Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sissy Adventure Journal – Day 10

Ah Friends… Yesterday was mental battle day. Frightening, alluring, nerve-wracking, and delicious! For those of you who wondered, and I’m sure it’s most of you, I chickened out on wearing the makeup to work. To be honest, I just couldn’t go that far towards anything that might jeopardize my job. But…

All day long, Mistress Gina kept at me, trying over and over again to just try a tiny little bit of mascara. All morning long, every single email kept at me (and there were a lot of them since I had to email her every half-hour too). And in the end, they wore me down. “Just a tiny bit,” she said. “That’s all. No one will ever know.” So I tried it again, just a very, very tiny bit on the upper lashes of one eye. One light stroke on this side of the eyelash, and another one on the other side of the same eyelash. Then I put my glasses on so I could really see. It looked fine to me. I was sure nobody could tell. So I did my other eye the same way. And went back out of the bathroom. And nobody did notice. I’m certain of that. So later in the day, she told me to put just a tiny bit more on. I really didn’t want to, I mean, I felt like I was flirting with trouble as it was, but I finally went down to our little one-hole bathroom (that’s the only men’s room in the building I work in), and just tried a touch more to one eyelash again. This time I could definitely see a difference in the length. But it wasn’t too bad, so I did the other eye too. Now I was more worried than ever. Now please realize that I need glasses – but only for reading. So when I came out of the bathroom, I wore my glasses – a lot more than I should have. But the problem with makeup like that is that whey you get busy, you forget about it. And there were a lot of times when I was working and talking to people without my glasses. Thank you God, nobody noticed a thing.

But… From Mistress Gina’s earliest email, I knew that I was going to be punished for not following through with her demands completely – the first time. No, I never even tried the lip gloss at work. Let me tell you, that won’t work at all! But I’ll get to my punishment later.

I was wearing kind of a makeshift chastity device on my little sissy clitty. Plus three pairs of black Leggs sheer energy pantyhose. Several times during the day, Mistress Gina sent me to the bathroom to edge again. My big problem there was not what you would think. My problem was a combination of my chastity device not wanting to stay on – because of my other problem. I don’t know, maybe it was all the pressure from the three pairs of pantyhose. The chastity device required placing one knee-hi over my sissy clitty, and tying it in place by wrapping another one around my clitty and balls. But… what happens when your balls are doing their best to force their way up into your body. I could barely find them, not to mention that my clitty was making itself incredibly small all day too. With no balls to hold on to, the chastity device kept falling off and simply didn’t work. Ok, more about this later too…

With the day finally over at work, it was time to head home. But, I had to make a few stops along the way. I needed gas, a few groceries, and… at Mistress Gina’s instructions, I had to buy a Fleet enema for my punishment. But… I was also instructed that as soon as I got to my car, I had to put on more mascara – very heavy this time, along with my lip gloss. Yikes!!! Ok, how was I going to do this? I’m a very brave sort of person – sometimes, ok – maybe I’m not so brave. But I have forced myself to experience a lot of things I normally wouldn’t have tried. But this time I backed out a bit too. Instead of putting my mascara on heavy, I only put on a lighter coat – in my car, using my rear view mirror. Now let me tell you, I was soooo nervous watching out for anyone else around. Fortunately, most people are in a hurry to leave as soon as it’s time. But… I had no sooner finished than I saw one of the women I work with coming out to her car. She had just missed seeing what I had done. Lucky again (how much longer can it hold?). I was nervous in the supermarket about anyone noticing my eyelashes, but nobody did. I was nervous in the drugstore about anybody noticing too, but nobody did. Thank you, thank you.

Once I got home, I had a bit of a task to do. The chastity device wasn’t working the way it was. I had asked Mistress Gina’s permission to modify it a bit to my own specifications and she agreed. So here’s what I did. I took the end of the knee-hi and created a three layer cuff up about an inch and a half from the tip of the toe, then I cut the rest of it off. Then I took a cable tie and threaded it in and out of the circumference of that cuff. I slipped the whole thing over my sissy clitty and balls – making very sure the whole thing was behind my balls this time (yes, they finally decided to make an appearance again). And I tightened the cable tie. Friends, let me tell you, all day my clitty had remained tiny. Much smaller than usual. But from the moment I started tightening, it began growing. Or trying to. To make a long story short, yeah, it works! If my little clittly gets more than about two inches in length, it has to start bending over. Yeah, I can get hard, but it can’t get very straight at all and the least bit of sexual interest – and I mean the least bit, makes it start to pull on that cable tie ring behind my balls – which really hurts! It feels like it burns. To jump ahead a bit. I don’t like this chastity device. I can’t think of anything interesting without consequences!

Alright, punishment time! I’ll try to get through this quickly because I’ve gone on long enough. Well, I guess from telling you about the enema you pretty much know the rest. I had to put five drops of Tabasco sauce in the enema, put the thing inside me. Diaper myself, then stand in the corner holding a penny against the wall for fifteen minutes (why did I ever think to try that before – and write about it?). Now I had never had an enema before, but from reading I pretty much knew what to expect. I laid everything out that I would need before I started because I knew that once in me, I probably wouldn’t have much time. I almost started putting the darn thing in me when I remembered my shoes. Mistress Gina had specified me wearing my heels too. Ok, got the heels on, then started filling myself. I was very surprised at how little I felt it as it went in. But once I was done and diapering myself – that’s another story. I was fighting hard not to lose it before I got finished with my diapering. Then I quickly set my timer and dashed to the corner with my penny. Feet together, nose holding the penny to the wall, and fighting to hold everything in my. A lost battle from the start. After a few minutes, I realized that no matter what I did, stuff was coming out of me with every spasm. Then more and more. I finally gave up trying to hold it and let it all happen – nose still holding that penny to the wall. For the next few minutes, all I could do was to experience soiling myself. And standing there, stuck to the wall, made me concentrate on the whole thing even more. At one point I was peeing at the same time – interesting feeling. I was really amazed when my alarm rang signaling that it was all over. I had been so wrapped up in the process that it made the time go by that much faster. Thankfully! I knew that my diapers would have to stay on till bedtime. So I went up to my office to report to Mistress Gina (I keep plastic on my chair to protect it), then went down to eat a bit of dinner (yeah, I stood up through it all – in my heels). After dinner, I went back upstairs to check if there was a message from my Mistress, there was. Oh no! The diapers were to stay on all night! What fun! Ok, so I went down and cut some slits in the outer one and put a third one on for the night. My night diapering just happened a lot earlier than usual that’s all.

The rest of the night wasn’t really very bad at all – as far as my diapers went. I was really so exhausted from not sleeping much the day before that I slept really well all night. Now that I think about it, I really don’t remember waking up to wet. I wonder if I did anything while I was sleeping. My diapers are incredibly full, but they were already that way when I went to bed last night. I guess, I’m afraid, that I just don’t know. Oh well. By the way, I’m definitely looking forward to a shower in a little while.

One other bit of a note. I realized during the night, and more so this morning how affective this little chastity device is. I don’t like it!

Mistress Gina has asked me to tell you, that if anyone else wishes to be dommed by her, please send me an email and I’ll forward it to her. She may agree to take you on for training and she may not. But if you email me, please be nice:

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