Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sissy Adventure Journal – Day 11

Karen is a sissy baby! Karen is a sissy baby! Karen is a sissy baby!

Ah, such a busy day, filled with new torments. I told you yesterday about my new chastity device. I’m happy to say that it works. It has some other interesting consequences though – like when I pee. For one thing, if I try to stand-up to pee, I’m more likely to wind up wetting all over myself or the floor. So sitting down to pee is a must. What happens is that the pee first collects in the knee hi, then leaks out. It’s a bit hard to control. And just like a girl, I’m forced to wipe myself (very well) when I’m done.

There was one point early in the day when Mistress Gina ordered me to go into the bathroom and edge myself. My first thought was… how? But I tried it. It was interesting. I never got hard at all, but still mostly small and soft, I managed to bring myself right to the brink. And while waiting for it to all settle down again, I began leaking cum as if I were peeing again. Surprise!

The rest of the day at work was really busy, and it looks like the rest of the week will be too. Some big problems that have to be handled. I won’t say more.

There is a very fine line between punishment and reward. Here is an example. This is what I got from Mistress Gina at the end of the day:

As a reward tonight:

chastity off, lotion on clitty
spicy enema again
punishment corner
but you are to hump your diaper and have a big orgasm...after a minimum of 15 minutes corner time
diaper stays on all night

Does any of that look familiar? Like maybe similar to my punishment the night before? Please let me make a long story short. I did the enema and the corner time. Then I headed to my bed to finally hump myself to an orgasm. Now please remember that I have a big sheet of plastic under my sheets to protect the mattress. And that plastic is very noisy – to say the least. If anybody had been near, there could have been no doubt as to what I was attempting to do by the sound. But that sound went on for a very long time, because I simply wasn’t having any luck.

Now also please remember that humping in this way is my favorite method to get off – without diapers. But with three diapers on me – that were very wet and messy, I couldn’t get enough pressure on my twisted member to do much of anything. Plus, the way it was twisted back inside my diapers didn’t allow me to get any pressure at all on the sensitive part. I tried putting a pillow under me, that didn’t help. I tried prodding it with my fingers, I couldn’t move my little clitty a bit. So frustrating, but still, so wonderful. I finally gave up and sent a short report to Mistress Gina.

Several times during the night, I allowed myself the freedom of trying again, but got no further. It was really more of just wallowing in the freedom to even try. And all night long I kept thinking about what a big sissy baby I am. Every time I wet myself (which happens a lot during the night now) it seemed to hammer home more and more that I’m nothing but a big baby. Karen is a big sissy baby. At one point I got up and got my pacifier to sleep with again. I’m afraid I drooled a bit on the sheets, but that’s ok, there’s plastic underneath.

So my mind is in some other place this morning. A very weird, but wonderful place. I’m feeling very much like a sissy baby. I guess I should since I am one.

I wonder what today will bring.

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