Tuesday, June 3, 2008

They're Torturing Me...

They’re torturing me… and I seriously doubt they even know it.

The company I work for has hired more summer workers this year than ever before – mostly to help handle a special project. But the real problem manifests itself only when you add up all the facts. Fact number one: they’re all college girls. Fact number two: the company had to have a place to put them all, and one of the only open work spaces is at the conference table right behind my desk. Fact number three: every last one of them seems to love to dress up – even though they don’t have to. I’ve had to endure looking at young pretty girls dressed in beautiful clothes for the past several weeks now. Fact number four: I don’t look at any of them with the least little bit of lust or even sexual attraction. Fact number 5 (the biggie): I’m looking at each of them, desperately wishing that I could wear what they’re wearing!

I dare not stare at any of them. I hardly look any of them in the eye – where I can easily see how they’ve done their eye makeup, or how their hair is arranged, or what color their lipstick is, or… sorry, I got carried away. Why is it that every last one of them only wears very high heels – every day? Do they have any idea that I’d love to be doing the same? And their dresses… Lovely! Most of them really look quite comfortable too – especially for a nice summer day. Can I wear one too?

They’re usually fairly busy, but when they start talking, they gab together like I’m not even there (which is probably a good thing). I’ve always envied this close knit bonding that women seem to share so often. But then, obviously, I’ve always admired a lot of feminine things.

An me, I’ve led a good life, but as they say, the grass is always greener… What they are is exactly what I’ve always wanted to be. I envy them tremendously. I wish each and every one of them nothing but the best. And me, I’ll just quietly imagine what every pretty dress would feel like if I were wearing it.

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