost continually.  Yes, he was wetting himself – constantly.  But it was just in such small amounts that he could no longer could feel himself doing it. 
     And one thing was for sure, Mel wasn’t slacking off one little bit today!

     “Hi Robin.  It’s Gloria.  You called?”
      “Oh yes!  Hi Gloria.”
      “Are you still going to be able to judge Mel and Chad’s little bet on Saturday?” Gloria asked immediately.
      “Um…  Yes, of course,” Robin replied.  She should have realized that Gloria would immediately think that judging the bet was the reason she had called in the first place.
      “Oh.  Then what’s up?”
      “Um…  The strangest thing happened here a little while ago, and I can’t make heads or tails of it.”
      “What’s that?”
      “Ray was here again!”
      “Ray!” Gloria’s voice suddenly held a bit of an edge.  “Was he asking about Mel’s money or their bet again?”
      “Well, that’s just it!  He asked me to call you for him… and tell you that he was here asking about it… but he didn’t ask about it!  He just wanted me to tell you he was asking about it.  And it makes no sense at all!”
     The phone in Robin’s hand was silent for a few moments.  Robin was about to ask if Gloria was still there when she heard sound erupting from the ear piece.  Surprised, she pulled the phone away from her ear to stare at the thing… as she continued to listen to the sound of Gloria’s laughter.

     Nine minutes!  He had nine minutes of reward time now… and he wasn’t even trying.  Not only that, he had missed gaining any from one of his diapers earlier that morning.  And today he couldn’t care less about gaining the “reward” time.  The problem was Mel.  She had been hounding him all morning to keep drinking.  More… more… more!  She never let up.  It was almost as if she was panicked over it somehow.  So what choice did he have, he had to keep drinking.  And consequently… peeing.
      “Pull your legs up,” Mel said as she waited with the open jar of suppositories. 
     Ugh!  This was the part he hated the most.  The damn suppositories!  Why did she have to keep shoving them up him?  Why?  At least today would be the last day.  Today would be the end of it all. 
     As he pulled his legs up, widely exposing his backside so she could shove her finger… along with the miserable little pill… up inside of him, he wondered if she would put another one up there again tonight.  She had been doing it for so long now that there was probably enough of those things still left in him that he wouldn’t be able to control himself for a week!  At least she didn’t have anything like that to use on his peeing.  Oh!  Yes she did!  All the damn bottles she made him drink.  Way too many!  Way, way too many!  But what choice did he have? 
     But tomorrow…  Tomorrow it would all be over with and he would be free to regain all his control.  His peeing he was pretty sure he could get back quickly.  Probably in just a few hours.  But with all that glycerin still up inside of him, that part might take a bit longer.  Fortunately, that was only part of the equation.  She had to make him totally incontinent.  So his peeing was going to be the biggest factor.  And fortunately, it was also the one thing he was sure he could manage to regain – fast!
      “Okay, put your legs down,” Mel told him. 
     He lowered his legs and enjoyed the sensation of having someone else diaper him – just like a helpless baby.  He didn’t often take the time to appreciate the act.  Only now when it was all about to be over with did it sink in how nice a thing it was.  The stuff of fantasies.  But then, he was living a dream right now.  But it was a dream that was about to end.
     He felt her pulling the diaper tight and taping it firmly in place. 
      “All done Sissy,” she said.  “Now get back up on your perch while I finish my lunch.”
     Chad could have done without that part.  Yet, being banished to his perch in the corner still held some sexual excitement for him as well.  It too was a part of the fantasy dream that was now ending.  And it too would be something he would miss when it was all over.

     Robin poked her head around the entrance to Ray’s office.  “Excuse me Ray,” she said rather musically.  It was all she could do to keep a straight face, let alone the stern expression that Gloria had asked her to use.
      “What is it, Robin?” Ray asked rather expectantly.
     Robin did her best to sound stern, but she was still having too much trouble not cracking up.  “I have a message to pass on from Gloria.  She said to tell you, don’t forget Saturday night, and she still expects a very expensive dinner and you better not forget that she wants to go dancing too.”
     Ray smiled.  “You can tell her for me that I won’t forget.”
      “And she said you better look really good Saturday because she’s buying a new dress just for the occasion!”  Robin couldn’t contain her laugher any longer and broke out in giggles.
      “Tell her that…”
      “You can tell her yourself!” Robin interrupted, still giggling.  “I’m out of it now!”  She left him then to go back to her desk.  But all she could think about was what she was going to tell all the girls in the break room!

     Mel stood back against the counter as she so often did and watched him eating his baby-food lunch.  So funny.  So… strange!
      “I would kiss you till your body shudders… and you know how I feel about you.”  Unbidden, the words came once again to her mind.  And inwardly, she shuddered.  Such wonderful words.  Such a wonderful sentiment.  And… he had done just that.  He had backed up his words with his actions.  Amazingly.  And yet… yet… when it was all over… he still hadn’t said that he loved her.  He still hadn’t used the word… “love.”  And most of all, he still hadn’t said that he wanted to stay with her… to do her bidding… no matter how the bet came out. 
     And yet… and yet… he had said those beautiful words, and he had backed them up with what he had done!  Was she reading too much into it?  Was she making a mistake?  She didn’t know.
     She watched as he put down his spoon and picked up the second of the two baby bottles she had placed on his tray.  He had managed to finish his lunch without spilling any again and with only a small spot of something orange – whatever it was – on his cheek.  How had it gotten that far from his mouth?  She remembered the days, not too long ago, when he had spilled more with that ridiculous little spoon than he managed to get into his mouth.  But practice and time had prevailed and he now usually managed to get most of what he was supposed to eat – actually into his mouth.  Fortunately, the sight alone of him having to eat that way… like an infant… was enough for her.  He was… hilarious! 
     She sipped her coffee slowly, while he sucked furiously from his bottle.  Her eyes, and his eyes, met.  They watched each other constantly.  Neither of them looked away.  As if… as if they were locked into some greater battle together and neither of them was willing to look away first.  Competitors!  And Mel knew that that in itself was one of the difficult parts about this bet.  The fact that, despite what everyone would think, neither of them wanted to lose.  On the surface, someone might think that because he was so submissive, Chad would just give in and decide to lose – purposely.  But the truth was that he wasn’t the type to give in at all that way.  As submissive as he was, he was still stubborn and he liked to win!  There would be no help for her from that angle at all.  Unfortunately.
     And she figured a lot of his determination stemmed from the fact that he wanted some things in his life that he wasn’t willing to live without – at least it seemed he didn’t want to live without them for very long.  They were things that he didn’t know she knew about him.  Things she dared not let him know that she knew because of the way she had found out.  Three important puzzles that she had still not figured out how to solve – self-respect, friends, and a life.  Her mind briefly puzzled over each of them again, but she got no closer to the answer at all.  Every one of them seemed to conflict with his sissy personality.  How could he want those things so badly… and yet want to be a sissy too?  It didn’t make sense.  But somehow, it did to him.  Self-respect, friends, and a life – versus – being a sissy. 
     And last night he had whispered those beautiful words… “I would kiss you till your body shudders… and you know how I feel about you.”  And now she herself was confused.  Not to mention that she still wasn’t sure that what she intended to do with him – demote him to a life of servitude and humiliation, was right.
     Too many puzzles.  Too many things she couldn’t figure out.  And no time left to find the answers.  People always said women were hard to figure out.  Women weren’t hard at all.  Try figuring out a sissy!
     The sound of his bottle emptying broke the connection between them, restoring everything back to normal… or as normal as things were for them.  She set her coffee cup down and grabbed a paper towel.  She wet it slightly before taking it to him and wiping the orange mess off his face.  “How did you ever get your food so far from your mouth?” she chided.
     Chad said nothing.  He knew she was only teasing.  Having to eat the way he did, there was no telling where some of the food might wind up.  With his face and hands clean, she finally removed his bib and freed him from the chair.  As he slid down, the pressure forced his one wet diaper up harder between his legs.  He was forced to take notice of how wet it was… already.  He took further stock of his diaper as he stood on his feet.  One thing that this bet had taught him, was to be able to feel just how wet his diaper was while wearing it.  Too much practice!  Way too much! 
     Mel grabbed another bottle from her refrigerator and handed it to him.  “Clean up the kitchen now Sissy while I get changed.  We’ve got a lot of errands to run this afternoon.  And you better do it all with that bottle in your mouth!”
     Errands?  What errands could they possibly need to run today?  And how was he supposed to wash dishes while using one hand to hold his bottle in his mouth?  Dumb!  He smiled as he curtseyed.  “Yes Mistress.”  Curtsey.  The bottle went into his mouth… and came right back out again as soon as she left the kitchen and was out of sight. 
     What errands?

     Chad had just finishing the dishes when Mel came back into the kitchen wearing jeans and a pair of sneakers.  He could tell though that she had added a bit of makeup and her hair now hung loose instead of being bound behind her head.  She looked… really good, not to mention sexy, despite the fact that she was obviously dressing a bit down for wherever they were going. 
     Mel first checked how much tea was left in the bottle he was drinking.  “Why isn’t that bottle done yet?” she asked.
     Her question caught him off guard.  Curtsey.  “I haven’t had time,” he replied honestly, somewhat surprised at her question.  Curtsey.  The fact that he hadn’t bothered constantly drinking from it while he had done the dishes didn’t even enter his mind.

      “Well, hurry up!” Mel ordered rather impatiently.
     Instead of answering, Chad began drinking again while she practically glared at him.  What was up with her today?  It took him less than two minutes to finish the bottle.  After which, Mel went directly to the refrigerator and pulled out another one and actually waited until she saw him put it to his mouth and start drinking again.  Then she went back to the refrigerator and grabbed more bottles, handing one to Sissy while she held another four in her own hands. 
      “Let’s go Sissy,” she said.  “We have things to do today.”
     Chad followed her out to the living room where she took the extra bottle from him and personally stuck it, along with the ones from her hands, into his diaper bag.  Chad was only glad that she wasn’t packing any baby food in there today… so at least they would be home by dinner time.  Hopefully.
     Without saying anything else, Mel led them out the door.  Chad followed carrying his purse and his diaper bag… while still acting like he was drinking from his baby bottle.  She led them, not down to her car, but straight to his apartment where she waited next to the door until he unlocked it.  As she had done the day before she headed straight for his bedroom while he was still setting his things down on the floor.  He quickly began to worry about what she planned for him to wear. 
     By the time he got to the bedroom – baby bottle again in his mouth, she was already staring at the clothes in his closet… but not all the clothes.  The only place she was staring at was the area where he kept all his silly sissy dresses. 
      “Now… what will it be today?” she mused out loud.  Actually, she knew exactly which dress she was going to put him in today, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have a little fun playing with him first.  She quickly pounced on his pink sissy dress with all the ruffles – the one they had taken to the cleaner’s yesterday.  She pulled it out and held it up as she announced, “This…”  then she went right back to his closet with her other hand and grabbed his more babyish pink and white dress and held that out as well.  “Or this!”  Then she turned toward him, holding both sissy dresses out, as if she expected him to give her an answer.  She thought she saw his face turn a little “green,” but it was hard to tell with the baby bottle blocking much of it. 
      Chad gasped despite the bottle in his mouth.  Both dresses were an absolute nightmare!  Yesterday had been bad enough when he had worn his blue sissy dress all over the mall, and now it looked like today she was going to subject him to another day of total humiliation.  She was still staring at him as if she expected an answer.  Was he supposed to choose?  As much as he hated it, his arm shakily rose and he pointed at the sissy dress with all the annoying ruffles.  He chose that one only because the other dress would leave his diapers totally on display – all the time!  And that thought alone made it much, much worse!
     Mel smiled as she held the more babyish dress, the dress he hadn’t chosen, out in front of her.  “Good choice,” she said happily.  Then she proceeded to put the ruffled dress, the dress that Chad had chosen, back in the closet again.  “I’m so glad you picked this one,” she said happily as she brought the dress over toward him.
     Chad went weak in the knees as he realized that she actually seemed to be planning on taking him out somewhere in that dress.  His eyes pleaded with her.  His mouth gaped open a bit.  And his teeth bit down a little too much on the bottle nipple in his mouth, causing some of the tea to squirt out when he wasn’t prepared for it – resulting in it dripping out past his lips to run down his chin.
     Mel laughed.  “Oh how perfect!  You’re already getting into the baby spirit,” she exclaimed.  “I can see that you can’t wait!”
     Can’t wait?  Chad wanted to run!  But there was no place to run to.  He quickly pulled the bottle out of his mouth and wiped the slobber from his chin with his arm.  This was not going to be an easy day!  And just thinking about what horrors it could possibly bring sent a wave a sexual excitement though him, enough that he could almost feel something sliding in and out of his backside.
     Mel pulled the zipper down on his maid’s dress for him, exposing his totally soaked diaper underneath.  She watched that diaper carefully as he continued to “slowly” get undressed.  The thing sure looked like it could start leaking at any moment.  She glanced at the time.  It was a little early yet, but it was starting to get into the time range when he could possibly start leaking soon.  But she said nothing about it.  A few seconds later, she was pulling the babyish pink creation over his head and pulling it down into place. 
     Chad was so worried about going out in that dress, that as soon as it was fastened, he felt himself peeing a little bit from his nervousness.  A very pleasant sensation, but as usual, all too brief.  A few minutes later, he was also wearing a pair of frilly socks and his pink high-heeled shoes to go with the dress.  He felt… silly.  He felt… nervous.  He felt… scared.  He felt… totally sexually alive!  So many nervous emotions, all coursing through him at the same time.
      “Don’t forget your pacifier… baby,” Mel teased as she walked out toward the door. 
     Chad followed her out of the bedroom… somewhat reluctantly, his nervousness growing with every step he took.  Knowing he would have to, he transferred his wallet and keys from his nice purse – his big purse – to his tiny silly sissy purse that was meant for a child.  He plucked the pacifier out that was already in there from yesterday to show her.
      “Leave it in your purse for now,” Mel said.  “I want to see you drinking from your bottle instead.”  She waited as he stuck the bottle to his mouth with one hand, then threw his diaper bag over his shoulder with his other hand, and then grabbed his tiny silly purse with that same hand.  With a broad smile, she opened the door.
     As he took his first nervous step towards the outside, Chad felt himself peeing yet again.  His stomach was doing flip-flops as he stepped out into the broad daylight.  He was so nervous about being seen in that dress that…  Uh oh!  “Mistress!” he called quickly, stopping right where he was.  He saw Mel turn back toward him from the top of the stairs where she had just started descending.  “I’m leaking!”
     Mel had known he was very close.  She had just figured that she would be changing him at their first stop.  Although how she was going to actually manage that, she didn’t have a clue.  She supposed that it was better that he was leaking now instead of later.  Besides, he might have started leaking in her car just as easily, and that wouldn’t have been exactly good.  She nodded towards him.  “Let’s go back inside and you can change there.”
     Chad was grateful.  Not only for the chance to change his diaper, but also for the short reprieve before he had to go out wearing the horribly embarrassing dress he had on.
      “And you’ve just gained yourself another four minutes of reward time,” Mel declared happily.
     Great!  The one day he didn’t really care about getting any reward time was turning out to be the one day it was piling up faster than ever!  Instead of Mel helping him change, she just stood nearby and watched as he changed his own diaper.  At least the dress he was wearing didn’t get in the way too much.  It couldn’t!  It was too short!  Five minutes later, baby bottle back in his mouth and his embarrassing diaper fully on display – below an even more embarrassing dress – he was putting his diaper bag in the back seat of Mel’s car and climbing into the front seat.  He wanted to ask where they were going, but he figured he’d find out soon enough.  Too soon!

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