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The Housekeeper - Chapter 35 Part 1 of 3

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The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 35 Part 1 of 3

Ted Jacobs sat in his underwear on the old threadbare couch in his living room.  He stared at the file folder in front of him – Janice Stokley’s file.  His personal copy.  His copy that had notes that the “official” folder didn’t contain.  The file was open, but he hadn’t bothered to touch anything inside of it.  He knew the contents of it by heart. 
He was stumped.  And frustrated.  He had no idea what he could do next to try to catch Janice and put a stop to her stealing.  The one biggest thing on his mind was that he had to find all the money she had stolen.  The money was his biggest priority – by far.  Where was it?
He was still angry at having to chase after that damn locator bug he had put on her car… all the way into Alabama!  Damn!  He should have known better!  But he had really thought she was going after the money!  He guessed it was entirely possible that she might have.  It was why he had gone after her so hell bent in the first place. 
He hadn’t checked on her in a while now.  He hadn’t had time.  He was off today.  Was it worth it to him to try to check on her?  He still hadn’t had a chance to look into the windows of that house she was living in… as a housekeeper?  That was a laugh!  The woman was a banker.  An investment broker.  One thing he was sure of was that she wasn’t any kind of housekeeper at all!  But was it worth his time to check on her again? 
The answer to that was a foregone conclusion.  Although he purposely put off getting dressed and looking into things with Janice too soon.  He was off today.  He deserved a little down time once in a while.  This afternoon would be good enough.

His breakfast had tasted good… even though he had eaten it naked.  And now the darn woman and the girl were washing dishes again… like this was the most normal household in the world.  Why hadn’t she asked him about his money?  That had to be what this was all about!  Why hadn’t she mentioned it?  But instead, she had tortured him… bent his mind… until he knew he would do anything in the world that she wanted him to.  And worse, even just sitting here now, he knew he didn’t have the will power to do anything but what she wanted.  There was now this constant grey wall at the edges of his vision… a wall that did nothing but frighten him.
He supposed that if she walked in right now and told him to sign all his money over to her immediately, he would do it without a single protest or question asked.  He would do whatever she wanted… because her will was now his will.  Or at least, her will far outweighed anything that he wanted. 
So why hadn’t she asked him about his money?  Or… was she after something else?  That was a much more troubling thought.  Yet, she hadn’t asked him about anything… except Lisa.  He was going to miss that girl.  She had been lots of fun.  More so than some of his other favorites.  But as per her will, Lisa was now out of his life – totally.  Would he find another girl that he liked that much?  For that matter, would he live to see tomorrow?  He didn’t know if he dared to be hopeful about that or not. 

Roger had slept in Janice’s bed again.  And again he had made the bed as best he could in hope that she wouldn’t know.  What would she do to him if she found out?  Could it be worse than what he had already endured?  Unfortunately, he knew that worse was entirely possible where Janice was concerned.
All day yesterday, and now even more so today, he was unable to get Jennifer off of his mind.  Jennifer, and the fact that she was insisting on going to church with him today.  She had even called late last night to check what time she should be here so they could go together.  He wasn’t looking forward to it.  He wasn’t looking forward to showing her how he looked all fixed up in a dress and proper makeup… and the wig.  Maybe it was because she was going with him… or maybe he just needed to try extra hard for some unknown reason, but he was now doing his absolute best to get his makeup right… just the way that woman who had done the makeover on him had done it.  Because of Jennifer, he wanted it to look – perfect.

Halifax saw her looking at him.  He saw her nod to her daughter.  And then he saw her walking towards him.  He tensed every muscle in his body, ready to stand up out of the chair he was already sitting in, the moment she gave the command. 
As she came closer, he noticed that she wasn’t holding the damn remote control.  So maybe she wasn’t going to torture him this time.  Maybe she was going to be nice again.  Because that’s the way she seemed to be, either a total monster – out to only rape his mind and cause him the most miserable pain imaginable, or she acted nice – serving him good tasting meals and speaking kindly to him.  There was never any in-between, only unimaginable horror… or polite as can be.
He saw her approach and stand there looking at him… back far enough that she was still well out of his reach.  From all indications, this would be the polite version.  He breathed a small sigh of relief at that.
“Mr. Halifax,” Janice started.  “I’d like you to do something for me please.”
His money!  He knew now that it was coming, and there would be no stopping her.
“I’d like you to sleep and obey, Mr. Halifax, sleep and obey.  Sleep and obey, Mr. Halifax, sleep and obey.”
His head went spinning as he immediately sank down into a trance.  And the longer she kept talking to him, the further down he sank.  Deeper and deeper, further and further under her control.  And there had been no torture at all… just her words… in the kindest voice possible. 
Janice watched him go under quickly.  The fact that he went so fast was testament to the long day of training sessions she had been through with him yesterday.  Three times yesterday!  A dangerous amount of training!  From past experience, she had been careful to let him sleep for a while between each session to let his mind recover somewhat.  But still, after three sessions yesterday, she dared not do more this weekend for fear of seriously damaging his brain.  Even now there could be some residual effects next week.  But she wasn’t concerned about residual effects at all.  As long as he could respond to her commands, that’s all that really mattered.  If nobody noticed that he seemed a little different, well… that would be a bonus as far as she was concerned.  But not absolutely necessary.  He was no longer capable of telling anyone about her or what went on.  Still, she would further help matters now by giving him some new things to think about.
She took her time with him, coaxing him down, further and further.  She didn’t stop until she was sure he was as deep as she could take him.  Only then did she look back at her daughter and nod to her that she was sure he was fairly safe.
“You’re sure, Momma?” Carol asked uncertainly as she approached. 
“Yes dear.  He already can’t harm me, and I’m quite sure he won’t even try to do anything to you.”
Carol handed over the key she had been holding in her hand.  Janice took it and walked over to Halifax, and unlocked the lock that prevented his collar from being unfastened.  Then she removed the collar completely.  But Halifax barely even moved.  The expression on his face never even changed. 
“Come, Mr. Halifax,” Janice told him.  “It’s time for you to enjoy a bit of your little vacation.”
Carol watched as Halifax got up from his seat and followed her mother… downstairs… and outside to the deck. 
“Do you enjoy hot tubs, Mr. Halifax?” Janice asked.
“Yes,” he replied with more emotion than Carol would have thought.
“Good,” Janice said.  “I want you to get into the tub now and relax.  I want you to imagine you’re in there with a pretty woman.  And I want you to enjoy the tub, and enjoy being with the woman, and enjoy the beautiful scenery all around us.  Get in the tub now, Mr. Halifax.”
As Carol watched, Joseph Halifax gladly climbed into the hot tub, and looked for all  the world like he was having an absolutely great time there… which if she read things right, he was!
Janice let him stay in the tub for ten minutes before she ordered him out again.  There was still a distinct smile on his face when he got out.  “Come, Mr. Halifax.  It’s time for you to get dressed to go home.”

Roger stared out the living room window, waiting for Jennifer to arrive.  He couldn’t believe how nervous he felt.  He couldn’t believe how stupid he felt!  In just a few minutes, Jenifer was going to see him all dressed up.  And then they were going to go to church together.  He still couldn’t believe that!  Why couldn’t she just leave things well enough alone? 
He saw her car appear and turn into his driveway.  It was time to reveal how he really looked to her.  Would she approve?  He knew that she wouldn’t – not as far as the fact that he was a man dressed as a woman.  But would she think he looked any better than he did when they went shopping?  He guessed that was the best he could hope for today.  He had tried. 
He saw her car stop.  There was no need for her to come into the house.  Throwing his purse over his shoulder and pulling the hair of his wig out from under the strap, he opened his front door to go out.  Showtime!
Jennifer got out of her car to go knock on Roger’s door, but the minute she did, she saw him coming out of his house… and as she expected, he was all dressed up as a woman again.  She watched him carefully as he cautiously made his way down the few steps in the heels he was wearing, and walked toward her.  Without a doubt, he seemed to look a lot better than the last time.  Sort of!
Roger walked partway toward her, then stopped.  Damn!  Did she have to dress up so nicely today?  He could already feel the cold seeping into his under-exercised cock.  He only hoped that it would fade away before long or he would be in for an even more miserable day. 
Jennifer saw him stop.  She was guessing that he was waiting for some kind of verdict from her as to how he looked.  Well…  She did her best to smile.  “You certainly look a lot better than you did earlier in the week!” she told him.
Roger moved closer.  “Thanks,” he replied, somewhat relieved.
“I’m afraid, you still look pretty bad though.”  She didn’t add that basically, he still looked like a guy in a dress.
That took some of the wind out of Rogers’ sails… what little there had been.  “No doubt,” he agreed as he headed for the passenger side of her car.  “You look great though,” he told her.  “Amazingly great!”
“Thanks!” Jennifer replied, happy that he had bothered to mention it.  It was something that in the past, when they had still been together, he never bothered to mention.  She got back in her car and started the engine.  When they were both buckled in and ready, she backed the car carefully around onto the side of his yard, worried about it possibly getting stuck in the mud, then she pulled slowly forward again.  She didn’t like to back out of his long driveway if she didn’t have to… especially with all those trees blocking the view of oncoming traffic.

Stan wasn’t sure what time Roger and Jennifer would be leaving for church, so he decided to head to Roger’s house extra early.  Roger might not like it that he was going to tag along with them, but tough!  He was going to stand by Roger no matter what kind of shit he was going through.  The fact that he was so early would give him a chance to talk to Roger a little – before Jennifer got there.  Maybe he could find out just how close those two were getting now.
He saw Roger’s dirt driveway ahead and slowed his truck.  Just as he started to turn in, he saw Jennifer’s car heading out.  He slammed on his brakes!
Jennifer slammed on her brakes!  She wasn’t really that close to hitting Stan’s truck, but she had just been surprised to see it suddenly coming at her. 
“What’s he doing here?” Roger asked, annoyed and worried that Stan was there. 
“I don’t know,” Jennifer replied.
Stan stepped on the gas and pulled around Jennifer’s car.  As quickly as he could, he parked his truck next to Roger’s.  Then he ran back toward Jennifer’s car.  He saw that Roger had his window open.
“What’s up?” Roger asked as Stan got close enough.
Instead of answering, he opened the back door to Jennifer’s car and got in.  “Damn this must be an early church service,” he said as he closed the door again.  “I didn’t expect you to be leaving this early.”  He was quick to note the wig Roger was wearing on his head.
“You’re going to church with us?” Jennifer asked, totally surprised by that.
“Sure!” Stan replied like it was something he did all the time.
Jennifer looked at Roger and could easily see how worried he suddenly looked.
“Stan,” Roger started, “I don’t think you want to go to this church.”
“If you’re going, I’m going,” Stan replied.
“But this isn’t any kind of normal church,” Roger tried again.
“Like I said, if you’re going, I’m going!  Now let’s get going so we won’t be late.  Where is this place anyway?”
Roger shook his head as Jennifer stepped on the gas and pulled out of the driveway.  “Halfway back to Atlanta.”
“Geez!  No wonder you’re leaving so early.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t late!”
Roger had other opinions about that!

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