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The Housekeeper - Chapter 68 Part 1 of 2

By Karen Singer

Chapter 68 Part 1 of 2

Candy left work at exactly twelve o’clock on Friday.  He stopped at the drive thru of a fast food restaurant and got something to eat, then he headed for home, stuffing fries into his mouth as he drove.  His entire lunch was finished by the time he pulled into his driveway.
Once in the house, he got undressed and took a long scented bath – so nice!  One of the best parts of becoming a woman!  He shaved every bit of hair off his body that he could still find, bathed his skin in a fabulous moisturizer that Jennifer had recommended, fixed his ratty looking hair as best he could, and headed into his room to get dressed.  As he had been doing more and more often now, he stared for a long time at his naked image in the mirror.  This was him now.  This was the new him.  It was hard to accept.  Hard to get used to.  Even though he saw himself that way every day.  But what choice did he have?
His eyes roamed his whole body, his whole image, but they lingered the longest on two places – the small incongruous appendage still sticking out from his groin, and of course, his breasts.  The incongruous appendage was beginning to look ugly on him now… now that the rest of him looked so… feminine. 
His mind was starting to struggle now with how he was feeling about someday having that part of him removed.  On the one hand, he would look so much better.  His body would appear entirely just one gender.  He would no longer have anything to hide or worry about.  He would be… much more complete. 
But on the other hand, they would be removing the last of who he really was.  Roger Brinkley would forever more be gone… just a memory… all too soon forgotten… perhaps even by him.  There would never be a way back for him at all… as if there ever would be now.  He knew without a doubt that what Janice had done to him could not be undone… ever!
He forced his eyes up to his breasts.  Not just cleavage, but real breasts sticking out from his chest.  The woman in Victoria’s Secret had said they were somewhere between an “A” and a “B” cup already.  Already!  It was frightening!  Yet at the same time, their appearance seemed to go with the rest of his body… if you didn’t count that one important incongruous part down below.  He cupped his hands over his breasts.  A handful for each hand… already.  Unfortunately they were still awfully sore and sensitive to the touch.  But then, they were still growing and would likely be growing for quite some time. 
He forced his eyes upward, away from his breasts.  His neck was longer now… or was it just that his shoulders had lost most of their broadness and masculinity.  Feminine.  It was the only way he could think of his body now.  His entire body.  Feminine.  If you didn’t count that one small incongruity at his groin.
It took a bit of an effort to tear his eyes off of his image in the mirror and find some underwear to put on.  New panties.  Not quite as frilly as the ones that Carol had picked out for him… ages ago now.  But they were still more than a bit feminine.  He now had a drawer full of varying styles – but no thongs!  He slipped a pair up his legs and settled them into place, automatically pushing his penis and testicles back between his legs as he always did.  They had become so small now that for many things he wore it was hardly necessary. 
He didn’t bother with a bra.  Not yet.  Instead, he walked over to his closet and pulled out the sundress he had bought yesterday.  He had only tried it on in the store.  He had looked at it when he got home last night, and then just hung the thing up.  It was so light it weighed almost nothing.  He slipped his legs into the top and pulled it up his body, pulling the top of it over his breasts… and he let go of it.  The dress stayed where it was.  The very slight elastic at the top gripped his body and the dress actually hung from his breasts.  It was such a strange thing.  He grabbed the top straps and pulled them behind his head, struggling to tie them into a bow as best he could. 
He went back to the mirror to see himself again.  Even without tucking, the dress would have hid his little incongruity completely.  But now all he saw in the mirror was a woman.  A woman he found hard to accept as himself.  Quickly turning away, he hurried over to his dresser to add some makeup.  With all the laser treatments he’d had now, he didn’t need quite so much of some of it.  Just a little of this and a little of that… okay, maybe more than a little of that.  Then he was back to the mirror again. 
Shoes!   He needed shoes!  But what shoes was he supposed to wear with a dress like that?  On a whim, he pulled out the red heels he had bought the day before, and sitting on his bed, managed to strap them onto his feet.  He carefully teetered over to the mirror to see.  Sexy!  Sexy!  Sexy!  Well, maybe not.  It was still difficult to just stand up in the darn things.  He went back to his bed where he could sit and remove them.  He found his flat sandals in the closet and put them on instead.  Much better.  The mirror seemed to approve as well. 
He still had time before he had to go get his hair done.  Dressed just like he was, he went out and started making another quilt, more than aware that he was doing it this time because it was something feminine to do.  And just then, he was in the mood to do something… feminine.

Carol looked out the hotel window at the crystal white beaches below.  Her mother’s voice in the background, talking on the phone, reminded her that she wasn’t going to get out to that beach… yet.  She would have to wait until later. They had a list of more important things to do first.  She heard her mother hanging up the hotel phone and she turned to find out what was happening.
“The real estate agent says she has several rental properties we can look at,” Janice told her daughter.  “She’s expecting us in a little while.”
“Can we go to the beach after that?” Carol asked.
“We have to find a house first,” Janice said.  “And then I think a few more bank visits would be helpful.”
Carol’s face fell.  They had already been to two different banks that morning – setting up accounts for each of them.  One bank had accounts in their current names, but the other bank they had opened the new accounts under their new names – Edgewater.  At the rate they were going, they were never going to get to the beach!

Did he dare?  Did he?  Did he dare go out of the house and get his hair done wearing just that sundress?  Candy stared at his image in the mirror again.  Other women went out wearing them all the time – everywhere.  They were considered casual wear he guessed.  But did he dare?  He wasn’t wearing any breast forms inside the thing.  No bra.  Nothing!  But his breasts couldn’t be missed.  The thing was light and comfortable.  Nothing about it felt like any clothing he had ever worn.  Not even any of the dresses he had.  It was almost like he wasn’t wearing anything!  And yet… he was dressed.  So… did he dare?
Plucking up his courage before he had a chance to change his mind, he grabbed his purse and hurried out the door.  He forced himself to hurry into his truck, and he drove determinedly… for a while.  He felt like he was doing something wrong… something illegal.  Yet he knew he wasn’t.  The sundress simply felt… too light.  Too comfortable.  Too strange.  Too… feminine.  It took an equal amount of courage to force himself to get out of his truck and walk boldly into the hair salon.  Was he acting too feminine in that dress?  He knew it was a stupid question.
“Candy!” Marissa called as she spotted him walking in.  “I’ll be right with you.”
Candy waited by the counter as he watched Marissa working on an older woman’s hair.  There were four other women all getting their hair done too.  The place was fairly crowded.  He would have felt so much more comfortable if he hadn’t worn that dress!  But at the same time, it was boiling hot outside and he was betting he wasn’t the only one in the place wearing something like it.  He just couldn’t tell right then because all the other women were covered by capes so their clothes wouldn’t get messed up.  He finally gave up waiting while standing and took one of the seats… being careful to keep his legs together as he sat and pulling at the dress to bring the skirt down as far as he could over his legs… which wasn’t very far!  Why didn’t he just wear shorts?
It was a good fifteen minutes before he saw Marissa finish with the elderly woman she was working on.  It took another five minutes before the woman had paid and walked out.  At a smile from Marissa, Candy nervously stood.  
“You’re looking divine today!” Marissa exclaimed.  “Love your dress!”
“Thanks,” Candy replied, trying not to show that he was nervous wearing the thing.  He followed Marissa back to her chair, set his purse down on the floor out of the way, and sat down. 
Marissa came up behind him and started playing with his hair with her fingers. “So what’s the special party you’re going to tonight?”
“It’s not a party,” Candy replied.  “I’m just meeting with my therapist.”
“On the phone, you made it sound like something really special.”
“Well, it’s just that she gave me this really weird last minute assignment for when I go tonight.  I have to show up looking as… overly feminine, or as overly girly as I possibly can.”
Marissa’s fingers stopped in Candy’s hair as she looked at him in the mirror.  “That’s something different.  So what did you have in mind for your hair?  It does need a bit of shaping.”
“I still want it to grow out long,” Candy said, “but at the same time, I need a look that’s easy to manage.  Something I don’t have to do much with.”
“I see,” Marissa said, half to herself as she continued to pull at sections of Candy’s hair.  “We did highlights on it last time, but I’m thinking that you would look great if we lightened it a shade.  Just a little bit.  What do you think?”
“Uh… okay I guess,” Candy replied.  He really wasn’t sure at all, but Marissa was the expert.  And he did leave the salon looking remarkably good the last time he was there. 
“Do you have a special dress for your therapist tonight, or are you wearing that one?”
Candy let out a small laugh.  “You should see the dress I found!”  While Marissa continued to play with his hair, he went into as good a description of the party dress he had bought as he could. 
“Did you get shoes to go with it?” Marissa asked.
“Oh yeah,” Candy replied.  “Red heels that I can barely stand up in.  And I got a red bag to match, and long gold earrings and a couple of gold bracelets as well.”
Marissa stopped playing with his hair again.  “It sounds like we need to be doing more than just your hair again.  How about nails too, and I can clean your eyebrows up again, and if you like, I can do your makeup for you too.  How does all that sound?”
The dollar signs continued to go up in Candy’s head.  “Sounds good,” he replied… trying not to show his nervousness.
“Good!” Marissa exclaimed happily.  “Along with lightening the color a bit, I’m thinking some soft loose curls.  With the permanent you’d have very little to worry about as far as the maintenance goes… for a while at least.”

The Villa Janice decided on was actually the second one they had seen that day, but she didn’t decide on it until she had visited four different homes.  Carol certainly liked it… for the beach it overlooked.  The only thing she wished was that the beach had more people.  She didn’t see any boys her age from the Villa’s grand balcony that face the beautiful aqua colored water. 
Once the paperwork for the rental house had been signed, it took them an hour to check out of the hotel and get all their luggage moved to the house.  Carol was very glad that her mother had suggested they both use just one of the four bedrooms.  She had been particularly enjoying sharing her mother’s bed ever since they had left Candy’s house a few days ago. 
“Now can we go to the beach, Momma?”
“Sorry dear,” Janice replied.  “We have errands to run and shopping to do first.”
Carol was disappointed – again.  She was never going to get to the beach!  Feeling a bit dejected, she followed her mother out to the rental car and they drove down into the busy city again.  “More banks, Momma?” Carol asked.
“I’m afraid so,” Janice replied as she tried to spot the bank she was looking for.  She had a list of every bank in the city and all the branches for those banks, and over the next several days, she intended on opening accounts at every one of them… under two different names!
“Which name are we using with this one?” Carol asked.
“Edgewater, this time,” Janice replied.
Carol nodded.  “After the banks can we go to the beach?”
“I’m afraid not, dear.  I still have to buy a sewing machine, and don’t forget, we need groceries in that house too.”
Carol sighed.  She was never going to feel her feet in the sand and touch her toes in that gorgeous water… that everyone told her was heavenly warm.

Who was she?  Who was that woman in the mirror?  Candy had to ask himself that because he knew it wasn’t him.  There was no way it could be him!  She was… beautiful.  The woman in the mirror had hair that was a light shade of brown… maybe leaning a little bit toward blonde, but defiantly still brown.  The almost wild look to the hairstyle seemed modern, and young, and chic, and… simply beautiful.  He reached up his hand and saw the fingers on the woman in the mirror reaching up to touch her hair too.  The mirror woman’s fingernails were a beautiful shade of red that was as close to the red in his dress as he could remember.  His toes matched his fingernails.  He wondered if the woman in the mirror had toenails that matched as well.  He was betting she did, but he wasn’t sure because that woman wasn’t him.  It couldn’t be. 
And then there was his face.  The part of him that he was staring at the most.  His makeup was a bit bolder than he had ever done before.  His lipstick was a close match to his nails.  His cheeks blossomed with a complementing color… and his eyes… they were big, and wide, and gorgeous!
Who was that creature in the mirror?  He turned around to search the room behind him.  But the only person he saw that was close enough to be seen in the mirror was Marissa… his hairdresser.  And he could already see her clearly in the mirror.  So where did the woman in the mirror come from?
“What do you think?” Marissa asked.
It was a moment before Candy could reply.  “That can’t be me!”
“Oh yes it is!  I thought you came out good last time, but this time you’re twice as good.  Of course prettying you up like a prom queen didn’t exactly hurt.”
A prom queen? 
“Tell you what,” Marissa said.  “After you finish with that therapist of yours, you head straight to some club somewhere and have yourself a good time!  From what you told me about your outfit tonight, you’re going to look sensational.  You go out and have some fun!”  She lowered her voice to a more conspiratorial tone.  “I’ll bet the guys will be all over you!”
That thought shocked Candy!  But then, looking at the image in the mirror, he had no doubt – if that was his image in the mirror… which he was still finding hard to believe.
Thirty minutes later, he was staring at his reflection again, only this time in the mirror in his room.  How could that be him?  If he was still a man, he’d be ogling that woman for sure!  And he wasn’t even wearing any breast forms.  He couldn’t in that sundress! 
Still in a daze, he reached up and untied the straps to his sundress.  It was time to start getting ready to go see Doctor Parker.  Jessica.  Would she approve of his “overly girly” outfit?  He didn’t know if she would consider it overly girly… or overly feminine or not.  He only thought that he looked pretty darn good just then.  And he hadn’t even put his party dress on yet. 
Pulling his panties down and throwing them onto his bed, he walked over to his dresser and opened one of the drawers.  He had some “special” underwear… well, fancy panties anyway, that he planned on wearing tonight.  Not that anyone would see them.  But… they had seemed like a good idea at the time when he had bought them.  How silly!

The phone call was just business as usual.  He got calls like that every single day.  But this one peeked his curiosity.  His warehouse was holding several shipments of boxes for a… ‘Islands of Hope’ charity that he had never heard of.  It just seemed strange that the boxes would sit in his warehouse and not be shipped out to somewhere else.  Especially not for some charity organization. 
He had tried to look up the address of the organization.  But he couldn’t find any listing for them at all – which had peeked his curiosity further. 
From time to time they got shipments in that he had to hold in a special locked area until customs could come in and inspect them… sometimes bringing their drug dogs.  One time he had requested that the officials walk the dogs past the boxes for Islands of Hope… which the officials had been more than happy to do.  But the dogs had pretty much ignored the boxes entirely… certainly no drugs in them.
He had even been curious enough that one evening he had gone in and slit the tape on one of the boxes, just to look inside.  Blankets!  From what he could see, the entire box was filled with handmade blankets.  Well, he had heard that charities were often looking for blankets to hand out.  The ones he had seen looked like nice ones.  A bit too warm for the Bahamas, but then charities usually shipped things out to all over the world. 
So the boxes had just sat there.  Waiting.  Until now.  With that last phone call, he had promised to deliver them all to… a house… on the Island.  Not to a business somewhere, but to a house.  He supposed that the house must be where this ‘Islands of Hope’ was located.  Probably out of someone’s living room.  If it actually existed. 
Getting up from his desk, he walked over to a large chalk board and wrote the delivery down for tomorrow morning.  The boxes didn’t take up all that much room, but he would be glad to get them out of his warehouse!


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Enjoyed your update :)

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This story has really progressed I struggled with it in the beginning but now I just can't wait for the next part. I have no idea where its going and that's a major plus. In
the end I hope Candy finds happiness with her new life and I suppose we will see if crime pays.
Well done Karen