Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sissy Adventure Journal – Day 9

A few days ago, I contacted my former mistress just to let her know about my blog. Yesterday I heard back from her and she asked me if I was interested in her domming me again. I thought long and hard about it because with her, I can hardly think of anything else and get any work done. But you only live once and you’ve got to make the most of what time you have. So… I am now once again under the wonderful “care” of Mistress Gina. Which means that I have no idea where things are going this week at all. All I can do is to hang on and enjoy the ride. From the way things have started, I can only say that this may be the most intense week I’ve ever imagined!

My first task yesterday was to email her five times, at ten minute intervals, proclaiming that I was Mistress Gina’s Sissy Baby – and I am! Then I was instructed that on my way home from work I had to stop to get some knee-hi’s and also how to form them into a chastity device. I was instructed (while still at work) that:

From now on at work you will sit like a sissy and walk like a sissy!
Knees together always or legs crossed tightly.Walk toe to heel like a girl.
No eye contact with women, eyes down cast.Be pleasant.

After getting diapered tonight, I want you to do this:
Go shopping for black mascara and some very light pink lip gloss.
Wear your diaper and hose, but no...noooo male socks.
Ask for help at the counter from a nice girl.
Report when done.

Also, before I left work, I got two separate instructions to go immediately into the bathroom and edge myself. Which as horny as I already was really made matters much worse. And… I have to wear not only my little chastity device to work, but also three pairs of pantyhose.

I was also asked to take digital pictures for her, but my wife has our camera and the little cheap one I purchased last night won’t work right (major pain).

Here is my report that I sent on my shopping trip:

Dear Mistress Gina,
I’m back (finally), with everything you asked me to get… and a nice tale about it.

First let me say a big thank-you once again for helping me become so much more of a big sissy baby than I could ever do by myself. You are truly amazing. Every word that you send me sends huge chills up and down my spine.

Ok, on the way home from work I stopped off at CVS and looked at their cheap cameras – what a dismal selection. The only digital one is really tiny, but I bought it to try. I have no faith in it at all, but we’ll see. I also bought myself some more pantyhose since you told me I have to wear three pairs to work tomorrow – along with some knee-hi’s
As soon as I got home, I tried to figure out the camera and took some pictures of me putting the chastity knee-hi on along with the rest of my diaper routine.

Then I put on my jeans (yes, I’m afraid I did it in the house and not out in the laundry room – I wasn’t thinking) and my sneakers. My sneakers are always too tight with socks, but with only pantyhose, they fit perfectly.
Off to the new Eckerd Drug store. As soon as I got inside there was a girl hollering out for someone to check her out please. It didn’t bode well for my confidence in getting help, but two seconds later, a pretty young black girl came down the aisle and asked if she could help me. I told her, “Yes, please, but there’s someone over there who needs to be checked out first.” The girl told me the other girl could wait. Turns out, the other girl didn’t need to be checked out, she’s another employee, but off the clock and was just hanging around.

So anyway, the sales girl asked what I wanted and as calmly as possible I told her the entire list. She didn’t bat an eye. Instead she asked me, “And there are for?” “Fun,” I told her. She nodded and led me straight to the Wet and Wild section of the cosmetic display. The other girl asked what I needed and my sales girl just hollered over to her, “Just some cosmetics and stuff.” She selected everything for me. First some black mascara, then some lip gloss, then some blush, and finally some pink blush. I wasn’t sure from your emails exactly what you were asking for because in one you said mascara and lip gloss and in the other you said mascara and blush, so I got both – along with some pink eye shadow to round it all out.

While she was ringing up my purchase, the other girl was standing right next to me. She asked me. “Who’s getting dressed up?” “Me,” I told her. “Planning on some fun tonight?” she asked. “I hope so,” I answered, and took my change and bag and left. I wonder just what the two of them were really thinking as I left.
Anyway, I couldn’t wait to get home and out of those pants and shoes and into a skirt and heels. Tonight I’m wearing my print skirt, bra with breast forms, my blouse, and my tall heels that strap on. Then I tried all the makeup – and ruined the affect by putting my pacifier back in my mouth.

Well, that’s my tale. I sure hope I can attach some pictures to this. Thank you so, so much again.
Sissy Baby Karen

I had one more set of instructions from her late last night. And I’m very sorry that I read them before I went to bed because they drove my imagination into overdrive all night long. I didn’t manage to get a whole lot of sleep because of these few words: tomorrow...put on a bit of mascara and lipgloss...and bring to work with you...
First she has me sitting and walking in front of my coworkers like that true sissy that I am, and now makeup at work! I’m absolutely going crazy!


Pretty Sissy Dani said...


I can tell this is something you really want to do, but please be very careful.

The fantasy of our sissy selves is not worth risking a livelihood for.

Anonymous said...

how do you make a chastity device out of knee highs?

Karen Singer said...

Hi nbuidness,

There are 2 ways to make the nylon chastity device I talked about - the correct way, and my way.

The correct way is to pull one nylon knee-high tightly over your cock, then wrap the other one tightly around the base and tie everything in place.

My way is to not use a second knee-high. Instead, I thread a plastic cable tie through the first one instead - much more secure!