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The Housekeeper - Chapter 35 Part 2 of 3

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 35 Part 2 of 3

Janice had Halifax get dressed in the main downstairs bedroom where she and Carol had spent the night.  She wanted him to see the bed with the rumpled sheets and remember it.  She was sure that he wasn’t as deeply in his trance as he had been earlier, but he was still in a hypnotic state and thoroughly under her control. 
When he was all dressed, she had him follow her out to the kitchen and sit at the kitchen table.  Carol was there with the laptop computer.  “Do you have it dear?” she asked.
“Sure, Momma.  No problem.  You want to see what I had to set up though?  I kind of had to make some changes to get one that would work.”  She waited until her mother came around to look at the screen in front of her.  “The name you suggested was already in use.  I had to try a few versions of it before it would take.”
Janice looked at the email address on the screen.  “That should be perfect,” she declared happily.  “I’m sure he’ll have no trouble remembering it.”  The fact that since he was hypnotized and she would be telling him that he would remember the address would only cement it into his brain that much more firmly.  There was no chance that he wouldn’t remember it. 
She took a chair across the table from Halifax.  It was time to now give him some final instructions.  But first….  “Sleep and obey, Mr. Halifax, sleep and obey.  Sleep and obey, Mr. Halifax, sleep and obey.”  Even though he was already under, she took him as far down again as she could.  All this had to be – perfect!
It was a few minutes before she was ready to continue… actually, before Halifax was ready for her to continue.  The process wasn’t difficult, she just wanted to make sure.  And finally, he was ready to hear and understand what would be required of him… for now.
“Mr. Halifax,” she began.  “In a few minutes, we will be leaving here to take you home.  I will drive you part way.  Once you get into the car, you will fall sound asleep.  It’s a boring drive anyway and you have no interest in it.  You can dream about what a great weekend you had with the pretty woman you met here.  You can dream about spending time with her in the hot tub.  You can dream about spending time with her in the big bed. 
“At some point on the way home, I will speak your name.  You will wake up then, but you will still remain hypnotized.  From that point on, you will drive home alone.  You will not remember where this cabin was, only that you were there and had a wonderful time. 
“You will remember me, but the memories of me will be only vague ones.  As you already know, you can never tell anyone at all about me.  You can never tell anyone at all about what went on here.  The only memories of this weekend you can ever mention were what fun you had in the hot tub… and the bed.  Enough fun, that you can’t wait to do it again next week. 
Tomorrow morning, you will completely clear your schedule for next weekend so that you can go back to being with your pretty woman again.  No matter what is on your calendar, you will cancel it so that you can get together with her for the entire weekend.  And then I want you to get on the internet and book another cabin rental so that you and your pretty woman can spend that time together.  You will book the cabin from Friday night until Sunday morning.  You will choose someplace that will be secluded so that there won’t be any nosy neighbors around to get in the way of you and your fun.  And as soon as you have everything booked, you will email me at this email address:  pretty woman 111 at Yahoo dot com.”  She looked at him for a moment.  “Please repeat that address.”
“Pretty woman, one, one, one at Yahoo dot com,” Halifax replied somewhat woodenly.
“Good,” Janice said.  “Everything to do with this rental, you will immediately forward to that address so that I will know about it.  Everything!”  She searched his face again, but there was no change.  She moved on.
“Mr. Halifax, in anticipation of the fun weekend you are going to have next week, I want you to take out twenty-five hundred dollars in cash from your bank account.  That should give you plenty of money so that you and your pretty woman can have a very good time without having to worry about it.
“Remember, Mr. Halifax, you have broken off your relationship with Lisa.  She is no longer in your life or any concern to you.  You have a new woman in your life now – despite the fact that you can’t quite remember what she looks like or even what her name is.  You may spend time with a few of the other girls I know you spend your evenings with, but even those women will all gradually pale in significance to your new pretty girl.  As the week goes on, you will find that you have less and less interest in any of those other women.
And next Friday night, as early as you can, you will pack a small bag and drive to the cabin you rented, where you will have a wonderful time all next weekend.

Roger was quietly going crazy!  He didn’t want Jennifer going to church with him, and now he had Stan along for the ride too!  What was up with his screwy friends?  Why couldn’t they just leave him alone?  He was no longer quite as worried about what might happened to Jennifer, although that did remain in the back of his mind, but he was very worried about what Janice could possibly do to Stan.  And he had no doubt that she wouldn’t hesitate a moment to destroy his best friend if she felt she needed to. 
Why couldn’t he take the hint and just stay away?  Why couldn’t both of them just stay away for that matter?  But now here they were, all travelling down the highway together – to go to church together- like it was the most wonderful thing in the world.  He wanted to scream!  More so, the closer they got!  “That’s the exit,” he said so that Jennifer would know where to turn off.  A few minutes later, he had directed her to turn into the parking lot of the strip mall where the church was located.
“It’s not a regular church!” Stan noted from the back seat.
“It looks like a lot of cars here though,” Jennifer replied as she searched for a place to park her car. 
“There always seems to be a lot of people here,” Roger said.  And now there were about to be a few more.  At least for this week.  Once the car was parked, he got out.  He had been here enough now that while he was embarrassed over the way he looked, he knew that none of the others in the church would even question it.  He was more embarrassed this time because of Jennifer and Stan being there with him.
Once out of the car, Stan had his first chance to see Roger all dressed up.  He looked… dumb!  Okay, for some unknown reason his face didn’t look all that bad, but he still looked stupid.  He didn’t look anything like a real woman at all.  Basically, he was a guy in a dress.  He couldn’t imagine how a church would let him come like that.  But then Roger had said this place was different.  He guessed he was about to find out how different.
Together, they began the somewhat long walk from the car to the entrance of the church where there were a lot of people standing around outside.  Jennifer walked on Roger’s left side, and Stan took his post on Roger’s right.  And Roger began to wonder what his two friends would think when they met Tracy, and Cassandra, and Bethany.  Especially Bethany!  For that matter, what would the three outrageous cross-dressers think of him bringing two more people to church with him? 
“Candy!” the excited voice yelled from the distance.
“Oh shit!” Roger muttered under his breath. He doubled that curse as he saw Bethany start running toward him.
“Candy!” Bethany’s excited voice called again.
“Candy?” both Jennifer and Stan asked in unison the moment they realized the frightening apparition running towards them was yelling to Roger.
“Don’t ask!” Roger told them quietly.
“Candy?” Stan questioned again.
“Nobody uses any real names here,” Roger tried to explain.  “I somehow got branded with Candy.”
“Candy?” Jennifer asked again incredulously.  “How did that happen?”
Roger was spared from answering by Bethany running up and not stopping until she was hugging him.  “Candy!  You look great!  Love your new dress,” the outrageous transvestite exclaimed.  And you brought friends!”
“Uh yeah,” Roger replied uncertainly.  “Beth, this is Stan and Jennifer.  Guys, this is Bethany.”  He wasn’t prepared for the mock grand curtsey that Bethany presented for them. 
“Welcome to our humble little church,” Beth said as she stood back up again.  “I just know you’re going to love it here.  And any friend of Candy here, is a friend of all of us.  Trust me on that!”
“Candy?” Jennifer asked quietly again.
Stan was having more difficulty, because Bethany came around and suddenly linked arms with him and began pulling him toward the church entrance.  “I can’t wait for you to meet the others,” Beth said to him.  “And Candy, you did us all proud by bringing such a lovely woman in to sit with us.”
“Uh… thanks,” Roger replied.  Although he wasn’t happy about the situation at all.
“Candy?” Jennifer asked quietly again… for which she still got no answer.
Inside, Bethany led them over to the side at the back of the church.  “Yoo-hoo!” Beth called out.  “Look what I found!”
Jennifer was shocked to see two more transvestites standing near the back corner.  Somewhat outrageous transvestites too.  Basically, guys in dresses… like Roger.  Well, Roger did hint that there were more like him. 
Stan’s head was spinning at the sight of more weirdoes.  He only prayed they wouldn’t be as bad as this “Bethany” character seemed to be.  He wasn’t sure he could handle much more.  And Roger liked this place?  Well, he supposed he would.  He was here wearing a dress like they were!  Fortunately, these few “people” were the only ones that he noted were dressed so… outrageously.
“Candy!” Cass exclaimed.  “You brought friends!  How wonderful!  And I love your new dress.”
“Uh… thanks,” Roger replied.  “This is Jennifer and Stan, two of my closest friends.”  He wasn’t sure if it was good or not that they were his close friends still, but they certainly had been in the past.  “Guys, this is Cassandra and that’s Tracy.”  He was glad to see that neither Cass nor Tracy curtseyed like Bethany had done.  But then, nobody was as outrageous as Bethany. 
“Where’s Janice?” Tracy asked.
“Visiting… I think,” Roger replied.  “She loaded the car up with cleaning supplies and took off for the weekend.  I image she’s working somewhere else for a bit.”
“She’s always been such a nice person!” Cass exclaimed. 
Roger had some serious issues with that statement, but he held his tongue.
“So how long have you known about Candy here?” Cass asked Jennifer.
Jennifer was still trying to wrap her head around all too many things.  “Um… not long.  Actually, this is the first time I’ve gotten to see him… or is it her…”
“Whatever,” both Tracy and Cass replied together. 
“None of us worry about it,” Tracy explained.
“Um… it’s the first time I got to see… Candy… all dressed up.”  Candy?  She couldn’t quite grasp that name.  And why hadn’t Roger told her? 
 “And she wore such a pretty new dress for the occasion!” Bethany added.  “Where ever did you get it?”
“Uh… actually,” Roger replied, “Jennifer helped me pick it out.”
“It looks great on you darling.  Absolute great!” Tracy told him.
The crowd was now moving toward the folding chairs, so they took that as their cue to take their seats as well.  Jennifer sat between Tracy and Roger – Candy.  And Stan sat between Roger… and Bethany.  Stan wasn’t exactly happy about how close Bethany seemed to be attaching herself… or himself… or… oh who cares!
The service progressed much as it usually did and Roger did his best to listen to what the woman preacher was saying, but his mind was more focused on the fact that he was worried that both Jennifer… and especially Stan was there.
Jennifer was very surprised and somewhat pleased as well to find that the minister of this little church was a woman.  And despite the fact that it was a makeshift church, the seats were fairly well packed.  She realized why shortly after the preacher got into her sermon.  It had been a long time since she had been to church, but she couldn’t ever remember listening to a sermon that seemed to make so much sense!  The preacher was great!  No wonder Roger liked this place… not to mention his outrageous friends. 
Stan was surprised to find that the minister was a woman.  That was something he hadn’t expected.  Actually, there was nothing at all about the place that was anything at all close to what he had expected.  He wasn’t sure about what he thought about a woman minister.  Ministers were supposed to be men!  But then, so was Roger.  And now he was finding out that Roger was a lot less of a man than he had ever thought.  But he was determined to stand by his friend no matter what.  He could just use a little less of “Bethany” rubbing elbows with him during the service.  The minister did seem to speak well though.  Very well!

“Mr. Halifax!”
Joseph Halifax woke up out of his sleep.  He was still in a trance, but he had spent so much time in that state that it made no impression on him.  The car was stopped… he didn’t know where. 
“Mr. Halifax, it’s time for you to drive home now,” Janice told him.  They had driven for a little over an hour… well away from the cabin area.  She had stopped at a McDonald’s parking lot, just off the interstate, where he could quickly figure out which way he would need to go.  She watched as he got out of the car, then she did the same.  She stopped him before he could get into the car again – on the driver’s side.  “Mr. Halifax.  As soon as you get out of the parking lot, you will head for the highway and go east.  That will take you home.  Once you are on the highway, you will slowly come completely out of your trance.  You will be well rested and you will feel nothing but happy.  You already know everything else you need to know.”
She stood back and watched as he got into the car and drove away.  Carol had parked several spaces away.  She headed for her own car.  Now they had to go back to the cabin and start cleaning it.  She hoped it wouldn’t take them too long.  Fortunately, Carol was there to help her.

Why didn’t you tell us about you being called Candy?” Jennifer asked the minute they got back into her car.
“I didn’t think of it,” Roger replied.  Well, he had, but he had mostly hoped that the name wouldn’t come up and he would be spared that embarrassment.  He should have known better though. 
“You didn’t think of it?” Jennifer asked incredulously.  “How could you not think of something like that?”  She shook her head.  “So… who came up with that name?  Was it you?”
“Uh… no, it wasn’t really my choice.”  Could he tell them that Janice came up with the name?  He wasn’t comfortable telling them that.  “It was… just something they started calling me,” he explained.
“So your… friends back there came up with it for you?” Jennifer asked.
“It wasn’t exactly my choice,” Roger said again. 
From the backseat, Stan added, “I would think you could think of something a little less… suggestive.”  Then he thought better of that.  “Then again, if your new friends are all like the ones we just met, maybe the name fits!”
Jennifer rolled her eyes at that as she started searching for the highway signs.  “Candy’s not a bad name,” she said.  “But if you’re going to go further with this becoming a woman thing, are you planning on changing it?”
Roger shrugged.  “It’s a name,” he replied.
Jennifer pursed her lips thoughtfully at that.  She drove in silence for a while.  Once back on the interstate highway, she asked.  “So what kind of things have you been working on now toward becoming a woman?”
“Mostly just trying to get my makeup right,” Roger replied.
“No, I mean… what kind of research have you been doing?  Have you looked into finding a psychologist yet or anything?  Or have you looked through the internet to see what advice you can get from people who have done this already?”
“Not yet,” Roger replied.  He realized though that he probably should be doing more internet research.  He made a mental note to get started on it as soon as he got the chance… possibly as soon as he could get rid of both Stan and Jennifer today.
Jennifer drove silently, but she was deep in thought.  She wasn’t any kind of expert, but even she could tell that it wasn’t right!  It simply wasn’t right!

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