Friday, May 16, 2008

Lonely Adventure Journal – Day 5

Not much to really write about this time. Yesterday was one of those nice quiet evenings. I will report that I consciously kept to every single one of my rules. Some of them, as strange as they are, are getting to be “normal.” For instance, I haven’t had a single drink from anything but a baby bottle all week. And I’ve been trying to keep fairly well hydrated so I wind up pretty much carrying it around the house with me.

Also, as I’ve said before, keeping the pacifier in my mouth all the time isn’t much of a problem either, quite often I simply forget that it’s even there. I have been plagued a bit by it in the last couple of days because for some unknown reason, at odd times, I find myself drooling uncontrollably. I have to keep wiping my chin and sometimes I drip before I can get to it. I have to admit that like it or not, it really makes me feel infantile.

I’ve been happily wearing heels with every step that I take inside my house. The pumps I have are far more comfortable than the shoes with the ankle straps. I love heels. I’ve noticed that all the younger women at work wear high spike heels - a lot. I’m so jealous!

I haven’t worn any pants inside my house with the exception of that one “bad” day that I had. It’s become quite normal now for me to finish dressing in my laundry room, when I leave in the mornings. Then when I return, off go the pants, shoes and socks (I love my pantyhose), and I quickly slip on a pair of heels and head to the bedroom for diapering. It’s become a normal routine.

I’ve “played” like this three times before, although each of those adventures was under the wonderful watchful eye of a great email dom. In each of those sessions I found that it got easier and easier for me to learn to wet myself “normally.” It’s been probably at least a year since my last adventure, but I’m finding that wetting myself easily is happening much faster than I ever imagined.

I keep thinking about the weekend. I will hopefully be in diapers from the time I get home Friday evening till I go to work again Monday morning. I have a lot of errands to do Saturday including grocery shopping and dress shopping (ok, I really want a new dress). All my errands will have to be done diapered. I’m sure that at some point I’ll have to make another “money run” to my stepson. But hopefully, he’ll be able to meet me at some half-way point and our meeting will be mercifully short and I’ll be able to remain diapered. Well just have to see (and hope).

Tonight I’m scheduled to finally get an orgasm (Yes! Yes! Yes!) It’s been over a week now since I’ve had any full relief and to say that I’m looking forward to it is an understatement. I have been milking myself every night into a baby bottle. The results of that are now in the freezer. I’ve noticed something odd the last two nights. Much more came out of me than usual. I’m very studiously making sure that I’m not having any muscle contractions at all, but last night, for a second, it was coming out of me more like I was peeing. How odd.

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