Friday, May 23, 2008

Sissy Adventure Journal – Day 12

Where to begin? Where to begin? Where to begin?

It was such a tedious day at work yesterday. More so because I have to be so circumspect about getting and sending emails to Mistress Gina. I was once again back in my chastity device. One thing of note. When going to the bathroom, it really wasn’t the chastity device that was my biggest problem, it was the three pairs of pantyhose that I’ve been wearing. They’re such a pain to get up and down. One pair is only a mild problem, but three is a much bigger nuisance.

So anyway things began heating up mentally for me just after lunch when I read this in one of Mistress Gina’s emails:
Tonight for dinner: have salad fixings, buy bunny ears, buy white pantyhose, two pair.
You will cum into the salad and eat it on the floor with bunny ears on.
You will makeup your face to look like a silly sissy bunny.
You must cum into the salad, then eat it slowly.

Still later, more instruction:
fix salad
cum on it
bunny ears and makeup
enema and diaper and corner time
white pantyhose and heels
another pair white pantyhose: rip out crotch, put over head, arms up leg parts hose: white pantyhose encasement
eat salad from bowl on floor
NO walking, only bunny hopping
bunny outfit stays on, diapered all night, heels on (but if you buy bunny slippers, you can wear those instead)
early to bed for sissy bunny.

Then later, more info on my preparation:
Be sure on your way home tonight to do this:
-mascara and lipgloss application in your car
-male sox off
-to store for enema, two pairs white pantyhose, black eyeliner (for drawing your big bunny eyes, whiskers and nose, and of course bunny ears and slippers

Let me tell you I was practically cumming from just reading and thinking about it! I was more than ready for a big orgasm, I was aching “literally” for it. So on the way home I made a few stops. No bunny ears anywhere! I decided to make some – easy, cut them out of paper a few staples to give them shape and attach them to one of my wife’s hairbands and that was it, easy. Then I began doing my makeup – and I had a blast. Black eyebrow liner nose and whiskers. Full and very heavy eye makeup. It was fun. I put my shoes and pantyhose on and prepared my salad and stuck it in the fridge for a bit. I got everything else ready to go including cutting the crotch out of a queen size pair of pantyhose to put over my head and arms. I emailed Mistress Gina quickly because I knew I couldn’t do it later. Then it was cum time, and oh boy did I ever! I have never, and I mean never had so much come out of me. It was almost like I was peeing on my salad it was so much.

Ok friends, as most of you know, that’s the point were the doubts start to kick in. Once the orgasm is over, so is the fun and games. But you only live once. And I really wanted to do it all right, so I once again went through the enema, diaper, corner time thing. Only this time it seemed like it took my timer a lot longer than the last time to go off. I was really ready to get out of that corner by the time it did.

Then it was time to complete my outfit for the night and encase my arms in the pantyhose and pull the over my head. That was the part that undid it all for me. They were queen size pantyhose, but they were still so tight over my shoulders that they hurt. I guess it was the orgasm I had just had, but I finally just quit it all – right then and there. I was and still am very disappointed with myself, but that’s the way these things go. I was in the shower cleaning up a little while later, and because I was tired, I went to bed early – just not quite as early as I would have otherwise.

Well that’s my tale for today… And the end of this little Sissy Adventure. I’ll be leaving in the wee hours of the morning to go get my wife tomorrow. I won’t be able to write again till I get back next week sometime. But then, I’ll be able to tell you my feelings about my whole experience. I actually look forward to that part. I live in a very mental world. My whole sex life, my whole female life, much of what I want in life, is lived in my mental world. It’s very important to me. So I find reflection to be very interesting – and often very stimulating.

Smile at someone today… Please.

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