Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm Considering...

I’m considering a tiny bit of chastity play. I was supposed to be going on a business trip where I had planned to enjoy myself just a bit, but the trip has been postponed – probably for quite a while. But I’m really getting desperate for a bit of interest, not to mention fun, in my life. So this is a tiny thing that I think I can actually do while I’m home – without my wife noticing.

During my last little adventure where I begun this blog, Mistress Gina had me using a little chastity device made from a bit of nylon knee-hi that I modified with a cable tie to keep in place. To say the least, the device worked fairly well and had some interesting consequences.

But my overly imaginative brain has been thinking lately. What if I modified the design just a bit further and made the nylon much tighter so my little “errant” member was held much tighter. I’ve pretty much figured out (in my mind) how to construct it so I can do it quickly.

So here’s what I’m thinking of doing. I’m going to make my little device. Then, starting Monday, I’ll put it on early in the morning when I get up (my wife sleeps late) and I won’t take it off again till sometime after I get home (I’ll have to judge how things are by the situation in the house every night).

I know from prior experience, that peeing standing up will be completely out of the question. And any time I even start to get hard will be painful and very uncomfortable. It’s not much, just a little bit of play compared to what most of you reading this are able to do, but it’s certainly better than nothing – and hopefully, for me, it will be a bit of fun as well.

Can I actually do this? Can I make it the whole week? It sounds easy enough, but I’ve also got to work it secretly into my life. I’ll have to keep you posted.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I'd be wary of using that "chastity device" for too many hours at once. It sounds like the kind of thing that could cause physical damage.

dollyanne said...

karen, your device sounds interesting. Any chance of posting a picture when you get it made? dollyanne wears a hair scrunchie as her "chastity" device. It keeps her from masturbating and from having an orgasm (that is, until dolly gets so horny she practically orgasms just by thinking about it!), but it doesn't stop erections. dollyanne is saving up for a "real" chastity, probably a sissy pink cb-2000. But, like you, it has to be a secret! Good luck!