Friday, May 30, 2008

Sissy Adventure Journal – Wrap-Up

I’m sorry this has been so long in coming, between travelling and other things, it’s been a very busy week.

The past two weeks were a real study in contrast. The first week, where I played only by myself, was fairly sedate and calm compared with the second where I let Mistress Gina dom me again. And now that it’s all over and I’m home again, I’m longing harder than ever for my heels and skirts. Just that little taste thoroughly wet my appetite for being fem again. The comfortable feeling of wearing my dress around the house, even my heels were wonderful to wear – especially once I had gotten used to them again. I miss them, I miss them, I miss them. I want them! NOW! I’m not frustrated, am I?

One of the differences between the first and second weeks was the level of excitement. Let me tell you, the second week I was completely off-balance – every second. I literally didn’t know what to expect next. And the thrill of wondering fueled my fantasies to the point where I couldn’t think of anything else. It’s so nice to feel completely “ALIVE” once in a while. My life is otherwise mostly dull and stressful the rest of the time.

I’m afraid that I’m now stuck with this new fantasy I never had before – me being forced to be a baby bunny – how silly. But the darn thing has stuck in me and it won’t go away! But then, it’s my fantasy and I’m enjoying it, so I guess I really don’t want it to. Have I mentioned before that I love my fantasies? They’re really the only fun thing I have in my life anymore.

When I picked my wife up, before we had even left to come home again, she was talking about having to go back again. Now please understand, I love my wife dearly – very much. But just the knowledge that I’m going to have a little more play time eventually has left me hopeful and excited. I even “rescued” my heels and dress from the garbage as soon as I got home. I know I’m playing with fire on the chance that she might discover them, but that would be one expense I wouldn’t have to face next time. I just hope it won't be too soon, I can't afford the gas yet.

And now I’m stuck dreaming about the future and once again living all my fantasies only in my mind again… and loving every second of them.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I know exactly how you feel--I've gone three weeks without even a pair of panties now and I'm very nearly desperate to get into something femme.

Not going to happen for at least another two weeks, though.

Andrea said...

Hi Karen. It's strange how sometimes I go through times where I don't dress for a while ... and somehow ... almost unnoticed ... stresses grow. Then, one day I just decide to wear a skirt and feel sooooo much better for it.